Cian O’Neill expected to join Mayo management team

The Mayo News is reporting today that Dr Cian O’Neill, who recently stepped down from his role as physical trainer with the Tipperary senior hurling panel, is expected to be ratified as a new member of James Horan’s backroom team when the County Board meets next Monday evening. James has been on the hunt for a new coach since Martin Connolly and Paul Jordan resigned a few weeks back.

Speaking to the Irish Examiner, O’Neill said while he enjoyed his time with the Tipp hurlers, football is his real passion and that it was his desire to move back into football coaching which led to his decision to quit his role with the Stone Throwers.

O’Neill is orginally from Moorefield in Kildare but is based in Limerick where he is Course Director for the BSc. Physical Education programme at UL. His work with Tipp was, by all accounts, highly regarded and the way that the Premier lads were able to match Kilkenny’s manic intensity levels over the last few years has been largely put down to the conditioning programme that he oversaw. As such, O’Neill definitely sounds like a superb addition to James Horan’s team and hopefully his appointment will help to propel our fortunes further upwards in 2012.

7 thoughts on “Cian O’Neill expected to join Mayo management team

  1. Thanks so much Willie Joe have been reading your fantastic posts all summer and have enjoyed them so much can always depend on you to have the latest updates and here again you haven’t let us down, Just saw on Hoganstand about Mr O Neill but very little info so thanks for that!!! nice to know there are more Mayo Mad lunatics out there!!!!

  2. Hey Brighton – I assume you are joking there! MF is not an issue – in fact the 2 O’Shea’s both had solid championships. AOS in particular could lose 10/12 pounds and I’m sure the new conditioning coach will attend to that! The Dubs won the All Ireland on talent but principally on pure graft; 75 mins of running, harassing, turning over ball, and working scores. This was new territory for this panel – borne out of heavy defeats and heartbreak in AI quarters & semis these past few years. Gilroy offloaded those that didn’t buy into this new team ethic. They had a 3 year plan – it took them 3 years to win Sam. Mayo couldn’t match that this year because they’ve just started – getting to the last 4 was a serious achievement. The talent is there and so is the intent. The legs & body’s aren’t (yet). We have 3 scoring forwards in O’Connor, Doherty, & Moran. Personally I’d like to see Aidan Campbell and Pat Harte deployed in the Cullen /Flynn roles next year. Strong, physical players who can mix it, win dirty ball , and are good distributors to the FF line. The 2 O’Sheas will need help as all midfielders do now. The days of the one-on-one battle between Willie Joe and Brian Mullins are over!

  3. I would really hope to see ALL the players show the same intensity and dedication to Mayo that Andy has shown I truly believe this is what is needed.

  4. O Neill was very highly rated here in Tipp. Hopefully he should be a good signing for Mayo Theres an interview with him in local tipp paper. Its obvious from it that he has great passion for football

  5. O Connor yes,Moran yes but Doherty on his championship performance an absolute no and thats all we can go on.AOS losing 10 to 12 pounds wont improve his handling or his decision making and his brother simply doesnt have enough talent to match his heart.Danny Kirby needs to be given a shot.We are 4 or 5 players away from being real contenders.

  6. Lads – this could be Horan’s master stroke. Cian O’Neill is a huge gain for Mayo and Tip’s loss. Tip hurlers were the most physical team in the country – this is 100% down to Cian. Size and stamina were always an issue for Mayo – this has just changed. In two years Mayo could be the biggest and fittest team in the country. Cian O’Neill is based in UL, has a doctorate in his field and is on top of his game. He has the experience, knows the science and will relish an opportunity at football. I hope he settles in well and wish him all the best.

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