Championship prediction mini-league – first update


Okay, we’ve had three weekends of action so far in this year’s championship and I guess it’s time for the first update on how things are shaping up in this year’s prediction mini-league. A total of 56 hopefuls went to post this time around and the top ten after Week 3 are as shown in the table below.

As you can see, the field is still very bunched having cleared the opening few hurdles – only a bit over 20 points separates the top twenty – and that’s likely to be the case for the next while as well. I’m tipping along in seventh spot at the minute: how about yourself?

Mini League Leaderboard

12 thoughts on “Championship prediction mini-league – first update

  1. Only getting over London now what a great weekend and well done to London county board on organising an excellent event!
    New York have a lot to live up to!!!

  2. Was going grand till I slipped up over Armagh v Cavan and went for a draw somewhere else…two right bloomers.But then again I’m only a minor! A bit more smartness and I’ll be making the big comeback!!!!

  3. Very happy to be in top 5 New territory for me. dropped a few places this week on more conservative winning margins. Shouda went with first instinct. Good enough win for mayo with lots to work on. Looking forward to Galway match in Castlebar. Hon

  4. Head down and keep plugging away East Cork Exile… never know! Don’t forget this week end and anyway it’s just yerself v yerself now!

  5. I wouldn’t be so lucky with choosing feckin lotto numbers, oh well. This is first time I’ve ever entered in any sort of fantasy league and it’s nice to be top of the table even if I don’t expect to be still there in September when Cillian is hoisting Big Lugs in the air.

  6. Cute you are Clootakiller….playing yerself down like that! You are blazing a trail there on the top of the pile and well done I say!
    Any little clues for the weekend? You can even make it a bit cryptic if you like!!?

  7. Jaysus Inbetweener, even the señora doesn’t listen to anything I say but as you’ve asked so nicely, I will let you know what that my crystal ball was looking very blue earlier today ?

  8. Jaysus Inbetweener, I couldn’t go giving away any clues, Willie Joe would have me blue, sorry black carded!

  9. It says a lot about the flawed championship we have when most of the matches are foregone conclusions. We do need a different format where it’s possible for the likes of Dublin Mayo Kerry Tyrone etc can all play each other in the championship. Dublin by 14 this weekend!

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