Club championship fixtures on this weekend

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I think everyone definitely needs something else to focus on this morning. So, in that spirit, let’s turn the lens towards the Round 3 fixtures for the coming weekend in both the Senior and Intermediate club championships.

With playoff places still to be claimed and relegation threats to be avoided, there are plenty of tasty looking fixtures down for decision. We’ll be covering it all on the Mayo News football podcast and will have a review episode of the weekend’s SFC and IFC action online this day week. Anyone who needs to jolt their memory about how Round 2 went could do worse than listen to the episode which focused on that – it’s here.

I’ll do a bit more on the Round 3 fixtures later in the week but for now, courtesy of @MayoGAA, here is the list of games down for decision next Saturday and Sunday.

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  1. Might stroll up to the Knockmore game. They are in major trouble and barring a mini miracle, their season will be over already. Parke game on afterwards as well actually, good stuff.

  2. Fixtures a bit harsh on the Mitchell’s. Two matches an hour apart at two different venues. I’m sure some of the senior subs play with the 2nd team.

  3. Nice double header. Great to see thread focussing on club football.
    Sundayy 14:00 Claremorris v Westport at Ballinrobe is the one I’m interested in.

  4. That’s a feast of football and the weather
    Is promised good for the weekend. Looking forward to it

  5. Hopefully we can get ot done in foxford against Aghamore to aovid a relegation battle. We have a very young team and probably Clarkie being 50/50 with a torn calf makes us even less experienced. When I look at Aghamore they have county men and future county men rith through the core of their team so it will be a right battle to get the points!!
    I am really looking forward to heading back the park Sat afternoon to watch to in form teams in Kiltimagh and Belmullet battle it out. Some serious future stars on show tith the like of Eoghan Lavin, T.J. Byrne and Ryan O’Donoghue!!

  6. Ballyhaunis can still qualify if they beat Mayo Gaels and Kiltimagh beat Belmullet – down to points difference then. I will be at the Neale Ardnaree on Saturday and the Claremorris Westport game on Sunday.

  7. @Crete Boom. Keep an eye on Belmullets Jonny Donoghue, Belmullets top scorer this year with bags of goals.

  8. Ah yeah JP I forgot about him, saw him in the league before and he was top notch. He got 2-6 or 2-5 in the last round didn’t he? What age is he, about 25? Did he feature much at underage for Mayo?

  9. @Crete Boom, there was a Jonathan Donoghue on the fringe of the minor panel in 2009 and that would make him an u27 assuming it was his final year.
    I’m pretty sure he was off playing local club soccer for a few years and came back last year.

  10. Agree with Size Five re the clash of fixtures for Castlebar. Could the intermedite not have been fixed for Sunday or at worst a double header at the same venue. Is there no regard for supporters or even the gate takings?
    I presume that all games where results are crucial are fixed for the same time so no team has an advantage over the other by knowing what the result is.

  11. Have Knockmore or Garrymore anyone that deserves a chance in the Mayo panel at present?? Might take a spin down to Castlebar Sunday to have a look at this.These 2 clubs have always been good down through the years for producing talent.In my opinion 2 of Mayos best clubs for there size of parish, if we had more clubs like Knockmore and Garrymore we would be a very successful County.2 Great clubs.

  12. TH – Knockmore is a very big parish it must have 5 national schools.
    Peter Naughton was on FBD panel last year.

  13. Peter naughton still involved with the extended panel as far as I know in terms of s and c and so on. Should see more of him this January.

  14. TH,
    Cathal Slattery, Gary Golden for Garrymore and Darren McHale for Knockmore are good footballers.

    It doesn’t look that big on the Mayo Gaa club map.
    It might have 5 schools but then again how many schools or pupils do Westport, Claremorris , Swinford and Ballinrobe gaa clubs have and when did any of them last win a Molcair Cup.
    Knockmore are in the shake up of Semi finals or quarter finals every year.
    After Kevin McLoughlin and Peter Naughton is there anyone good enough in Knockmore??
    Anyone after Shane Nally and Caolan Crowe in Garrymore? Are Mark Tierney or Jamie Oates good enough?

  16. Rober,
    Most towns, unless very large, have one national school. Question which matters is how many pupils [i.e boys] in the school or in the club area altogether.

  17. The 2 biggest towns in South Mayo Claremorris and Ballinrobe dont have one player on the Senior County panel.
    Claremorris Gaa club has a population of 4,500 and hasn’t won a Moclair cup since 1971.
    Ballinrobe Gaa club has a population of 3,700 is gone Intermediate and has never won a Moclair cup.
    If we are to challenge Dublin and Kerry we have to be getting more County players from the larger towns in Mayo that includes Ballina, Westport.Is there too many young lads dropping out of Town clubs in there teens and early 20s cause there not getting a game like they do in Rural clubs??

  18. TH the challenge in these places is in any order: emigration, rugby, soccer, social media, parents who work too many long hours to encourage their children to play football, a lack of volunteers to take teams because they commute long distances or work late: you name it. It’s about building a culture where the GAA club is the go-to place in any town – as the welcoming centre of the community and where all levels of ability of kids can get a game – not just the elite. That takes time and money, huge levels of buy-in from the community and great patience to see it through. It’s a given in many places in Kerry and the clubs in Dublin clearly have a template for success.

  19. Well I will just put it this way.We here in Mayo think we are Football mad , but I just don’t buy it , Kerry and even Tyrone are on another level.
    Oh ya will follow the County team everywhere when there doing well I suppose and have huge League attendances but if I went around the County and asked every Cairde Maigheo ticket holder was he a member of his local club or was he involved helping out with teams in the his club I say more than half of them would say No.In Kerry it would be a different story.
    In Killarney alone they have 4 Gaa clubs Dr Crokes, The Legion , Fossa and The Spa. In Tralee they have 3 clubs Austin Stacks, Kerin O’Rahillys and John Mitchels.
    We are not as serious about our coaching and club scene as they are down in Kerry, and until we are we will still struggle to land Sam.

  20. I don’t agree. We togged 40 teams at u21 club level, which must be the strongest togging of teams at u21 grade of any county.
    44 togged in Dublin but actually a lot of that 44 conceded or were B teams.
    Less togged in Cork.
    So 40 individual clubs is incredible at a peak drop out age.
    Claremorris are back on track, it takes time. They will need Diskin, McGreal, Gill, Macken, McCormack to be in their mid 20s before they could challenge for the county title.
    Ballinrobe are doing well again at underage but that will take time.
    This year’s Westport u21 team, I’d say they’d win every county championship.
    Next years even stronger.
    That doesn’t speak to me of a weak club scene.
    Castlebar has Castlebar Breaffy and Parke.
    Ballina has Ballina Ardnaree and Knockmore comes into the edge of the town.

  21. I’d agree 100% with that TH – there’s actually another club in Tralee too – Na Gaeil (jack Barry’s club). I think there might even be a fifth – St pats blennerville is in Tralee too.

  22. JP – I know a few people from Castlebar who play for Islandeady.

    It’s obvious there are a lot of people in Mayo who only follow the senior football team but we still have a healthy club scene. The key is to make sure every club volunteer is guided on how to coach their teams properly.

  23. TH, tralee has a population of nearly 25k. We have nothing even approaching that, so it’s not remotely comparable.

    There was a huge attendance at Breaffy Tubber last week. I didn’t make our game but heard there was a great turnout. There will be a very large combined attendance for all championship games this weekend at all levels.

  24. Was at a club blitz the weekend with teams from all over connacht at under 12 age. Ballinrobe and Crossmolina were Mayo’s representatives. Like all clubs there they were very well organised, big numbers, and well coached. Crossmolina won it out, coached by a certain Ciaran Mc Donald. Under age football is alive and well in the West.

  25. Ballinrobe is not a big parish , with the Neale , Kilmaine , Hollymount , partry ( tourmakedy) boundaries only a short distance out the road. A lot of good work going in at underage in Mayo and a lot down to that group of player’s that have given so much and been so close to an All Ireland .
    Any word on possible replacements for Stephen ???????

  26. Think I’ll head to the Balla v Mitchells game, heard young Cunniffe was going well at fb so interesting to see how him and Hanley, Akram fair out. Lot a talk about Jack Reilly from Charlestown, i’ve never seen him play I think, can anyone tell me, has he pace?…

  27. @ MayoDunphy,
    Cunniffe struggled a good bit on Evan Regan in the match against us but never stopped working and his conditioning looked great when compared to the county lads. Drake was their best back totally cancelling out Ciaran Treacey with ease. Hanley is still is a bit rusty with his ball skills but played brilliant as a sweeper especially helping out Cunniffe.Hanley is such a natural and smart footballer.He made a good few runs from deep and the pace & power he showed was impressive. I think he gives us another great athletic option in the midlle third.
    Akram was brilliant at times making surging runs from deep similiar to a Keith Higgins and set up the first goal. Keep an eye out for Kuba Callaghan who came on against us and set up the crucial second goal for Ballagh, serious pace and power for a young lad.

  28. Crete boom, fair play thats a good oul summary there. I’ve seen Cunniffe on the street an he does seem to have being working hard on his build….maybe as a result of being on the development panel?. Hanley will come good in time, can see him being a brian howard type player. Akram has seirious potential has that lightning pace that cannot be coached, you either have it or you don’t. Will attend the Charlestown game on Sunday and see how Reape and Reilly fair out. Fully beileve Reape will be a massive player next season..the future is’nt as bleak as some might think, quality players all over the county, just need Horan back to steady the whole ship and go again.

  29. Yeah JP he just needs more football. He had bad luck with injuries over the las 12 months but with a good run of games hopefully coming up for him he definitely has the ability to step up to county.His free taking has improved a lot lately too. Himself and Jack Irwin kept us in the game against Ballagh. If only Jack could fill out a bit and add a bit of steel to his game he would be a superb midfielder for us!!
    Padraig O’Hora came on in the second half (now sporting dread locks!!) and he is another man that would be well able for the county team if he can shed his bad luck with injuries over the last two years!! He has that manic intensity that the likes of Boyler has and could be a swiss army knife type of player for Mayo as he is comfortable playing in the fullback line, halfback line or half-forward line.
    One thing I have noticed is the trickle down effect of the positive type of football the county team has been playing to the clubs. Any sweeper paying at club level now is expected to get forward with most teams playing without a fulltime sweeper, and clubs relying on at least one playmaker and one worker bee in the half-forward line. For Ballina Sean Regan or Padraig O’Hora has been the man on the forty but both were missing and we struggled to get good attacking ball inside consistently whereas Ballagh had Andy on the forty and he was sublime when needed especially against the wind. Hopefully the days of fulltime double sweepers are a thing of the past in Mayo club football or maybe I am just lucky in the games I have seen??

  30. @ MayoDunphy, what is most impressive is how good the core power and strength of Akram & Cunniffe matched up say alongside Hanley when you consider Cian was in a professional sportsman for 3 years!!

  31. I wonder has Drake been played in the wrong position by Mayo. Is he a man marking corner back – similar to Murchen that came on the scene for Dublin this year – a lot of people have been talking about Ciaran Treacy – interesting to hear that Drake marked him out of the game.

  32. My reading of it is as follows. There are not enough people involved and part of the reason for this is the attitude of those that are involved. All old fashioned passion and no modern thinking. Shouting and roaring at kids does not work any more. Training needs to be modernised and parents need to be encouraged to take part. Most people are afraid to join with the existing volunteers as these volunteers have unknowingly build a barrier around themselves. The change has to happen with the existing committees. They must develop systems to make themselves redundant. Too many greyhaired aging men. Myself included! Modern management systems must be employed

  33. As far as I know Cunniffe turned down a chance to play with Mayo earlier in the year because he wanted to concentrate on a masters? Quality player in a trouble position for us but he has missed 2/3 important years in his development and it will probably take him that long to get up to inter county level now.
    The game of the weekend is Westport Claremorris playing for top spot in that group.
    Watched Belmullet and Balla last weekend and Belmullet were poor. Cant see them getting close to Kiltmagh.
    Louisburgh appear to be the most credible challengers to Kiltmagh for Intermediate.
    Looking forward to seeing what Reape can do this weekend after his exploits in the last round.

  34. The one makor thing in Seamus Cunniffes favour is that he has speed. Around the 6’1″ mark I suppose. For full back having the physical capability is crucial.
    In my view, yes, David Drake has been played out of position. He was the perfect guy for Dean Rock as he was quicker than Rock whilst having enough height.
    Dean Rock has been very poorly matched by Mayo with markers too short for him.

  35. My gut tells me Higgins won’t return for 2019, could Drake be a ready made replacement for corner back? Has just as much speed (if not more) than Keith. If his performances for Ballagh are anything to go by, then corner back seems his best position. If Cunniffe isn’t County standard yet, then surely Harrison is the best option for number 3. He has that bit of a snarl and edge that Cafferkey never had. County board issues aside, the Mayo job should be quite attractive, there’s a serious core still left in that team, that could go all the way…Durcan, Keegan, Cillian, Harrison, Diarmuid, Aido, McLoughlin, Doherty all still in their prime or just approaching it, thats over half a team right there.

  36. Drake?? he has very little football he just goes on a quick solo run and when he runs into trouble he quickly gets handpasses it back.
    Just cause he did well on Ciaran Treacy on a wet day in Ballina doesnt mean hes our next corner back.

  37. TH- I see where your coming from don’t worry, BUT he has always been deployed up the field for Mayo, Could it be that he is possibly a good man marker in the fb line? Thats the question im posing. If he can disposess his man and give a quick hand pass, then that would be job done in my book..doesnt need to be a good “footballer” if you know what i mean, just be tight to his man and defend thats his only job. He has the pace and is off a good height, could be worth trying out in the fbd/league..

  38. TH – easy up there, that was borderline trash-talking (or was before I edited out the gratuitious bits). If you’re going to critique a player on this site there are clear, well-established rules about how this may and may not be done. Please bear this in mind when posting in future.

  39. With all the doom and gloom on the county side, it’s great to see some positivity from the posters on the club scene.

  40. Great to see how many on here are heading to the club games this weekends.
    I hope some of yea will be back on updating on who stands out in these games.

    Keith is playing the hurling all the time. He played against Sarsfields at the weekend. Was told he had a great game. The Sarsfields lad told me that he would have made the Galway hurling team a few years back no problem. Hope he’s back with the footballers in 2019. I’m sure he will.

  41. I’m tired of us having footballers at corner back. Dean Rock has had free reign against us from play every time Dublin play us. Four points from play in last year’s All Ireland.
    Several points from play in semis and finals in other years. He has physically dominated Keith Higgins as he is simply much bigger than him.
    Dean Rock is not quick over ten yards, so he is markable.

  42. For you home based poster’s . Is the any news re who or when a new manager will be finalised . Was wondering if the s+c coach is still involved with the group as I presume that they would have training plans for year round even if rest or club football included ..

  43. I have hear no news apart from what is in the public domain as in a committee has been set up by Co Board to appoint the new Mayo manager. Hopefully it is all completed by the end of the month.

  44. Its great that the club fixtures are spread over 2 days, can at least get 2 games in minimum. As regards the new manager, im hoping Horan is in discussion with the board, Westport, and his Coca Cola employers..he was fairly coy on sky sports but Canavan and Connell were smirking away as if they know something we don’ heres hoping he’s in talks..

  45. Well spotted DeclanL! I checked this morning and it was still running, Horan evens, an Solan 13/8. Must be white smoke coming?…

  46. Yep, keeping an eye on it as its usually a good indication of news, lets hope its good news. Interesting that Jack O’Connor started at 8/1 and moved into the 3/1 before the book was pulled. Hope to hell its Horan.

  47. Don’t think there is any chance it’s Jack O’Connor. He also said today his future is with Kerry U20s. Honestly never saw it being even remotely possible.

    I genuinely think it will be Horan

  48. That would be the common sense appointment, particularly for the medium to long term. However sense isn’t all that common

  49. Thanks lads , interesting if bookies have stopped taking bets . They normally don’t refuse money ..

  50. Its looking increasingly like Horan, which would be by far the best appointment. I dunno where the bookies get there info but they’re rarely wrong.

  51. I’m sure getting inside information from the mayo setup won’t be a problem if the last few weeks are anything to go by

  52. The ‘Mayo Women’s Senior Panel’ have released a statement to ’ ‘ saying..’There are No Welfare Issue’s , and never was’. Instead according to the statement, there was an ‘Attempted Coup’.

  53. According to mayo news county board not starting until end of month never mind having someone in place by then

  54. Do ye think the next manager knows already he’s going to be the manger. Or is it really an open book , surely they must have an idea? Maybe im just too hopeful , be interesting to hear of if there are any potential runners at the club games.

  55. Id say whoever the manager is knows already. It’s probably sorting “expenses”, backroom, and various training strategies that are holding up an announcement. For the bookies to suspend betting, either A) they know who’s been appointed, or B) a crazy amount of money was lodged on presumably Horan. Solan fancies Sligo apparently, and that would be great move for him, if its true.

  56. Wouldn’t take a crazy amount of money in a case like this to close the book, €100 bet would nearly do it. Very few people would actually bet on something like this and it’s done more to attract publicity.

  57. Read the statement from Mayo Ladies . Doesn’t read well for Carnacon ladies .
    Also see where Jack O Connor has no interest in Kerry job and wants to continue with the u20s ..Not that anyone really thought he would go for the Mayo job . Hope to God the county board are currently agreeing to whatever James Goran is asking for ……

  58. After seeing pictures this evening of John Divilly from Galway mingling with the Dubs over pints this evening, u can stroke him off been ever been involved with Mayo.

  59. Was Divilly a real runner? Personally I wouldn’t have been particularly happy to have a heron choker steering us.

  60. It’s going to be Horan, no other obvious candidate. He was always going to come back at some point, it’s a year or two earlier than he expected. Horan is one of tbe most shrewd managers around, no coincidence he took over Westport, a club with the most impressive young talent at its disposal. He would have planned on taking the cream of the crop to mould his next Mayo team around.

  61. I hope it is Horan the team seem to respect him and respond well to him. I don’t buy this Dublin are unbeatable lark even tho they have loads of advantages and a huge pool to pick from I fancy ourselves or Kerry to put a stop to the drive for 5. But before we can even contemplate that I’d like to see us having a good league or at least giving a lot of the younger guys a chance with a view to launching a serious assault on the championship in 2020

  62. First job for the new manager is to get us back on track in Connacht. That’s the starting point for us now, not eyeing what we’re going to do in the last eight.

  63. Looks like it’s Horan’s gig. I think the players will be very happy with that. In fairness, I always felt he had a special relationship with, and loyalty to those players. 2014 would have left him with many sleepless nights – so it’s good that he is set to come back. He will be aware there is a serious rebuilding job to do, and fresh talent must be sourced. I think the talent is there – it’s just a matter of harnessing it competently.

  64. Hope your right Man of Aran . I was critical of some of James’s decisions on the line in the past but might steady the ship with his experience and agree the player’s would be happy to have him back .

  65. Is there a reason why so many are suddenly confident Horan has got the job other than the betting has been suspended? As a panel member on sky sports coverage of the all ireland final, he was asked about the position and he said he would like to return sometime in the future but not right now. I would like to see him take the job. Think hes the best available option.

  66. Am concerned though re lack of sideline agility / decision making shown by Horan on big days. How would people see that addressed (if Horan would take any counsel) in a new setup?

  67. Provisional National League fixtures have been announced for 2019.
    Mayo’s first game is down at this stage for Saturday, January 26 in Castlebar against Roscommon

  68. See “ah ref ” reckons Kevin McStay under pressure in Roscommon .. Only a rumour ,I know . Agree Dave , no real reason to be confident that JH will get the Mayo job . Suppose poster’s are hopeful as he may steady the ship in a time of turmoil .

  69. I wonder where the lefty outrage merchants will hang their hat now that the Mayo Ladies have given their story. Huge unfairness on Carnacon or huge unfairness on the remaining ladies who appear to have been let down by their team mates. Either way the County Board is going to be blamed. Hurlers on the ditch always willing to throw an ‘owl’ insult at the unpaid and abused officials.

  70. I listened back to his interview with OTB last week and Horan was extremely guarded in what he said. He admitted that his answer had been prepared and was constructed to say as little as possible at this time. He could have flat out ruled himself out and he didn’t. That to me would suggest he could/will consider the position but will only do so under certain conditions.

  71. Buckley will be on the Kerry management team, now that Jack O’Connor has decided to stay in kinder garden.

  72. Colm Keys in today’s Irish Independent, states that Kevin Mc Stay is meeting the Roscommon Co Board today, for an end of season review etc and to discuss his future.
    Keys suggests that Mc Stay’s future with Ros, ” hangs in the balance ”’

  73. Observer2 – why would McStay need to worry? He was given the option to continue to 2020 last year. County Board will hardly chuck him out so!!!

  74. Rossies county board similar to our own but maybe Kevin has brought them as far as he can .. They might go for one of their ‘own’ . Despite improving them , he’s still regarded as an ex Mayo footballer amongst a lot of the Rossies .

  75. In a statement issued last week,The Ros Co Board said they expect him to continue, which is probably what will happen, unless he himself of course wants out.
    Time will tell

  76. The thing with us in Roscommon is a number of players who were subs last year are unhappy and might not commit next year, Plus at least three first 15 players have hinted at going travelling next year so it could be a case kevin may step down as it is hard see us make any progress next year. Rather than him been forced out for been a Mayo man. If he goes there is no Roscommon man that is anyway good enough to improve us at present

  77. Roscommon need to be patient. They have an excellent midfield partnership coming in Shane Cunnane and young Crawley.
    Several more good young forwards.

  78. With Mc stay they’ve won a connacht title a div 2 title and qualified for the super 8. Not a bad record.
    Looks like Horan wants everything on his own terms. Was a great manager and built this team but lost several selectors during his time as I believe he wouldn’t listen to anyone. All that said, I believe we need someone to build a new team, and Horan has a proven record here. How would Horan feel about dismantling his last one would be my other concern. If he can make the hard calls re dropping players off the panel and be more open to the advice at his disposal then he’s the one to take us forward.
    Will be at some games at the weekend but a bit like this years AI looks like it’s the favourites to lose. Castlebar still a long way ahead of the possee.


    The following excerpt from Darragh O’Se in the Times reflects very well on Stephen’s tenure –

    “Against the Dubs, you don’t get a second go at that. From the kick-out, Cooper went down on a breaking ball, took a push in the back from a helpful Tyrone player, got to his feet and played a quick free as the three Tyrone lads around him switched off and next thing you know, Dublin had their second goal.

    Those passages of play just go to show the difference. You have to do the right thing quickly against Dublin because you can be in no doubt they will do the right thing quickly against you. If Sunday taught us nothing else, it’s that Mayo were some operators to be able to go toe-to-toe with them over the past few years.

    But Mayo have their own problems now. And, as far as I can see, everyone else is a mile off.”

  80. Buckley took a lot of enticing to remain this year. The word is he gave early notice that 2017 was to be his last season with Mayo and only for some player intervention convinced him to stay for the 2018 season he would have gone. Win, lose or draw Sam in 2018, he was going. Before the vultures swoop, there was nothing sinister or negative about his decision, he just felt that he had given all he could and that a fresh voice was needed. Plus, he wanted another challenge. As if working with our county board was not challenging enough!

  81. Saturday February 23rd we face the Dubs under lights in Croker with James Horan and a few new faces in the panel, I can’t wait for it come around.Horan was always competitive and put it up to the Dubs in the League along with the Championship.

  82. Quick look at the league fixtures and my first thought is how can we start winning in castlebar again , our home record is horrible the last few years .

  83. ???
    Do we have a deal done or something?.

    Anyhoo – I re-read an interesting analysis of Horan’s first League campaign, and how players were tried out and where.
    Would be interesting if the data set that came from this very blog was reproduced for recent league campaigns also so as to determine how many players Rochford changed around.

    Interesting from that analysis was how it was noted that only Ger Cafferkey started all games and in the same position for all in that league campaign, as well as how Tom Parsons got 3 bites of the cherry before being dropped.
    Also worth noting – Cillian, Lee, Seamie and David Clarke each only got a single start in the league that year and only towards the tail end of the season.
    How things have changed.

  84. Horan as short as he’s ever been now at 1/4. Solan has drifted. Surely its only a matter of time before Horan is announced.
    Heard alot of Roscommon players refusing to commit if kevin remains in charge. Will he McStay or will he go?? 🙂 . Looks like hes gunna be pushed I think, which is a bad move for the Rossies imo.

  85. interesting to see Solan has drifted back out to 3/1, Jack O’Connor is still listed as 3/1 and Jim McGuinness out to 5/1.
    As for the reasons it was taken down and re-opened, I suspect that was more systematic as I see in my own account a time of 2pm on Saturday has been applied on the wagers I’ve placed.
    Can’t see the County Board having it all done and dusted that soon, they’re not ones for unreasonable deadlines in fairness.
    So unless the CB have something done by the weekend, you can probably expect to see the book being pulled again on Saturday afternoon.

    In fairness bookies will always be doing stuff to generate interest – they are in the business of taking money off people after all so temporarily closing and reopening the book can only be good for their takings anyway.

  86. looks like it’s been pulled again – can’t see betting for next Mayo Manager on PP now, and no longer allowing the cash out on existing bets…..

  87. Yip, pulled again. Paddy is taking the piss at this stage I think! Is he monitoring this blog I wonder???.

  88. There must have been big money been lobbed in while it was up, bookies usually have automatic controls to pull a book if big money comes on the same option

  89. I do not go along with what now seems to be the prevailing opinion among posters here that it’s Horan for a comeback to the Mayo job. My opinion is that it could well be a dark horse and Maurice Sheridan seems like a likely one. I don’t for one second pay any attention to the bookie’s odds. These fellows are only interested in making profit and will alter odds etc in any way they feel will help part the fool from his money. Secondly I don’t agree that recapturing the Connacht title should be the priority next year. I suggest that Galway’s emphasis on the Connacht title cost them when it came to the final stages of the championship as they ran out of steam. The standards are so high nowadays that one cannot peak at both the beginning and end of summer. Similarly with the league. Mayo, in recent years, have not been able to start training until the last days of December so they could not possibly be up with the teams who start weeks earlier. Dublin are in the same boat as Mayo but when they start they are all together from the off whereas Mayo are scattered around the country, getting together only at the weekends.

  90. Mayo with 5 NFL Saturday night games of possible 6. Do Tyrone have lights in Healy Park? Or could it have been 6 of 6. The seventh game does not count as all games have to be played at the same time. So we’re still fairly popular with the TV people anyway despite our poor (according to some) league record.

  91. Club championship fixtures on this weekend – probably best to stick up a page for “who will be the next Mayo manager and what to do with the country board” so that everyone else that is interested can have a discussion on the club championship here, which is being drowned out again

  92. Mayo ‘LGFA County Board’ are set to appeal ‘Carnacon’ being reinstated into the County’s Club Competition’s! Following Carnacon’s successful appeal to the relevant LGFA Connacht Board….. According to RTE Aertel Page 203……

  93. @Wide Ball… Aertel and Teletext ,are still very much alive and ‘On the Ball’. .. Mind you, you don’t need Teletext, Facebook, or Social Media, If you can accurately read all the ‘Smoke Signal’s’ ,…being sent Up, all over the ‘Plains of the Yew’. …’Big Brother’ could get several? episodes out of a single day in Mayo!

  94. Agree with Kiltilad, this thread is discussion around club championship and not speculative opinions on next Mayo manager. Remember the CB have indicated a process which could well involve advertising, short listing canditates, interviews and second interviews. Forget it.

  95. FBDinashui… very funny… county board not ones for unreasonable deadlines!! I’m fed up of the focus on all the Mayo negative shit…wish we were in headlines for all the right reasons

  96. Mcstay has stepped down from Roscommon…..I feel a managerial swap coming down the line!!!

  97. Says he is stepping down from intercounty management. Citing resources and lack of equality in financial support as one of the reasons.

  98. Lads – I dont think anyone is stopping the Club discussion, but asking people to stop talking about something else while insisting this thread is only for Club discussions while not actually adding anything around club football yourselves is a bit odd I find.

    So on the topic of club football – who fancies who to do what this weekend?.
    Knockmore vs Garrymore and Claremorris vs Westport look to be the 2 stand out fixtures from what I can see.

  99. Coincidence that a vacancy needs filling in his home county and he gives the sheepsteelers the heave-ho? Is it too obvious? Or just plain ridiculous? The statement was fairly benign in that there was no real blame or finger pointing.
    Folk is queer, nowt a queer as folk.

  100. McStay would make a great manager for Mayo , but would he come without McHale , and would McHale be welcome by Mayo players, don’t know what the problem is there, McHale was a great servant of Mayo football

  101. Westport will be giving it a good lash.relatively inexperienced though, I expect it to go to the wire and maybe slicker Westport forwards will tilt it in their favour. Knock more out of sorts and Garrymore very progressive and ambitious. Big ask for Konckmore. What do you think FBD? You haven’t given your opinions

  102. McHale was very well respected by the Bridgets players–i cant see what problem the Mayo players could have with him.

  103. Mitchels v Ballagh the standout tie imo. Big game for Drake Akram and Hanley. Ow will they step up to the plate against stiffer opposition?
    I see Akram did not play last weekend, Ballagh need him for this tie. Bit of a barometer for James Durkan too…a lot to like about that tie, even for the neutrals

  104. Oh it would be Garrymore and Westport for me, Ontheditch.
    I’ll be checking out to see if Paddypower is giving any value on the double.

  105. In mcstays statement he tells of the inordinate amount of time he had to spend on non football issues. Something jim Gavin never has to worry about, but of course money doesn’t make a difference.

  106. Good point NiallMc I’m sure even club managers can empathise with McStay. Uneven playing field.

  107. Club games this weekend.

    Aghamore v Ballina – Relegation position decider. I think Ballina may well turn out to be the unlucky team in this years championship. Thought they were a little unlucky to lose by a point to Ballaghadreen. They are improving under Gilvarry and will surely push on in next few years. Big players in Treacy, Regan, Murray and O Mahoney.

    Aghamore very diasppointing first day out against Ballagh. I feel Aghamore should be performing better with Egan, Freeman, Tighe, Duffy and the Lyons brothers up front. Seem to be staying at same level last few years. Iarla Carty a leader for them.

    Ballina by 2

    Castlebar v Balla

    Castlebar look like the team to beat again, have added Donie Vaughan, Sean Conlon and Fergal Durkan to last years panel. They have their sight set on Paddys Day and probably only Corofin to match them in Connacht

    Ballaghadreen are the most improved team in the county this year. Their backline has serious pace with David Drake, Sharoize Akram and Seamus Cunniffe. Forwards have experience of Andy & Barry Regan and Doohan with Kuba coming off the bench. Midfield pairing might be a little inexperienced but they are pretty good.

    Castlebar by 4

    Charlestown v Moy Davitts

    A Charlestown win puts them through. They were a point up against Garrymore in injury time and conceded late scores. They have a couple of very good young players in Paddy Goldrick and Paul Towey. Colm Maye a good free taker and Jack Reilly and Gareth O Donnell two of the best club players in the county. Their defence can be got at though.

    Moy Davitts can qualify with a win and hope Garrymore win against Knockmore, if Knockmore win will go down to score difference. Moy Davitts made a brilliant comeback against Knockmore led by Brian Reape. They are far from a one man team though. Cormac Healy, Darragh Ruane , James Mulderrig, Anthony Jordan & Brian Henegahn if fit all good standard club players

    Charlestown by 2

    Garrymore v Knockmore

    Garrymore have already topped the group and in essence have nothing to play for. Game in McHale Park which is good for both teams if they qualify. Garrymore moving pretty well this year and if they play a full team then Shane Nally & Caolan Crowe will be important. Trevor Nally will drive forward and Cathal Slattery & Mark Tierney are scorers in chief

    Knockmore really need a win and Moy Davitts to do them a favour. Disappointing Championship so far from Ray Dempseys charges. Looking forward to seeing Kieran King & Darren McHale. Kieran Langan is the heartbeat and Kevin McLoughlin if recoverd from injury and Peter Naughton the main scorers


    Wesport v Claremorris

    Westport are improving at a steady rate and will fancy their chances of winning and topping the group. They are very young in the forward division but have pace to burn. Killian Kilkelly really standing up recently. Five U21 starters and if Shane Scott returns to fitness alongside a brilliant halfback line of Keegan/Keane/McDermott they will match most teams

    Claremorris after a good year last year beating Breaffy seemed to have slipped back a little. James McCormack getting injured hasnt helped they need him. James Shaugnessy one of the best club forwards around. James Stretton a big leader for them with Brian Gallagher and Conor Diskin they have talent.

    Westport by 1

    Hollymount Carramore v Crossmolina

    HC got off to a slow start due to off field difficulties and are another team who should be performing better. Winner avoids relegation here. Darren Coen the main man, but Rob Molloy the Feericks and Nathan Moran all top class operators.

    Crossmolina are really struggling this year having lost all competitive games. Showed some spirit against Claremorris and I was very taken with Tommy Walsh. Very dependent on Fionan Duffy for scores and Jordan Flynn an obvious loss. Peadar Gardiner still plugging away they will need a huge game from Conor Loftus.

    Hollymount Carramore by 5

    Breaffy v Davitts

    Breaffy need to win well to beat Tubber to top spot on score difference. Bookies only see one result and hard to argue. Breaffy have Minogue, Ruane, Fadden & Walsh on top of their current county players and they are a very phsically imposing team. Extra time for Forde & Conway to work with whole squad this year could lead to big improvements. Danger side for Castlebar but might lack a killer forward

    Davitts are another team having a poor year. They look to be heading for Division 3 and have injury problems. Obviously Boyler the key with Josh Ronayne a great baller. Dimitri Trench one for the future. Hard to make a case for them this weekend and will be involved in a dogfight to survive

    Breaffy by 7

    Ballintubber v Kiltane

    Ballintubber need to match Davitts result to top the group. Ballintubber have a nucleus of 7/8 every bit as good as Castlebars best 7/8. Strength in depth beginning to catch them. Stephen O Malley and Ciaran Gavin the best of the new lads but I believe they have a couple of long term injuries. Interesting to see how Michael Plunkett has progressed

    Kiltane need to win to qualify at Tubbers expense. They really put it up to Breaffy and may have been a little unlucky. They have some quality forward in Tommy Goals, Mickey Sweeney, Ultan Corrigan and Adam Carrabine. They will trouble Tubber and will put up a good score. I think their defence is their Achilles heel and it may cost them here. Good Management and could be the shock.

    Ballintubber by 2

  108. Burrishoole beat Islandeady by 3 points. Last minute goal by Jason Doc (what a loyal club man he is to be down mid week in castlebar from dublin). So much happening: is it James Horan or not for us, Kevin McStay retires, ladies football row rumbles on & full steam ahead for New York trip with David Brady ..just a regular Wednesday!

  109. Great stuff there Redcol. Fair play to.yea for putting that together. Good luck to all the teams.

  110. Great stuff Redcol, I’m heading to pp too after that. Hopefully supporters will get out in numbers this weekend…

  111. Lot of unfounded accusations there Outside of the pale, your trying to dump on this on the players, seiriously? I’ll be surprised if that comment lasts till the morning.

    Redcol, that is a seirious post, I tip my hat to ya. Hold the bus for the bookies lads, im on my way aswell.

  112. Outside The Pale, that kind of speculation is just trashtalking in my opinion.That old chestnut about the players influence is a little insulting to that fine body of men.

  113. Outside The Pale – that’s not the first time you’ve posted a scurrilous claim on here that you can’t possibly prove. But it’ll be the last time. Everything you post here from now on will go through moderation first, as you clearly have no respect for the house rules.

  114. I see David Brady advertising for the trip for the New York? Is it safe to assume the match will be Sunday the 5th of May?

  115. I want to compliment Kevin McStay, after his time as the Roscommon Boss… He brought the Rossi to Div 1, back to Div 2 and back up to Div.1 again, in the.meantime he managed Roscommon to a Connacht title in gungho fashion…He previously managed St Bridget’s to an All Ireland title, versus the might of Ballymun Kickmans, in equally heroic circumstances, after the Dublin champions talking a Big early lead…He could have stuck to the easy Sunday Game Job,.. He didn’t , He is worthy of our admiration!

  116. Agree leantimes .. Kevin did great with the Rossies and certainly brought them on . Well done Kevin . Mayo would really need to have a manager appointed in the next 3/4 weeks at the latest .. Pre season training and won’t be that far down the line and would be good to have structures in place . Think James H would definitely have ruled himself out at this stage if he wasn’t interested .

  117. Outside The Pale – So what was it, then, that motivated you to post such a scurrilous allegation? Stupidity? Boredom? A warped sense of humour? I’m struggling to see what other motives might have been involved here.

  118. Best wishes to Kevin Mc Stay and Liam McHale two great football men and two great servants to Mayo. As another poster said earlier we’ll done to Mc Stay for leaving the comfort of the Sunday game studio and giving management a try he can hold his head up
    High. I hope one day he’s involved in some capacity with Mayo football.

  119. Mayo Viking – I can’t see any comment at this end from you so I don’t know what happened to it. It’s not stuck in moderation or in spam so the issue must be at your end, I’m afraid.

  120. Suberb stuff Redcol, im waiting for the Paddy Power bus, Had the pleasure of watching a few games when I was home recently, Ballintubber v Breaffy on Saturday evening, Parke v Lahardane, on Sunday, Wish they would sort out this mess and get our new manager in place, as the saying goes, Time and tide waits for no man, and the clock is ticking.

  121. Yeah,sorry Wille Joe it is,have to keep putting my name and email address to every post, it used to do it automatically before, is no big deal now I know the problem, no worries, and thanks, I don’t envy your job, u must have the patience of a saint.

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