Christy Ring Cup final confirmed for Saturday

Photo: Piaras Ó Mídheach/Sportsfile

The GAA confirmed earlier on today that the Christy Ring Cup final – in which we’re appearing for the first time ever, facing three-times winners Kildare – will be played at Croke Park on Saturday.

It’s part of a HQ triple-header on Saturday, with the final of the Lory Meagher Cup getting underway at 1pm, the Nicky Rackard Cup decider (which we were in the last two years, winning it last year) at 3pm and the Christy Ring Cup final at 5pm. All three of these hurling deciders will be shown live on TG4.

Tickets haven’t gone on sale yet for Saturday but I’ll post details here when they do.

12 thoughts on “Christy Ring Cup final confirmed for Saturday

  1. Good luck to the hurlers at the weekend. It would be a great achievement if they were to make the Joe McDonagh tier. Does it seem a bit rushed and a bit disrespectful to the lower level teams to be getting there season out of the way so early or am I missing something?. It will be strange and a novelty to see the hurlers on tv Saturday. I don’t know did I ever see mayo hurlers on mainstream TV.

  2. The good news just keeps on coming
    “ According to sources, it is very doubtful if Hennelly, Mullin or Flynn will be fit to start in the first-round qualifier clash.

    As to how serious the O’Donoghue and Carr injuries are is unclear at this point.”

    Aidan Henry

  3. This is a very strange and persistent injury crisis…questions have to be asked.

  4. This injury crack is an absolute joke at this stage obviously not a funny one either has litterly any other single county been this ravaged with injuries as much as us something just doesn’t add up can anyone answer how this is happening

  5. @No doubt: They definitely showed the Nicky Rackard final on TG4 a couple of years back, the one where Donegal pipped us in the final quarter. A lot of the lower tier finals and club matches get streamed on their YouTube channel as well.

  6. You can’t stop lads getting injured… S+C is top class in Mayo and S+C is not just about bulking up ,being stronger , fitter and faster but also about flexibility ,balance ,agility AND injury prevention….. The players have publicly praised the work being done . Bad luck doesn’t help …
    It may put and end to our season but the reality is we won’t win the All Ireland without all our players fit.
    Best of luck to the hurlers

  7. My ball , perhaps you are correct , I honestly don’t know a lot about s&c and the dangers of overdoing heavy training when playing a competitive game that week. But what i do know is I can compare , let’s take Roscommon , a team i just read about a few mins ago, where Anthony Cunningham is reported as saying he has 100% clean bill of health . That’s all players available for selection at the moment. Kerry had Sean o se out for a while but can’t think of any other starter out and indeed Sean o se will be flying come qf weekend .

    I dunno but I’m struggling to believe it’s just bad luck , more to it , surely ?

  8. Consecutive long seasons, not helping injury profile of team. Has a Mayo team ever got to three all Ireland finals in a row.

  9. I seem to recall that Galway had big injury problems a few seasons ago. Comer was continually out and Shane Walsh was in and out for a while too. Then they lost Peter Cooke, got him back, and not he’s not playing at the moment. Cooke is not an injury issue as far as I know.

  10. Its a huge task on Saturday for the hurlers..they have improved every game but Kildare are at a different level but hopefully Mayo can stay competitive for as long as possible. Whatever happens its been a great season rising out of ashes of relegation and round one humiliation… credit to players and management.

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