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Some of this information has already been posted in the comments but, for the record, here are the full details of the SFC and IFC club championship draws that were made this evening.

Senior Football Championship Quarter-Finals

  • Garrymore v Ballaghaderreen (MacHale Park, 23rd September, 2.30pm, Live on Mayo GAA TV)
  • Castlebar Mitchels v Claremorris (MacHale Park, 23rd September, 1pm, Live on Mayo GAA TV)
  • Westport v Breaffy (MacHale Park, 22nd September, 6pm, Live on Mayo GAA TV)
  • Ballintubber v Moy Davitts (MacHale Park, 22nd September, 7.30pm, Live on Mayo GAA TV)

Senior Football Championship Semi-Finals

  • Garrymore /Ballaghaderreen v Westport/Breaffy
  • Castlebar Mitchels/Claremorris v Ballintubber v Moy Davitts

Senior Football Championship Relegation Play-offs

  • Aghamore v Davitts (Ballyhaunis, 22nd September, 4pm)
  • Knockmore v Crossmolina (Ballina, 23rd September, 1pm)

Intermediate Football Championship Quarter-Finals

  • Burrishoole v Ballinrobe (Breaffy, 23rd September, 1pm)
  • Belmullet v Swinford (Ballina, 23rd September, 2.30pm)
  • The Neale v Parke/Keelogues/Crimlin (Claremorris, 22nd September, 4pm)
  • Louisburgh v Kiltimagh (Islandeady, 23rd September, 3pm)

Intermediate Football Championship Semi-Finals

  • Burrishoole/Ballinrobe v The Neale/Parke
  • Belmullet/Swinford v Louisburgh/Kiltimagh

Intermediate Football Championship Relegation Play-offs

  • Bonniconlon v Castlebar Mitchels B (Knockmore, 22nd September, 4pm)
  • Shrule/Glencorrib v Mayo Gaels (Ballinrobe, 22nd September, 4pm)

Details of dates, times and venues as confirmed by @MayoGAA are here.

39 thoughts on “Club championship draw details

  1. Unfortunately Belmullet and Kiltimagh in same half of draw. Louisburgh capable of upset.
    Any ideas on when venues will be announced?

  2. Noted Willie Joe. Was only meant to be tongue in cheek although the man in question appears to be a name that may be nominated.

    Do you want no talk on the new manager? There has been very little about what type of person we should be looking for.

  3. I’ve no problem with talk, Ger, I’m less keen on rumours about possible names, though I accept the story about JO’C is, for whatever it’s worth, out there. Talk is cheap at this point, however, and the sooner they get the appointment done the better. The various twists and turns in the plot lines of this particular soap opera no longer interest me.

  4. Ger you are obsessed with the Mayo manager appointment. Every blog I read you ask about it. The Title of this blog is ‘Club championship draw details’. The main word being CLUB. Can you not just discuss the club football and leave the managerial talk for a related blog? Exciting fixtures. Belmullet or Kiltimagh will be the IFC winners in my opinion, and no stopping Castlebar in the senior end.

  5. Ger, the ideal type of person for the Mayo Job….A Man with His Head on his Shoulders!… Height,…Hair,. Haircut,…Age…. irrelevant… Just as long as he’s absolutely brilliant and brings an absolutely brilliant back room team with him! Then you might give him a 50/50 chance of actually getting an interview… I don’t mean an interview announced on the radio, an actual interview!

  6. Right well let’s forget the rumours etc , everyone knows he was in Mayo Friday evening so it’s certainly a possibility .

    Would someone from Kerry not have to move to Mayo to make it work or would it be possible to travel a few times a week? Would we be adding to our already logistical nightmares by having someone from Kerry at the helm ? Genuine question btw , just wondering how it would work. Or is there a helicopter pad at McHale park ?

  7. See, when youre living outside the county with few family still living in mayo you hear zero rumours…so ‘everybody’ definitely doesn’t know he(whoever he is, jack o Connor im assuming?)was in the county on friday. I check in here to get my mayo gaa updates but I’d sure like to know what’s going on…!! I would have imagined Horan was the only viable option now. The statement or comments from him certainly didn’t rule it out.

    Apologies to those who want to only discuss club but you’ll appreciate this is obviously of key importance and of most interest!

  8. I think id prefer Horan. Joc had a super Kerry panel to play with during the noughties. I’m wondering how good is he? Couldn’t get over Tyrone at all when they met.

    Logistical nightmare from Dromid to Castlebar.

    Ok I’ll stop now.

  9. An interesting thought. This must be the youngest average age of the eight quarter finalists in a long time. Very similar at Intermediate.
    Castlebar the oldest team I reckon.

  10. Towinjustonce, happy to talk about club but if there is no focus on the Mayo manager’s job then we don’t get what your handle desires. I would like a local manager who will look to mix youth with experience. It is not a short term project.

    Anyways on the club scene. I have seen thr last two Garrymore games and I like what I see. They are solid and workmanlike. I thought Peter Naughton has improved this year for Knockmore too.

    My other club point is a huge thanks to Willie Joe and Rob. The club podcast gives huge promotion to the game in the county and can only help build an excitement in the next few weeks. Well done!

  11. Westport Breaffy defently the tie of the round. Westports young guns will have no fear of Breaffy. Having seen Breaffy twice this year they still seem to have no proper game plan and not play as a team. Westport will be brought on by the two tight wins and I fancy them to sneak it.
    Claremorris will have nothing to lose against Mitchell’s but can’t see them coming out on top.
    Garrymore Ballagh will be close but Garry on current form will get sneak through.
    Tubber aren’t the power that they used to be but should be good enough to take out the surprise package Moy Davitts. Looking forward to seeing Brian Reape in the flesh.
    Few close ones in the intermediate. Can Louisburgh cause a surprise and beat Kiltmagh? Padraic Prendergast is back from injury, he’s a match winner when on form.
    Burrish Ballinrobe is a close one. Burrish top of Div3. Ballinrobe started off well but beaten by their neighbours The Neale recently.
    Belmullet should beat Swinford handy. Swinford probably happy to get this far.
    The Neale and Parke is a toss up. Saw The Neale against Ardnaree and they were excellent. Very young and fearless.
    Who do people think will get through?

  12. I think Breaffy are too tall for Westport.
    Castlebar are too advanced for Claremorris.
    Garrymore more consistent than Ballaghadereen this year.
    I just have a feeling Moy Davitts match up well on Ballintubber and have more of a range of scorers. Will put a shock win in there for Moy Davitts.

  13. You’ll be glad to know, Ger, that’s we’ll have new podcast episodes every week now for the next number of weeks, up to the county finals and beyond.

  14. Is it both losers that get relegated from the relegation games on Sept 22nd and 23rd that go down ?

  15. I think at this end of the competition the relegation games are every bit as big to the teams involved than the teams going for county glory. Obviously for very different reasons.

  16. Wouldn’t trust a Kerry man managing current Mayo team as far I’d throw him unless the Kerry man is Buckley. It will be JH though and hopefully he will kick our ‘taking the law into his own hands chairman’ into touch or off his throne.
    Will Lahardane MacHales get promoted out of Division 3?!

  17. Lahardane have close to zero chance mathematically of being promoted from Div 3.
    Too far behind at this stage even with the game in hand.

  18. Not convinced at all about Westport defence. Forwards conced heigth in all games and well able to cope, low accurate passing. Big step up for Westport and I think the may come up short, but would not rule out upset.
    Can’t see Claremorris advancing, I’m going for Ballagh and ballintubber in other two.

  19. I would bet j horan will not be the next mayo manager unless at least 2 of the executive are gone and that won’t happen ,o connor and solan for me and if not I think the county board will have to go grovelling back to Rochford.

  20. Anyone know of the dates,provisional or otherwise of the Intermediate and Senior semi finals and finals ?. Short of asking the FBI for there assistance I’m at a loss ! I asked around Machale park last Saturday evening ,but was met with the ‘ has your man got two heads ‘ kind of look.

  21. A measure of where we are at talking about Westport in a senior semi final in Mayo. Changed times indeed. Knockmore in a relegation dog fight.

  22. Alan – Semi finals will be the weekend of the 6th/7th October. Finals are on the weekend of the 20th/21st.

  23. Folks, I have a question in relation to season tickets/cairde Maigh Eo tickets. Am I correct in saying that when you go to renew the relevant ticket that you can pick either option i.e. if you’ve a season ticket, when you go to renew it, you could pick a cairde Maigh Eo ticket or vica versa?

  24. I don’t think so spotlight.As I understand it you have to stick with the one you have. Id imagine they’re be a good few CM members like myself wondering what we are getting for twice the price? Not many I know happy with the out of the blue announcement that the extras would now be once every 2 years. Seem to make a lot of it up as they go along,impossible to contact etc. I for one would be delighted to have the option of a normal season ticket.

  25. Bloody best weekend in club football and I’m gone for it. Sickener. I love getting a few games in but such is life.

  26. No Mayo player nominated in the All star list, shocked or surprised? first time since 2010 that has happened.

  27. How possibly could Mayo get any nomination?…We didn’t make the final 12, in the Championship and barely stayed up in Division One…. Roscommon won Div Two, and? made the Super Eight’s, again no nomination… Surprised the Dublin didn’t actually get 15 player’s, or even more nominated,. Probably had the best and second player in a few positions…. And such was the inferiority of all the competition, … Kerry and Clifford will get only one, either an All Star or YPotY award..In my opinion Monaghan should get the second highest amount of award’s, definitely the second best team in Ireland this year, robbed in the All Ireland semifinal, and the only team to actually beat Dublin in a competitive match… I hope that Shane Walsh gets an All Star, can’t actually see anyone else from Galway getting an All Star or deserving one to be truthful.

  28. FBD fixtures for 2019. Its a knock out format now.

    Quarter final (6/1/19)
    Leitrim v Mayo

    Semi finals (13/1/19)
    Sligo v Roscommon
    Leitrim/Mayo v Galway

    Final (20/1/19)

  29. FW From the beginning the Cairde Mhaigh Eo goodies were given out every second year. Only once did we get the extras in two consecutive years.

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