Club Championship draws

As mentioned earlier on the 2020 Championship draws were held at MacHale Park tonight. Here are details of who has been paired with whom in the Senior, Intermediate and Junior championships this year.

Senior – group pairings are here.

Intermediate – group pairings are here.

Junior ‘A’ – group pairings are here.

Separately, Mayo GAA today unveiled a new social media policy, which you can see here. This is obviously a sensible move and an attempt to bring some order to the wilder kind of commentary that swirls around football issues relating to Mayo.

As I know all too well myself, undesirable commentary posted online is a long-standing problem, one that’s onerous to police and all but impossible to eliminate. The best we can do is to increase the number of safe spaces where reasonable people can interact, free from the baiting and abuse that, sadly, is now a commonplace feature online. Without doubt, this move by Mayo GAA will help in that regard.

Mayo GAA also released a statement today on the COVID-19 coronavirus. You can read that here.

What’s going to happen with the virus, including its impact on the GAA world, is clearly a topic well beyond the remit of this blog. It’s obviously up to everyone, though, to educate themselves the best they can about this worrying global phenomenon.

7 thoughts on “Club Championship draws

  1. First time in about 7 years we haven’t been drawn in a group with the Mitchell’s and we had Aghamore in our group for about 4 years in a row.
    Great to be drawn with Kiltane and Knockmore. It will be good old style North Mayo battles reminiscent you f the 90’s!!! Really looking forward to the championship after this draw!! There is no love lost between older Stephenites members and Claremorris either dating back to the early sixties so a cracking group all over.

  2. Late August is when the club championships are due to start. Not sure the exact weekend.

  3. To be honest I am surprised how long it took Mayo Gaa to being in this new Social Media Policy . But maybe I shouldn’t. I see it on other platforms and you see the posts some put up and your thinking why are these comments left up ? Another thing is noticed is it’s not all the younger people who are the warriors .I have seen plenty of nasty comments from men and women in their 40s and 50s and you are thinking to yourself where is sense and maturity go when people are online. I treat social media as I would if I was out at a match .I would never abuse players from any side as I can only imagine what it must be like for a family member listening to a roaring donkey call their son a useless ****.

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