Charlestown for the Lake County, Castlebar for the Dubs

The venues for our next two home ties in the NFL have been announced, with the match against Westmeath on the 8th of March set to take place at Fr O’Hara Park in Charlestown while the home clash with the Dubs a fortnight later will be held back at McHale Park in Castlebar.  As regards the former, I haven’t been able to unearth any official statement to this effect but everyone seems to be saying that this is where the match will be held so I may as well join in the chorus.  Assuming that this particular chorus is singing in tune, it’ll be our first league match to be played in Charlestown since we lost by a point to Fermanagh there at the butt end of our 2003 NFL camapign.  As regards the latter, Hogan Stand have confirmation from County Secretary Sean Feeney that the match is reverting to Castlebar in anticipation of what should, I suppose, be a 10,000+ attendance for this high profile fixture.

8 thoughts on “Charlestown for the Lake County, Castlebar for the Dubs

  1. bout time the real supporters of mayo stood up,pathetic traveling support, does not matter i suppose they dont get behind the team anyway, bout time ye got off the morts back, himself and pat harte,keith higgins are the only class players mayo have. come on get behind them….. by the way whoever set this up, class

  2. Not sure who that ‘ye’ is pointed at in relation to Mort, 1951. I’m on record here – with the stats to back it up – as saying he’s the one forward we can least do without. I’m not sure I’d share that viewpoint about our travelling support either – it was small the last day, I gather (I wasn’t there myself for that one) but the time and venue had a lot to do with it. Anytime I’m at away games, I find there’s a good level of support for the team and those that do make the effort to travel invariably get behind the team as well.

  3. I think there was an add on the back of the programme from the Derry game saying the next home game would be in Charlestown, but that could be my mind leading me on the heard mentality

  4. Hope to make the two matches. Not sure I follow 1951s drift. What does he mean by “its time the real supporters stood up”. Is this a call to give the manager a reminder that we are not impressed? Is it a call to stop any criticism of the team that comes from the “other or non-real supporters”? I laud any body that goes to the matches, lately they have not had a lot to cheer about. Slightly worried , no seriously worried if we are totally dependent on Pat Harte, Mort and Keith Higgins as our only class players. Our problem is that we always have to have a few “gods” on the team to adore. In Tyrone they all work their asses off, Mulligan if he was a Mayo man would never have lost his place, similarily Mickey Harte makes the hard but vital calls, we trundle on with the “pretty boys” always hoping that some day they will set the rest of the team on fire. Rarely happens. Sorry for the slightly raving/rant deviation there. Too long following this particular bus does that to the mind…but we always hope that someday will be our day!

  5. 1951 – Get off Mort’s back?? Fair enough, if you have a read through some of the tripe on the Hogan Stand, you might well find a few who slag him. Although I have doubts over whether they’re all actual Mayo supporters or not, and whether some just have a personal agenda against him. Can’t remember him ever getting slagged on this site by anyone. But then again this site is very different to the HS!
    I think most genuine Mayo people know his worth to us.
    Personally I think we’d be goosed without him

  6. the amount of shite on that Hogan Stand, I cant remember the last time I looked at it I’ll be honest….

    WJ’s Blog, Club Mayo-Dublin site, An Spailpins Blog, Nooneshoutedstop Blog and of course are all I really read in terms of a bit of a (Mayo) GAA fix!

  7. The lads on are always worth a read, Mayoman – there’s always a good amount of collective knowledge on there about the team and what’s happening.

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