Championship prediction mini-league – third update

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With the start of the qualifiers last weekend there was a decent sprinkling of games on and not all of them, including – as we so well know – our own one went according to form. That’s had a bit of an impact on the prediction mini-league leaderboard so it’s as well to do an update on how things now stand.

It wasn’t just the result at MacHale Park that didn’t go as expected for me on Saturday night. I had, truth be told, a total mare of a weekend on the results front and so I’ve slipped right off the leaderboard, falling down to 16th position. Indeed, the top ten has been fairly comprehensively rearranged from where it was a week ago, as the table below shows. Are you up or down yourself after last weekend’s unexpected events?

Predicition mini-league leaderboard 23062016

5 thoughts on “Championship prediction mini-league – third update

  1. Well, biobin….believe it or….! Offthepost is catching up after last week…pure ignorance!

  2. should be 5th(on 569 points ) in this league how do I enter this mini league?

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