Chatting with Ciaran Treacy – Mayo Football Podcast 2023 E8

Back in 2019, Ciaran Treacy scored the winning goal for Mayo against Kerry in the National League final at Croke Park.

So where is he now?

Mike Finnerty caught up with Ciaran last week to chat on the Mayo Football Podcast with the Ballina native who now lives in Abu Dhabi.

They talked about his journey – on and off the field – in recent years, scoring that goal in Croke Park four years ago, his time with Mayo and his plans for the future.

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20 thoughts on “Chatting with Ciaran Treacy – Mayo Football Podcast 2023 E8

  1. If I go into podcasts from the menu, i get podcasts archived from 2021. How do i get more recent podcasts that are now free to listen?

  2. Ontheditch – SoundCloud is probably the best place to head to, you’ll find all the free pods there. The link is here. Link to all podcast platforms is here.

    I’ve some digital gardening to do, I know, on that podcasts tab. It’s been on the to-do list for a while due to other commitments.

  3. A lovely interview.
    No question about it, he’d love to be back where he belongs. Make it happen Ciaran!!! You’re needed.

  4. Thanks wj. I look forward to the listen later. Keep up the great service on all things Mayo GAA

  5. WJ …. do you think team will be named this evening.
    Just thinking Gaa will probably want Div2 and Div1 match programmes printed today for the weekend ?

  6. Really enjoyed that pod. Seems like a really nice fella, head well screwed on. Found the sacrifices comments very interesting, it is easy forget the amount of work and dedication those lads put in while also working. He seems determined to go home at some stage…but we all say that!

  7. Wide Ball, team be up this evening, do not be expecting the panel though. Just the usual craic of first 15.

  8. Nothing official DermotF, good few counties released them already. But we are staying tight lipped on it for some reason.

  9. Hi all
    Seems to be very few tickets left, I forgot about Dubs been on as well, what’s the expected attendance and what stands w are open

  10. @Aah not again, there will be plenty of tickets, neither Galway nor Derry are noted for traveling in numbers.. Last year it was possible to get face value ticket(s) on the Official GAA ticket site on the Saturday before last year’s All Ireland final between Kerry and Galway. I recall wandering around Druncondra before last year’s All Ireland final it was easy to get a face value ticket. Which I did I got two and taught that I would be left with one on my hands, met another Mayo head I knew and he bought the very good ticket from me at face value. And the touts were finding it hard to sell anything over priced. .. This will be nothing like a Dublin/Mayo All Ireland final.. I think the official attendance in Croke Park last Sunday was less than 20K , leaving well over 60K empty spaces!

  11. Tickets on sale now for the very front of both Hogan and Cusack stands, you can get ones in the middle of the pitch.

  12. They get rid of the shit tickets first on line ..
    Got 2 adult and 2 kids for Lower cusack just now.
    U16s €5

  13. Id be looking to put Galway under serious pressure from the get go .
    Lorry high ball in on top of Carr and O Shea.
    Both Kelly’s aren’t aerially strong nor is the keeper.
    There be a goal or two in high balls in and what better way to start a game than with a goal .

    While our panels strong, there still isn’t much debate as regards the 15 that will start this game, its pretty well known the 15 we will go with.
    In the Monaghan game bar Bob Tuohy none of the others really put their hands up for inclusion .
    McBrien on Comer, Paddy Durkan or Sam Callinan on Walsh, some vote of confidence for Sam if he does, he’s not a lad to get fazed by it so why not ?
    With Galways halfforward s Cooke and Heaney preferring to drop back Conor Loftus should have chance to shine and leave Coen mind the house while Conor and Paddy attack when required.
    Form Matty and Diramuid are in will be good battle with midfield .
    Jordan will be watched closely but should give more space to Carney and a big game from Fionn.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if Heaney is asked to do man marking job on Flynn.

    Really think we better team and just need to nullify Daly and Tierney and man for man on Walsh and Comer with Coen assisting should see us overpower them.

  14. Totally agree @outside of the boot
    Think there is still that niggle or disappointment that we have championship is next week. Would Cillian or Hession be playing tomorrow if not …
    Having said that I’d be bullish that we can get a win on Sunday.. Facilitating game ahead .
    Will be nice to see the Dubs in the curtain raiser !!

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