Championship prediction mini-league – fourth update

Time for another quick update on how things are going in the prediction mini-league. Once again, it’s a shifting picture following another weekend of – quite literally – unpredictable action. And that’s before getting into the whole Jim Gavin Up The Republic nonsense.

Club 51’s moment in the sun proved a short one – top of the proverbial pops last week but down to seventh in the current standings. Heading in the opposite direction is new leader Declan Leonard but he wouldn’t want to be resting on his laurels as there’s little or nothing separating the top six at the minute, with another batch of qualifier games on this weekend.

The young lad is hanging grimly onto a spot on the leaderboard and I had a decent showing myself last weekend, rising to the giddy heights of 21st overall. What about yourself – are you up or down this week?

3 thoughts on “Championship prediction mini-league – fourth update

  1. I’m down in the city you know where to find me. The swallows are doing some awful dog dancing in the garden, I think they have a good feeling about Saturday. Speaking of, who will make the cut, its like Cricklewood Broadway back in the day, will I get picked for the start, am I tall enough, broad enough etc etc. Time for Mayo panel to put their shoulder to the wheel. Grab the chance with both hands and more importantly both feet. 12/1 for Sam must be worth a pony.

  2. I’ve opted out of mini league cause I get too caught up in analysing other teams. However I’m predicting a Mayo victory as we’ve been growing out panel and should be able to cope with injuries. My guess would be 3 or 4 points but as many as 6 possible.

  3. Nowhere near the zenith but have to be happy with my consistency.
    Have been thinking of the cycles over the years of dominance in Connaught….from 30s Mayo..Gal…Ros….Gal…Mayo….Gal…Mayo ….Gal….sli..Ros…Mayo…leit…Gal..MAYO.. Gal….or there abouts.
    It’s a sobering thought in many ways. So let’s not be too downhearted if things don’t turn the way we want! What goes around comes around and anyway it’s the natural order of things ….a cycle to all of mans affaires.

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