Championship prediction mini-league – second update

With the first set of matches in the qualifiers on this weekend, a cohort of games that is now of more than academic interest to us, it’s as good a time as any to provide a quick update on how things stand in this year’s championship prediction mini-league, hosted as ever by

My hopes are already in the gutter for this summer (that’s not a prediction, by the way, my poor form in the opening few weeks guarantees this outcome) but the young lad is keeping the home fires stoked in his bid to claim back-to-back championship prediction titles. He hit a few speed bumps last weekend, though, so will need to have a serious think before committing himself in relation to the matches this weekend.

There’s a long way to go in this particular race but Tony Phillips has already opened up a nice gap of close to 30 points at the top, thanks to three steady opening weeks. How about yourself: are you riding high or, like me, already thinking about what might have been? Latest leaderboard below.

3 thoughts on “Championship prediction mini-league – second update

  1. I’m down in your territory WJ. Maybe a few outrageous punts on the likes of Waterford might bring us back or not.
    Probably a bit like the Mayo Camp right now.
    Down but not out.

  2. Same thing for me…but as the O’Connor statement from last year concluded….Down, but not put and we will rise again! Maigh Eo Abú! Thanks for hosting the league!

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