Championship prediction mini-league – third update

The first batch of matches in the qualifiers invariably leads to a Becher’s Brook situation in the prediction mini-league. This year was no different and so the updated leaderboard shows how the world has been reordered following last weekend’s matches.

Out in front now are Club 51 (is the use of the plural term appropriate in this context?), with erstwhile leader Tony Phillips having given last weekend’s fence a bit of a clatter, falling to fifth spot. The young lad wasn’t too happy about how the last round went either and he’s now only just hanging onto a place on the leaderboard. I’m still nowhere. What about you?

2 thoughts on “Championship prediction mini-league – third update

  1. Not too bad considering I didn’t prepare smart enough…..but still happily cantering along!

  2. I’m farther down…still can’t bring myself to pick certain teams no matter what the odds say. This is great fun so thanks for sponsoring it. We have an internal family competition going, losers buy the winner a soda on September 17 to celebrate Mayo is in Croke Park! Keeping the faith!!!

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