Championship prediction mini-league – seventh update

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Just five games left to play – imagine! – in this year’s championship, the five ones where everything will be decided. Including, by the way, the All-Stars: I had to laugh on Sunday when Eamon O’Hara claimed on RTÉ Radio prior to throw-in between Tipp and Galway that Danny Cummins was a shoo-in for an award this year. ‘Was’ being the operative word there.

The five matches left to play will also decide the destination of the spoils in this year’s prediction mini-league, where the young lad is still on track to complete the first ever father and son winning combination in this august competition (at least I think that’s the case). He fretted long and hard over last weekend’s matches and emerged from the weekend having gained two more points on his nearest rival but, no more than ourselves on the field, it’s all on the line again for him this coming weekend.

I’ve slipped back one place to ninth and have accepted my place as an also-ran this year, though I’m happy to act as a sounding board for the next generation. What about yourself: are you still in the hunt?

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3 thoughts on “Championship prediction mini-league – seventh update

  1. It’s hard enough trying to beat Willie Joe without having to beat Billie Joe as well!
    Well done, young Sir.

  2. WJ Thanks for sharing that one with us. It WAS priceless. I don’t watch RTE (against my religion) so I did not hear that one before.

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