Club championship action this weekend

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As the year’s inter-county action slides away from vision in the rearview mirror, up ahead the resumed club championships loom into view. There’s a slew of matches on this coming weekend, with important clashes in the Senior, Intermediate and Junior championships.

Here’s the full list of matches on this weekend, all of which take place at neutral venues.

Senior Football Championship


  • Charlestown v Garrymore, Saturday 5pm at Connacht Centre of Excellence
  • Knockmore v Westport, Saturday 5pm at Castlebar


  • Breaffy v Ballaghaderreen, Saturday 6.30pm at Connacht Centre of Excellence
  • Davitts v Hollymount/Carramore, Saturday 6.30pm at Connacht Centre of Excellence


  • Ballintubber v Claremorris, Sunday 3.30 pm at Ballinrobe
  • Kiltane v Aghamore, Sunday 3.30pm at Ballina


  • Ballina Stephenites v Castlebar Mitchels, Saturday 4pm at Knockmore
  • Ballinrobe v Crossmolina, Saturday 6.30pm at Castlebar

Intermediate Football Championship


  • Ardnaree v Parke, Sunday 2pm at Knockmore
  • Belmullet v Ballyhaunis, Sunday 2pm at Ballina


  • Shrule/Glencorrib v Islandeady, Saturday 4.30pm at Tourmakeady
  • Swinford v Mayo Gaels, Saturday 4.30pm at Kiltimagh


  • Louisburgh v Burrishoole, Sunday 2pm at Westport
  • The Neale v Bonniconlon, Sunday 2pm at Connacht Centre of Excellence


  • Castlebar Mitchels B v Moy Davitts, Sunday 12.30pm at Swinford
  • Tourmakeady v Kiltimagh, Sunday 12.30pm at Claremorris

Junior A Football Championship


  • Kilmaine v Ballycastle, Sunday at 2pm at MacHale Park
  • Balla v Lahardane, Sunday at 3.30pm at MacHale Park

There’s plenty in that line-up for all tastes. Incidentally, if you can’t make any of those game but still fancy catching some local action at the weekend those two JFC semi-finals are being broadcast live by Mayo GAA TV. The PPV cost for the double-header is €4 – further details here.

44 thoughts on “Club championship action this weekend

  1. Sorry, Mick – I was losing the will to live when I got as far as Junior A! Seriously, though, I don’t think there’s any Junior B action on this weekend. Correction, there is but from what I can see the details haven’t been fully nailed down.

  2. Mitchels v Kilmaine Junior C Semi final. Not sure who is in the other. Possibly Moygownagh v Belmullet

  3. Now that the pain of the all ireland is subsiding a bit my thoughts are turning to the fbd and league i love the posts where we hear of up and coming talent from the club scene what new players will be unearthed over the next few years I don’t know the club scene at home so I love to hear of the cunniffes and last year MC Donagh for now we have a large crop of the under 21 team to test out Andy on newstalk mentioned Regan and carr and if Andy rates them who can disagree rem the great performances from Adam Gallagher a few years ago and of course Jason Gibbons I rem man of the match performances from Gallagher, Regan and gibbons in past leagues give them time When Boyle came on the scene first I don’t think he was a major success but on his second coming we saw his worth Scott from West Port is another who seems to be doing well please keep the posts coming re the fringe players

  4. Friday Semi Final Junior B @ 8 Eastern Gaels V Moy Davitts Mulvey Park Castlebar

    Saturday Semi Final Junior B @ 2 Kilmovee Shamrocks V Westport B Mulvey Park Castlebar

  5. I think the Mayo management should have a clause in their contracts to attend at least one championship match from every club in the county every year. Theres only about 55 clubs and I’d say 30 games would cover all prospective players in the county. It’s probably even more important they watch inter and junior clubs as everyone will be watching the main senior games anyway. For example, there was an Eastern Gaels player (McGarry) who looked a decent county minor earlier this year, the likes of him should be watched in that junior b semi final mentioned above. Michael forde of Ballycastle was on the extended county squad a few years ago and by all accounts is playing great stuff for Ballycastle. There’s a few lads from Balla too that have looked good underage players in recent years, you’d like to think a member of the Mayo senior management will be attending these games this weekend.

  6. Larry Duff,… Maybe if one or two selectors could attend the vast majority of those games… It would be something, but it’s an awful lot to expect…. No guarantee that the star player in many of those clubs excell on the day that they are being watched.. Nowadays, Sigerson Cup, and previous underage performance is a more trusted guide as to the future prospects of a potential Mayo player,… Well over a decade, it is thus far in my opinion!

  7. I’v seen Donie Buckley at Balla v Ballyhaunis last year. They generally get most players covered.
    One player who gets the scores on the board every game is Liam Moran Swinford. Not one or two points, usually 1-3 or 7 pts scores like that, one or two frees.
    Gerry Canavan is in rare form now. Swinford face Mayo Gaels.
    Brian OMalley is a very promising defender. He’s great in the air. Takes spectacular overhead catches. Can crunch guys hard but fair on 50:50 ball and still only u19.

  8. Great to have club games to attend this weekend and try to move the mind away from the All Ireland. Think I will head in over to Bekan as there are 3 good games there on Sat evening.

  9. Lean times
    There’s 4 or 5 selectors in the setup. I think it’s actually not a big ask, to be honest. Only about 7 or 8 games each per person over a season. I take your point about Sigerson etc, but definitely we need to expand the selection base within the county. Not every one goes to third level college. Important to look at previous underage teams too, but often quality players develop later in life and don’t play underage. Lee Keegan and Paul murphy of Kerry are just 2 current examples.
    Claremorris is one club that always interests me. Huge pick, but yet no established county senior player produced in 30 years? Surely there’s potential there somewhere??

  10. As I posted some time ago, the window of opportunity for a player to attract the attention of the senior county set-up is very small. Fact is, if you don’t make the senior squad and break-through from U21, then your chances are greatly diminished past that particularly if you are out of the top clubs at senior grade in the county. Use Paddy Durcan as an example…he was overage for the much heralded minor and U21 winning team and it was only through his outstanding club performances (when his club were getting to county, provincial and All Ireland finals) that got him into the squad. Say he was from Parke or the Neale, would he have been missed?

    Lets face facts, Mayo Management are not going to be attending intermediate championship matches, never mind junior. And in fairness the Sigerson provides limited opportunity unless you are on a team that wins it. Mind boggling why Prenty decided to take the colleges out of the FBD as that was a great window for lads. And if a lad is noticed at this level and called in, well he is going to be a long way behind on fitness and indeed the know-all to play at that level, even if he is ultimately good enough. But the likelihood is that he will never get that time.

    Getting the opportunity is largely weighted towards place of birth.

    So overall the system of finding players is deeply flawed. That’s why I can’t understand for the like of me why Mayo don’t operate divisional teams to play in the senior championship so that every player in the county has an opportunity to play senior championship and test themselves against the best in the county. It would also act as a filter for players – if you are not on your divisional team, then you are unlikely to be ready for county. This type of system is why Kerry have way more representation from Intermediate and Junior clubs than Mayo, indeed some of their best ever players are from these clubs (Galvin, Dec O’Sullivan, etc.). Its a no-brainer and continues to be a missed opportunity in Mayo. Co Board – Please act

  11. @KL
    Some fair points.
    But on Paddy Durcan he was the best player on the previous year 2015 u21s and was already in our panel by that point.

  12. That U21 team were well beaten – I was at both their games and no player stood out – my point is that it really was his club performances that got him noticed

  13. KL, Are the existing senior clubs going to allow divisional teams compete in the club championship, highly unlikely. Mayos Club championship is really competitive, I wouldn’t be in a rush to alter it.

    There isnt a need for Mayo management to attend large numbers of club games simply beacuse there isnt any club player out there who is anywhere near the conditioning required for intercounty football. The Mayo management can only be concerned with the season ahead, no further. Its the county boards responsibility to have the structures in place to generate players capable of stepping up to county standard.

    Mayo senior team is built on an intensity and physicality which has been honed over a number of years, there isnt any club player who can get to that level in a few months, the thought of 2-3 players found to make an impact at county level between now and the start of the season is unrealistic. There is talent in Mayo club football but it is at least 2 years away from being ready to step on a field v Dublin.

    Any improvements in the senior team will be found within the current setup and thats where the management will be looking. Fringe players like Regan, Conor OShea, Boland, Nally, Kirby, ODonaghue and the development group most notably Gallagher. This is where the improvement in the senior team will come from.

  14. Maymad, I’m not talking about next year, I mean in general and long term. And why would senior teams object? And how could they? It was in place before in mayo. And if they can do it in Kerry successfully? And they have the current all Ireland club champions

  15. By my count there are only 3 intermediate players on the mayo squad, that’s less than 10%. That can’t be right and greater opportunity needs to be given to intermediate and junior goi h forward. That’s all I’m saying

  16. I was just looking at some of the comments above about selectors and getting around to the different fixtures.

    Surely each club knows who their best players are.

    If each club in the county was asked to select their top 3 players (excluding established county players), and they were sent for trials to see who might be in the running for a second look.

    I think that way all players would get a chance to prove their worth. It would also guarantee that players including senior and outside of the senior grade get a fair shot at showing their stuff as well.

    A few trial games should be enough to have a right look at the best available talent that might be out there but might otherwise slip through the net.

  17. The one player who I would like to step up preferably as an attacker would be S Akram he has great pace so would give us something different in games,some of the players mentioned to me at any rate are lacking in pace,two players in defense I expect to nail a place in the squad would be S Duffy very strong and decent pace good hands,and S Cunniffe who will be a big player for us in years to come,of course I hope we have loads of young players putting their hands up,but they are my pick

  18. The Kerry system with the divisional teams is far from perfect. Some of the divisional teams make no effort and only gather teams together the week before championship. Also their intermediate and junior competitions are straight knockout with no backdoor. This year by Easter they were down to the county intermediate and junior semi finals by Easter. Therefore, for a lot of good intermediate and junior teams – their season was effectively over by Easter. They were waiting over 5 months then between quarter final and semi of these competitions.

  19. Larry Duff,… I see where you are coming from…But, Of our 4 selectors, only one lives in Mayo… Peter Burke.. Stephen Rochford isn’t too far away.. But Donie Buckley and Tony McEntee live pretty far away.. I hope Mayo can retain their services, other’s are definitely looking for them.. The demands on McEntee and Buckley are immense as it is….. I was talking to someone recently in the Mayo back room team, and his opinion was that indeed Mayo are almost definitely missing out on some very good potential players, because of the way the Club Championship is set up, Junior, Intermediate and Senior… His opinion was that the Kerry way, was a better way.. With divisional teams able to contest the Senior Club Championship in Kerry.. Eg West Kerry… Where the best player’s from a number of junior club’s,. Could in theory contest the Kerry County final versus Dr Crokes, the current All Ireland Champions…. Of course these amalgamation of divisional club’s, should they be victorious, would not be allowed to contest a Munster club championship…. The then defeated Club team would be deemed Kerry Champions, for the purposes of the Munster Club Championship… But it certainly brings to light, one or two gems that would never come to Eamon Fitzmorris attention, if Kerry had the Mayo system….Kerry and Mayo are very similar in terms of, Economy, Geographical terrain, some large enough market towns, some smaller one’s and vast areas of both counties with realitivty low population.. It’s a matter for the Mayo County board, and personally I doubt if they have the political will… They don’t strike me, as the rock the boat type.

  20. On Claremorris county senior panel potential James Stretton is defo worth a look for the upcoming FBD a very fast tidy man marking corner back,there main forward is James Shaughnessy racks up some decent scores for them probably just lacks abit of height, Rochford would have seen him for IT Sligo in the FBD.
    Ryan Quirke was a very talented underage player lots of ability played 2 years with Mayo minors hasn’t stood out at senior level tho.Conor Diskin was a Mayo minor and captain of the Colmans team that won the Connacht colleges this year a player for the future and next years Mayo under 20 team.

  21. Such a long season for team and panel. No break at all. hopefully no injuries in upcoming club games. Still gutted 2 weeks on.. it definitely has been the hardest loss to take. I hope Steven Rochford and All back room team stay.

  22. leantimes,
    I agree with the need to look at the Kerry model regarding amalgamations etc. I know of one lad playing for a junior club, Cathal Horan from Kilmovee who is an absolute dinger. Teak tough and has played county minor. He needs to be playing at a higher level and it’s unfair on both him and his club that the opportunities for him to further himself without leaving the club don’t exist.
    By the way, while we might share geographical and population similarities, don’t kid yourself that we’re in the same league economically. We’re in the halfpenny place when it comes to tourism and separating people from their money. Kerry also has two major universities and cities within commuting distance. I’d go as far as to say that we should be copying Kerry wholesale in their approach. Their model has gone away from the development squads and they are now focusing on coaching the coaches as they believe in the adage that a rising tide lifts all boats. Their 4 minor in a row would hint that they’re doing something right.

  23. Coaching the coaches is essential. Some of the stuff going on at club level is prehistoric especially at underage level. It all starts at U10s.

  24. I wouldnt agree no club player can get to the level of fitness for next year. It’s not the Olympic Decathlon we’re talking about or elite cross fit.
    It’s a very high level of fitness for sure, but it is within a 6 month reach of some club players.
    They might not be Lee Keegans but they would certainly hold their own stamina n speed wise with Conor OShea, Ger Caff, Danny Kirby, Barry Moran and Alan Dillon.

  25. Larry Duffy, you are spot on in regard to your comment about Michael McGarry. A player with a superb array of skills and explosive acceleration.

  26. I’v read up on that over the years. Those who posess speed also posess strength. So then we are into bodyweight.
    Colm Moran would have no strength gap to some of the current panel. Neither would Barry Duffy. Theyd at least match the lower half the panel.

  27. Can anyone tell me are there any players at any age in the county in a development squad – for skills development at underage and S and C for senior – at present. For example what training are next years u17 and u20 players going through at present. I know in Kerry they have a panel of about 40 players in skills development for next years u17 squad. Have we something similar. If not we are falling further behind. I also agree with the comments about coaching the coaches.

  28. Good win for Ballina V Castlebar. Hear Castlebar have lots of injuries anyone with updates on who they missing? Knockmore going well v Westport bossing middle so far Naughton kicking some big scores.
    Lee playing but neutralised by Mcloughlin so far.

  29. Castlebar were missing James Durcan and Kirby. Seemed to have everyone else available.

    Does anyone know who played well for Ballina?

  30. Was very impressed with Ciaran Tracey and padraig o hora for the stephenites, they are good enough for a call up in my opinion for Mayo.

    Ballina will be hard beaten

  31. Wasn’t at game but heard Tracey was excellent. Ballinrobe ran out steam against Crossmolina. Cross got a fortuitous second goal after robe lost ball when two their own collided. Their first goal was worked from sideline ball that in my opinion should have been a cross yellow and robe free out. Thought Jordan Flynn was good for Cross in middle and robe number 5 had good game

  32. Jack Reilly got 10 pts (3f) for Charlestown. They got off to a bad start and couldn’t reel in Garrymore.
    Good to hear that Ciaran Treacy played well. I wasn’t at Knockmore, I’d be hoping Peter Nuaghton went well, he usually does.

  33. That’s serious scoring by Reilly. Is it Charlestown or Garrymore that have qualified for the quarters along with Knockmore?

  34. Breaffy had a big win against Ballagh today – scored 6-14. They’ll go close to the county title. Don’t seem to have any injuries now unlike last year.

  35. Jack Reilly got 6 from play. He was impressive. Caolan Crowe was the best player on view. Tom Parsons had a great second half. Gareth O Donnell had some very good moments. Shane Nally handled a world of ball but some of his distribution was uncharacteristically wayward. Also, young Cathal Slattery Mayo Minor played really well.

    Very competitive and high scoring game and great to see Declan Corcoran back refereeing after recent health issues.

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