Clare 0-13 Mayo 2-14: second half surge does it

Up until today we’d never won a qualifier match played on the opposition’s home patch. It was, then, wholly appropriate that a venue close to so many Mayo supporters’ hearts should be the location where we broke that particular duck.

Cusack Park, Ennis, looked resplendent in the bright warm sunshine today. The pitch was a green, sun-kissed carpet and, packed to the rafters, the atmosphere inside the ground was one to be savoured. I know the back door wasn’t our favoured route this year but it would have been hard to beat today’s location for an all-or-nothing championship fixture.

We made our customary few switches to the named side ahead of throw-in. Tom Parsons didn’t start – due to a stomach bug, it was later confirmed – with Keith Higgins lining out instead.  Neither did Fergal Boland, the Aghamore tyro replaced by the evergreen Andy Moran.

We were forced into an early substitution too. After we’d opened the scoring, a point from Andy at the end of a slick move that started with the throw-in, Donal Vaughan hauled down the in-rushing Gary Brennan and the Ballinrobe player was gone on a black card with just two minutes played. Stephen Coen was roused from the bench to replace him.

I’m not sure if it was the card or whatever but within minutes it was obvious that we were looking distinctly out of sorts. Clare ran the ball repeatedly at speed, attack after attack yielding scores for them. By the end of the first quarter we were six points to one in arrears and labouring hugely.

It wasn’t as if we were being overrun, as we’d seen plenty of ball in that period ourselves. In contrast to the Banner lads,though, our play into the forward line was unsure and forever that bit off the mark. Time and again, a Clare hand got to the ball first and we seemed determined to eschew the easy option, going instead for more ambitious passes that were never really on.

So, we were in a bit of a hole. It would have been a bigger one, had David Clarke – making his 100th appearance for the county today – not pulled off his umpteenth goal-preventing save of the year after our backline had been scythed through. The enormous Mayo crowd – who comfortably outnumbered the home support at Cusack Park – began to get a tad restless.

But then we stirred ourselves. Points from Kevin McLoughlin, Diarmuid O’Connor –a goal attempt that the Clare ‘keeper deflected over – and Lee Keegan cut the gap to two. Clare stretched the lead back out to four but we came strongly again before the break, two points for Andy Moran – one that could really have been a goal attempt – leaving us two adrift at the half-way mark.

Conflicting thoughts swirled around my head at that stage. We’d played muck for most of the first half but were only two points down. Would we – could we? – up it in the second half? Had Clare used up too much gas in that heat over the opening 35 minutes? Plenty of questions but the strong way we’d finished that opening period hinted that we were coming to grips with this lively and hard-running Clare side.

From the restart, though, the cadence of this contest altered enormously. As we’d done in the first half, we scored a point – this one fired over by Kevin McLoughlin – right from the throw-in but that was the sole piece of commonality between the two halves from our point of view.

In short, we blew them out of the water. Kevin McLoughlin – who was little short of sensational after the break – was central to our second half surge and so too was Aidan O’Shea, as we secured aerial superiority around the middle and drove at them with serious intent.

The two goals were the main reason why we put this match to bed in short order in the second half. The first came less than ten minutes after the resumption when Conor Loftus – reprising what he’d done in the U21 All-Ireland final last year – intercepted Clare’s kick-out and quickly fed Cillian O’Connor who blasted to the net.

Soon after, a move prompted by Chris Barrett – who was also excellent today – and also involving Kevin Mc saw quick hands by Cillian O’Connor releasing kid brother Diarmuid who smashed home our second major of the afternoon.

That, in truth, was that. From there to the finish we controlled the game’s tempo completely, adding further points and only conceding the odd stray score at the other end.

The major talking point from there on was the penalty that wasn’t given to Clare. I’d need to see it again but I certainly thought it was a spot-kick and a penalty goal then would certainly have made for a more interesting final quarter.

As it was, the contest petered out tamely enough, a wholly unnecessary schemozzle somewhat spoiling the bonhomie late on. The set-to looked very much six of one and half of the other but Seán Hurson decided to go rogue in the black card department, issued a few black ones for what patently weren’t offences on the specified list. Brendan Harrison was among those who walked, reducing us to fourteen for the final few minutes.

We won with a fair bit to spare at the finish, marking the game down as a veritable match of two halves from our point of view. Maybe in retrospect how the game played out shouldn’t have been a huge surprise. Clare started all their matches this summer very well but finished all of them poorly. Today was no exception in this respect.

That closing spell in the first half was, for sure, the key turning point today. We reeled the home side in over the course of that second quarter – outscoring them by five points to two – thus giving us the perfect platform to go for the jugular after the break.

Central to our eventual victory today were the strong shifts put in by Kevin McLoughlin (my Man of the Match), Aidan O’Shea, Chris Barrett, David Clarke, Keith Higgins, Brendan Harrison and Andy Moran. It was, though, a real team effort today. When push came to shove, this team showed they had the will and the guile to forge what was in the end a decisive enough victory.

So on we go. Onto Round 4A, where we’ll play either Cork – for sure if Galway lose tomorrow – or Roscommon (if they go down tomorrow) in two weeks time.

In the world of the qualifiers, we now have the luxury of a two-week gap before we go into battle again – though, from my perspective, this’ll be one I’ll be following from afar – this coming hurdle the final one before a potential All-Ireland quarter-final tie. We’re not back at the business end of the championship just yet but after today’s win, built on that strong second half surge, Croke Park is once again starting to swing into view for us.

Mayo: David Clarke; Brendan Harrison, Ger Cafferkey, Chris Barrett; Lee Keegan (0-1), Colm Boyle, Donal Vaughan; Seamus O’Shea, Keith Higgins (0-1); Andy Moran (0-3), Aidan O’Shea (0-1), Diarmuid O’Connor (1-1); Kevin McLoughlin (0-2), Cillian O’Connor (1-5, five frees), Conor Loftus. Subs: Stephen Coen for Vaughan (black card), Evan Regan for Loftus, Jason Doherty for Moran, Tom Parsons for Seamus O’Shea, Fergal Boland for Diarmuid O’Connor, Alan Dillon for Aidan O’Shea.

Audio report:

Man of the Match poll:

Who was our MOTM against Clare?

  • Aidan O'Shea (45%, 386 Votes)
  • Kevin McLoughlin (35%, 302 Votes)
  • Andy Moran (4%, 36 Votes)
  • Brendan Harrison (3%, 28 Votes)
  • David Clarke (3%, 28 Votes)
  • Chris Barrett (3%, 24 Votes)
  • Conor Loftus (1%, 10 Votes)
  • Keith Higgins (1%, 9 Votes)
  • Cillian O'Connor (1%, 8 Votes)
  • Alan Dillon (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Diarmuid O'Connor (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Stephen Coen (1%, 6 Votes)
  • Donal Vaughan (1%, 5 Votes)
  • Seamus O'Shea (0%, 3 Votes)
  • Colm Boyle (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Evan Regan (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Lee Keegan (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Jason Doherty (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Ger Cafferkey (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Tom Parsons (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Fergal Boland (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 866

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222 thoughts on “Clare 0-13 Mayo 2-14: second half surge does it

  1. AOS excellent again…and RTE mom.
    We are building nicely but two points:

    We need to address teams running at our defence and

    Higgins far more effective up front.

    BTW, Loftus did well enough in terms of winning ball and passing…..he did not play poorly.

  2. AOS man if the match. Kevin mc not far behind, some great penatrative running and thankfully found his scoring boots this week. You could see today why management thought he is neede morevin the forwards rather than at sweeper.

  3. Gaining momentum. Still dodgy when they run at the middle of us, but did it when it counted. No point in peaking in July…

    McLoughlin and AOS were emmense today.

  4. First half brutal. 2nd half brilliant. O’Connor brothers are the real heroes today. What 2 great goals. Diarmuid’s goal a goal of the year. Kevin Mc Laughlin was outstanding today. AOS deserved the MOM award. Let,s not get too carried away , this Clare team are not Kerry, Dublin.

  5. Well done mayo, agree with above posters re running at mayo’s defence tho. However AOS and KmcL were huge. I find it constantly amazing how much ball KmcL gets on, no matter who the opposition is. Phenominal. Full back line v good too. Still need to sort out a few problems but will take great confidence from 2 wins. Looks like they’re getting there

  6. We were flattered to be only two points behind at half time Clare could very well have been out of sight However in the second half it was the old Mayo, aggressive in the tackle and full of hard running at the opposition. Hopefully now momentum is building and we are now in the same place as Galway and Roscommon just one game from the quarters. Not sure why Loftus was taken of when the game was won. He is our future , if not indeed the present and surely the more game time he gets the better.
    There was no need to get involved in all that nonsense at the end and Harrison might have got a red card or indeed suffering a needless injury
    Finally what a giant of a man in every respect is Aidan O’Shea. With all the tragedy around the Breaffy club over the past week to keep producing man of the match performances is just astounding. Let no one ever offer a critical word about this man again. Great tribute to Seamus as well for his performance in the same. circumstances. We from Mayo are blessed to count them as our own

  7. Kicking points/goals under pressure is a skill that needs to be learned by Mayo players.

    Fix this problem and Mayo are the best team in country.

    Do Mayo have a forwards coach?

  8. Whattheysay@ that’s an interesting one, I wondered what measures are in place in the underage set up when it comes to promoting forward positions.
    One I the hardest positions to play anymore.

  9. We play this day 2 weeks (July 22) against either Cork or Roscommon. Wont be in CP due to U2 concert.

  10. @Bulltoe yes its clear that Mayo could fix this issue. Which would take alot of pressure off the players and the county generally.

    With a perpetual abundance of top class backs and mid fielders – some of these with a propensity to score could be developed into top class forwards at a young age.

    Can Mayo join up the dots between underage club and county to feed the senior county panel?

    Why is this not happening in Mayo?

  11. Kevin Mc and Stephen Coen made massive impact today. Mayo following = fantastic! On we go!

  12. I’d say Conor Loftus was taken off because he got a yellow. They didn’t want to risk a second yellow.

    The second half would give you great hope again. Kevin McLoughlin is unbelievable and an often unsung hero in this team.

  13. Kevin Mac deserved motm even though Aidan was excellent. Kevins performance in the 2nd half was his best for many a game!
    Good to see the 2 O Connors showing sharpness in front of goal. Loftus added a real freshness to attack & I have no doubt he can contribute significantly if given a permanent start. Panel looking stronger this year.
    Full back position still very vulnerable.

    Building nicely & team will be stronger for these games !!

  14. FB line only conceded 2 points from play against a really potent Clare FF line. Great result today. I was fearful about it and it didn’t look good at half time but the second half performance showed that there certainly is life in the old dog yet.

  15. Why is everyone saying cork or roscommon???
    Let ye forget roscommon drew the connaught final with Galway last year,don’t write them off lads

  16. Congrats to mayo today. The intensity/pressure put on all over the field in that 10 min spell after half time was the turning point. Aidan o’shea was immense in that period as well. The conditioning of the mayo squad looks excellent as well. Strong bench used also. Have to say coming to cusack park a long time an the atmosphere was super today. Its the big benefit of the qualifiers, teams like clare get to welcome a top table team to ennis.

  17. When no he were tight the Dublin media were focusing in on Rochford. They only love turmoil in Mayo do the dubs

  18. U2 are in croke park on 22nd so will be elsewhere. Also we can’t play Galway in next round.

  19. Bullytoe,
    I can only assume you typed that with a blindfold on and if so well done on getting some of it right. Well done to Mayo, of course there’s one or 2 other contenders watching Mayo very closely, disgusted at our Houdini act against Derry and the 10 minute burst put in today to see us through. It’s coming along nicely but Harrison shouldn’t be risking a red card or worse when the game is over

  20. Awful first half…we looked jaded, Clare will have been scratching their heads as to how they were only 2 up.

    Don’t know if it was a mix of them running out of gas or is doing well that swung the tie our way in 2nd, prob a mix of both.

    Our first goal was a total f&ck up by their keeper. How many points did we score from today does anyone know??.

    Aido and Harry were my two players if he day. Clarkey too, super save 1st half to keep us in it .

    Cork would be a very tricky test…very tricky indeed

  21. Have to admit , very happy with that. We are slowly rising to the boil. I was a bit bemused after last weeks performance but with all the wides we did have last week , at least we were creating chances. The old magic ( running game) showed flashes today and it was great to see. No big predictions fro me today but we are trending nicely in right direction. Well done Management and team

  22. Mcloughlin and oshea excellent in the second half. Andy and coen excellent in the first, as well as Clarke again kept us in the game.
    If we get Cork next we won’t get away with a jekyll and Hyde performance like that.
    Real powerful second half is a major positive though. If we could stretch that out to 45min or so the next day it would show we’re going in the right direction.

  23. A controlled win rather than a convincing win. Average at best 1st half in 35 mins that Clare burnt themselves out. All the experienced and know how was then showcased by Mayo 2nd half. However take away the two goals in two mins (one a huge gift) the scoreline was 0-13 v 0-14 and Clare even though they were hyped before the game were a moderate team for certain unlike Galway. So major improving needed from this Mayo side before they play better opposition

  24. Haven’t seen so many of the team so prominent for I don’t know how long in that second half. What explains the lack of interest and lethargy of the first half? Were they surprised by the intensity of the Clare aggression……seems so as AOS said… Clare were good for then and with that energy would prob have been a match for anyone. But there seemed to be something else holding us back….. lack of belief in ability I think . We do need to do the same again the next day. We need to show authority that a team with serious talent and ambition like Mayo have …. Hidden away albeit for games and games and long periods of games!
    it’s just not right .. they don’t so themselves justice ….selling themselves short …..if they were in business they de be out the door.
    However thankfully they did it today and hopefully it’ll let them know how good they can be! My joyS today were Kevin Mcs little twists that opens up acres….AOS and his power on the ball and looking to give…… Loftus eye for a pass… Clarke so cool … Regan retaining pos in along line….Cillian improvement all round …Boyles presence … Keegans return …. Higgins running eventually….
    A great day out indeed! Roll on the wagon!

  25. -Clare ran the legs of themselves in the first 30 mins in that heat whereas Mayo kept in steady.
    – Clare should have 2 13 on the board in the first half.
    – Higgins lost at Sweeper in first half and Barrett pulled out to by his man nearly to midfield which left huge holes in our FB line.
    – I don’t know what Kevin Mc did at half time but he was on fire in second half and AOS put in a great shift and deserved Mom. Loftus handled plenty ball and passed it.
    – Played great football for 15 mins and that got the win for us.
    – Still a feeling the team is disorganized and that team work is missing between our half forwards and full forwards.
    – Well done today team, management and once again the supporters.

  26. One of the four provincial runners up except Galway should they lose. Maybe its more complicated depending on who qualifies with us.
    At this stage we have to be ready for anyone.
    Well done to management today good use of bench glad to see evan regan getting an early call to action. Would like to have seen kirby instead of parsons but subs can certainly feel that they are part of the team. Alls well that ends well. Any expert know how the draw will pan out

  27. Caff was much better today
    Maybe the qualifiers again are no bad thing……..aidan looking fitter too

  28. plenty of positives to take from today. very good from kevin mc, aos and the goal for diarmuid will give him a boost.

    the qualifiers will do us no harm at all. best place for the likes of aos and caff to improve fitness levels is out on the park.

    we need to work on the back line and improve for the days ahead. also somehow we have to avoid these periods in games where we go 15/20 minutes without a score.

    i fully expect us to beat whoever is put in front of us in the next round and hopefully we will be at full tilt in time for the quarter finals.

  29. No effing surrender. So proud of these lads. Would walk throw wall for these lads. Maigh Eo abu

  30. I think kudos has to go to the mgmt team. They knew Clare would come out the blocks but they also knew their kickout strategy was more ripe for plundering in the second half rather than the first. They’ve taken a lot of flak but I think the game plan was bang on today, albeit then execution in the first half left a lot to be desired. Full back line was also very good. On we go and as Dessie said on RTÉ “they haven’t gone away you know”. Too right we haven’t, NEXT!

  31. Is everyone sure we can’t get Galway? I thought was only for beaten provisional finalists can’t play the team that beat them in the all Ireland 1/4 final.

  32. Does it have to Ross/Galway or Cork ? I’m not even sure we could play Galway again as we played them already. But what about Donegal. Surely its an open draw at this stage?

  33. Firstly well done today, I thought ye moved like a top three team for the first time since last years finals in that second half, the phrase “while my heart beats I am alive, and dangerous” sprang to mind.

    Ye will beat Cork if ye draw them, they seem to be in total disarray at the moment. Our forwards did well but the room they were afforded was criminal by the cork defence. We would have beaten them by a good bit more only for the referee in the fourth quarter giving them everything when it was clear that we were home and hosed and the fizz (if it was ever there) had well and truly gone.

    Will the real Mayo stand up,,, first half I thought ye were going to let it slip between your fingers but ye stood firm in the second half the S & C, the experience and two well worked goals sank a very tenacious Clare team. It’s hard for them but there is no shame in going down like they did. Harrison was a lucky boy to have got a black instead of a straight red for that challenge, the All Blacks scout could come a calling ,,,

    Ye are on a run now and I’d say Eamon Fitz and his generals have the Croke Park map out as I text wondering where best to attack ye. Reality for us is that ye are our most likely opponents for the quarters as things stand. A cold untested Kerry who have played two similar county’s regarding attacking strategies against a hot Mayo team on a four game run who have had their tactics altered and changed in several close encounters.
    This is a game that will occupy the minds of many in the kingdom over the next three weeks, will it be scuds on top of your backline or nippy runners to try and create disarray in mayo’s 1-7. I know ye will care not about that at the moment as ye have to get there first but I’m sure Rochford is going to take on your next opponents with an attacking style that an old friend in mind.

  34. Gamechanger, If we play like we did today in the next game we likely won’t make it further In this years championship. Let’s be frank, our first half was dismal today.

    Mayo are a long way off Kerry’s form. National league champs, destroyed cork.

    Cork will have a sting in their tail…

  35. @Gamechanger10
    3 weeks of intensive coaching around score taking under pressure and Mayo can beat Kerry.

  36. There’s no way we would have been able to put up that kind of score against cork. Maybe 3 or 4 years ago.. Even today, so many of our points tally came from free kicks.

    We looked a bit afraid to shoot at times, a perfect example being Doherty…edge of the semi circle, unmarked and passed it laterally to boland, who from a tighter angle but also unmarked, missed. That play, for me, was concerning.

    Doherty should have tapped it over in his sleep.

  37. Not sure nanagement got tactics right in first half today – if Clare took their goal chances – it would have been over at halftime. We sat back too much and gave Clare a chance to build up a head of steam with their running game. They were then running in numbers at pace against out half back line who were getting overrun at times. Still – its all about winning.

  38. I agree @Mayonaze
    Mayo need to draft in a forewards coach to win this all ireland.

  39. Kevin Mac was brilliant today . 1st half leaves a lot to be desired . 2nd half far better and we had an attacking strategy where by in the 1st half we were pathetic in our selection of ball delivery. Aos yet again rose to the occasion at put in a super shift .one worry i do have is how our back line that was solid more a less all year parted like the red sea more a less all day today . Lucky penelty wasn’t given, in was one ! However we still would of won regardless. Am i right in saying that we are one game away from the 1/4 final ? Protencially Kerry ? Anyway on ward to two weeks from now.

  40. A good win it was today.overall performance was good especially in 2nd half and aos mcloughlin and coen were outstanding.

    Ist half performance wasn’t great and we are letting teams run at us down the middle.clarke made a crucial save when we were 5 points to 1 down.we need to fix this problem at teams running straight down the middle.derry did it last week and I remember down in Tralee v Kerry earlier in year Kerry could have got 5/6 goals alone in the ist half.

    Anyways the overall performance today was an improvement on last week.andy kicked some good points in ist half and Loftus showed very well for the ball and used it well.

    How many black cards did we pick up today?

  41. Exiled in Dublin
    Any chance you could enlighten us of this game plan we had today????? Was it give Clare the ball for the first half and hope they’d tire themselves out????
    It was a good result in the end but I couldn’t see any game plan as such.

  42. @Mayonaze – “Even today, so many of our points tally came from free kicks.” – We scored 2-9 from play today, so I really don’t know what you’re complaining about.

  43. There was game plan in 2016 all ireland final.
    No real game plan since then.
    Why not?
    At least be consistently competitive.

  44. Mayo are not good for anyone with heart issues.

    In the first half we looked flat and were void of any intensity. Clare ran and ran at us but we still had a safe green and red wall spread across our own 45 line, this forced Clare to go left and right and take on the low percentage shots.

    Then in the second half we played with power and physicality and purpose. The team visibly pushed up on Clare it’s as if the pre-planned tactics worked ;0)

    We are a strong team, we need a few tweaks but it’s all pointing in the right way.

    Kev Mc was excellent.

    On we go. Plenty of life in us yet.

  45. Seriously, all of ye, forget about Kerry.

    It’s Roscommon OR Cork. We cannot play Galway. And believe me, the way we are playing it’ll take a genuinely marked improvement to win that. We are stuttering along and that first half today felt like watching a team that had nothing left in the tank. Hats off to our lads for the effort put in after half time but only for Clarkey and one or two interceptions from Harrison, Clare could have almost out of site by HT. That’s the reality.

    We got a very fortunate goal, Clare ran out of juice and some, not all, of our key players started to take control.

    We were coming from a 4 out of 10 performance v Derry, today was probably a 6 out of 10. No more.

  46. Maigh Eo go Deo, I know the two goals were from play;the first was a gimmie)!! 9 points isn’t exactly much to get excited about over 75 mins against a division two team who don’t play all that defensively.

    I’m not trying to be negative but in my opinion we have a lot of improving to do in attack.

  47. The team should be analysed over 70 minutes.
    – First half 0/5
    – Second half 4/5

    Overall performance 4/10

    Against a top team Msyo would have been fully beaten in first half.

    Whst happened to the concept of “Consistently Competitive”

  48. Best performance of the year in the second half. But the flip side of that is we could well have been dead and buried at HT

    Still massive concerns and our forwards once again showed theyre not up to it as a unit but we’re still hanging in there and that’s what counts

  49. Mayonaze – It’s obvious that we need to improve both in attack and defence. Nobody needs to be told that.

    “;the first was a gimmie” – I totally disagree with that because we forced them into making the mistake.

  50. @km79
    Consistently Competitive – perform in a consistent way; always.

    – A top team 3 team almost dumped out by Drrry
    – 1st half v 2nd half today -too dramatic
    – A perfect match for Dublin in 2016 final v a few months later hammered by Dublin in league.

    If Mayo is a top 3 team then it should perform as such always. Consistency is what maintains confidence and momentum.

  51. WhatTheySay,
    I can assure you I am well aware of that fact that Mayo could beat us. Every season ye throw off the shackles in a big game and play like men possessed, the usual result is a blitzkrieg stunned opposing team who have to gather their traps and make the painful trudging journey home to lick their wounds and drown their sorrows.

    This outfit have their eye on the next game and nothing (too far) beyond it I can assure you. Today I felt there was a scent of confidence and cohesion seeping out of Mayo in that second half, the ducks might just be ready to form a nice orderly row.

  52. Your comment got a bit lost in the tsunami of contributions since, Clareman, but I’d like to acknowledge – as someone from Mayo with strong Clare connections – how great it was to play your county today in Ennis. Cusack Park is a super ground, one with so many fond associations for us, and to be there today with the place packed out and everything on the line for both of us made it a day to remember. Fair play to Clare today too. And good luck tomorrow in Semple, I really hope you do the business there.

  53. I agree first goal was a “gimmie”
    Team should be analysed on ability to create and take chances form offensive play.

  54. Maigh Eo go Deo…the keeper kicked the ball pretty much to Loftus, fisted to Cillian, round the keeper..tap in. Now if that’s not a gimmie, what is!?

    The only way it gets easier is by scoring an OG… But let’s not talk about OG’s!!

  55. Too tired and too lazy to go through previous comments. Mayo are in rhe process. Believe.

  56. You could see why loftus wasn’t in the starting 15 last time, better as an impact sub when space opens up.

  57. Today was a step up from the last game and there will be further progress, more than likely enough progress to take ros (if Galway win tomorrow ) and definitely enough to take Cork (along with west meath they get the prize of dying on their way out if the tunnel ).Great to see another goal from the same move.
    From QF on skill consistency and ruthlessness could be the barrier to progress exemplified today on a number of occasions such as mc loughlinn’s one on one with the keeper, higgins wide in front of post and o connor’s pass to moran in first half (he had to sprint to the sideline to get it).
    In the meantime it’s just regrettable next year’s super 8 isn’t expanded to a super 12 on home/away basis and have days like this more weekends. I’d say the atmosphere/ craic in Ennis was great.

  58. I can’t understand why some people just can’t enjoy winning a match. Otherwise what’s the point! At least enjoy the win for one night anyway! Then maybe start thinking about the next opposition tomorrow at the earliest.

    Job done today. Well done to all involved. Thanks to the Clare people for been very good hosts and good luck in the hurling tomorrow.

    Tonight we are still in the championship and fighting hard. That’s all that matters at the moment. We live to fight another day and fight for our lives we will, both the team and the supporters!

  59. We still won 2.9 from play. I’ll take that nicely thank you. These guys are incredible once again. Yeah we have not gone away and we wont go away. We will be around C.P. In sept. Watch out rest of ye. Aiden immense again today as was so many of them. Great team effort in 2nd half.God help anyone who speaks badly about Aiden ever again. He works so hard for our County and puts up with so much abuse. Upsetting.A credit to his team and family.
    Fantastic to see Alan D getting onn. On we go again T.G. driving home and being part of that traffic that is Mayo support is something special. I never want it to end. Mayo forever.

  60. Firstly well done Mayo on successfully negotiating this tricky assignment in Cusack Park this evening. Ya the first half was poor enough but I thought we were excellent for most of the second half. My earlier concern about Vaughan was justified with that stupid tackle 3 mins in – I still feel he is a liability after all these years. Was much relieved when Coen took his place and whom I thought played quite well this evening. Aidan and Kevin Mc were immense today….Seamie too. Higgins was liberated playing further up the field. Conor Loftus showed his intelligence as a footballer and score maker with some excellent ball movement despite not getting on the score sheet himself. Caff much improved as he begins to get back up to the pitch of the game after his long lay off. Harrison showed just why he is an All Star. All in all a good tough examination of our lads with a welcome two week break now to Cork/Ross. These games beat training sessions by ten fold. Onwards and upwards !

  61. Gimme goals work fine for me. Dublin won an All Ireland last year on the back of them. We scored what we scored on merit in my opinion. I don’t think we score enough but no point worrying about the helping hand of luck. We don’t get it too often. Also sure Clarke kept us in it but that’s what happens when you have the best keeper in the Country. He pulls off big saves

  62. On a positive note , that Clare team looked more dangerous than Derry but they had a poor 20 minutes after half time. Some of the lads were much improved and AOS getting fitter with games and seems to be losing a bit of the tubbiness. The referee didn’t make it any easier in the first half but made questionable decisions against both sides in the second.
    On a slightly more cautious note, Clare gifted us at least 1 – 1 and they could easily have had another point or two in the first half.
    They also had a shout for a penalty , I thought it might have been given considering some of the soft frees they got earlier.
    There is much to do but the next game should start to cement the shape and pattern of play and hopefully gel the forwards a bit.

  63. We are hearing all week that this was the hardest draw we could have got. Harder than Donegal. A team on the up. If we don’t respect them we’re out.

    So can we please enjoy the fact that we won by 7 points today? Comfortable win, regardless of where or not the scores came from play? I don’t understand this from play stuff. We can’t be blamed if teams keep fouling us in front of goal!!

  64. If Ros win tomorrow then we can only play Cork as we have already played Galway.
    If we survive then the only time we can play Galway is in AI Final and they would have to win tomorrow and us win our next 2 games for that to happen.
    A game v Cork could be played in Ennis or limerick. If Ros lose then we can play Cork or Ros and a game v Ros could take place in salthill.
    I just a want to say and I’ve said it before, what a fine bunch of ambassadors both on/off the pitch we have for the county in this team. My boys met Kevin Keane 2 hours before game outside ground and he just made their day. Same after game where players make time for pics, chats and autographs.
    Need to keep learning from 1st half failings but much improved in 2nd half.
    Officiating again left a lot to be desired – was Hudson trying to remove obstacle for Tyrone further down the line with some of his calls? Why do our lads have to be the victims of some over zealous and robust attention from opponents going unpunished by officials? I’m capped by this.

  65. Best of luck to Mayo. Hopefully they get to the promised land next September.
    Might see ye back in ennis for the next round of its cork.

    I thought the loss of O’Connor and Russell effected Clare after half time. Mayo took over around the middle after that.
    The 1st goal was a sickener but if fairness it was finished well.

  66. Mark, my take is that better teams won’t foul us as frequently as Clare did today so I think the scoring from play stat is important. That’s all.

    Every Mayo supporter is very happy we won today. Suggesting otherwise is ridiculous.

  67. I don’t know what people want sometimes.
    All week the neighsayers on here and other forums were saying what a test this would be. Toughest draw possible blah blah . And tonight Clare are useless . Just like Tyrone were uselsss after the quarter final last year. We are in a similar but better place imo than this time last year .
    Loftus may not have scored a goal today but he showed a lot and brought a bit extra to us in the inside forward line . Competition for places is fierce . AOS is flying it .
    Mayo have been CONSISTENTLY COMPETITIVE for the best part of the last decade .

  68. @Onemoretime, if we happen to play Cork and survive, next up would be Kerry… if we happened to get past Kerry we would take the place of the Munster champions in the semi and would then face Connacht Champions or whoever had beaten them (Donegal??)… that is of course assuming Galway win tomorrow! Permutations would be slightly different if Roscommon win tomorrow, my brain is too frazzled to work that one out now!

    But for tonight, another fantastic performance from the lads… so proud to wear the green and red!

  69. Far improved performance on the one against Derry. Some players, particularly Aidan O Shea and Kevin McLoughlin. Accuracy was much improved too I think.
    But the first half performance was poor, Clare opened us up 2-3 times to create goal opportunities and a better side would have gone in up by 5+ at half time. Big question marks over defense today in the first half and slow start out of the blocks. Whatever about Cork or Roscommon, we have a long way to come on before beating Kerry or Dublin is a possibility.

  70. “Dublin or Kerry would be beating this team by 8-10points”
    “Clare are far better than Derry”
    “Cillian only scores from free’s”
    “Aiden doesn’t have 70 minutes in him”
    Any of that shite sound familiar? I don’t know what the problem is with some of you. I genuinely struggle to believe that some posters here are Mayo supporters.

  71. You have to wonder why the players were out so early for the 2nd half. Wonder if they had enough of the backwards tactics of SR. Maybe players in the huddle said let’s just play the ‘Mayo’ way like we did in extra time the last day! Please stop setting the team up to stop the opposition playing and let the lads do what they do best. Just let them play!

  72. Right folks – is Harrison in bother? It didn’t look great at the time being honest.

  73. Or maybe the MANAGER put a rocket under them for their lethargic first half performance ?
    Which do you think seems more logical?

    Mother of god. We dont deserve this team .
    Do people even remember what it was like not to be CONSISTENTLY COMPETITIVE!!!!!
    I do
    And we will be there again sometime but not yet

  74. After the drive home from Ennis I watched the match on the player , I was happy leaving Ennis, we got the win, that was the collective aim today , watching it Back I have to say I felt very content at times, we showed a mighty improvement since the derry game , there were a few stand out players for me ,Aiden was collosal , Kevin put in a terrific shift in the second half , impressed with Stephen coen, felt he did great work ,
    We definitely showed glimpses of that Pacy football that we all know we can play ,
    Think diarmuids magnificent goal will do wonders for his confidence, yes there is loads of improvement needed ,I’m sure they will be debated in detail here over the next 13 days ,
    Roll on Monday – we can then focus on our next day out ,
    Cmon mayo

  75. Still in Ennis the sound this of the sound.good man k Mac but Jesus Keith had some second half.

  76. From the outside a lack of experience of big games cost Clare. They ought to have been out of sight bt HT. when they were not there was only going to be one winner. Mayo far too experienced not to take advantage of the let off they had.

    …but if that was any of the other top 3 – that first half performance and it was definitely lights. Defence is not what it used to be.

    They should build a statue to Andy Moran in Mayo. Time and again he is the one who is getting scores when it matters most – balls of steel that lad. Almost loves it more when it is going against ye.. Aidan o shea outstanding again too.

  77. Also Donal Vaughan was the essence of the concept of “taking one for the team”. Don’t underestimate the selflessness of stopping a goal and knowing ur game is over 2 mins in. I’m very serious about that in case anyone thinks I’m being sarcastic.

  78. I just dont see it as a legitimate stat Mayonaze.

    If you look into it further, we didn’t score a free until the 52nd minute. At that stage we had scored 2-7 from play. The next 4 scores if I recall were dead balls.

    The first was when Kevin Mc cut them open and was dragged down before having a shot at goal. That tackle gave up a point but saved a goal.

    The next was when DOC was surrounded and fouled 30m from goal. I can’t see how that can be a negative mark against us.

    I think the next was possibly a 45 and the one after that was when Evan ran through on goal and again, a tap over free, but stopped a clear goal chance.

    So the whole “from play” stat is incredibly misleading and doesn’t give any real insight in my opinion.

  79. We didn’t score from a free til then cos for the first 35 mins our play in the final 3rd of the pitch was below standard.

    The best teams that win championships all have reliable free takers but don’t rely on free takers to win a championship.

  80. Cantini..some good points in line with how I viewed the game. A better team wudda been out of sight by the break. Agree with you.

    Km79, we do deserve this team. While you don’t really deserve anything in sport, Mayo are as close to it gets with it comes to deserving…we deserve to be champions..while we haven’t got it yet with this team, it’s been agonisingly close. Close but yet so far.

    Mayo supporters need to demand to be the best, no.1. There are far too many content with just being competitive. That should never be the aim. I’d rather have a team that wins and then fades off for 7-8 years and comes and wins again rather than one that consistently makes top 4 but is never no.1.

  81. I won’t rake over old coals but just a few observations
    -Vaughan did what he had to do, otherwise the Clareman was straight through on goal
    – Coen did an outstanding job as Donnies replacement, I’ve always liked his quickness to the ball and his kick passing is excellent. Maybe his best position is sweeper as season progresses.
    -KMac seems to have discovered his form TG. We need his engine in around the middle for breaking ball and his quick break/kick pssses to FF line. He’s wasted as sweeper( see previous note on Coen)
    -AOS battled hard all over today but what’s changed is his discipline. He stuck to his role and hense he was outstanding for most of the match.
    -DC proved again why he is the best keeper in the country. There should be no bone headed tactical changes as we progress.
    -Loftus needs these games. He was an excellent play maker today and will grow in confidence if he starts.
    -Harrison’s body slam was plain stoopid! Game was over, we had already bossed them around. he’s a lucky boy not to be red carded.
    -Honory mention to Andy. What he lacks in pace now, he makes up with smarts! So clever.
    – anyway, we’ll enjoy this for 2 weeks and then let’s go and win again. I want an excuse to be home in September again.

  82. LIAM – before you get too excited about Questioning those who Said cillian only scores from frees,

    Can I remind you he scored 1-5 today . Five of them were from free’s and the goal was put on a plate so therefore that is 5 out of 6 scores from frees so the comments remain correct.
    He scored nothing in first half.

  83. Liam,I have to agree with you it seems a lot of people are only happy when complaining, worst comment I saw was the sweaty bus one,when it is good enough for top premier league clubs to use air conditioning coaches and arrive two hours before a game it must be the norm,also I read all week that Clare was a great team and give the outmost respect ,which the team and management did,now they are poor,no either there is a lot of Pat andNoal And J M support out there or we have a lot of outstanding management candidates out there when this journey is over,one again congratulations to our outstanding team and management for another great day out,can’t wait to face Kerry,and I just want to echo what WJ said about Clare a beautiful county with a great welcome anytime I have visited it,they can certainly believe that they will be better next year,and good luck in the real game for them today

  84. Mayonaze – Mayo supporters should demand that the team is number 1? Sure Leitrim fans can “demand” to be number 1 if they take such a notion, but it won’t make it happen. Supporters demands never won anything.
    We played better for longer yesterday – its similar to last year. Get though these games and it’s job done. The difference this year is we won’t have as straightforward a path to final – Kerry await in q-final should we get there

  85. Still hard to judge where we are at. Maybe that’s a good thing…who knows? We need to stop these slow starts though.

    Mayo support was absolutely fantastic. I was in the opposite end to the big flag and I must say it gave me a lift never mind the team. Also when the Mayo team came out after half time there was a huge roar. Don’t underestimate the effect that has on players.

  86. Yeah we won and at the end of the day that’s what counts

    Who knows we could get cork then ross and suddenly you could find yourself quite quickly back in a semi. So keep tipping away

    And yes I fully believe ros have a great chance today against Tyrone2016 2.0

  87. The one problem I see at the moment is the sweeper role. We had a system last year that kept the best team in the country scoreless for 25 minutes. K Mc took a little while to settle in to the role but once he did he excelled at it. Boyle was lost in the role last week and Keith seemed unsure of himself for a large part of the game, unsure whether to push up or sit back and this invited the Clare lads forward because we lacked TP’s pace in tracking. Given McLoughlins performance yesterday you can see why the management think he’s a greater loss up front than an addition to the backs. His foraging for breaking ball is a sight to behold and he was brilliant. The problem is that sweeper is not a role that you can slip fellas in and out of, it’s a learned role and while Keith on paper seems tailor made for it, we need to leave him there and let him get to grips with it.
    As for your obsession with Cillian JC, 2-29 scored this championship and still you find fault with him. I can only assume he owes you money or ran over your dog or something.

  88. Clare in the first half drew our defenders away from the D. Check the space in front of goal when Donie gets his black card. From a long way out Brennan had a clear run at goal. This will need to be worked on.
    It was a very good second half with the players clearly changing tactics.
    Encouraging. We will improve as we settle our team and play more games.

  89. Kevin Mac was my MOTM yesterday. He took on his man at every opportunity and created mayhem in their defence. Great to see the lads rise to the challenge when it was put up to them, although midway through the first half it was not looking good. Still, the second half was a great performance, so a job well done and let’s look forward with confidence

  90. Gamechanger10 you’re some man for one man – after reading your post above I found myself for a moment believing we were already in the final but then I saw the light, this is one cute Kerry man at work 🙂 Yes we survived a tricky Derry challenge and managed to put Clare to the sword in their home patch, and we’ll gladly take that for now. But when I see you describing poor Cork, who could be our next opponents as in “total disarray” and then should we clear that hurdle, meeting a “cold untested Kerry” let me repeat that again, a cold untested Kerry, love it.

    Firstly let me add that the only reason Cork may have looked in total disarray was, because a very good Kerry side made them look that way, and secondly I believe right now that Kerry are the best team in the Country. It may have only being the League, but that win over Dublin will have done wonders for the team and as we all know a confident Kerry have a certain swagger and air of invincibility about them that Mayo teams seem to lack on the big day. That said we’re still there and slowly building for our next challenge, one game at a time.

  91. just watched the second half again. Let us be in no doubt the impact that Kevin mcL had. he was immense, took the game by the scruff of the neck. constant driving forward…

  92. Wonderful in the 2nd half… frustrating in the first 20/30 mins. Once we got it together we looked unbeatable even by a top 6 team… would love to see us start and finish games às we played in the 2nd half but that obviously requires more work on consistency which is one of our major problems at the moment…apart from A O’S who is our power house and a deserved MOTM…crowd was excellent again…fair play to Ennis GAA for respectfully recognising the tragedy surrounding Breaffy at this time.
    Maigh Eó abú

  93. I thought the Ref gave Clare alot of soft stuff early on. Some should have been Frees to us.

    I thought when he overturned the free in, at the sideline after we saved a goal chance. That was a bit of admittance, and a turning point for us.

    Thought it was tricky at times tackling some of the smaller players, not to get booked.

    I keep thinking back to the comment Jack O’connor made about our scoring average in 2011.

  94. Great win and we are in a good place this morning.

    Now our boys in the county board must ensure a neutral venue for any potential game with Cork. Under no circumstances should we be sent down there as rumoured

  95. a_mc
    You are 100% correct. We now know what counties we could potentially have to play to reach AI final if we are to make it that far.

    Just a quick note:- kerry beat Clare 1.18 to 1.12 which is a 6 point win. Is anyone questioning their credentials?

  96. Hi Guys, stop getting ahead of yourselves talking about Kerry. Plenty time for that after we are over the next hurdle.
    Didn’t think we were that bad in the 1st half, we defended pretty well. Kept them to 8 point’s.
    Reminded me of Ali v Foreman, Rumble in the Jungle. Just defended and let Clare punch themselves out.
    Kevin Mc and Aiden were outstanding. Agree with previous poster re Coen, I think a sweeper role would suit him.

  97. @Ger Bohan Absolutely no way should we allow the first game at the new Pairc Ui Chaoimh to be a round 4 qualifier match when they are supposed to be at a neutral venue! Having said that I am still confident that we will win our next match, regardless of opposition or venue!! Coming to the boil nicely right now!!!

  98. Just a quick note:- kerry beat Clare 1.18 to 1.12 which is a 6 point win. Is anyone questioning their credentials?

    well pointed out onemoretime and don’t forget this mayo team that are past their best, over the hill,finished and good for nothing also went to kerry not too long ago and came away with the points not to mention the win away at tyrone.

    lots for us to work on but i’m sure there wouldn’t be another county out there who would under estimate us.

  99. Job done, move on. Yeah the first half was a bit ropey but great second half. If we were offered a seven point win yesterday morning, I’m sure everyone here would gladly accept it. So I’m happy to do that now. We will improve.
    WJ, you’re right about Ennis, what a pleasure to be there in a beautiful ground among the locals and no bitterness, before, during or after the match. Spent the match beside a Clare woman. Good natured slagging, but no dirt and by God, did she know her football.

  100. Even though Cork is far from a certainty in our next game, a reminder of their track record this year is

    QF 27/5 Cork 1-12 Waterford 1-11
    SF 10/6 Cork 1-10 Tipperary 1-9
    Final 2/7 Kerry 1-23 Cork 0-15

    Scorers for Cork against Kerry: Donncha O’Connor 0-6 (4f), Mark Collins 0-2 (1f), Luke Connolly 0-2 (1f), Niall Coakley 0-2 (2f) Tomas Clancy 0-1, Ian Maguire 0-1, Paul Kerrigan 0-1

    We would need to be very careful in giving away frees with Donnacha O’Connor around and they had a good spread of scorers. Kerrigan is also very capable of yielding more scores. We also know how good Tipperary are.

    The match report on Gaa website summed up the Munster Final as to score ‘Cork individualism versus the Kerry collective. Cork hit and hope against Kerry precision.’ We saw ourselves how badly wrong the hit and hope approach goes wrong, last week against Derry so there must be plenty of potential for Cork to start a collective approach, and a hiding from Kerry would be the kind of shock that would knock selfishness out of them.

    Every county finds it hard to defend against a hard running atrack but we are not the worst at defending it, in fact Davis C comes to life when they come hard and direct at him.

    High balls into the square are still a big concern. There was only one yesterday, and a poor one at that, but we looked poorly set up under it. Derry showed how we can loose sight of the ball under this kind of kick, particularly David C for some odd reason. The better teams will have noted this again this year.

  101. SAT 22 JUL

    GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship
    Connacht Runner Up v mayo
    Cork v mayo

    Can we play Galway a second time, I presume no.

  102. I’m actually trying to figure out if we can play Galway. I can’t find the rule that says we can’t.

    I mean if it was possible to get Sligo in round 2, why not Galway now?

  103. OnTheDitch – We cant play Galway in Round4 – if Galway lose today we play Cork. If Galway win we play Cork or Ros.

  104. Am I right in saying that if Roscommon win today and Galway get to All Ireland Quarter Finals through the qualifiers they will have to play Kerry and if Mayo come through they will play Roscommon? Or can Galway play Roscommon again in Quarter Finals? Like in 2001!

  105. No Jim

    Provincial final match ups cant happen in quarters

    So if we win our round 4, and Roscommon do as well, we are playing Galway

    If we win and Galway win a round 4, we play Connacht champs Roscommon

  106. We can say what we want about Stephen Rochford’s tactics etc but the philosophy seems to be, finish strongly.

    Apart from the Galway game last year we have been the team doing the attacking late in games. Even in the replay against Dublin last year and against Galway this year, it was missed late chances that prevented us from winning or at least drawing those games.

    We probably did play better football under James Horan but like Derry last week and Clare this week, we used to run out of petrol as well, late in games. Finish strongly is our new mantra. So that is where we are at. Roll on the next game!

  107. LIAM- I have no problem with cillian. Top man. Mayo lucky to have him . But made a point that at moment he his too reliant on free’s and your comment lady might doesn’t add up . He got 6 scores yesterday, five from free’s. therefore concern remains.

  108. Watched the game back this morning. It can’t be under stated how much Clare’s own kick-outs hurt them. They looked like us against Galway, short balls to the backs and laboured movement up the field. This wore them down and eventually they caved. It was the same story against Derry albeit it took them longer to crack. It goes to show how much AOS’s resurgence in midfield has strengthened us. No question he is key to any future success. Game was over after the second goal. Perhaps this whole notion of starting slowly and finishing strong is all designed to keep us fresh in the qualiifers and to ensure there will be plenty in the tank come the quarters. We also look to be moving the ball quicker up the field, the kick-passing yesterday was miles ahead of what we’ve seen all year.

    All in all, result got with plenty to spare. Job done, we move on to Saturday week.

  109. The approach to sweeper is very confusing. Do they believe in it or not.
    We had it working then stopped using it then swap it round between CB, KMc and KH.
    We seem to need it to have someone e facing on coming runners like Derry and Clare showed. McEntee dies not believe in them does Rochford. Can we stop and start using sweeper as a tactic…..?

  110. Back in 2014 For the Round 4A games no draw was necessary as Sligo had already faced Galway, while Tipperary had previously played Cork. A similar situation occurred on the B side of the draw, with Armagh unable to meet Monaghan, and Kildare having played Meath previously.
    So it can only be Roscommon or cork

  111. Anyone listening to the Marion Finnucane show this morning on RTE radio. The topic switched briefly to sport and Mr RTE expert himself, Des Cahill, was wheeled in. Comment was made that there is great interest now in the hurling as Kilkenny are out and lots of counties fancy their chances. Des agreed and stated that this is in contrast to the football where it will be between Dublin and Kerry. He paused briefly then added “and Tyrone”. Then he sniggers and continues “oh, and Mayo, before any of them text in huh huh huh”. The mask briefly slipped.
    2 things are clear: 1) The Dublin Kerry final is the predicted and desired outcome and 2) there is massive disrespect and bias within our national broadcaster towards Mayo. Think Cahill, Dessie Dolan, Whelan, Tommy Carr, Bernard Flynn etc etc.They are willing our team to fail. But as they check the rear view mirror they see the Green and Red approaching fast. Keep focussed lads. One game at a time. And it doesnt matter now who we get. Bring them on.

  112. I think we need to lighten up re media coverage and let our footballers do the talking. Very nice post from Clareman yesterday in which he highlighted the great occasion in Ennis of having a Big Team play in football championship.
    While our players may still baffle us at times, I admire the manner in which they conducted themselves after match. It was great to see our players in pics surrounded by young clare kids and giving their time graciously to sign autographs. The players no doubt regard it as a privilege to don the green and red Jerseys.

  113. Isn’t it grand now to be sitting back to watch these two great teams in Salthill knocking lumps out of each other and us with a nice field of quality hay saved and in the shed? It’s the way to do it …. Bit be bit!!

  114. Watched it again this morning. Not dead yet by any stretch of the imagination. These are unbelievably tough resilient players and I knew they were special but to come back again after all the disappointments is beyond my understanding at any rate.
    On another note some were criticising Brendan Harrison for upending his man at the end. His man had him in a neck lock and Brendan had little choice but he was very lucky not to have broken his neck when they both hit the ground. Great player as was Kevin Mc and Aidan o Shea.
    Looking forwRd to the next game already.

  115. Omg after Dessie Dolans condescending rant there, a actually hope Roscommon knock 7 shades of shite out of Galway, and they subsequently get hammered by Donegal in round 4A!!

  116. Cillian O’Connor’s free taking has to be addressed. Very poor.

  117. Not a pretty first half but a convincing win in the end. Job done.

    We had a lovely day in a lovely ground with lovely supporters in a lovely ground and a lovely seven point win and still misery abounds in the comments. Life is short lads, cheer up to f**k.

    Delighted to see Cillian get that goal – he was getting serious abuse off the ball in the few minutes from the Clare goalkeeper and full back while the umpires stood there like mannequins. There wasn’t much shite-talking out of them after that!

  118. People watching game in Zanzibar on phone tks to GAA Go! The report is that it don’t look any better there.

  119. Oh god, would much rather meet Kerry in quarter rather than semi and then meet Roscommon in the semi!!! Ok I know , getting ahead of myself big time… but what are we without our dreams ?

  120. Well WJ, you’re hunch about the Rossies was correct. I’m confused! How good are Galway……and how good are we?…..and how good are Roscommon?

    One problem now is that if we progress we may meet Roscommon in the quarters………so if we won we’d meet Kerry in the semis (would rather meet Kerry in the quarters ‘undercooked’.

  121. Congrats to the sheep sh@##$rs I’m genuinely happy for them. donegal to finish off the tribe for 2017.beating mayo in June where did that get ye lol

  122. Great comment Inbetweener, had a good chuckle at that one. Quality hay saved indeed!

  123. Delighted for Roscommon but not surprised. This Galway were taken apart when it counted last August by Tipperary and today’s result proves they are a long way off the contenders, and Mayo with14 men should have beaten them well a few weeks back.

  124. Congratulations to Kevin McStay and his team on a well-deserved win. The experts got this one wrong

  125. Great joy for the Rossies and boy did they deserve it….well done. Bus back on the road!

  126. Galway in failing to live up to hype shocker

    I’ve been like a broken record all year, they really are bang average, most overrated team I’ve ever seen

  127. Why is anyone surprised? Galway beat 14 man Mayo playing their worst football in 5 years who thought all they had to do was turn up today. That reprobate Breheny had a piece in the rag about why “silently” Walsh is raging that this team isn’t rated by the bookies and Mayo are more rated than them. Well there’s your answer Martin, because the bookies know what most of the rest of us know.

  128. McStay has had a pretty dismal year with league losses and mass exodus of players so delighted to see him get his vindication today..Interesting times ahead..

  129. as a Galway man I’m not surprised by that result. Too much hype.. but I’m delighted for Kevin Mc stay and Liam Mc Hale. They took some abuse from Rossies and mayo people as well in the past.. The result today doesn’t say much for Galway indeed Mayo as well. Fair play Roscommon , best team in Connacht.

  130. Well Ciaran Galway beat mayo a few weeks ago so if galway are average then what are mayo?

  131. I’d love to know what Gay Sheerin thinks now about a Mayo man managing roscommon. Clown.

    Who do we play now???

  132. Delighted for Kevin mcstay, this Ross team are very skilful in possession. No one deserved the criticism he got, he answered the critics today.

  133. Thats exactly how it works ray.

    Fwiw, we’d eat galway alive if we meet them later in year

    I’ve zero doubt we’d have beaten them with 15

    Mayo are a team who have made 3 of the last 5 AI finals and lost to eventual winners after a replay other two years. That’s what mayo are

    Galway are a team who haven’t won a champ match in croke park in 16 years. Bang average

  134. Congratulations to Roscommon and especially to Kevin and Liam. Lots of people in Roscommon now eating humble pie . They had done their homework. Disgraceful that RTE have not shown the presentation of the Nestor Cup Just a quick clip. Not good enough. Thought Galway would do it when they pulled it back to three points but incredibly they did not score again. Donegal will take them next day.
    So now its Cork for us and lets put to bed any idea of us been part of the opening of their new stadium. With Croker not available only place to fix the match for is Ennis. Onwards and upwards.

  135. Really hope it’s not a 7pm throw in in limerick
    Would Galway donegal be the bigger game now so the 7pm game ?

  136. Media love Galway footballers, always give them an easy time. No championship win in Croker since 2001 and I can’t see that changing this year. Delighted they have been put back in their box. However if there’s one thing potentially worse than a smug galwegian it’s a yahooing Rossie.

  137. “natural ” forwards failed to score for last 20 minutes against today……..Comer acting the thug again

  138. Wouldn’t mind a trip to limerick …we owe that place a win!

    Personally, I’d prefer to avoid Ennis. Jus a gut feeling

  139. Would have to agree with JC about CoC’s scoring from play record. He scores far too few points from play even going back 3 or 4 years. He does play deep a lot to try to set up scores but he really needs to up his scores from play, as his free taking is far from exceptional. Every top team has at least 1 fwd good for 3 points from play each game. Except mayo

  140. Yeah the “natural forwards” cliche really is puzzling

    Walsh is a class act and Comer on his day but they really have f-all else

  141. Tommy and Ger on commentary for RTE is painful to listen to. Ger should be switched to Lyric and Tommy told stay at home. Galway sent packing by a hungrier, better prepared and more confident Roscommon. Their forwards took some massive scores from play. Great scenes after the game too.

  142. Tuamstar, I’ll tell ya what today’s result says for Galway, it says they are absolute chokers, complete bottlers. Second year in a row they’ve been walloped by a supposedly inferior side. Galway seem to work best as underdogs, just can’t handle the favorites tag at all. Donegal could finish them off, but I hope he beat them. I’ll always support a Connacht team.

    Great win yesterday, the momentum is building, Cork will be well up for it, need complete focus on the rebels an no one else.

  143. Well done to Rossies and to Kevin. It’s been a tough year for Kevin so I’m so pleased for him as he has always served Mayo well too. On fire today and took the smugness out of Galway with great football being played. Congrats all. Enjoy being CONNAUGHT CHAMPIONS.

  144. Think an update of the whole situation is in order willie joe re next round and possible quarter final

  145. Word to the wise and foolish.

    Let’s have no talk about potential quarter final opponents. We have a knock out tie to play against Cork the weekend of the 22nd. That must now be our sole focus. Cork have been poor but they have quality players and are a potential banana skin for us. They must be taken seriously. It has to be Ennis if the GAA are consistent in any way (I know they’re not)!

  146. Jeez did not see that coming work should be a quiet place to be tomorrow! So if we get over Cork who do we play? Is it possible it could be kerry OR Roscommon?
    Congrats to McStay and Mchale but also Castlebar man David Joyce who is over S&C and who told me in January that their focus was the championship. Well done David.

  147. Well done Roscommon. Happy for team and management who were completely written off. By far the best team today.

  148. It will be in ennis cork will.only have a few hundres supporters at the game

  149. Despite all of the rhetoric out of Galway since the beginning of the year that we were coming to an end and they were on the way up – well the clock is starting to tick loudly for many of them now too and they know it ! After all the promise (coming out of their own camp mostly as well as a few national media gushers), some of their own darlings are getting on in age too. So they look to next year…well Sice will turn 32, Bradshaw 31, O’Donnell 30, Conroy 29. Even the wonder kid himself Shane Walsh will turn 25. Not a whole lot of time left there either to deliver on their own predictions!!

  150. Trying to figure out where cork are at…ok they fell over the line against waterford but then beat Tipperary in Thurles I believe…lost to Kerry.

    Tipp beat Cavan in Breffni last night so they are clearly still strong. If cork beat them then they must be good. I think cork have an inferiority complex against Kerry and prob never believed they could win that one. I’m expecting a big backlash from them.

    Does anyone remember the last time we played this Cork team….hmmm…cork 1-18 Mayo 0-12…. Maybe our lads will be looking to set the record straight!

  151. 45. most people in Galway will be happy when those few 30 somethings move on as there is some great talent to come through.. But come on to suggest Shane Walsh at 25 time is running out is a bit daft..

  152. Ciaran galway may not have won recently but for all mayos ‘success’ there is no All Ireland since the dark ages. Galway on the other hand have won two in my lifetime. I would keep your powder dry till ye actually win the sam if that will ever happen I myself would be doubtful.

  153. Pairc Ui Chaoimhe could be the venue for our game against Cork. They need a game to launch the grand re opening and the hurling qtrs will be on that weekend too. They may well make a double header out of it.

  154. Joet…..keep your hands off Lyric. We have enough flutes there with Morty in the morning mumblin away to himself and JK in afternoon fiddlin with his.

  155. Delighted for Kevin McStay on a personal level. Was acquainted with him years ago when we both represented Mayo in “another code”. An officer and a gentleman. Has done wonders with a County from which a number of players jumped ship. I doubt those players are enjoying their skinny latès, gins, or tipples of choice this evening. McStay had his homework done for today. Galway took them for granted and thought that Comer & Co would shoulder their way to a Connacht win.

    Roscommon may not win another game in the championship but I’m glad to see them win this one.

  156. Well done Ross today and well done to Mayo yesterday and thumbs down to those alleged Mayo fans who blogged here so negatively and critically about Mayo yesterday especially in first 20 minutes Surely this team deserves a bit more respect than that

  157. Shane Walsh is a fabulous player, Galway’s best in my opinion today. the Rossi were better prepared, Galway midfield done very little against the smaller Rossi midfield,.no big hits on the opposition as was the case against Mayo .Roscommon were better prepared and to be fair only for allot of wayward shooting would have been way out of sight after the first half…Congratulations to the Rossi for their well deserved win… For us Mayo fans, we should be too long on the road to be naive now, Cork will have a nice break and will relish the chance to beat Mayo, have no illusions.. We will need to have our homework done, just like Roscommon today, anything less and we will be out. Have no doubt about this…… As for Donegal V Galway, at least Galway get a two week break nowadays, which they will need to use to maximum effect,.. A one point win away to Meath is just what the doctor ordered as far as Donegal are concerned, and will bring them on allot.. History favors Donegal in backdoor match’s versus Galway, but I wish our fellow Connacht men well, who knows we may meet again in the championship this year??.. And we will help their supporters with signposts directing them to the appropriate venue……. “Back door this way”. It’s nice to return compliments!

  158. I think it’s Galways arrogance that makes this a sweet success for Roscommon, I read a pice by John Divilly yesterday, Christ if papers are hung on dressing rooms these days, that article covered the four walls. Galway love to harp back to ’98 and ’01 which is just sad at his stage. It’s of no relevance to their current team. Could potentially go 17 years without winning a championship game in Croker, a shocking record.

  159. Mayodunphy as you may or may not find out some day, All Ireland wins are the greatest day for fans and players and will always be hailed on or talked about..

  160. Cork were horrendous against tipp mayonaze

    I’m not even joking when I say i rate Clare higher these days.

    We’ll bate cork handy

    Id rather Kerry in quarter than semi tbh

  161. Well done to McStay and co. When Galway looked like they might overrun the Rossies early second half, he was quick to identify the issue and make substitutions kilbride and Smith to steady the ship.
    Emptied the bench as the game became more secure and all had an impact. Compare to the frenzied substitutions we made in last quarter against the galwegians.
    The Rossies have their day out in salthill, not for a walk on the prom, more like a stroll in the Park and go home singing in the rain

  162. Tuamstar, I agree, can only imagine the feeling of an All Ireland win, but its when their used as the eternal insurance policy for bar stool pundits and media pundits alike, that it becomes sad.

  163. Whatever else is thrown at this mayo team the bottler tag can not
    That today was a pure an.d utter bottle job as was Tipp game last year .
    Our boys keep going till the bitter end

  164. Tuamstar, couldnt agree more. 50 51 were great all ireland wins. But I and like most others have parked it and have stopped living in the past.

  165. Lads and Lassies, while I enjoy the slagging as much as anyone and am about to hit out to the local in the hope of finding one particular Galway man, I think we need to focus on Cork now. They’re a worse side that Clare and we have the beating of them in my opinion but they deserve respect. Get over that hurdle and we’re back in the familiar stomping grounds of Croker, then we can start to plot a course for the final ascent. Now it’s off Herron Choker goading for me.
    Hon Mayo.

  166. Double header at Pairc Ui Chaoimhe, that would be great. What is capacity?
    I would not take Cork for granted though. Much will depend on how they react to defeat in munster final. And much to do for us yet before we are the genuine article

  167. Powers go 14/1 Cork, 1/6 Mayo. I would not bet against Mayo but Cork looked OK for patches against Kerry.

  168. 14/1 on cork? Can’t be right – it’s a two horse race! Those kinda odds usually reserved for something like Tipp hurlers against the likes of Antrim or Laois.. I.e. A dead certainty.

  169. Backed Roscommon for the win. Galway overhyped again.

    Mayo v Cork has to be a neutral venue. Ennis again or Limerick.

  170. I remember putting €50 on Mayo to beat Cork in 2011 at 4/1…

    No one gave us a sniff. Look what happened. Cork are one of those counties you can never ever right off. It’s a massive population base..they have innate self-confidence which boarders arrogance at times. Take their hurlers. Munster champs and were rank outsiders two months ago. A team that came from no where, with zero underage success to beat Tipp Waterford and Clare. Very few counties can do that and while their history in hurling is far more impressive than it is in football, you must always approach Cork, prepared and ready to play 100%.

    Yes we have better form and a stronger squad but if our heads ain’t right we’ll be caught and we MUST rectify our problems with teams cutting thru the centre of our defence. Derry had clear goal chances, as did Clare. A team like cork will take them.

    I hope Rochford has us right.

  171. Satisfying end to a great weekend :-).
    The Rossies did Galway a favour, might have saved them going up to Croke Park and imploding up there! Delighted they’ll get a bit of use out of their ‘Back Door’ sign now too, but as I said not that they need any signposts.
    Roll on Cork, I for one would be totally against having to go down to their new Páirc for it.

  172. Tuamstar, my point is that even Walsh can no longer be considered a youngster on this team. He has many years ahead of him sure, however, there’s a few there that don’t. The article in the indo back in January where Sice couldn’t help himself from stating that Galway were on the way up and Mayo were on the downward cycle was a bit premature. The window of opportunity may be narrowing for a handful on the current Mayo panel, but it’s not a whole lot wider for some on the Galway panel either.

  173. The above posts just reinforce my delight at the Rossies stuffing the tribesmen today!

  174. Galway only average. Absolutely delighted for the Rossies. I’m not sure it’s possible but if we keep winning I’d love another crack at Galway.

  175. A chance to write ourselves into the history books in Pairc Ui Chaoimhe, and Cork would be a much greater challenge, I bet the odds will change a bit if its the venue

  176. Talk about even considering playing down there should be banned
    It’s incomprehensible and would be completely unprecedented at this stage of football qualifiers
    IT IS NOT A NEUTRAL VENUE end of discussion

  177. Galway underestimated Roscommon and as a result paid a big price. Mayo have to respect Cork and be mentally prepared for the match. If Mayo gives Cork a five point lead (like they gave Clare) they may not be able to reel them back in.

  178. If pairc uí caoimh is even suggested our county board need to show a bit of backbone and tell the GAA to go fuck themselves! We will not be shafted again ala limerick 2014. Who gives a toss if it’d be a momentous occasion to open the ground. I just want us to win and move on. Our second home ground of Ennis will do nicely!

  179. One player in particular that we need to keep a close watch on is Paul Kerrigan. He is a lad with a lot of speed and is the Cork captain this year. So we don’t want to have him running through the center of our defence inspiring his team. We seen what the Derry and Clare lads did so we can’t let Kerrigan do the same thing.

  180. Cork are dangerous. We must tread carefully. We are not exactly setting the world alight ourselves.

  181. Folks, this game being in Cork is, unfortunately, a serious possibility.

    Get your asses on twitter! Tell this shower in HQ we won’t stand for it

  182. Well done to the lads on a good win.

    Yesterday proved how important it is to have Cillian close to goal. It’s non-negotiable actually as I’ve stressed before. There were signs even in the Galway match that he was really looking sharp and he’s building on that even further. That’s massive for us.

    Fair play to Andy, I probably would have had him as impact sub, but he proved management made correct choice starting him. Though who’d be a manager, eh?

    We’re still showing a serious amount of heart but also signs perhaps that things are clicking that bit more – passes being executed much better around the D and nearer to goal. Also, the two well taken goals will do no harm either looking ahead.

    A range of players are seeing game time and its not predictable what the starting 15 will be. This will only strengthen our bench and as already noted by others hopefully we can therefore aim to finish a match strongly and confidently. It’s a fine line though and a stronger side would have punished our slow start yesterday. But this seems to be our trend this year so let’s see how it goes.

    The support again yesterday was simply superb and can’t be underestimated. Keep up the good work everybody and please continue to attend in huge numbers. Sure where else would we be?!

    Kevin Mcs performance yesterday didnt surprise me at all as he has looked extremely sharp even in the Sligo match prior to his injury. He has always been the first name on the team sheet for me. He’s indespinsible for Mayo.
    Same must be said for Aidan who we are all thrilled to see is playing super football. The unpredictability of his positioning is working well for us and thankfully it’s ended the distracting debate that had previously surrounded the topic.

    One last thing: DISCIPLINE lads!! we’re going to get stung badly very soon if we dont start keeping the heads. I admire that they’re taking no shite but it’s better to be cold and callous and not react, especially with petty stuff. You are the better for letting it go.

  183. I couldn’t give a fiddlers who won the Connacht final, I don’t really see the point in having it without Mayo involved! Still it will quiet a few galway lads at work who have been very mouthy the last few weeks. The GAA can shove their grand opening of pair ui caoimh up their arse. We got shafted in Limerick, it won’t happen again.

    One of my proudest moments as a mayo supporter was after the cork game in 2011. I remember sitting across from a couple of mayo lads on the train who were saying they’d take finishing within 10 points of cork. I sat there thinking surely mayo can do better than that. Little did I know where that win would take us.

  184. I think the game will be in Ennis although I would prefer the new pitch here in cork With today’s win in thurles the rebels interest in the big ball game is close to zero but beware the wounded animal.

  185. Its worth noting that most of the inroads Clare made yesterday were on our left side, Paddy Durcans side. He was missed big time and again highlights the fact that we can scarcely miss key players in key positions.

  186. I agree with you Niall 1983 as regards where the match involving Cork and Mayo take’s place… But you cannot be serious about that you don’t see the point in playing the Connacht Final without Mayo,… That’s the beauty of sport, anyone can win, in theory anyway and that’s the right way. What’s the point in Connacht semifinals if the final is deemed pointless without any particular team, in this particular year without Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim, London and New York.. I’m sure they are celebrating in Roscommon tonight, just as much as Sligo were in 2007 and Leitrim in 1994.. And good luck to them, enjoy the celebrations, I’m sure twice as sweet when not expected by so many!

  187. Leantimes, I had my tongue firmly in my cheek when I said that. I work with a load of Roscommon and galway lads and whereas it’s only in the last 2 years that the Galway lads have realised they have a football team the long suffering rossies have always shown a keen interest. So in that light I’m happy for them to have their day in the sun.

  188. Glad to see that it was tounge in cheek,.Niall . Should have guessed as much.. Yeah the Rossies have always had a very keen interest.. Don’t go repeating those sentiments in the company of the, ‘Sheep Stealer’s’.. I’m hatching a plan myself to tell a Killkenny man that I know how much I’m looking forward to the hurling championship now that it’s a proper hurling championship without those annoying Cats.. Don’t expect it to be taken well, wasn’t the last time Killkenny lost, so he will have to be reminded, several times!

  189. Inbetweener . How dare you Marty is one of the fineist presenters there is on our airwaves ! His humor and good taste in music puts a smile on my face each morning . As do the Mayo footballers haaaaa.

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