Cillian O’Connor our MOTM from yesterday’s game

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He scored 3-9 in yesterday’s game, 3-3 of that from play, a haul that appears to be the biggest ever individual score by a Mayo player in a championship game. He overtook Conor Mortimer as the county’s all-time highest scorer and he’s now closing in on the Gooch as the highest championship scorer of all time. It’s no huge surprise, then, that Cillian O’Connor has been voted as our Man of the Match from the Limerick game.

Cillian wins the accolade having captured 54% of the vote. Others to impress were Paddy Durcan (7%), Aidan O’Shea, debutant James Durcan and Chris Barrett (all 5%). Well done to all of them, in particular to our record-breaking captain, who really seemed to enjoy himself at the Gaelic Grounds yesterday evening.

23 thoughts on “Cillian O’Connor our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Gave my vote to James Durkin . Kinda knew Cillian would win it , more to highlight James’s contribution . Cillian is some player and for me his work rate off the ball makes him miles ahead of Mort not just on scoring . Fair play Cillian ! And more to come . Leitrim in Carrick would suit me ……..

  2. What’s really important with Cillian is that he regains his pre-2016 free-taking accuracy…..that would make a big difference to us!

  3. Top man, Well done Cillian, good to see u back, and in such great form, played in 2018 won by 18, Cillian scored 18, match time throw in 1800 hundred hours, statistics statistics, lol.

  4. Great performance regardless of calibre of opposition. I hope he maintains the leadership qualitities into our upcoming challenges.
    I’m not worried about who we draw in the morning, this Mayo team are more than capable of beating any of the teams in the qualifiers.

    Maigh Eo Abú!

  5. What struck me on Saturday was the apparent understanding between Cillian and Andy when Andy was introduced. Four goals scored in a matter of minutes. OK, the opposition wasn’t great but we didn’t score four goals in the earlier part of the game. For all of the value of Cillian’s chasing back and tackling I would like to see himself and Andy left close to goal at all times in all games.

  6. Congratulations and thoroughly deserved for Cillian. A mighty return. Outscored Limerick by 2 on his own.

    Great work there Mayo Viking with all the 18’s. I love those sort of figures.

    If Cillian is that effective inside (I know it will be harder against the better teams), then we have to hope he is asked to stop tracking too far back the field.

    The wait is on now for our next opponents. Hopefully another kind draw but regardless of who it is I liked what I say Saturday evening. These lads showed no sign that the hunger is waning.

  7. DecM,… Miles ahead of Mort???…. Until Saturday he was behind the Mort…. He plays with a far far superior team than Connor Mortimer ever got to play with!…. If Mort was playing against Galway, we would be in the Connacht Final, (and that’s on Mort’s worst ever performance against Galway, easily )… However I do agree, Cillian is ahead of the Mort, overall, but we the aid of a superior team … But miles, come off it!…. Ever seen Mort, get sent off for planking someone off the ball… Get real!

  8. A huge congrats to Cillian a massive achievement and a role model for the next generation to be comparing him and Conor is unfair to both have given their country huge commitment and as Cillian said in his interview at done now time to move on

  9. Leantimes, i think youre looking back at “the mort” with rose tinted glasses on there, a great servant to mayo no doubt but if i had to choose between him and cillian on a team id go for cillian every time, for his workrate, strength to hold his own aginst opponents, and his accuracy at free taking, cant see mortimer being as effective in todays game, his size and strength would go aginst him.

  10. And on the superior team part i agree but youre forgetting a certain fellah on that team called Ciaran mc who could plant the ball on mortimers chest from practically anywhere on the pitch, that helped a bit too

  11. Mortimer was a great player for us. I dont think there is any rose to tinted glasses when you consider what was until Saturday our leading scorer.
    Someone mentioned that we would have beaten Galway if he was playing and you can make a very good case that we would have along with Donegal in 2012 Dublin in 2013 and he could still have made a contribution in other finals as well.
    He has been exemplary in his behaviour since he left no bitterness or nasty comments.
    Given our perceived lack of forwards it could have been useful to have him a certain stages I think. He gave us great moments and at the time we were greatful for every score

  12. Small point about Saturday but was surprised at lack of water made available to players on pitch in conditions. Not surprising that a number of players from both sides in trouble towards end of game. Hopefully we will not let this happen again as the Sumner rolls on!

  13. What a way to become Mayo’s leading scorer of all time. Emphatically! Well done Cillian. Top man !

  14. Well done Cillian.. great haul in any one game to become all time top scorer for Mayo. Looks like he’s about 20 points or so behind the Gooch. Would love to see him surpass that this year.. here’s hopefully and waiting on an easy draw.. Leitrim please

  15. i think as cillian takes over its no harm at all to look back at mortimer , he was a fine player and as i said last week should have stuck it out that time he was dropped , fought to get back in and set cillian and the gooch a higher target.

    and leantimes is right this team is way better than the ones mort played in .

    anyway spilt milk , congrats cillian , i have a feeling when you retire there will be an outrageous tally against your name .

  16. Well done to Cillian long may he continue. We’ll beat any of them in the draw but it would be nice to avoid Monaghan and Tipperary. Leitrim or Sligo would be ideal

  17. Willie Joe, it’s a long time since I did the leaving cert, but if Cillian got 703 votes out of 864 that’s over 80% in my old maths; not 54%.
    Am I correct or am I losing it a little?

  18. The Umpire – that numerical puzzle is explained by the fact that everyone could vote for three players. There were 864 voters, Cillian got 54% (703 votes) of the total votes cast (1,313).

  19. Best way from Mayo to Thurles is through Fremantle…
    Perth – Dubai – Dublin – Thurles
    We are Mayo!

  20. personally I thought Stephen Coen rated a few more votes, I felt it was his best match in the Senior shirt but kudos to C O’C, that was an immense performance !

  21. Cillian was magnificent on Saturday evening. He is a real leader and the best forward we ever had. Off the field he has a friendly disposition, a gentleman and a scholar. For those Mayo supporters who attend the Mayo games I would suggest to you that you take your eye off the play some times and observe the abuse he receives off the ball. It did not happen last Saturday night but it will be in full swing again if we meet one of the other teams. I am delighted we have a forward who is able to look after himself in county Mayo

  22. Frannie Moran I agree regarding Stephen Coen the last night. I believe he is getting there and well worth his spot. I was happy with the newbies overall and I feel that Evan has a lot to offer and just needs more time. James and Cian will get caught out later due to their lack of S&C but they are well worth preserving with.

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