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You know me and old results – in my spare time, I’m still working my way through the archive appended to James Laffey’s book and have now uploaded onto the site here everything as far back as 1936 – so when I was told the other day that four separate GAA results books had just been published, it was easy to get my attention.

The four titles have been published (all of a shot, like) by L O’Dare (not his real name) as ebooks on Amazon Kindle and they contain details of football and hurling championship results for every county from 1887 to 2011, with team details for all counties for the last fifty years. The titles are GAA Senior Hurling Championship Results, GAA Senior Hurling Championship Players, GAA Senior Football Championship Results and GAA Senior Football Championship Players. They each cost $3.68 and because they’re ebooks there are, of course, no additional delivery charges.

All proceeds from this initiative will go to two charities, with the Alan Kerins Projects benefitting from the royalties from the two hurling books while Playing For Life will receive the royalties from the two football ones. Good causes, the both of them.

On an entirely separate note, Gombeen has been on to ask for a plug in relation his Antrim GAA blog, hittingthebar, which I’m happy to provide. GAA blogs are still very rare birds – there’s a Derry one as well called Oakleafers which you might also want to have a look at – so it’s always good to see new ones materialising.

5 thoughts on “Championship results books published + GAA blogs

  1. Yeah it is good work by the Board in cutting that much off that debt.

    Pity the poor companies that have lost out on that much money that was due. i wonder how many jobs that will cost?

  2. Steve did all the creditors take as big a cut as the banks did ? i would like to think that proportionally the bank took the lions share and that the smaller creditors will see a decent enough return.

  3. I am just after reading the Irish Independent and am dismayed at what I read . This is part of the article

    “But they have decided against it because they did not want it to be misinterpreted as sour grapes after their Division 1 Allianz League final loss to the Rebels.”

    It relates to the manhandling of Donal vaughan whilst injured on the ground. Mayo Co Board are angry, cross and annoyed but not angry, cross and annoyed enough to make a formal complaint. They instead worry about how we might be perceived as losers and sour grapes.

    Live outside the county and smell the fffiing roses and you will find out fast enough how we are perceived. I can tell you this though, if the Mayo Co Board manned up, grew balls and went for RTEs throat over the comments of Brolly, and yes lodge a formal protest of the manhandling of one of THEIR injured players then people would see us stand for something for once.

    Micky Harte boycotted them. Others have taken a stance. Jack O Connor runs a veritable running comentary on who and what the next ref will be. Remember last year “Mayo play close to the edge and I hope we can keep with them” or words to that effect .Subliminal I think is the word.

    Kerry got their way in 1939 semi final when they approached the ref. Instead of doing something about it we sulked and withdrew from the following years league thus breaking a winning sequence. We had 4 minutes shaved of the 1948 All Ireland final. I was at the 1996 final and replay and can attest to what happened to us. John Finn got a jaw broken in 1985 and yerragh shure it wouldnt be the Mayo way to protest.

    I wrote to RTE seeking certain information regarding the Sunday game. I got the reply I expected…sweet f…all. I will make my judgement in September by not paying my TV licence for a number of reasons. So I propose this.

    No Mayo players, county board offical or mentor should speak to RTE until the Sunday Game and Joe Brolly apologize for the disgraceful approach he took towards mayo and in particular Donie Vaughan. Nice guys win nothing, nice guys are never respected and the only ones that like nice guys are mothers who want their daughters to go out with them not the buck with a bit of dash and daring that lives across the tracks.

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