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Clare’s starting fifteen for tomorrow’s all-or-nothing Round 3A qualifier clash with our lads at Cusack Park, Ennis (throw-in 5pm) has been named. It won’t come as the shock of the year to learn that the team the Banner County have named is unchanged from the one that started in the previous round against Laois, a match that Colm Collins’ side won by ten points. Here’s the team named:

Clare (All-Ireland SFC qualifiers Round 3A v Mayo, 8/7/2017): Joe Hayes (Lissycasey); Gordon Kelly (Miltown Malbay), Kevin Hartnett (Meelick), Dean Ryan (Éire Óg); Pearse Lillis (Cooraclare), Martin McMahon (Kilmurry Ibrickane), Ciaran Russell (Éire Óg); Gary Brennan (Clondegad), Cathal O’Connor (Coolmeen); Cian O’Dea (Kilfenora), Seán Collins (Cratloe), Jamie Malone (Corofin); Keelan Sexton (Kilmurry Ibrickane), Eoin Cleary (Miltown Malbay), David Tubridy (Doonbeg). 

By the way, it took a bit of googling on my part to match those names with their respective clubs. The team announcement – which oddly came via a Clare Supporters Club Twitter account but is the team they’ve named alright – didn’t include club details for the starting fifteen. Anally retentive individual that I am, I like to include the players’ clubs when doing team lists so I ended up using this list from Wikipedia as well as a few other sources to get the required details. If anyone from the opposing camp happens to be reading this, apologies in advance for any errors I might have made though I hope there aren’t any. If there are, please shout.

We’re due to name our team for tomorrow’s match at some point later on this evening.

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  1. Any advice for parking ? Was there for the u21 final but expect it will be much busier this time around

  2. Will be away this weekend so will miss trip to Ennis. Was there in 2006 and 2016 for our u21 wins so should hold happy memories for some of the players. Hopefully Rochford will be a bit more positive in his attacking selection and start Loftus and Regan. We have good cover at the back for Durcan and with Higgins back should be in good shape. Can Aiden repeat the heroics of last week? Hopefully a few others will stand up and be counted. No wild shots like last week will be an improvement. Will have to be focused from the start as Clare will not be holding back.
    Will be another edge of the seat experience and one point win will do.

  3. I can’t go this weekend but I hope people can help MISC with their big flag and their big smaller ones. I’d rather be on the roller coaster in Ennis than the couch. Always find it more nerve wrecking when watching on tv.
    Hope to f— the lads have their confidence back for this match and realise that it would be an awful way to go after being so close the last few years. They need to cop on and not believe the negativity coming from everywhere. They have to be better than that. If they keep believing it they are finished in the worst way possible. So they have no bloody choice than to stick the chests out and get on with it with confidence and belief in themselves. I feel like having a secret meeting with them myself.

  4. Now that clare have named their team, theres nothing stopping us, but will it be the team that lines out…. surely its with the printers at this stage
    Or is it part of our tactics?

  5. ontheditch, i think the county board have to send in team and squad to hq in advance, so they can be printed beforehand

  6. So the team would be with printers on friday latest. Are there other counties at the same kind of gimmickry as ourselves. Might be time the Gaa brought in a ruling and fine to get consistency. Bit like 4 day declarations in horse racing.

  7. Dublin are as bad as us in this respect, if not worse, OnTheDitch. They always tend to name their team the day before they play and then make 2/3 switches to it just before throw-in. I’d agree that a bit of consistency here wouldn’t go amiss. The way the rugby lads do it looks a sensible approach.

  8. It’s hard to imagine at the top level that opposition management arn’t aware of opposition panel and not just the team so that preparations would take account of late changes.
    I find it somewhat frustrating having to wait until players go into their positions to finally know the match ups but I guess managements think it gives them an advantage. I suppose in the case of placing Barry moran in the full back line is a case in point justifying this tactic. It’s still frustrating.

  9. Here’s Jackie Tyrrell on the first round hurling qualifier between Kilkenny and Limerick last Saturday. Now I’m asking myself, was this guy in Castlebar as well?: Puts our situation in perfect perspective.

    “They [COLDPLAY AT CROKER) will probably play one of my favourite songs – Fix You. It’s the perfect song for summing up the qualifiers. It’s all a process of fixing what went wrong in the provincial championships.
    There’s a line at the start that goes: “When you get what you want but not what you need.” That’s the first game in the qualifiers in a nutshell.
    Get through, and you get what you want. You will eventually need a performance, but the first game is only about staying alive.
    Qualifiers aren’t pretty. They are nerve-racking because you know that all it takes from this point on is one bad performance, one slip, one poor decision, one stupid foul, one lapse in concentration, and it’s over.
    The price for any of the teams is huge. Year over. No Croke Park. End of the road for a few lads who will retire or be moved on. In some cases, the end of the manager. Long winter ahead. No game for six months. A waste of a year.
    I was in Nowlan Park on Saturday night for Kilkenny’s match against Limerick and that cloud hung over everything.
    It was reflected in a nervy, edgy game that never took off completely during the 70 minutes. It stuttered at times, both teams going from second to fourth gear – and then back to first when the Limerick wides totalled up in the first-half.
    But that’s understandable. It’s what happens when your year is on the line. People in the stands expect teams to just go out and express themselves, but they’re judging these teams by the standards of different games.

    If it’s the first round of the championship, you can go out and express yourself because you’re starting out on a road you hope will lead to an All-Ireland. If it’s a Leinster final or an All-Ireland semi-final, you can go out and express yourself because you have the confidence of having won games to carry you.
    But in the first round of the qualifiers, you’re backed into a corner. Your confidence is low; you’re not sure of yourself. You didn’t just lose the last day, you lost badly. You don’t know yet if you’ve fixed the things that cost you. And worst of all, you know what happens if you don’t get a result.
    It’s very hard in those circumstances to risk something that you want so badly, to try something bold, something different.
    Your mind and body are telling you to play it safe. Don’t get out in front. Play the simple ball. Don’t take the extra touch. You can worry about expressing yourself the next day.
    The next day is here now, though. This is where teams have to start feeling like they’re getting somewhere”.

  10. That’s it in a nutshell. I made the point in a previous post re Galway in 2001. Their worst performance all year was the first round qualifier down in Wicklow.
    Mayo will be better tomorrow and Clare are possibly better than Derry right now even though Derry possibly have better footballers (when Horan took over after Longford he didn’t get a whole new panel)
    Not withstanding the tactics employed by Mayo which are more likely to lead to a tight game Mayo should still win. But it’s all on the day and Clare will tell themselves they don’t have to be better than Mayo they just have to be better than them tomorrow.

  11. Mayo Team Named.

    E Rooney
    J Carey
    P Prendergast
    K Higgins
    C Boyle
    J Morley
    L Keegan
    WJ Padden
    D Brady
    A Oshea
    P Carney
    J Corcoran
    J MC Grath
    W MC Gee
    C O Connor

    Subs.. D Clarke T Fitzgerald A Egan JJ . Cribbin S O Grady C MC Manamon A Moran T Langan S. ODowd. K Cahill. P Brogan.

    Probably not the team to start but great strength in depth…especially for midfield and full forward line. Hard luck on M Ruane, W Loftus and W Casey to miss out ….. their day will come .

  12. It will be interesting to see if clare push up to put pressure on short kickouts. They are not as defensive minded as Derry and are high on the fitness stakes so I expect they will.
    Wouldnt like to see Clare getting a run on us, they might forget to stop….
    McLoughlinas sweeper and strength in ff line wi keep me happy. Parsons showing a more aggresive leadership game, with some excellent turnovers, its all good…

  13. Looks like it’s going to be as late as last week before we hear team news

  14. Inbetweener,
    Cant believe McMenamon is in the subs.Sure he was so accurate , never missed a score!

  15. Glad to see Tom Fitzgerald among your subs. Outstanding reader of the game.
    No place for James Horan, Des Griffith? I might have gone for Vincent Nally in back line, but its a totay different game today so hard to compare….

  16. that surely cannot be the starting mayo team I have just seen, Higgins not named. impossible but then again remember last September, rochford good at dropping allstars.

  17. Ah, wind it in, Josh – the night before a big game isn’t the time to be having a pop at the manager. Get behind the team, whatever it is. The correct team is up on the latest post now.

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