Cillian O’Connor is our Player of the Year


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Right, the votes are in and counted and it’s time to announce the winner of the inaugural Mayo GAA Blog Player of the Year award for 2014. It’s a decisive enough result too with star forward and vice-captain of the team Cillian O’Connor coming out on top with 33% of the popular vote, ahead of Colm Boyle on 24%, Keith Higgins on 23%, Aidan O’Shea on 9% and Jason Doherty  on 4%.

The vote represents well deserved recognition for the young Ballintubber man who contributed hugely to the cause this year, right from when he returned to action in early March following his shoulder surgery late last year. The twice Young Player of the Year once again featured heavily in the scoring stakes in this year’s championship and it’s all but certain that, for the second year running, he’ll end up as overall top scorer in this year’s summer campaign.

Well done to Cillian on becoming the first winner of this award and here’s hoping that it won’t be the only gong he’ll be picking up in 2014. An overdue All-Star award would be fitting recognition for all he’s done on the field this year.

28 thoughts on “Cillian O’Connor is our Player of the Year

  1. Well done Cillian. Your a great role model for all of the young players in the county. Keep at it, your day will come!

  2. This guy O’Connor will be part of big things in the future for us. I am certain of that. 1 or 2 more like him and we will win the big prize. No doubt

  3. Well done Cillian. There’s no doubt but that he is a great bit stuff. And the good news is that he will only get better. When he is 26/27 he will be a nightmare for some defenders. Hopefully we will have one or two equally able lads alongside him in attack. One marquee forward on his own causes trouble but two cause absolute mayhem.
    Despite all the disappointment and anger after Limerick I still feel there are great days ahead. Mind you it will take an outstanding manager and back room team to bring these lads to the next level – where WE are the odds on favourites to win Sam. The job of picking the next man is the biggest decision that this CB will ever face. Let’s hope they get it right. The lads deserve the best.

  4. Well done Cillian and well deserved, not only a top class forward and scorer but a guy with maturity beyond his years and great leadership qualities. The future is bright for us while we have men of Cillians quality in the side.
    MaighEo Abu

  5. Well done Cillian. What I like about him is he appears to be a positive role model to other young players. This is the greatest attribute of any star. The ability to radiate a positive image to influence young stars in the county and in the country. Cillian probably would not have all these accolades without the backing of a great team. I am sure he would be the first to acknowledge this point.

  6. Well done Cillian. You will have All Ireland medals galore before you leave.

    This is not the end of Mayo. This is the dawn of a new beginning. I get so weary of the doom and gloom merchants that follow Mayo around the grounds and the ether of the internet. Mayo will dominate Gaelic football, of that I have no doubt. Mayo are on a new journey, not to be compared with journeys past. As hard as it is for me to listen to the yapping of so called supporters at matches, I do of course understand where they are comming from. All those nearly years can stack up and erode even the most positive human psyche and leave it in a confused and negative thinking mush.

    The most important step in the history of Mayo to date is that the right man is selected for the job. The platform is already in place, all the new manager has to do is step off.

    I don’t believe in God but I would almost pray to him, that the County Board choose wisely.

    These are indeed important times.

  7. Obviously not a Mayo man but the best player on that team pound for pound is Keith Higgins. There are many fine players but scores should not sway the judges. He has put manners on the best and few if any can claim to have done that. O Connor is a class act but Higgins has to get the nod of the neutral, when he met the best he shone,, wow how we would love to have him. Mind you he is under pressure from players on several lines of that team but he would be the warrior I would produce when asked who is your best player in his position,,,

  8. Hard not to be optimisitic about the future when we have players of Cillian’s calibre on board. Keep the faith, there are good things in store for Mayo.

  9. Congrats to Cillian really has it all.
    – Huge skill level
    – Composure
    -Physically strong, very noticeable this year
    -Leader at such a young age
    -A super role model for kids

    Hopefully the all-star committee will acknowledge his talent this year.

    On a side note Eddie Brennan is having a slight go at Barry Kelly on some of his calls today. We are not the only ones that complain about refs !!. Anyhow i think you will never see Cormac Reilly officiating at Mayo match again. The GAA should ensure that no officials from a drawn game are appointed in any capacity for a replay.

    Well done again Cillian and to all the guys short listed.

  10. Well done Cillian could win ypoty this year he deserves it Ryan mch is fav I know but can’t rule cillian or shane walsh either what do yes think

  11. Nelphin what about shane walsh I know Kerry beat galway but he a dark horse for since mchugh is fav for it.

  12. Ryan mc Hugh has YPOTY sewn up I reckon. You have to be u21 to win it so Cillian is overage

  13. Hard to pick between two or three of them but well done to Cilian . Nice to see Doherty up there he has improved greatly this year keep it up

  14. It was a tough choice to make but I plumped for Boyler in the end – I am in awe of his fighting spirit and the way he constantly throws himself into blocks and tackles with no apparent fear.

    But that said, Cillian is a more than worthy recipient – much has been made of the fact that he scores relatively less from play than some other so-called ‘marquee forwards’, but his composure, his strength, his maturity and his intelligence on the ball, as well as his contribution to other plays and scores just cannot be overlooked. He is a magnificent footballer and I look forward to watching him lift Sam Maguire one day in the not-so-distant future.

  15. Well done Cillian, well deserved. Future Mayo captain and maybe they one that will climb the Hogan steps.

  16. Well spoken JR.Words echoed.We cannot go back to the ways of the corncrake. or the definition of insanity. We had enough of those. tis the season for the jam. now eight days into ramadam, we do not need a gangerman, we have the ram,all we need is sam. new manager must have man management skills this is a chop and change.————slan anoish

  17. Could have been anyone of Cillian, Keith or boyler but cant argue with Cillian.
    Hard to believe he’s 22. He’s going to be a huge leader for this team going foward.

  18. Jason Doherty most improved player this year. Reminds me took time for Andy Moran to develop into true county man. When commenting on players performance supporters should be mindful that we only see matches and patience is required developing players

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