Club championship action resumes

With our inter-county year now over – aside from the ladies, of course, who are still going strong – the football focus within the county inevitably switches back to the club scene.

Round 2 matches in both the Senior and Intermediate club Championships have been fixed for the weekend after next, with a host of matches taking place both on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of August.

Round 1 in both the SFC and the IFC took place way back in the middle of April. No more than myself you probably need a reminder about how these games went. To that end, a results round-up piece I did then on Round 1 is here.

So onto Round 2. Here are the list of matches down for decision in the SFC the weekend after next.

And here’s what’s on offer in Round 2 of the IFC.

As ever, there are plenty of tasty fixtures among that lot to get your teeth into, all well within striking distance for those of you based on home soil. It’s also an opportunity to flog that last bit of value out of your 2019 Cáirde Mhaigheo card, as well as a chance to check out possible emerging talent within the county.

39 thoughts on “Club championship action resumes

  1. Favourites to win senior:ballintubber the o Connors to really drive them on will be exciting to see gavin in action really think he is a future star along with the likes of kuba callaghan colm Moran oisin McLaughlin and a few other very exciting players from Westport ballaghdreen(who had a very strong schools team)I think sharoize akram could be a real prospect this year hasn’t broke onto the scene as of yet and i am not sure why
    A lot of interest will be payed to this years senior club championship because were in need of new talent

    Favourites for intermediate:Kiltimagh
    I feel this because I just think there is too much quality in that kiltimagh set up to be in intermediate and I feel donovan cosgrove could have a shout in mayos squad next year if he really wants it.Same with Jamie mcnicholas the goalkeeper of the under 20s good shot stopper and composed on the ball keeping Micheal schlingermann out of the kiltimagh team I feel kiltimagh are a club on the up

    Junior favourites:ardagh
    I feel this simply because James Carr and the talent he has he can cause dublins defense problems I cant see why he wouldn’t Rip up junior altogether
    Am open to corrections on anything said above

  2. Favourites I have for senior are Knockmore. They will be fresh, they’ve an excellent run of results and they score goals.
    Intermediate I think Kiltimagh.
    Junior I have seen Kilmaine and I think they have too much for the other junior teams.
    My emerging talents Kuba Callaghan, Paul Lambert and Jordan Flynn.

  3. County board finally using their head by staggering games times between Saturday and Sunday.Making it easier for journalists and neutrals to attend a good Club few games.Could still do a bit better for the next few rounds by having games at 2, 4 and 6pm on Saturday and 1 and 3 and 5pm on a Sunday.Would like to see Knockmore v Tubber and Charlestown and Ballagh but both games still clashing on Saturday evening.

  4. Surely Breaffy with all their county players should give the championship a rattle this year. Also lads on u20 and u17.
    It’s interesting that only 2 of the Mayo senior panel are from Intermediate clubs- Loftus and Jason Doc. In addition to James Carr who is from a Junior club. This is in stark contrast to the Minor team that played last week. Of the 1 to 9, all were from Intermediate clubs except Oisin Tunney, Breaffy and Paddy Heneghan, Mitchells. In total the minors had lads from about 10 Intermediate clubs. Good to see.

  5. Rory brickendon could also step into the panel as a rising full back see potential in him for sure
    Jp have a fair point knockmore also have a very good forward line with mcloughlin and orne shooting at all cylinders but if they win mayo championship are they fit to go any further in the competition ?

  6. Difficult to call a winner of the senior championship. A lot will depend on how Breaffy/Ballintubber reintegrate their county players. Are any of them carrying niggly injuries?Stephenites had 5 players in the mayo panel during the summer – Clarke, Cafferkey, Murray, Treacy and Regan.

    Mitchels away to Westport will be an interesting one. The loser will almost certainly be out. You’d imagine Westport should be on the up given their underage success so they could make a statement. I’ll definitely be going to that one.

    Bohola – Keith Higgins is an intermediate player too.

  7. I see O’Brien has had his ban lifted and is free to play in the All Ireland Final.

    A big + for Kerry.

  8. Revellino, I saw the same thing on Stephen o Brein.
    The AI final will be more competitive with him playing, but the whole thing is making a mockery of the Black Card system.
    Stephen o Brein admitted that he knew that one of the Black cards would be lifted before he made the tackle against Tyrone.
    The whole black card issue is a joke.
    But fair play to them for getting away with it.

  9. That outcome was never in doubt especially as he had a strong case with the poor decision in the Meath match. He obviously knew it too judging by what he said after the Tyrone match and his very relaxed-about-it demeanor. Class player.
    Far more more dubious appeals have been successful in the past.

  10. Fair play to Co Board for giving county players a two week break before club championship. Makes total sense. As for the black cards Yerra they should be done away with. Anyway its daft having black cards dished out in the league come in to play for the Championship. Kerry have had a great week. They got their boys in the media to heap the pressure on Gough as referee, got O Brien off black card with a minimum of fuss and have their manager suggest they will be lucky to keep the ball kicked out to Dublin. In fairness to them they are really clever in how they use the media. Sorry if I have departed off the topic as I am aware this thread is a club championship one For what its worth I think its time Breaffy won the Moclair Cup but my money would be on Ballintubber.

  11. Regarding Gough being ref for the final you have to credit Kerry for cuteness and trying to get every advantage possible. They knew gough was getting the job so went on a collective attack to say why he shouldn’t get the job by pointing out all decisions which went against Kerry with him reffing. They then did a u turn when it was announced and how he was a great ref. Now, going into the final they have Gough just where they want him, afraid to add to their list of injustices, so they’ll get more of the marginal calls – brilliant! And don’t say refs don’t read the papers or media, for proof reference 2012 when Brolly shafted us by highlighting Doherty and others cynical fouling, yellow card for Doherty in the 1st 10 mins!

  12. Well stated Puckout. An absolute Kerry masterclass. The turnaround now and plaudits theyre landing on him is positively hilarious. But the seed is sown! You have to admire their cuteness. Is incredible, they really do pull together for all things concerning Kerry football with Fitz apparently leading the charge.

  13. Looking forward to going to see Ballina V Aghamore next week will be watching the progress of Mikey Murray and Ciaran Tracey with interest, and see David Clarke between the posts.Evan Regan usually does ok for Ballina will also be good to see Fergal Boland in action possibly mayo’s Best foot passer since Ciaran Mc Donald. Roll on the the club championship

  14. Off topic but here goes, spare Nally stand ticket available for hurling final. Face value, collect in Dundrum or Cashel this evening or tomorrow morning( or Tipperary until 5.15 this evening). If anyone is interested I can provide contact details.

  15. Would it be possible for us as supporters to fundraise for a holiday for our team to show appreciation for all their hard work???

  16. I’m interested in Nally ticket for hurling final. I pick it up
    in Dundrum tomorrow morning. 087-985-8555

  17. Keep an eye out for Gary Boylan back playing with Belmullet he has the potential to be a serious half back/half forward could be a good addition to the Mayo Senior team, also Ryan O’Donoghue due back playing with Belmullet this weekend. 2 more reasons to look forward to 2020

  18. No objection here Just a Thought, however I doubt WJ needs further headaches. Perhaps its something that the Commercial Director of the CB could oversee?

  19. mayointipp – I wasnt suggesting that he would, i dont understand where he gets the time to do what he does already.

    I think when a team put in the effort that the mayo team did this summer as they have done in other years they really deserve something at the end of it. I cannot see the county board giving the kind of money required to fund this holiday, they would rather put it towards repayments on the stand, centre of excellence etc.

  20. Just a thought, I don’t see the CB funding it either however perhaps it could assist by opening a bank ac that funds could be lodged into. Funds to be dedicated to a players/selectors etc trip.CB should have the expertise to administer it.

  21. at the beginning of each year posters here are crying out for certain players to be put on the panel–none that i remember made the cut. Leave selection to the selectors.

  22. That’s not true jr, Darren Coen and james Carr were mentioned in this blog plenty and for the most part they stepped up. I’m hoping that sharoize akram and Ryan o’donuhe can really push on now and make a statement in the club championship. Anyone know how Seamus cunniffe is progressing?

  23. Expect many will although they could do with a break before the 2nd round of the championship cranks back up.

  24. if hanleys injuries have sorted themselves out could be the best propspect. potential for Half back or half forward line.Certainly has the talent anyhow.

  25. Re – BLACK Card & taking one for the team ????
    I think that anyone who gets a black card should miss the next championship
    match otherwise it’s a ridiculous rule. That would stop taking one for the team
    in the Semi – Finals. Any merit to that suggestion?

  26. I’m gonna stick with our usual suspects to be there or there abouts in Senior – Mitchells, Ballintubber, Breaffy, Fully agree with Kilti for Intermediate
    Just to reply to the initial message itstheonly68… I’m pretty sure Schlingermann has played the majority of Kiltimaghs games including Michael Walsh which they won and even started as an outfielder when they were short numbers. I dont think many have given him the credit he deserves coming back and being part of Horans squad all year and i fancy him to continue to play now and surely he brings massive experience from his professional career. Horan has obviously kept him in his plans for a reason

  27. @Backdoorsam, easy on… Fergal Boland is indeed a very fine footballer, in year’s to come might even prove better than Ciaran Mac, … and even being better than Ciaran Mac would not put him in the Category of,Lee Keegan, Colm Boyle, Paddy Durcan, Kieth Higgins, David Clarke, Kevin McLoughlin, Brendan Harrison,AOS and the best forward Mayo ever produced Andy Moran… But I do agree that Fergal is a fantastic player, has allot more to do at senior level to get into the category above, he’s capable of doing it, so are Mathew Ruane, Fionn McDonagh and James Carr. .. but when you read the list of names isn’t it very hard to explain how haven’t won the All Ireland!

  28. Just a thought, I think it’s a great idea and I’d happily donate towards holiday fund for our players. However, someone tried to generate something like this here last year after our Kildare exit with a just giving page set up. I donated but had to be refunded the money as not enough interest. In fairness wasn’t spread far enough and didn’t reach enough people. I don’t know how you would go about doing it so as to generate enough interest and income.

  29. Sinead, in theory, the idea of funding a Mayo team holiday is well merited…
    It won’t fail through lack of interest, but through lack of money.

    I would imagine, that the average Mayo supporter has nothing left to spare now for further spending on the Mayo team.

    Look at the support we had at all the NFL games..Then, there was New York, Castlebar, Newry, Castlebar, Limerick, Killarney, Croke Park, Castlebar and Croke Park.

    The average Mayo supporter, just can’t afford any more expense.

  30. Leantimes I’m just saying Fergal Boland is an excellent footpasser and possibly our best footpasser since Ciaran Mc I’m not saying he’s our best player since Ciaran Mac

  31. @Backdoorsam, I should have reread your post before I posted a reply.. I agree with you Fergal Boland is a fantastic kick passer of the Ball… Kevin McLoughlin come’s to mind as another wonderful kick passer, and even though he never gets any credit for it but Séamus O Shea is a far better kick passer of the Ball than his more famous Brother!

  32. The players already go on a holiday after most championships, I don’t think a special fund is needed this year.

  33. Ballina looked very good against Ballagh yesterday. Mikey Murray played wing forward, scored 3 points and won a penalty. Think Evan Regan got 1-7(3 frees, 1 45). No Ger Caff but Ballina were full strength apart from that.

    Andy didn’t play for Ballagh, Hanley and Shairoze weren’t there either. Kuba Callaghan got 2-1 and was their most dangerous player.

  34. Our three top scorers from play this year- McLoughlin, Coen and Boland – did not start against Dublin. Two came in when game was over. Instead we started three players who had little or no football played in the previous 3-6 weeks. People might say we led by two points at HT- but we were physically gone at that stage and should have been leading by a lot more for the amount of possession we had.

  35. Observer2, I was just replying to the post by Just a Thought. Understand what you are saying.

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