Championship prediction mini-league – sixth update

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This latest update on the prediction mini-league is, I know, coming hot on the heels of the last one I did and with only two matches having been played since then. Both of those games, however, produced shock results and my young lad took a gamble on the Clare one, which paid off handsomely for him and sees him clamber to the summit.

He’s already poring over his predictions for the coming weekend, furiously mulling over the bookies’ odds and trying to assess the respective form lines of every team – ourselves included – that’s involved over the Bank Holiday weekend. Overall victory in the prediction stakes aren’t yet in the bag for him but his timing in hitting the front looks good, I reckon.

I stumbled again this weekend – I didn’t trust the Rossies but didn’t have the courage the young fella had to plump for the Banner. Which is why I’m back in 8th while he’s riding high up top. What about yourself?

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5 thoughts on “Championship prediction mini-league – sixth update

  1. Well well! Looks like I’m upside down …topsy turvy on the bottom, but looking good. Only one way to go!

  2. While I am speaking as a non participant in the championship forecasting game [my days of meeting deadlines are behind me and I am now not about to adopt any different set of deadlines to meet] I would have to say that there was nothing surprising about last Saturday’s results. Roscommon are on the slide since we met them in the Hyde last spring and with a six day turnaround from their CF defeat on top of meeting a Clare team on the up I would have been amazed at anything other than a clear Clare win. Derry are a team who since 1993 have continually disappointed their supporters when the chips were down and again meeting a Tipp team on the up there was no surprise.

  3. Well done to The Big Dog . Getting to the top is not the hardest part. Now staying there will be the trick. Two bad weeks and I’m on the slide. Thanks a bunch Rossies and Derry.
    Looking forward to getting back to Croke Park this weekend good luck to the Lads and hope to see some serious progress from Mayo.
    Also supporting Donegal with herself in tow. Hope it’s a great wedding anniversary weekend. I Suppose another Clare win would be just too much to ask . IF CARLSBERG DID……

  4. This is the first year I have participated and I have to say it is great fun, I am in the bottom half but any prediction I get right gives me a little kick, as I would not be as learned in all things gaa as many of the posters here

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