Clare’s Rory Hickey will ref this year’s minor final

The GAA have announced that Rory Hickey from Clare will be the ref for our All-Ireland minor final with Tyrone in a little under three weeks time (thanks to Mayoman for tipping me off about this).  I don’t know that much about the Banner official apart from the fact that he reffed our league match with Laois earlier this year.  That match finished in a draw but the ref’s most controversial intervention on the night was the award of a softish second half penalty to us that the home fans got more than a little exercised about.

I can’t recall too much else about his style of whistling but I think there was a fair bit of grumbling from both sets of supporters about some of his decisions in that match down in Portlaoise at the beginning of March.  Nothing new there, I suppose.  But, hey, look on the bright side – at least it isn’t John Bannon or, even worse, Pat McEnaney.

5 thoughts on “Clare’s Rory Hickey will ref this year’s minor final

  1. I remember being very frustrated with some late frees he gave to Laois in that game, one to equalise the match.

    He also reffed Mayo against Cork in the league under lights last year when we came from 6 points down at half time to win.

    But as you say Willie Joe anything is better than Bannon. McEnaney rode us big style in 1996, and was not too kind to us in 2004, but in general he is a good ref.

    I’m just happy to avoid the Meath lads – Coldrick, or the fella that did the Tyrone game.

  2. It’s all coming back to me now – he gave them the one to equalise and then another one to win it right at the end but they missed that one.

    I suppose it’s all pot luck who we get but I’ve never seen Bannon give us a fair shake and as for McEnaney. You’re right, DE, about the Meath guys too – you’d think the hoors would go easy on us after that bit of daylight robbery in 1996!

  3. Thanks for the info guys – looks like you’ve got plenty of activities lined up for the next few weeks.

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