Championship prediction mini-league – second update

Facetheball bannerI only did the first update on the championship prediction mini-league competition last week but my stunning performance over the weekend has prompted me to follow up with a quick second update.

I’ve shot up from 12th to 5th, though CrossFlan has cemented his hold on top spot with an ever better showing than me this week. How did the rest of you do?

Mini-league leaderboard 22062015


6 thoughts on “Championship prediction mini-league – second update

  1. I want crossflan’s Lotto numbers-anyone who could predict that Antrim would beat Laois in Portlaoise has to have the inside track!

  2. i always match 3 numbers easily, so i choose 2,6,9,31 and am hoping to hit the jackpot with that selection 🙂

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