Championship prediction mini-league: the final result

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With the championship now over so too in this year’s prediction mini-league. We have a winner and it’s not me either, as I blew it at the death by going for Kerry in yesterday’s decider. Instead it’s Dan who scooped top spot and the glory, nay the immortality, that goes with it. Well done to him and thanks to all who took part this year. Final top ten below.

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4 thoughts on “Championship prediction mini-league: the final result

  1. To be fair WJ, you gave me the advantage by declaring that you were going for Kerry before the game. That made my mind up to go for the Dubs….

    I assume the speedboat and £10,000 is on it’s way to me as we speak?

  2. They’re in the post, Dan! Just to give you some more background, though, myself and the young lad had a chat about this before I did the prediction for the final. He reckoned that, having shown my hand publicly, the obvious thing for me to do would be to go for Dublin (just cos they’re small don’t mean they’re stupid!). I did think about doing this but, as Miriam would say, I genuinely felt Kerry would win it so I decided to stand or fall by this viewpoint. Fall it was. Well done again.

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