Club championship results round-up

This is just a quick post to confirm all the results played over the weekend in both the Senior and Intermediate club Championships.

First up the SFC, the Round 1 results in which are summarised below.

Graphic: @MayoGAA

Next to the IFC, where the Round 1 were results were as follows:

Graphic: @MayoGAA

Colm Gannon of the Mayo Advertiser has a report on all the weekend’s action in the SFC, which is available here.

That’s it – see, told you it would be a quick one.

21 thoughts on “Club championship results round-up

  1. Ballintubber and breaffy both won in cruise mode. Though breaffy only won by 6 they were never in any danger really, Aiden ran the game from start to finish motm performance. Conor though was anonymous, Michael Hall had an excellent first half and a slightly overweight Irwin showed flashes of brilliance. Would love if he’d knuckle down and force his way onto the county panel.
    Hard to rate Ballintubber as they were far superior all over the field in both fitness and skill. Dillon probably motm. Great to see Cillian back in action and effective. They shouldn’t get too excited over this as Holly woeful. As least davits put it up to breaffy for 40mins.
    Don’t know the actual facts as wasn’t there but claremorris mate of mine still livid over penalty decision against them 5 mins into injury time.
    A real game of 2 half’s in belmullet. Belmullet 8-0 up at ht, and charlestown winning the second half 7-0.
    Weather played havoc with a lot of games but no real shocks, castlebar losing would have been but they got the draw in the end and should be a wake up call for them.

  2. If there’s any player in the County who still deserves a crack outside of James Horans extended panel it’s Liam Irwin.Can be lethal in around the square.I would have him ahead of Evan Regan, Conor Loftus and James Durcan at the moment.

  3. Have to agree with you TH, I won’t mention names who I think he should be ahead of in the squad. But definitely, if a game was in the melting pot, he’d be my go to man on the bench, could conjure a goal out of nothing.

  4. Everyone would love Liam Irwin having a right crack at getting a place on the Country Panel… Under James Horan, in his second tenure, our full forward line has certainly improved, in terms of options and pace…. And that’s even before Cillian has played a minute for the County in 2019.. However a fit Liam Irwin would give you something, his unique forward instinct, and a reliable left footed free taker to boot.. . Not trying to predict the future, but in my opinion it would be quite a challenge for Liam to get noticed, get fit enough and make the Championship Squad. However with the talent that Liam undoubtedly possess not without hope!

  5. Lads – this is a young player (U21 in 2016) you’re all name-checking, pronouncing about his weight, fitness etc. A bit more discretion wouldn’t go amiss here, there’s no need to go into specifics (alleged or factual) about a player’s condition, not least given that his friends and family might find themselves reading about all this here.

  6. Ballina were very impressive, to my eye at least, in Castlebar. They only had a 1 point lead at half time while having a gale force wind at their backs but, they played some excellent football in to the wind in the second half, with Regan screwing over one lovely point, right in to the teeth of the gale, from wide on the left. Treacy was the man of the match in my opinion as he scored from play and frees was a constant thorn in the Mitchels defense. He never stopped roaming around the pitch and the timing of his runs to come on to the ball was impressive.
    I didn’t get a program but one Stephenite lad particularly impressed me, their No.20. I think he name was Luke? He scored 1-1 from play and has a serious engine on him. He never stopped cruising up and down the entire length of the pitch for the 60 mins. A big unit too but worth a look at for the development panel.

  7. Luke Doherty was no 20 for Ballina and I think he still U20.
    I thought Mikey Murray had a great game and could get in the Mayo panel if he stays injury free.
    Clarkie was back to his best in between the sticks.

  8. I think we have a very strong under 20 team on our hands again this year?

  9. Anyone know where if anywhere you can watch the full league final? Doesn’t seem to be on the TG4 app or player, YouTube or any other medium. I made the big mistake of not recording our most satisfying win in recent times but did attend the game which I won’t forget for a long time

  10. MM2000, I don’t know where you can get full highlights of League final.

    Kerry GAA pro boards discussion board has decent set of highlights; about 30 minutes in total.
    Google “Kerry GAA pro boards” and then click to the League Final section.
    Go to Page 12 of the discussion on the League Final in their discussion board.
    Scroll down halfway to see the videos.

    I watched it again myself last night before going to bed… we won it again!!

  11. Apologies WJ if I started something there with my original post especially if I broke or bent any house rules. But glad not to be the only one who sees the serious potential this guy has.

  12. Interesting regarding Luke Doherty, I’d not come across him. For sure a strong u20 team this year.
    Eoghan McLoughlin came on for Westport in the first half. He was getting stuck in, showed elite pace and no mean composure to hit the leveller. He looks the upper end of u20 level in my view.
    Mark Moran u19 looked strong, he is an excellent passer of the ball.
    But, it was Paul Lambert who really caught my eye. He looked like next year he can be a Mayo senior option, at least off the bench. His pace and direct running are a constant threat. He’s an excellent passer of the ball.

  13. I’d still retain hope for Liam Irwin. Has a unique attacking instinct. Does things most players might not think of, ie fisting the goal to the net in 2016 u21 AIF. A statement season for him with Breaffy and Horan would no doubt bring him in. I wouldn’t have concerns over his fitness if he stays injury free. Obv senior club fitness is not at the same level as senior intercounty. But if he got into dev squad it would, in my opinion, bring him on leaps and bounds.

    Any update on Oisin Horan (Kilmovee). Is he in dev squad? Very good talent. You’d be concerned that if lads from junior clubs don’t get brought on board the county scene that they will not maximise their potential if operating at a lower standard club level. Hence why Kerry’s system is better than ours and a major contributor to their ongoing success. (Divisional teams)

  14. Thanks Crete Boom, that lad certainly caught my eye. It was his movement off the ball and his ability to not get attracted to the ball. Sometimes, in young players, they are so keen to see action and get on the ball that they forget to hold their position on the field and instead tear around the pitch looking for leather. This lad held his position and timed his runs very well, e.g. the goal he scored where he ghosted in behind the ball to dive at it and force it home. He looks a smart player too, he took his marker to areas of the field that the marker did not want to go to, thereby opening up space for his Ballina colleagues. Given his age, playing a powerful team like Mitchels away from home, his athleticism and intelligence, he stood out for me. I don’t think he wasted a ball either.
    Write the name down. With a bit of luck we will be hearing of that lad again.

  15. All – a few people have been trying to post comments here related to cuts being made to the panel ahead of Championship. In deference to the players affected and, given long-standing policy here not to make public stories which aren’t yet in the public domain, these comments will not be allowed up on the site and I’d ask everyone to desist from attempting to post comments in this vein. This information will become public in its own time.

  16. Great reading Lee’s interview at launch of John West Feile. He is always so positive and upbeat. He gives great comments about the Mayo fans. Smashing guy.

  17. The Kerry club intermediate and junior championship semi finals are fixed for next Sunday week and the finals for May bank holiday weekend. Already over half the intermediate and junior teams are out of the championship and there seasons are effectively over already. Would intermediate and junior teams in Mayo tolerate this? I doubt it. The championship is run this way so the amalgamated junior and intermediate teams can play in the senior championship next September. Half of these amalgamated teams put in little or no preparation.

  18. I would agree with that South Mayo Exile. There are a lot of problems with the Kerry system. Club players are already pissed off with the fixtures schedule. Imagine telling them that their season is effectively over in April?!

    We have had a very big spread of clubs on the county team over the last few years so our club system is not a problem.

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