Championship prediction mini-league – fourth update

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Fully occupied as we are with this qualifier journey we’re on, it’d be easy to forget what’s happening on the prediction mini-league front. There were a fair few matches on last weekend and the week before and so that meant plenty of chances to leap up or slide down the table.

I’m still blowing out the dirty petrol – I’m back in 11th, marginally up from the previous week – but the young lad is in flying form, up to third this week and giving me loads about it. How about yourself: are you up or down?

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One thought on “Championship prediction mini-league – fourth update

  1. Good going Willie Joe. As they say The Big Dog is always right. I’m on Cloudnine right now as a punt on a Conn Final draw paid off big time. I just couldn’t pick a winner so in desperation plumbed for the draw.
    League form has proved to be a good guide so far but it gets harder every week. Good luck to you all from here on.

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