Christmas cheer for Carnacon

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For the first time since 2013 and the sixth time ever, Carnacon are the All-Ireland LGFA senior champions. They beat Cork’s Mourneabbey in this afternoon’s All-Ireland decider at Parnell Park by 0-15 to 1-10 to take the Dolores Tyrrell Memorial Cup back to Mayo once again.

For Cora Staunton it’s the perfect send-off ahead of her delayed departure to Australia this coming Tuesday. Cora captained her club today – as she also did when Carnacon won this title for the first time back in 2002 – and, as you’d expect, she played a captain’s part too, scoring seven points, four of which came from open play.

In a tough and tight national final, played in misty, dank conditions at the Donnycarney venue, it was, though, a real team effort today from the Mayo girls. They led by three at the break and, with Fiona McHale putting in another powerhouse performance at midfield, they kept plugging away right to the finish, getting home with two points to spare at the end.

Congrats to Carnacon on securing yet another All-Ireland title and the best of luck to Cora as she prepares for her adventure Down Under.

Match reports on today’s final are here – RTÉ, The 42.

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  1. One final update for the results archive WJ before you down tools for the Xmas. Great stuff for such a small parish as Carnacon. Well done ladies

  2. Tremendous performance from Carnacon. The looked totally in control for most of the second half but the sin binning of Doireann Hughes gave the Cork girls a new lease of life and Carnacon’s resilience was tested to the full. And how they passed the test.
    Can anybody explain to me what merits a yellow card in the Ladies game as Doireann’s foul did not seem any different to most of the others during the game?
    This was my first visit to Parnell Park and my impression was “what a kip for the capital city’s county ground” With everybody crammed into the stand, the terraces not open and the narrow passageways the scramble between the Kinsale/Dunboyne supporters leaving and the Carnacon/Donaghmoyne supporters looking for seats was something to be experienced. I always said that Dublin were sponging on the Association generally by using Croke Park as a home ground. Now I am absolutely convinced of it.

  3. Well done to everyone involved in Carnacon’s victory – a real credit to both your club and your county.

  4. Well done to Carnacon and best of luck to Cora down under! With Westport winning an All-Ireland title earlier in the year and Carnacon winning one yesterday, that’s not a bad return for any county, two All-Ireland titles in 2017. Thanks to all of the players who gave us many a great day out this year.

    Best wishes to Alan Dillon on his retirement. Even last year in a tricky game for us against Fermanagh, he came on and popped over a couple of points to steady the ship. Left or right boot, he could score with either, a quality player.

    Best of luck to Lahardane in the new year. The Kerry champions were beaten yesterday for only the third time in 15 years in the Munster championship so that opens up the All-Ireland race at that level. Lets hope that Lahardane can follow in Westports and Carnacons footsteps.

  5. Congratulations Carnacon. An unreal achievement. What a team. Best of luck in Oz, Cora! Simply the Best!

  6. Oh and congratulations to Caracon!!!…. Great game…Best team won, no doubt…. But, it is hard on the Cork girls, so near the finishing so often, how much we know that feeling in Mayo…. And Andy D, you are so right as regard’s to Dublin sponging of the rest of the Association!!.. Such is life… As Maria Antionette said ‘let them eat Cake :… When there was no bread left, for those who had fed the’ ‘Aristocracy’ to their own detriment for so long!!!

  7. Chris Kelly – can you please not post unsubstantiated reports naming individual players? I’ve made it more than clear on several occasions that I take a zero tolerance approach to people spreading stories here on the site. What you say may well be true but I’d prefer to wait and hear it confirmed officially first.

    Leantimes – I’ve deleted your comment as you’ve made reference in it to the same player arising from the original comment posted.

  8. Remember this in other finals lads, as a people we are perfectly capable of winning national titles. We just to be the best team on the day to do it.
    Congratulations to all involved in best of luck to Cora.
    What a phenomenon she is, did I read somewhere that up to now she has only missed 1 league match for Mayo going all the way back to her debut. That’s unbelievable.

  9. Congrats to Carnacon, exceptional for a small village.
    The U21 A and B finals are going to be on Mayo GAA TV. Some excellent GAA viewing on Saturday with Ballaghadereern – Davitts in the B at 17:00 followed by Belmullet – Westport at 18:30 in the A.
    A lot of promising players on all four sides.

  10. I see in Mayo News Gary Boylan is back playing with Bekmullet u21 team. I thought he was a very promising minor – two footed, good pace and good free taker. I wonder would he be available for Mayo senior team if selected or is he still committed to Sligo Rovers. Would be well worth a try if he is available

  11. Well done to the Carnacon ladies, what a club from a small rural village. Ye are a credit to your families, community and county. Surely a new era is dawning for Carnacon.over the coming years.

  12. Was hoping Boylan would commit to Mayo after reading in Mayo news that he has some big decisions to make but now reading that he committed to Sligo rovers again after interest from another league of Ireland team that be playing in Europe next year!
    Pity quality player

  13. Just in case your quotient of bitterness was waning I see Brolly is back at it again on a podcast with Dunphy. I only read about it so it saved me an hour or so of my life that would have been wasted listening to the equivalent of two bald men fighting over a comb.
    Apparently we are still “celebrity losers” and the reasons we haven’t won the all ireland are Cillian O’Connor and Aidan O’Shea.
    Glad he has cleared that up for us then just in time for the new year.

  14. East Cork Exile are you not aware that it’s panto season and muppet Dunphy and Muppet Brolly have to work hard this time of year to stay relevant and make a crust

  15. Meant to say: wasnt that such an uplifting Interview with Lee on last weeks Mayo News. The pain, hurt, stress and hope. He is an amazing person and footballer. He will push himself to the very end to wear the mayo jersey again. Lucky to be a supporter of Lee and this team.

  16. It will be interesting to see Seamus Cunniffe and Shairoze Akram in the B final.
    The A final is packed with talent.

  17. The A final
    Is on at 6 30
    Saturday anyone knows when the B final is on is it in MacHale Park too

  18. I hear that Stephen Rochford is to take on the GAA, CPA et al. [not sure about the DUP, Tories etc, etc.] by holding a training camp in Spain next April. Good luck to him, I hope he will have the support of all Mayomen, including CPA members. No stone can be left unturned in 2018 in search of Sam. These lads have invested so much of their lives over the past seven or more years that there is no point in “spoiling the ship for a happorth of tar”. To suggest otherwise is madness.

  19. Good man Stephen.. anything at all that gives us an ‘edge’ for 2018 is to be supported. Could i ask that anyone attending tomorrows fundraiser for team in Shelbourne, would give us a little update! (Would love to be there!)

  20. Wide Ball, If Gary Boylan is committed to Sligo Rovers I hope he has better luck than a young ‘keeper of the name Patton whose story I have been reading on the RTE Sports website. Seriously injured in the last game of the season he has been cut adrift to make his own way through recovery and is thinking of rejoining his GAA club [St Eunan’s, Letterkenny].

  21. 2017 was the year two mayo clubs Westport and Carnacon won All Ireland finals. Don’t think that happened before. April 2018 was designated a month for club activity. Now mayo has become the first county to decide it’s won’t adhere to the spirit of the directive. County players won’t be released back to their clubs. Connacht club final will probably once again be played at the end of November/ beginning of December . Fair???

  22. I’m all for the county team looking for ways to gain an edge over everyone next year, but should that be done at the expense of club players? I realise it’s a messy situation and I can see Rochford’s POV, however it’s things like this that will cause the regular club player to pack it in completely.

  23. Let’s sll vote for Andy Moran as RTE sportsperson of the year. Award to be announced Sat the 16 in RTE as far as I know. Vote early and often

  24. Wide Ball, I would agree with you, all county teams should obey the decision to allow April to be club only. Mayo County Board are showing a total disregard to the counties clubs by scheduling a training camp in April. Mayo wont be gaining an edge over everyone else by doing this as I suspect other top level counties will also be collectively training in spite of the club only ruling. The penalty for breaking this rule is too lenient, instead of forfeiting a home league game, the home game of the super 8 should be forfeited.

  25. Dia daoibh
    Just to say that I attended the Mayo gig in the Shelbourne today. Over 250 persons were in attendance. A full house indeed. Fear a thi was
    Mike Finnerty who interviewed SR; CoC, AOS CB and Andy. The take home message that they are raring to go in 2018 after their holiday.SR said that all the backroom team will be in place and that there will be ample opportunity for new young players to make a mark. He mentioned youth! I was impressed with the tempo and the coolness of our players and SR! The message was clear we are nearly there and they appreciated all the magnificent support.
    Terry Gallagher from Oilean Acla and Tom Molloney from Cairde Mhuigheo were equally impressive in their undaunting support for foireann Mhuigheo. Mike Finnerty in his inimitable best praised the importance of our diaspora and Terry Gallagher was adamant that future 2nd Mayo generations in the UK would support Mhuigheo. I was so proud as an Achill/Mayo man to hear such positive vibes! Bhi me an broiduil as gach duine inniu sa Shelbourne. Go neiri libh le foireann Mhuigheo i gconai.

  26. Gary Boylan apparently was outstanding for belmullet in recent club games. Numerous people lamenting his loss to Mayo in last few days. He’s only 21 so could well play for Mayo at some stage if he doesn’t move cross Channel. Plenty of precedent of intercounty gaa players mixing league of Ireland careers with gaa ones.

  27. Mayomad, when would you hold your training camp if you were Mayo manager? After all there are league games practically every weekend to the end of April and the championship starts early in May. The fact that County players are away for a week does not stop other [club] players from playing football, does it?
    Some few years ago there was a rule introduced which dictated that county players had to be available to clubs up to 13 days before a championship game. This was a perfectly workable rule given that in all provincial championships there were 3 week gaps between games [barring a draw] so in the first weekend of that 3 week period players were available to their clubs. But it was never implemented and no effort was made to implement it. Now they are trying to introduce a far more impractical solution. It will not work.

  28. Further to my last posting, remember Mayo play Galway in the championship on the second Sunday of May, 13th. Not much time for a training camp and given that it’s likely that Rochford will probably be anxious to avoid another slip up to Galway and another scenic route to Croke Park I fully back him.

  29. I was there today too, Oilean acla – it was a great event and I’d agree completely with you about the positive air in the room. Well done to all involved – Cairde Mhaigheo, County Board, management, players and everyone who turned up today. I’m really fired up for 2018 now!

  30. We play our biggest rivals in a massive championship game two weeks into May. No training for the month of April? You’re having a bloody laugh. Dead right

  31. Delighted to hear yesterday was such a success. Many thanks for updating us here. We wont feel it til we are on the road again supporting them!

  32. Losing to Galway three years in a row is not an option. If Stephen feels this is what he needs to do so we are fully ready on the 13th of May then tome that is end of discussion. We do not have the luxury of easing our way into the Championship next year because of the draw. it is full throttle from the go.

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