Chris is getting close to home

Photo: Postdlf/Wikimedia Commons

You might recall that I mentioned a while back the virtual walk across the country from Dublin to Louisburgh that’s being undertaken by Chris O’Grady. Well, Chris is still walking and he’s now nearing home.

The entire walk is being undertaken by the cocooned septuagenarian in his back garden up here in Dublin. He has the back well broken on the job now, as his latest update two days ago placed him in Bohola, with close to 220km covered and around 50km to go.

Chris is, then, set to complete his goal inside the next few days. He’s doing the walk as a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis Ireland, for whom he’s already raised more than €6,000.

It would be hugely appropriate to cheer Chris home by supporting this very worthy cause. You can do this here.

3 thoughts on “Chris is getting close to home

  1. Fair play to him he’s a great man and it’s a worthy charity like so many others.

  2. Well done Chris. Hope Louisburgh Gaa has the flags out for your virtual homecoming this week.

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