Club championship action resumes this weekend

October’s underway and with the inter-county year over and done with it’s the club action that now takes centre-stage. The county senior championship gets going again this coming weekend, with the four quarter-finals down for decision at MacHale Park.

On Saturday Castlebar and Ballina get the action underway at 3.30pm and that’s followed by the meeting of Charlestown and Garrymore at 5pm. On Sunday, defending champions Ballaghaderreen take on Breaffy at 2pm while Ballintubber face Knockmore at 3.30pm.

The SFC play-offs are also taking place this coming Sunday, with Aghamore facing Davitts at Ballyhaunis while Shrule/Glencorrib take on Tourmakeady at Ballinrobe. Both of these matches have 12 noon throw-ins.

38 thoughts on “Club championship action resumes this weekend

  1. Where is the best place to pick up the results online of these club games?
    I live outside the country.

  2. Berry,download radio sure for free. Every station in Ireland including Mid West plus 20 thousand from around the World.
    Hope this helps-Sean.

  3. Well done to Kiltane on making a quick return to the senior ranks, well deserved with powerful performances in both the sf’s and final.

  4. Thanks be we can get on with football and forget the bitching and complaining of the ten days or so.
    Early in the year so many were bitching and complaining about James and his tactics, the players and their weaknesses etc. Then it turned to adoration of all for most of the summer and finally back to type one since the final.
    Certainly it was desperately disappointing to lose so narrowly and not reach the free flowing standards of earlier in the summer, but hey, this was the final and it was not supposed to be easy. The super optimists seemed to ignore the quality of that Dublin team which was evident all year. At best we were going to win by the skin of our teeth if at all. We lost by the skin of out teeth so there is no case for all the doom. I know that it is an exceptionally difficult task for the team to start again next Jan but we need to encourage not discourage which is why I did not go stating the obvious about Dublin before the final.
    In my last posting before the final I compared the journey to the Camino de Compostella calling it the Camino de Sam. I wondered if the summit was in sight or whether it was merely another hilltop with another valley beyond and pledged that even if it were the latter we would walk on with our heroes. That pledge is made again now and there will be no bitching and complaining.

  5. Does anyone think that there could be a better fist made to heavily market this weekend? The top footballers in the county going head to head over two days.

    Could easily bring out weekend packages etc for families

  6. Agree MayoMark. The match ups are mouthwatering but I feel a combination of the final defeat and the weather will have an effect on the attendance.

    Regarding attendance, little has been said since the final about the mayo support in Croke Park that day. Being there and having viewed it on Tv since, it’ was truly amazing, and a sight to behold.
    Great credit due to the CB and the supporters who went outside the usual avenues to secure tickets. Made me mighty proud to be from Mayo. Thanks everyone.

  7. TomB your misery toward everything Mayo is becoming annoying-there are guys playing next w/end who haven’t kicked a ball in three months.They deserve all the support we can give them.Fairweather guys like TomB can sit back now til next Sept when their pessimistic expertise will be needed again.

  8. It will be nice to get back to domestic football again after all the controveristy of the last number of days, and lets hope that some new talent emerges that will improve in particular our forward stock no stone should be left unturned to find same regardless where it comes from be it senior inter or junior.I know it is the wish of the minor mgt.that players should not be rushed into senior too early, and this is a sentiment I totally agree with, but wouldnt it make you wonder when you see an 19 yr old making such a huge contribution by scoring 3g and 3p to win the AI for Clare
    Going back briefly to our situation if all we hear is correct, the previous manager to bring us to AIS nameiy John Maughan but couldnt finish the job, it is was well known that he had very poor relations with some of his players even though they were some of his best men
    I sincerely hope that James Horan is not going down the same road , in fact I would find it very hard to believe that this is the case. If there is a problem lets hope it is sorted sooner than later as there is a lot invested in this team both finiancely and physicially.

  9. Tom61, no-one ever said that it would. In fact, most supporters will never experience success but they will continue to support. It depends what you are looking for. If it is success you are seeking well then go and buy a Dublin jersey and dump last years Donegal jersey. If it is support you are looking for, and all the heartache, disappointment and depression that goes with it, then do as I do and support Mayo.
    Because the fleeting moments of elation, like the goals against Galway and Donegal, the Cunniffe shoulder, the comback against Tyrone and the opening 20 minutes against Dublin are just as memorable as all the heart-wrenching, gut-sickening defeats and lonely journeys home from Croker.
    No-one said it was going to be sweetness and light all the time.

  10. Well said Pebblesmeller. Hearts are heavy after the 22nd but this unerring negativity towards players and management is counter-productive. I’m just glad to see business resuming on the club front. Who knows, we might even unearth that elusive “marquee forward” (if I hear that term once more, I think I’ll puke) or at least, a couple of new faces to freshen up the squad for next year and maybe give us a new dimension. Comments elsewhere on Carolan surprise me as, with the exception of final day, I think he performed very well for the county. Due to being on the wrong side of the country with other commitments I will make very few club games so this, Midwest and social media will come into its own until next year. Keep up the good work.

  11. who is going to win on sunday in the quarter final i think could it be castlebar tubber final wonder will cillian play on sunday or is he going for surgary can breaffy beat ballagh what do yous think

  12. Anne-Marie, did you know that a ‘marquee forward’ is usually found in a tent so there will be great scrutiny on tents in the foreseeable future. Just sharing!!

    I was very impressed with Carolan, the few times he was used; strong, fast, great work rate, (defending as well) and can score. He put in some great hits.

  13. Not Concerned – I’m not sure who that pop was aimed at but you could at least have tried to make it comprehensible. Must try harder.

  14. It’s much easier for a 19 year old to flourish on a hurling field than it is for his equivalent to do likewise in a football match. Hurling being a much quicker game allows for a young speedy and not fully developed player to excel whereas football being slower and more physical means that it is far less common to see players u21 have such influence on a game. Only exceptional footballers make it onto a snr intercounty team b4 the age of 21.

    All Ireland Champions rarely have more than 3 or 4 players u21 on the pitch. Galway in 1998 had 5 starters who were still u21.

    In saying this, you would hope that 2/3 of this minor team will feature by 2015. Fingers crossed. It’s hard to judge .

  15. Pebblesmeller, Yes I seek success for Mayo, thought that was a given for every Mayo person.

    I don’t like to see people who are looking for “heartache, disappointment and depression”.

  16. There is certainly some sense in what you say but there is no denying Dublin have brought in a lot of 21s this year and last for example and it has stood to them, Mannion, macaffery, o brien, 2012 21s, cooper and Rock 2010 21s , there is a trend developing there .

    This is where my problem is wih Horan, if we take Evan Regan as the example, there was absolutely no sense to cutting him from the panel and I don’t believe it was down to him going to the US as I believe that decision was made due to him been cut. I find that ridiculous decision making for team development. There has to be a change in policy there , we need to keep up with the big boys and that means planning for the future whilst at the same time maximising the potential of the panel.

  17. Have to agree with mayonaze here. There is no comparison between hurling and Gaelic football. 2 different sports completely. Hurling is all about skill and touch, football about physicality and strength. Mc caffrey and mannion disappeared into oblivion when the going got tough against the top sides. They are not ready for inter county football at the very highest level yet, mainly due to their inferior physical Condition. The reality in our minors are at least 4 years away from being able to cut it in a senior all Ireland final. Would be good to have them involved in the squad next year maybe, but that’s about it. A rare exception could be a big physical man, like Aidan o Shea was at 18, but I didn’t see to many of them on this years mayo minor team. We should be aiming to win AI u21 next year though, very realistic ambition I think. That’s how Clare built their success.

    Darren Coen is a guy I will be watching closely next year. He will be 22, time to start making an impact. I believe he is well capable, Evan Regan also, and Danny Kirby. All around same age bracket, give them extended run in the league and see what they can do.

  18. Tom, I’d be a little on your wavelength about the “heartache, disappointment and depression”. Unfortunately, there are thousands who are not. It is just life and conditioning.

  19. As regards the 19 year old starring in AIF, he obviosly had the hard mental edge to go out and produce a winning performance and that was most likely noticed by management. I think this mental edge is something that has not been given consideration in Mayo over the years. It is one thing to have a good player, but he also must have the mental steel to produce on the days that matter most. The reference to Caffrey and Mannion disappearing into oblivion when the going got tough could have been applied to quite a few Mayo players, and I am not just referring to this year, who were no longer boys and some with big reputations. I am not sure this strenght is something that can be instilled in a player – not my area of expertise. However I think this is something that should be looked for when building a panel. Do you include a player with 100% ability and suspect mental strength or a player with 70% ability but liathroidi of steel?

  20. Tom61, I didn’t say that I was “looking for “heartache, disappointment and depression””, I just said that heartache, disappointment and depression goes with supporting Mayo. And indeed, that can be said for supporting most teams, unless you were lucky enough to support Kerry through their golden years, or Galway in the mid 60’s, or Tyrone in the 00’s. I am looking to support Mayo and take all the heartache, disappointment and depression that goes with it. It is not like I can change allegiance. Nor would I want to.

  21. I wasn’t aware of that, Joe Mc – maybe we’re looking in the wrong places 😉 I’ll happily head off to a few festivals on a scouting mission. For the team, like.

  22. Berry, I love it. I have been preaching here about mental edge and steel for ages and got some very poor responses. You can have the most skillful player in the world and if he bottles it, he’s a waste of bloody time. I agree with you 100%.
    Mighty. You are now on list to pray for at Knock.

  23. Stay on topic folks!!!

    WJ was highlighting the club scene for this weekend and most of ye guys are still raving and harping on topics relating back to the AI….
    Use another thread for that, there are plenty on this website to post on.

    “Who’d be a club player”, that seems to be the common phrase about the place leading into this weekends fixtures.

    Nearly all but a few of the guys on display for their respective clubs this weekend will have their first meaningful game of football in over 2 months.
    Spare a thought for them as they give just as much time and commitment as county players. They have to put up with a joke of a fixture list that practically runs for 11 months of the year. These guys put all holidays and weekends away on hold due to the lack of guaranteed notice on fixtures. Most competitive and key club games are played on shitty, muggy pitches that are just about suitable for pigs usually in late Nov and early Dec . Every club player will tell you that there is NO logic in the CB’s calendar regarding fixtures as the Mayo senior team’s run in the championship dictates everything!

  24. Don’t forget there is potential county standard talent in Intermediate and Junior levels too.

    Is some successful counties these grades are trawled much better than in Mayo for development, U-16, Minor, U-21 and even late developing talent. Conquest from basketball and even rugby (though there’s more going the other way there) and so on!

    Is the Mayo County Board putting enough resources in to making sure all that are good enough get there chance? I think not!

    For a start there should be four regional squads (North, South, East and West) funded by all the clubs from all three grades within each region. They would have minimal travel time to a central training location, with strength and conditioning, dietary, and all other supports in each region, as well ownership of the process by all the clubs.

    Every player ( including third-level students and those working away joining in at weekends) and Senior potential outside of say the current 32 Senior panel should be involved.

    If you got up to 20 in each region with inter-region matches too, you will guaranteed a much better U-21 team and every year you would find new quality senior players coming through. Just a thought!

  25. At a glance,I think there’s a good spread across the divisions on our AI winning minor team

  26. Very true opt2misteek for 2013 at minor level and it showed under a very experienced and very mature manager, they delivered the rewards. But we still probably missed one or two potentially very good players.

    My main point is really that our U-21s were beaten in the first round this year and there year was over, if they weren’t in 3 or 4 in the senior panelist (only one serious starter)l – our conversion route to senior inter-county level is a long way off as good it should be.

  27. Easy win for Castlebar. Good to see Davie back in action between the sticks.

    Charlestown won as expected but fair play to Garrymore this season.

    Hopefully a couple of good games today

  28. Poor Aido Kilcoyne suffered a fairly bad injury here today, looks bad.

    Get well soon Aido.

    Well done the Breaffy, very good first half from both sides with breaffy having the superior second

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