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As some (though not all) of you will no doubt be aware, a new Mayo GAA supporters’ group, called Club ’51, was recently launched and they’ve now established a presence on the web (here) and on Twitter (here).

The group, which its website states is ‘by Mayo GAA fans for Mayo GAA fans’, was formed in October this year by a group of supporters in an effort to counter the air of despondency around the place in the wake of our latest All-Ireland final defeat. Their stated aim is a narrow but wholly commendable one of improving the atmosphere at Mayo matches by, as they say “bringing a bit of noise and colour to the grounds” and they also intend “to raise funds for banners for matches”. The first such banner has already been produced and, one assumes, will get its first outing shortly in the FBD – a photo of it is here.

I think we all found last September’s final defeat pretty tough to take – I know I did (hence, to be honest, my lack of engagement on here in the weeks since then – it’s only now that I can even start to talk about the final in any kind of objective way) – and so it’s great to see some tangible evidence of optimism from the supporting fraternity about the year ahead. Best of luck to Club ’51: hopefully there’ll be a good deal of action to make noise about in 2014 and plenty of big occasions for those banners.

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  1. Interesting website with a good intention. Chin up WJ for the year ahead – it’s time to put the disappointment of our Senior teams’ endeavours in the All Ireland final behind us. The facts remain that we went into the final as the second best team in Ireland and came out the other side as the second best team in Ireland. That was our lot for 2013. However, we have so many reasons to be positive about our prospects as a footballing county in 2014:

    1. We are reigning All Ireland Minor Champions and have a top class manager remaining in place who will no doubt get the best out of the talent available to him at minor grade again next year.
    2. We will be competitive at U21 grade over the coming 3 years with the talent that has come through from minor grade and should be challenging hard for an All Ireland title between 2014 and 2016.
    3. If we can maintain the standard of our performances at Senior level once again next year we will be in the mix-up come September. We are in a much better position that most other challengers giver our age profile. Cork won’t factor next year, Kerry are an aging team, Tyrone have reached their peek with the players that they’ve got, Donegal have been cracked. Dublin will struggle to have the same hunger once again in 2014 and could be caught early on in next years championship if not careful.

    So, if we can bring through a few quality additions to our forward line during the league and keep our noses clean in the Connacht Championship, there is no reason why we can’t go one further next year. We will certainly start to learn more about our prospects and those of our closest challengers as the league develops next spring…

  2. i thought davy fitz should have got manager of the year no offence to the dubs but davy had to motivate clare twice hopefully mayo will beat kerry and dublin next year

  3. Sorry 45 – I wouldn’t rule out any of those teams. Actually I wouldn’t rule out a few more teams either. When we win Sam, then, and only then, can we can rule out the teams we have beaten!!

  4. I agree Davy should have got manager of the year. Good points 45 however you can never tell with U21 level, Mayo had good minor teams in 2008,09 and 2010 but they didn’t even reach the Connacht U21 final the following three years.

  5. You’r spot on Joe Mc, can’t see 45 how you can dismiss teams like that in 2014 – they will be planning for next season same as ourselves. And God knows, too many times we ourselves have come a cropper when least expected, to start crowing now or talking up our chances for next year. Let’s let the hair sit for now, allow management and players get on with there winter training and see how things develop during the League.

  6. After listening to a buckass from Clare on Friday night telling me about football and how horan is useless I have to say I have less graw for Clare or Davy fitz than I ever did.
    He was laying it on thick, feeney this, o Connor that. Capped it all by saying Andy Moran has no business in a mayo jersey, the worst forward on the day against Dublin.
    what about Andy’s goal and 2 points?
    “Oh, oh, well blah, blah blah”
    Davy fitz and his emotions, it must be a Clare thing when they win, they know it all.

    It has to be said, a senior win would give Mayo people a hard outer shell.
    It’s bad when a lad from a hurling county with 4 allirelands has the gall to tell a Mayo man anything about winning or football.

  7. Folks just a few more things on Club 51 .

    We are looking for people to move their season tickets into a section where people will be looking to make some noise,
    As you can see the banner above has been purchased and will be unveiled soon. If you are interested in moving into a supporters section and if you have perhaps a small contribution to make for a banner then please register on the site and we will be in touch. 200 euro was raised for the first banner, Club 51 flags are in the pipeline and also a Tedd Webb banner.

    This is completely unofficial , it is just a supporters group, no funds raised goes to the team or to the county board, all funds will go exclusively to banners and the accounts will be updated periodically and available in the members section of the site.

  8. Guys, don’t get me wrong I’m certainly not dismissing any of those teams, they’re all serious contenders. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that we have no reason to fear any of them and should be every bit as good if not better…

  9. David, in every county there are people, ( I cannot call then Assholes or Willie Joe will have my scalp, well I don’t have much hair anyway so he would struggle to find enough to scalp), people with little or no knowledge, who love to hear themselves and their vacant opinions.
    The best thing to do is to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye and remember that the whole County is not like that. This brings peace of mind.

  10. Agreed 45, I wouldn’t fear them as such but I would treat them all with respect and realise they are a hurdle we have to cross.

  11. Hi Roger,
    I am interested and will be getting involved when my road manager returns from honeymoon.

  12. Sorry MM,
    Can’t help, I tried , but said e mail address already taken, maybe by honeymoon man.
    Anyway that’s why I need a road manager.

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