Cian Hanley heading for Australia

Cian Hanley

Photo: The Score (Ryan Byrne/Inpho)

As has already been mentioned in the comments, a thoroughly miserable week for the county has just got worse with the news, which was confirmed earlier today, that this year’s minor captain Cian Hanley is set to join big brother Pearse at AFL club Brisbane Lions in Australia. Pearse was an enormous loss to us when he departed for Australia back in 2007, when he was still an U21 but had just broken into the senior team, and his talented younger sibling is someone we could certainly do with back here too. Today’s news confirms that, sadly, this is not to be.

That report in The Score makes it clear that Cian – who is currently recovering from a cruciate injury picked up in the All-Ireland semi-final against Kerry last month – has been courted by the Aussies for some time. Coupled with the way that Pearse has thrived Down Under, it’s no great surprise then that Cian has opted to go down the same path. There’s nothing to be done but to wish the lad well on what’s likely to be an exciting opportunity for him to experience life as a professional sportsman. That and, as was the case when Pearse headed off, to dream some more – in so many ways and at so many bloody levels at this stage – about what might have been.

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  1. This is a blow but it’s nothing new. We’ve lost players in the past to rugby and immigration and injury. Though pierce” mayos boat has sailed” Hanley was a great player , the ones we have now with the biggest heart to die for mayo are the players we need going forward We had the winning of 3 all Ireland’s without pierce Hanley. James horan has been quoted as saying we have the makings of an all ireland team every year. Was not Colm boyle on the scrap heap a few years ago. Look at him now under James horan. Bon voyage to cian but mayo will survive

  2. Agreed, Hill St. Boy. This has been on the cards for months unfortunately. I will be sorry to see Cian go, I admit – enjoyed seeing him play and I would love to have watched him rise through the ranks and develop as a footballer. I think he will have a superb career and the very best of luck to him. But one player does not a team make. There is absolutely no point in hand-wringing about what might or might not have been on this one, unfortunately. He never kicked a ball for us at senior level, and there is no guarantee that he would ever have featured for us at senior level. So we just have to get on with what we have, which right now is a serious amount of talent and heart.

    I must say too that while I wish only the best for Cian, I am fed up of all the Pearce talk. While we might live and breathe Mayo football, there are other things in life, as he has clearly discovered. The man has a serious career in Oz and seems happy, he has made his intentions pretty clear, and I really think it is time to put this to bed for once and for all. He is not coming home to play for Mayo, and even if he had been here up to this point, there is absolutely no guarantee we would have won anything.

  3. I was watching an interview Pierce Hanley did on Ausie TV a few weeks back, there were five or 6 retired AFL heads there on a sort of a panel. They treated Pierce like a piece of shit. Laughing about his accent, playing didle idle music, leprechaun jokes the whole lot. I don’t know how he stuck it. Money isn’t everything.

  4. Good luck to the lad…if I had a brother doing well in Australia, on the gold coast at that, I’d be going too. Why the hell not?
    Is he a loss to our AI ambitions? Maybe, maybe not. He was an excellent underage footballer, but there were no guarantees he would have made it on the senior team. We’ll never know I suppose.
    I hope his cruciate doesn’t hamper his playing future but I suppose he will get excellent treatment for it anyway.
    Best of luck to him and his older brother.

  5. Sorry to see him go but wish him luck.One man doesn’t make a team and he has never played senior for us and who knows maybe never would have.How many good young lads have we seen at minor and u21,where are they now.We need lads that have their heart and soul in it and thank God we have plenty of them here.Now get the best team on the sideline and were ready to go again.Pissed off after Limerick but fuck it,that’s history now,looking forward to the league and getting back on the road again.

  6. sure its bad news about Cian, but on the positive side, I listened to Aidan O’Shea’s interview on off the ball..he was surprisingly upbeat considering what he had just been through. That gives me confidence that he and lads like Cillian, Boyler, Keith etc will get over it quickly, move on and look to get better next year. They are driven.
    So despite the new today, the future is bright lads (and lassies)

  7. Hope all goes well for Cian . It’s an opportunity he could not turn down .
    Just getting over the limerick experience . My head is very sore every time I think of that bloody ref. Was he that bad the night we played the dubs in the league . The night he sent Cluxton off. I think he gave us nothing after that . I think it was Mr. Reilly . Chin up now and we will move on and rise again in 2015.

  8. jasus, i heard the oshea interview last night on podcast, the newstalk team asked him a 100 times was he concussed and kept on at him, trying to imply that the team doctor shouldn’t have let him on the field. Did anyone else notice that?

  9. AOS interview was good in my opinion. Just watching the Pierce Hanley show on “The Footie Show” as they called it and what a load of rubbish…jez them ozzies are fucking hard to listen to. Bunch of clowns.

  10. Very few GAA players make it in the AFL. I think there are less than 10 over there at present. If Cian makes it good luck to him. If not he will return a better player for the experience. Its a win-win situation for him. If it doesn’t work out it will be to Mayos benefit if he returns. A lot of good minors don’t make senior footballers due to a lack of a proper player development system. At least in Oz they will get the most from him and he will be the better for it.

  11. Just watching it now. Bloody hell, those Aussies are like something out of the 1970s – those kind of cheap racially tinged ‘jokes’ went out with the flood on this side of the world.

  12. That’s the usual format of the footy show and it’s meant to be about slagging, macho aussie stuff and footy. Not saying I agree with it but every time they get a guest they get the piss taken out of them. When I lived there every Thursday night that show would be a highlight for me to watch and have a laugh, but mainly laugh at the Aussies how they go on. Sam Newman is renowned for being a fool on it on a weekly basis. It’s all part of the show. Take it with a pinch a salt

  13. What about all the minors we produced in the past 5 years. Saw our minors hammer Kerry in limerick by 10 points in AI semi-final in 2008. Kerry played 7 of that squad of 24 minors in the senior semi-final and replay against mayo. Mayo only played 3 of that minor squad. Mayo should’nt worry about the couple of players we are loosing, when we wont give a chance to the ones who stay.

  14. Depressing news. I know I sound like a broken record, but I do resent the whole business. I like the idea of International Rules, but the GAA don’t seem to get anything in return. Surely there should be a skills transfer in which GAA players/clubs/counties could gain access to the methods/fitness/strength/conditioning and so on that AR possess in abundance.

    As for the interview, more like 1870 Willie Joe. Unbelievable Jeff. Here’s the link:

  15. Can’t really blame the lad, flight of another earl…………hopefully this will give another lad a chance

  16. Good Luck to Cian in Oz. He will keep his brother company. His brother will teach him the ropes. Hundreds of thousands of our talented youth leave this mismanaged society every year and there is not a word. Some of that minor team of 2008 are playing great stuff with their clubs while others have left the scene for one reason or another.We do not usually get a great return at senior level from all that talent at minor. Not all talented 18 year old lads get to play minor football with the Mayo minor team. I do not know why, it has always been like this.

  17. Best of luck to Cian, sad to see him go but it was always on the cards.
    We’ll done Willie Joe , on putting up the 14 results so soon. I don’t even have the heart to read the Western yet.

  18. Best of luck to him. Sad to see him go but he may never have made it anyway. I was hoping he’d tog out for mayo and would lure the brother home but not to be.

    Let’s not forget we had a fantastic minor side last year and he didn’t play in the final. There are many potential stars in that team. They’ll be turning 20 next year so potentially able for it.

    I’m also delighted to read we have an u 19 and u 20 development squad…Good to keep these lads under the eyes of good coaches so that they continue their development and arrive in senior squad ready for action.

  19. It has been quite some time since I posted a comment but always read the wonderful blog and have got to virtually all mayo matches in the past few years. Like everybody else still gutted since limerick the only cure for the pain now is for donegal to give kerry a good whipping and thereby console ourselves that it might be all for luck and we will be stronger next year.

    in relation to the ref it amazes me that despite all the talk nothing seems to have been done about his performance or no indication that anything is going to be done. This is happening to mayo all too often and it will continue to happen until the county takes astand and make the powers that be sit up and listen. What can be done? A lot I would contend.

    Firstly the county board should have got all the referees in the county together to review the game and prepare a full report on all the wrong calls made by reilly. An emergency meetig of the county board should then be called to consider this report and a letter should be sent to croke park demanding that reilly be removed from the panel of referees immediately. Furthermore a demand should be made that the subject of poor refereeing in major games be addressed immediately. This letter should be circulat public mind.ed to jevery media outlet in the country to keep the issue alive in the This as everybody knows is not the first time mayo has suffered at the hands of referees who are incompent or else hold agrudge against mayo people. One would expect referees would be above the latter but you begin to wonder. You also wonder whatvrole did our great foe play in having meath referees and a linsman officiate at our three main matches.

  20. Sorry had a bit more to add. Our great foe of couse being mcenenny of 1996 fame.

    The mayo public also have a part to play in e mailing and calling every possible programme to keep this issue alive. I have been around the country a lot this week and there is genuine sympathy for what happened to us at the hands of that referee and we could expect a good lot of support on this issue. What happened to our lads after the effort they have put in should never be allowed happen again but it will unless a firm stand is taken. We were robbed andvlets not forget that!

  21. Mayoabu I have to agree with you about the ref. I have tried to get him out of my head but he just keeps annoying me . I hope our county board have put it on record with Croke park that what the mayo players had to put up with on Saturday evening is not acceptable and they deserve a much better standard of official. I wonder were there any strange bets placed on the match . In other sports a performance like reillys would require an inquiry into betting trends and possible match fixing . His favouritism shown towards kerry is so obvious that it needs to be investigated fully .

  22. Hi all. Australian here and brisbane lions supporter. I was disappointed with the footy shows interview with pearce. That said, pearce is a highly respected afl player and up there with the best in the league. I love watching him play, he’s unbelievably exciting! Hopefully cian can be just as good!

  23. I live in oz and watch plenty AFL. Statistically there’s an 80% chance Cian won’t make it out here. I not sure he’s as good as Pearse either. Most Irish lads who come out here end up at home 2-3 years later as better players. His Injury record is also a negative for him especially in AFL. I hope he does really well but wouldn’t be surprised if he’s playing for mayo in a few years either. Best of luck to him though. Hope for his sake he makes it.

  24. Ceideboy, I did not see that particular interview, but as other posters have informed you, that particular show REVELS in living in the 1970s and being unreconstructed chauvinists, philistines and ockers. It thrives on being stupid, and it sounds like it was at its best when Hanley was on. Let me assure you that Pearce Hanley is massively respected here in Australia, as one of the best players in the AFL. He would easily be Brisbane’s best kick (as in most accurate to a team-mate) and is in the elite level. Some GAA athletes have done really well in AFL, some not so well, but Pearce Hanley and Tadgh Kennelly and even Marty Clarke have set a very high bar for those coming across in the future – where once they were a novelty, new guys would now be expected to be of the same standard. Come to think of it, Zach Tuohy is probably Carlton’s most elite kick now, and is considered a very high-quality player, too.

  25. Off topic- article in examiner today in same mould of Connaught Telegraph. No mention of prospective managers plans to get us to the promised land. On the other hand written restrictions on manager would appear to be a priority due to previous disagreements with JH.

  26. I watched that Footy Show clip with Pearse and in all honesty I didn’t think it was that bad, a bit cringey at the start with the diddly-eye nonsense but in fairness they all seemed to have good time for him and it was taken in jest by Pearse himself who didn’t look in any ways uncomfortable. It’s hard to believe he’s already gone seven years, a lifetime in Mayo football when you think back to all that’s happened. He’ll definitely be there for another four years so there’s always the possibility he’ll be back in his early thirties but there’s no point worrying about that now, whatever will happen will happen. Hopefully he will come back in a similar situation to Tadhg Kennelly and help us engineer a go at taking back Sam after winning it in the previous years!

    Disappointing about Cian but you can’t begrudge him a go at playing at the highest level and all it entails with conditioning, nutrition and top coaching. Whether he succeeds or is back home in a few years he’ll be all the better for it.

  27. Here’s the link to that article in the Examiner. Hard not to feel utterly despondent (and angry, too) when you read stuff like this. What manager in their right mind would want to engage with that kind of confrontational approach and out-and-out negativity from the the outset? Imagine recruiting for someone with the words “Here’s what you CAN’T do” in the job description?

    This is what we’re up against. It’s backwards we’re going, I’m afraid, not forwards.

  28. Best of luck to Cian. Big loss for Mayo but can’t begrudge a talented young sportsman a chance of being a professional. Hopefully we will see him back in a few years bigger and better.

  29. Talk of pierce Hanley coming back in a few years like tagh kennelled brings to mind again the case of Gavin Duffy. There are similarities in both cases. Is Gavin Duffy not a pierce Hanley. Remember the excitemt here on the blogs last May when we heard he was training with the mayo team. Something new was happening this little tweek was going to freshened things up and it gave us a feeling of renewed hope. We heard he just had to hone his Gaelic skills and he’s be in the frame If pierce came back in a few years would the same situation apply to him? Both were weened on Gaelic football from a young age so it should be easy to tap into these skills again. What you learn as a child is never forgotton( ask the Jesuits). So if we now have a pierce Hanley in the form if Gavin Duffy should we not use him in the league. He’s not getting any younger but I’d love to see him at full back to satisfy my curiosity. Aiden o mahony is 34 now I believe so age is just a number. Now that a week has nearly elapsed since match I’d like to put things to bed by offering my support to the guy that invaded the pitch at the end. He was not a clown or an embarrasment to me The poor divil represented me. He represented the passion that is the gaa He demonstrated his love for mayo by charging at that ref. his actions were worth a thousand emails to headquarters that some blogger suggested we do. If the game was held in croaker he’d never have got on the pitch. With the prospects of a new manager I’m strangely upbeat this morning about the future of mayo football

  30. Joe – I’m going to have to ask you to tone down the terminology you’re using in relation to certain (unnamed) candidates for the manager’s job. The house rule on trash-talking (rule no.8) extends to prospective managers too. By the way, I’ve had to delete that other comment from you relating to event you say occurred back in 1982 for the same reason, given that what you say can’t possibly be verified and relating it here risks casting a slur against individuals (again unnamed). Please bear in mind for future reference.

  31. On a purely selfish level, I could not give 2 fiddlers how Cian or Pearse Hanley get on in Australia. All that I do know is that while they are playing a bullshit game on the other side of the world that they had no affinity with from the beginning, then they are no use to us.

  32. A guy chooses to emigrate, study, not play, or for what ever reason , it’s his own business. Hanley owes Mayo nothing. I wish him well and hope he makes a roaring success out of his life. Manys the blossoming bush has wilted in the Mayo waste lands, whence Kilcoyne, Kirby, Regan, Geraghty, Nally, Harte and countless minors that appeared to have all the attributes. You get one real crack at life and opportunity… Take it from me…grab it.

  33. Thanks for posting that link Anne Marie. If this is the CBs position then I think we are headed for big trouble. What top Manager would take the job now?

    Preparation of the top 5-6 teams is now professional in everything but name. How are we going to compete with these teams when our new Manager is already hobbled with these restrictions – especially player availability at key time in championship prep.

    Donegal are flying there Dublin based players to training in helicopters and we going back to the dark ages, reading between the lines of that article. Times like this I think about Liam Horan’s famous report.

  34. They have opened the door to a YES man only. They are taking a Croke park line on the issue . Do it our way or else . JH challenged the county board in order to prepare our team . It looks like buy your own socks lads and bring a sambo for after training will be the way forward .

  35. The county board are digging their heels in here. That isn’t grounds for despair – rather, something for prospective new managers to haggle over, or if necessary, reject.

    If the new man is worth his salt, he will not be intimidated by this nonsense. He will lay down the necessary requirements for success, and if the county board can’t agree, they won’t get their man. And there’s nothing to stop that man letting every news source in Ireland and beyond know why he couldn’t take the job.

    There is a responsibility on whichever clubs do the nominating here to nominate candidates who will not put up with this.

    The Mayo team can play a part too by making it very clear that they are not interested in a ‘yes man’. And if they have a preferred candidate who they think will drive them forward, they should make it known, and quickly.

    This is only the first shot across the bows.

  36. Ah I wouldnt worry too much about what they are saying, if the manager is good he’ll have public support behind him and will be able to play the media like James did to good effect.
    Sure its not a job, they can get him to sign anything they like but ifes good he will find a way around it and they wont be able to do anything.
    I see it looks like Tony Mcintee is probably going to Down which will make them very good next year as well.
    I cant see how Noel Connelly can make a fist of this but what do I know about it. They just have to make the right decision or we’ll quickly fall back amongst the also rans

  37. I think some of us may be over reacting here. This was in a newspaper which obviously does not have the full story. The club players issue is a big one and maybe WJ deserves a thread on its own later in the winter as their are lads I know well playing club who are getting disillusioned with club football and the fixtures and planning although that is not a Mayo issue but a countrywide issue.

    Funding cuts is a worry. Can anybody really see the likes of McStay,Connolly or whoever bowing to the CB and taking the job if that is the case? I mean if the Senior team cost x amount to run this year it will cost the same next year if not more. Also it depends how far we get. The longer you stay in the championship the more costly it is.

  38. The county board would have sacked James Horan last year only they knew that they would in all likely hood have been lynched and I mean literally lynched by the supporters. He stood up to them and forced them to back down on numerous occasions over club games etc.
    The tone coming out of McHale park now seems to indicate that they won’t be making that “mistake” again and are looking to nobble any future managers power. For all the damage Cormac Reilly and his ilk have done to us over the years, our ability to inflict damage from the inside is infinitely more upsetting.
    The county board played all in poker with JH and the team. They gambled everything on winning an AI in the hope that a win would provide the windfall needed to balance the books. This applies not just to finances, our underage structure has been severely neglected also in the quest for the Sam.
    I feel we have one chance left to rescue the affair. We need to appoint a manager who can keep this current panel together and give him the resources needed to finish what James started. As Kieron Shannon stated, this team will win an All Ireland next year or the year after with the right man in charge.

  39. What’s the story on the referee,heard letter of complaint going to Minister Ring,that man should never be allowed to referee another game again,

  40. I’d agree with Steve that a bit of perspective is required here. Everyone knows that freeing up inter-county players for club games became an issue this year and no matter what ground rules are put in place for the new manager, the club vs. county tussle will be there next year too. It’s easy to see both sides of the argument – the County Board trying to do their best for clubs by continuing to play club championship matches into the summer while the manager is looking at the likes of Dublin and Donegal, with all club action mothballed until their county team is out of the championship, and trying to keep his players out of harm’s way. Ultimately, the club/county thing can only be dealt with by the creation of a national timetable that all counties have to abide by but GAA HQ seems more concerned about turning Croke Park into a global destination of choice (unless it’s for All-Ireland semi-final replays) than it is to tackle what is a very long-running problem.

    I’d agree too that funding is absolutely key. If we cut back in any material way on this, we’re never going to remain in contention for the big prize.

  41. Regards the ref last Sat it is striking that McEneaney, who is the head of the refereeing committee has not had a word since Saturday. Normally he is quick off the mark in defending criticised referees and he can often stand logic on its head in doing so. But not a word from him in defence of Reilly. And strangely I have not heard of any radio programme seeking to get his comments. I am not able to listen to radio all day and because of my location am not able to get MWR so maybe smomebody has without my being aware of it.
    The last ref I recall making a serious blunder was Coen from Galway who did not play full time in the Clare v Offaly hurling semifinal in 1998. Clare lost their All Ireland title in the refixed match while Offaly went on to win the All Ireland. He had the courage an honesty to admit and apologise for his mistake and I think he retired shortly afterwards. At this stage it is probably too much to expect Reilly to come out and admit he made a total mess of refereeing the match, apologise and hopefully retire. He can never again take a whistle with any credibility.
    However there is no point in Mayo Co Board getting into a confrontation over the issue. Over 50 years I have seen that several times particularly with Clubs and Co Boards. The aggrieved party never wins. There is no point taking on a battle which cannot be won however strongly one feels.
    I cannot see why so many contributors want to see Kerry lose in the final. Surely if Kerry win it will go down, like Meath’s last Leinster title v Louth, as the All Ireland they did not deserve and emphasise Mayo’s bad luck. Where as if Donegal win it can be said that they won it fair and square beating everybody they met.
    Finally good luck to Cian Hanley in Oz. Maybe like Tim Kennelly he will be back to help us win Sam after a successful career out there. It is, however, a little bit galling that a Mayoman is currently the most successful Irishman in Aussie Rules when we need him so much at home.

  42. I was saying that very thing the other day, AndyD – for someone who normally loves the sound of his own voice, Pat McEnaney has been very quiet since Saturday. For me, that’s been the most telling thing of all about the mishandling of the game.

    I don’t agree with you, though, that we shouldn’t complain. I know it won’t get us anywhere but a carefully catalogued account of all the mistakes Reilly made should still be prepared with a demand that he be removed from the roster. It won’t qualify us for the All-Ireland but it would be some comfort to know that he won’t have the opportunity to ruin any other big matches. If reffing standards count for anything, this should of course happen automatically but clearly they don’t so it won’t. All the more reason for us to call for his removal.

  43. In fairness to the CB , they have bent over backwards for the Horan term, its all very well us lot givin out but what do you want them to do. There might be some anger towards Horan too from the CB , a lot of resources exhausted and lookit no big cup.

  44. Maybe I am overreacting, and maybe that article was phrased in a way that made it seem like the county board is adopting an overly confrontational approach, when that might not necessarily be the case. It wouldn’t be the first time that the newspaper quoted in the piece has been at the centre of some controversy, after all. And I can’t help wondering at the veracity of the claim that the board is unwilling to have Liam McHale on board (that might well be the case, but at present it is merely hearsay).

    It is natural for clubs to want reassurance that they will not be the sacrificial lambs again, and I think the events at the end of July where players were told not to line out with their clubs, but some did and others didn’t, caused some understandable disquiet.
    As WJ says, that is a wider issue and one that the GAA themselves are failing to address. There seems to be an apparent new focus on generating revenue from HQ while looking the other way when it comes to the heartland of the GAA.

    But I can’t help feeling a bit unsettled at the language used – the use of the word “entitled” never led to anything good.

    We’ve already covered the funding issue elsewhere and that for me will remain one of the key frustations with the Mayo set-up. And one that’s not easy to forget, confronted as we are with those blasted pillars every time we take a seat in MacHale Park.

    Hoping that next week brings some positivity. I swear to god, I have spent the past six days in an absolute fouler.

  45. I agree Sean, as I said they put all in over the last 4 years. However if we pull back now then it’ll all have been wasted, surely anyone can see that with a few tweaks, 1 or 2 new players, a bit more work on our defensive strategy and above all a long awaited rub of the green then we are capable of winning the big one.
    99% of genuine Mayo supporters know that it costs a hell of a lot of money to train a top 4 team. Why don’t the county board just be straight up with us, tell us what they need and then put the ball in the supporters court. This is what it costs to run the team, this is how much we need, now if ye want Mayo in Croke Park in September then this is the amount you’ll need to give. The professional set up that has evolved on the pitch needs to transfer into the boardroom as well and as supporters I don’t think we’ll be found wanting.

  46. We felt it then and now we know:we did not get fair play in Limerick. The fact that most neutrals acknowledge this is of little help as we are out.We will never know if we would have beaten Kerry and,if so, would we have taken Donegal.We do know as we suspected that Dublin were beatable and we found out that a great inside forward like Michael Murphy could be deployed away from goal for considerable periods with success.
    I have never heard better vocal support for our team in over sixty years supporting Mayo.They are a wonderful team,worthy of our love and pride.The contest between Keith and James O’D was splendid,especially considering the off the ball abuse meted out to Cillian.A great footballer like K.Donaghy displayed appalling sportsmanship towards the end.
    James Horan is a modern Mayo hero.I thank him for everything and wish him well. I hope the panel can commit again but it is a huge commitment.
    It is easy for me to follow Mayo.My father and mother gave us a love for place.I am retired for years and in the spring of next year I will take down Willie Joe Dragon and my Mayo snake and will be on the road again with family who all have a passion for Mayo.
    I will never lose hope.

  47. Totally agree that there should be a formal complaint from CB on Reilly.

    I don’t think this was a case of Meath bias, this was a simple case of incompetence. The problem is that while Reilly was appalling last Sat, he has had equally bad games in the League, but these are let slides because the stakes are much lower. If Refs get away with this stuff in general how are they magically going to raise their game for an AI SF. Reilly should never get another AI series game, but, he will.

    A general point though – Did we help out cause with lack of street smarts? No one pointed out to Ref that BJ Keane stole 15 yards for his extra time free. Rob’s kick to win the game was actually moved back 5 yards from where the foul was, Did anyone point out to Reilly that black card was forgotten in the excitement of Cillain’s penalty? I know it’s easy to be the armchair quarterback, but…

    Last comment though and not an excuse for Reilly, but, I really don’t envy football Refs. The football ‘tackle’ is a joke. It’s going to have to be properly defined some day because until then it’s a lottery even with good refs.

  48. I love Liam’s blog above. Don’t let us fall or regress over money if it takes money to run a modern team then let s all row in. Is it possible to get these figures from county board. Earlier this year willy ( 4 goal) Magee held a mayo fund raising golf classic at westmanstown I had the pleasure of giving a humble piece of product for the auction. I think he raised around 20,000 euros for the team. If enough events were organised god knows how much could be raised. Mayo has a Hugh diaspora. I’ve contacted willy immediately after our defeat to pledge support for the next event. I don’t know how much joe Connolly from Galway raised with his recent (captains) event but it was a new initiative. My wife is here racking her brains with ideas since I told her our county board is having financial difficulties and she’s from cork . Any ideas out there?

  49. No need to define the tackle for what went on before the ball was thrown in crowley dragging and punching aiden o shea. Worse still reilly saw it but just had a chat with him. That was the time to take control and issue a yellow card. Aiden must be sore all over from the abuse he got all day. At least mcquillen seems to have learnt something he gave out two early yellows and that stopped the nonsence in the dublin donegal game.

    All for the cb making an official complaint. Reilly has got to be got rid of. If we get him again down the road I wonder how will we feel if nothing is done about it now. Small problems left alone may go away but that never happens if the big issues are not addressed. Make no mistake about it this is a big issue as it would be difficult to find a refereeing performance as bad as tbis one

  50. Agreed @Mike. We should have been right in the face of the ref for all those incidents like Walsh was the week before for the Keegan red card. Donaghy does it all the time as well. Way too nice once again. If the pressure was put on him and the useless umpires he may well have acted under the strain.

  51. Nothing in that report upsets me Anne Marie. There is serious contention in the county between club and county. The co board are getting their bit of a say in early that is all. As regards funding well if the county board have the money they will spend it. If they have not got it that is a different matter. Its not long ago I was reading posters tell us the Cairde tickets were a rip off?

  52. Willie Joe,
    I have no problem at all with Co Board sending a complaint accompanied by a dossier of Reilly’s mistakes to Croke Park. They should have the equivalent already in the form of Kevin McStay’s very measured and reasonable comments on The Sunday Game. What I do not want to see is it becoming a confrontation, e.g. setting out what referees we will accept and what not.
    On the Cork Examiner report I would not get too excited as what they report would be pretty standard anyway. The issue of player availability for club games is likely to be taken out of both Co Board’s and Manager’s hands in any case as Croke Park seem likely to impose a standard fixtures plan on all counties next year. And if plans to have the All Ireland Club finals before Christmas each year that will impose even tighter restrictions on those who would forget the club player in the search for Sam.
    The funding / financial position needs to be discussed more openly because if finance is an issue in managing county teams I am sure finance can be raised.
    Re the football tackle and defining it why not do so yourself Mike? I’m sure you would do as good a job as any and the result of your deliberations coulld then form a motion for Co Convention and Congress.

  53. We are up to quarter finals before the all Ireland semi final. Leitrim, Antrim, Limerick and a whole host of others hadn’t got that far. Laois are starting all over again this weekend. Donegal haven’t played a game yet. Mayo are on a par with Kerry on availability of County players and playing championship games. What would the county board be complaining about regarding player availability? As for funding, any event where funds are going directly to the training fund is always well supported. Its the other schemes which have to pay for a stadium development that was never needed which don’t get much support. The county board wasted millions on a stadium which will never be filled and if paying for that means the quest for SAM suffering, then everyone involved in the decision to build the stadium should resign immediately.

  54. Problem with Reilly is that if he ever refs another Mayo game and makes a “genuine” mistake, the scenes we witnessed last Saturday will look like a Legion of Mary rally compared to what could transpire

    Reilly didn’t just make mistakes-he flat out ignored black and white rules time and time again. These decisions fell in Kerry’s favor 80% of the time. A genuinely bad ref would be EQUALLY bad for both teams.


  55. A lot of very sensitive people here-Hanley took no offence to it so what’s the big deal.Arent us paddies constantly ripping the piss out of everyone else as well as ourselves.Nice to see a young lad like him doing so well and staying modest-seems like a sound man.
    I think the biggest loss with his brother is that he could have been a top class foward and we need them badly!

  56. Our friend Pat Mc head of refs is keeping very hush alright , i wouldnt be surprised if there was some very intricate type studying of the game going on, if you look hard enough you’ll find reasons for example boyles tackle he might say he lifted his knee and pushed it into his opponent to obstruct .

  57. Tirawley baron,
    I see Leitrim semifinals are on this weekend. OK, it is easy for them but they are always first in Connacht to finish their championship.

  58. We have a fine stadium in Castlebar….with Knock, a fine international airport nearby, plus a direct train line to Dublin. The east coasters love travelling west for events! The CB should be marketing the stadium as a venue for large outdoor concerts in the spring, summer and fall. Not only would this be a windfall for the CB and Mayo GAA, but also for Castlebar and surrounding towns.
    C’mon lads think outside the box…we always seem to be bitching about the stadium, the cost, the county board etc…well let’s maximize the stadiums potential to generate revenue for the team and underage structures. Just another angle on it.

  59. The most successful Mayo county manager in 64 years has resigned. The county board has said they expect to appoint a new manager within 6 weeks upon receiving nominations from the clubs. They have talked to two newspapers about this process. They have told those papers that there will additional restrictions which the manager must agree to in writing which arise out of their previous disagreements with JH. They give two examples of the subject of the restrictions but certainly not the exhaustive list.
    I do not think Ann Marie is overreacting. The message being sent out to any prospective candidate is not we will work with you to achieve success, but rather that you will agree in writing prior to taking the job not to cause us any bother in areas where the last successful manager felt he had to.
    What I want from our county board is good communication with the successful candidate after he gets the job, not tying one hand behind his back before you give it to him. This is only going to turn off good candidates whose reputation will be on the line.
    If they must talk to the papers i would like them to talk about how candidates should have a serious plan to consolidate the JH era, and bring their own improvements to the table in order to win Sam. It doesn’t attract good candidates highlighting that you did not get on with the last guy.
    Finally to those who want the CB to communicate with Croke Park about the referees performance they should note communications just not seem to be a strong point with the CB. In an obvious dig at JH in the Connacht Telegraph article they said JH had never actually informed Mayo GAA of his resignation, but it was the official Mayo GAA twitter account which broke the news to the public of his resignation at 10.28 last Saturday night. Maybe they wanted in writing…..

  60. Willie Joe, did anyone see the photo on twitter earlier in the week, supposedly taken at the other semi final, of Pat mc sitting with Eamon Fitzmaurice. Strange one.

  61. thought my anger would have subsided a week later…all week at working talking to neutrals who think we were robbed..cant wait til all ireland is wrapped up…but above all else i hope to god our county board make a good case for cormac o reilly never repeating his shambolic performance again..really missing all the build up this year..made september 12 and 13 two top months

  62. Nothing surprises me, that McEnaeney fella would do anything to try and piss Mayo people off even 18 years after 1996. He spouted about black cards on Off the Ball the week of the drawn match. Then when one of his foot soldiers right royally (pun intended) fucks up a hugely important match and he goes into hiding.

  63. A POEM BY ‘Lobitin ‘ “LARCENY IN LIMRICK’ 1 I wondered what might ‘Effin Eddie’ say? ….But the unthinkable has hapened and we cant make it go away,….As the sun shone in Limrick we could’nt believe our eyes…. The ‘Gaelic Grounds’ resembled ‘Thomond ‘ and Munster were in disguise………. 2’ ‘Reilly’ was the minister,..but not for ‘fair play.’.. Is that a ‘foregin concept’ in the.good auld GAA? ………..Oh Limrick your a lady …And justice you are blind……The reason we feel cheated is that cameras dont lie. …….3 Louth were denied a Leinster…Mayo denied their chance…..Specksavers sponser Hawkeye…….But the ‘Treaty’ ‘minor hurlers did;nt get a seccond glance …..4 On that day down in Limrick…More than tears of joy did flow…..Twas Grid Iron in Croke Park…And injustice for Mayo….5 And still for 100 minutes…,,Thereis no place I’d rather have been…Am I a gluten for punishment ? ,,,Or am I pure insane? ….6 For those who have veen there…. And for those who will go again ….To Ennis, McHale and Jones Road…..’Resialliance’ is our name. 7…Again I find mysel wondering as to what would ‘Eddiie’ say?…. But the best team dosent always win… And their’s nothing like ‘Fair Play’. 8 So heres to you who read this poem…….And heres to you who know….. That the ‘Green and Red’ will alyways fly…. And theres No Place like MAYO!

  64. The only good thing that came out of last weekend was the gaa not getting their ‘dream final’, it will be very hard for the wyse one on sky to tell the difference between the 2 green and gold supporters, will look like CP is full of support for a single team.
    Wonder will rte retain the navy and blue studios for or after this one.

  65. Agreed Mister Mayor. All this talk about McHale Park. It’s a credit to the county. Just think of all the sub-standard stadia around the country that we complain about during the league.

  66. Thanks Regina, lest people thought I was loosing it. In the photo Eamon is wearing that very unusual shirt he was seen in , on RTE during the match. I’m still filled with anger and we should all put pressure on the co board to act. If they don’t , we can be certain it will happen again , just as it has so often in the past.
    It’s like the school yard bully, he ll keep doing it until someone hits back.

  67. Apologies WJ. I am a passionate man and I always speak the truth even too my own detriment. I just think that some of the candidates that are being paraded out on this blog are not the right people to build on the legacy that James worked so hard to create.

    No matter, I will always roar on the lads who wear the green and red jersy regardless of what I think about the sideline people.

    I just watched the Pearse Hanley interview, unbelievable stuff. Someone should send them on a tape of O’Rourke, Brolly and Spillane commenting on Mc Donalds and Mortimers hair colour at hallf time when both lads were giving a masterful performance on the field. We’re not half bad at that knuckle dragging stuff ourselves.

    Anyways apologies once again WJ. I do realise that what I say in here doesn’t matter one continental to anything or anyone. I stand by everything that has been deleted, but fully understand why it should have been.

    After reading the County Boards mothballed ridden criteria that the new manager must adhere too, it makes me want to sing the song ‘Pink Elephants on Parade” from the Dumbo film. I t would make as much sense as a bag full of dead cats in a mouse sanctuary.

  68. So we need to look to the future, add some steel to our defense and some more scoring potential to our forwards, maybe the following team would fit that bill:

    David Clarke

    Chris Barrett Donal Vaughan Keith Higgins

    Lee Keegan Seamus O’Shea Clom Boyle

    Tom Parsons Aidan O’Shea

    Kevin McLoughlin Cillian O’Connor Adam Gallagher

    Evan Regan Alan Freeman Jason Doc

    That team would have a strong spine anyway. You’d reckon that the lads up front would be a scoring threat as well. Players like Stephen and Darren Coen would be very close to the first 15 as well. It would be nice to see a bit more of Conor O’Shea and Diarmuid O’Connor too. Not forgetting Tom Cunniffe, Jason Gibbons, Richie Feeney, Barry Moran, Andy Moran and Alan Dillion. Add in a few more and we still have a lot to look forward to!

  69. Hope springs eternal, i agree with most of your ideas there on that team but we have to look into the full back problem area.

    Something even outside the box type thinking, we need an imposing fb. There doesnt seem to be one in the panel at the moment. We might even have to mold one out of a midfielder. Someone like that Byrne lad from the minors, son of the guy from 78 minor team (kiltimagh i think) , massive presence , excellent fielder, top physique, could easily be trained now to become a fb.

  70. I thought I’d lost the capacity to be shocked but that photo really takes the biscuit. It’s the brazenness of it that strikes me most of all, the optics are horrendous but it’s clear that our friend from Monaghan doesn’t give a flying fuck for what anyone might say about it. He is, after all, untouchable.

  71. @Sean Burke, thats good thinking too we really need to have some more options back there. I thought the full-back on this year’s minor team has great potential as well, Seamus Cunniffe, he was full-back on last year’s winning team too.

  72. Yes W J .
    Regarding that photo, as you said , untouchable. Like all the other great institutions of this rotten little country. No body in church or state is honest, and as I said to my family ( in a rage ) on the way home from Limerick , do we really think the GAA is any different.
    I used to think so but not anymore. As John Cuffe says too many decisions against us. Can handle incompetence ( just about ) but bias, no way and that was what it was. We’ve been shafted for years , 1925 , short whistle v Cavan , no quick free’s or kick out 96, the list goes on . It’s time for us the supporters to stand up, if our County Board hasn’t the balls to do it.
    I met a man from Balla, who I had never met before, after and discussed the Mayo supporter that invaded the pitch ( which I didn’t agree with at the time )and he said. ” what the fuck was wrong with us, why didn’t we all join him and get the fucking game called off . He had a point.

  73. Nephin, i’m sorry mate but thats just silly. We cant go round invading the pitch like some sort of throwback to 70s england .
    Anger has to be channeled in the right way

  74. Nephin …my sentiments exactly on the way home…wish I too had invaded the pitch cause the anger was on fire in me and being stoked by a couple of loud mouthed Kerry supporters beside me…I am usually unflappable but this time I wish I had gone out too and shown the GAA Top Brass that just sending us off to the Kerry border wasn’t good enough for our all-Ireland semi final. A pitch invasion would have been the perfect answer…even now, almost a week later I wish I had done that. I am totally fed up of the lot and don’t know if I can sit and take it any longer…REALLY!

  75. I’d rather be silly and doing something than being silly and taken for granted Sean…and invading a pitch would never come into my head…but this time…I wish it had!

  76. I agree with Nephin and Axel M. Not often I would say it’s ok to go out on the pitch but there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Meath ref rides us up a stick Saturday night, then on Sunday his bossman who happens to love Meath and hate Mayo, is seen hanging around with the victorious opposition manager. No wonder people wish they did something. It’s so blatant yet we lie down and take it from officialdom. Need to grow a set and stand up for ourselves then we might gain their respect and ensure it never happens again. Think of Man United/Fergie too much fear respect for any ref to try anything on them. As WJ said the optics of the photo are horrendous. All parties involved surely know they were rubbing salt in the wounds and did not give a fiddlers

  77. Re the photo of Fitzmaurice and McEnaney, I presume Donaghy and C Reilly must have been gone for a lemonade when picture was taken.

  78. That’s an unbelievable photo – talk about really rubbing it in our faces. There really is something rotten about the whole affair. For me, it has become more pronounced from what I have been seeing and reading since Limerick. I underestimated it a bit in the initial aftermath. I’ve never had as many neutral friends and acquaintances mention the referees performance to me since. These are reasonable, fair-minded people who wouldn’t be placating me in any way, shape or form.
    The brass neck of McEneaney sums it all up.

  79. I haven’t been too angry to comment since the match but I’ll just say one thing. As I watched the game unfold I had one word on my mind. Whitey also called it out: “AGENDA”.

    People have said to me – yeah but you had your chances and you didn’t take them. To which I reply – it is very hard to take on a Kerry team at that level and a Referee too. I also point out we took a lot of our chances, the goals, the 2 points up at half time (extra time) but they were neutralised almost immediately. The referee clearly was working to an agenda – one to which Donegal thank God didn’t comply.

    As for the picture…WTF?

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