Chatting with Lee Keegan – Mayo Football Podcast 2022 E2

If you’re a Mayo Football Podcast club member on Patreon then by now you’ll most likely have listened to last week’s episode featuring an exclusive interview by Mike Finnerty with Lee Keegan.

We’re greatly indebted to Lee to have given us this exclusive interview and, until he appears on tomorrow night’s Late Late Show, it remains the only one the Westport man has given since he announced his retirement as an inter-county player.

Normally, when we provide bonus podcast content exclusively to our club members, that’s where it stays. On this occasion, however, both in light of the interview itself and in deference to a player who gave his all and more for the county for over a decade, as well as to showcase to a wider audience the kind of content our club members get access to, we’re now making this episode available to everyone on all podcast platforms.

The episode is now online and available to listen to on iTunes, SoundCloud, Podomatic and Spotify. If you want, you can listen to it here on the blog using the SoundCloud player below.

With a new year of football action fast approaching, our club members can look forward to the return of plenty of exclusive content over the coming months, including Final Whistle pods on match-days, match review episodes, Here Come the Weekend pods, Q&A episodes and more. We made just under 100 bonus episodes available to club members last year and, with a fair wind, we think there’s a good chance we might top that in 2023.

If you want to become a podcast club member, you can do so here. The monthly rate is €5 plus VAT but annual membership is available at a 10% discount.

14 thoughts on “Chatting with Lee Keegan – Mayo Football Podcast 2022 E2

  1. Not sure what you mean, Bonni. Is it to the icons for each contributor (where it is possible to attach photos or graphics, that’s done through Gravatar – I’ve limited knowledge of this, I’m afraid) or do you mean can contributors post photos within a comment? If it’s the latter, then no. It’s possible to post links, though, to external content, which could include photos.

  2. Hi Willie Joe
    Yes I meant photos within a comment.
    I have a few good ones I’d like to share, as I’m sure many on here do.
    Roll on 7.30 TG4 for the FBD
    Go raibh maith agat

  3. Terrible game tonight. Was an awful watch. I honestly despair when I see AOS come on… Had a chance to pop a lovely score as he was turning with his right foot and passed back. Went down “injured” when he got possessed…embarrassing for a big man and went over when another player won a free to hand the ball to Cillian. They’re just a few examples. There are 15 on a team and I feel we play better without him. Anyway some positives and new blood and we move onto the league next weekend. Good to get some young lads some game time and next few weeks will tell alot more with tougher competitive games. Hopefully some lads we will see more of in the green and red.

  4. Just a few examples… Why not tell us all the other things you dislike about him?

    The nerve of someone to go down injured after falling flat on their back after winning a kick out!

  5. PK,very harsh on a guy togging for his first game of the season,but if you despair even before he comes onto the pitch, he ain’t gonna do a lot right in your opinion.

  6. PK Lookback at the game . After AOS came on our next two points came from him

    Try and be impartial when you comment. There were a few who togged for Mayo tonight who had zero contribution but you single out AOS

  7. 99% chance PK isn’t even from Mayo and he’s just on the blog to bring down the mood and ruffle a few feathers and get a reaction from Mayo fans.

    January is a long month and i’m sure he hasn’t got out of the house too much.

  8. O SULLIVAN – agree completely. Only 2 of our starting forwards score from play, yet Aidan is the one singled out for his 20 minutes on the pitch!

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