Cillian is No.1 – read all about it

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You’ll probably know by now that Cillian O’Connor was selected as the No.1 senior club footballer within the county in the Top 100 Club Footballers series in the Mayo News.

What you may not know is that the selection of the Top 100 was undertaken by representatives of every football club in the county. This meant that the vote to select the Top 50 senior players involved the representatives from all sixteen senior clubs.

Because all the clubs took part in the selection process, winning it represents quite an honour. I think you could sense that from what Cillian had to say to Billy Joe Padden in the interview that’s in the latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast. If you haven’t yet listened to that episode you’ll find it here.

There’s loads on the culmination of the Top 100 Club Footballers series in the latest edition of the Mayo News. In order to showcase the excellent sports coverage that’s still appearing week after week in the paper, the Mayo News have decided to make the latest sports supplement available free of charge. You can download it (pdf version) here.

Better still, you could take out an annual subscription to the paper, which costs just €60, or else you can purchase a single edition for only €1.50. If you’re not a subscriber then have a look at the latest sports supplement to get an idea on what you’re missing.

6 thoughts on “Cillian is No.1 – read all about it

  1. Well done Cillian A great achievement from a great player.A stalwart for Mayo since he came on the scene in 2011 and hopefully plenty more good years to come.

  2. Really enjoyed the interview. BJ seemed well prepared and asked a lot of the questions the listener would like to ask. Cillian was very good, with straight and intelligent answers. Great to hear his injuries are clearing up. The best may be yet to come.

  3. I really think this break will have done the lads the power of good. They have been on the road for so long. Perhaps this is what we need. A fit Cillian, Diarmuid, Jason, Aidan, Kevin, Fionn Mc…theres a forward line very few counties could match! Cillian is so underrated. To have such a high scoring rate at a young age even with the many injuries is astounding.

  4. Agree completely about cillian scoring rate and would put it in the phenomenal bracket (if that above astounding ?)as already stated such young age and also 20 games or so less than gooch. People sometimes dismiss it as “sure most of it were frees “but every team has freetakers and not reached that target. Like everything prob not be appreciated until he finished playing.

  5. That he is No 1 is stating the obvious. The best I have seen in my time. A true and courageous leader. Enjoyed the interview with BJP. Well done to all that were involved

  6. Great to see the clubs getting a full summer of football
    Pity we won’t be able to attend 😀

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