Cillian closes in on all-time scoring record

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It doesn’t seem all that long ago since Conor Mortimer toppled the late Joe Corcoran’s long-standing record as Mayo’s all-time highest scorer. In truth, it is – that was back in March 2012 – and, in the meantime, another sharpshooter has been racking up the scores for us. This one – Cillian O’Connor – is now on the cusp of setting a mark that’s going to be very hard to beat.

Edwin McGreal of the Mayo News has all of the relevant facts on this story – here. In short, three points from Cillian against Tyrone tomorrow will see him pull level with Mort and four or more will see him draw ahead.

As the stats rolled out by Ed shows in that piece, Cillian’s scoring record for the county to date is little short of phenomenal.  He’s played 78 matches for the county and so, if he tops the record tomorrow, he’ll have smashed the all-time record having played twenty fewer matches than Conor. And he’s still only 25 years of age.

One bit of information, by the way, that Ed doesn’t touch on in his piece is where Cillian stands in the all-time scoring record in the championship. Here (stats from Wikipedia, so apply whatever health warnings you want to them, though generally I find this to be an accurate source) Cillian is second, behind the now retired Colm Cooper, and closing in rapidly on top spot in this table too.

A good run for us in the championship this year could well see Cillian become the all-time top scorer in the championship before the year is out. With his peak years still most likely ahead of him. As others have already said, we oftentimes don’t realise how good we have it in terms of the talent that’s in our ranks right now.

18 thoughts on “Cillian closes in on all-time scoring record

  1. Some scoring by Cillian. well done. And he is still young – hopefully great days ahead of him (and us!).

  2. Cillian has been one of the top forwards in the game since 2011. He has already beaten most of the records in Gaelic football not just for Mayo. Another 4 points and another big record is smashed. The heart beat of the Mayo team for a long time Keep it up young man.

  3. And yet some posters here were agitating to have the frees taken away from him! We don’t appreciate what we have at times.

  4. Great record by Cillian, I guess one advantage that he has over Mort is that he has played in a more competitive team, and so gets more chances.

    I think that he is a clever player who works so hard, in some cases to the detriment of his own game. He has proven to be a goal scorer but not as prolific in recent years, would be great if he could rediscover this knack, could be the tweak that could get us across the line.

  5. “Can’t believe he is still only 25!”

    And he’ll turn 26 the on the 13th of May. (V Galway)

  6. If i remember rightly, Cillian was booked in the 2011 Connacht Final for time wasting. Mayo were BEHIND at the time. I believe too that we never even challenged that decision and let them get away with it.

    Possible that i imagined all this. Does anybody on here remember this or can anybody confirm it.

  7. Bit of a random comment Jim.. Let who get away with it?

    What would be the point of challenging a yellow card anyway?

  8. Thanks for the advice Joet but im grand . Just an obserbation I made when I googled his age as I thought he was 26 .

  9. And the pundits say we don’t have a “marquee” foreward. Those stats say a lot about pundits. But think of what his scoring stats would be if he spent more time about the square instead of working back defending. Maybe that is where he sshould be concentrating his efforts.

  10. It’s not the imfamous curse that’s stopping Mayo, it’s a relentless string of appalling referring decisions especially since 1996. Time for the team, management and supporters to stand up and say enough is enough!

  11. Some player Cillian cannot belive he only 25 and scored that much all ready
    hope ye win to day that was some win for corofin yesterday i got a funny feeling
    that galway going to win the all ireland this year i know it sounds crazy they won.t
    be far off

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