Club Championship Round 1 fixture details confirmed

Mayo GAA have confirmed fixture details for Round 1 of this year’s Senior, Intermediate and Junior football Championships. The Round 1 ties are set to be contested over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Here’s the list for Round 1 of the SFC:

Here are the Round 1 fixtures in the IFC:

And here are all the Round 1 matches in the JFC:

At a national level the GAA have updated match-day protocols in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Details on that are here.

I think we’ve all had it up to our ears at this stage with golden oldie sports replays so TG4’s announcement today that they’re resuming their live match coverage in the near future is very welcome. You’ll find all the details on the club matches they’re planning to broadcast over the next few weeks here.

16 thoughts on “Club Championship Round 1 fixture details confirmed

  1. Brilliant stuff tg4!

    Fully agree on the “up to the ears” comment with regard to old matches 😀

    Pretty much all the enjoyment of sport for me comes from the unpredictability and tension that only comes with live games.

    Give me wexford club championship live over a 1972 all Ireland semi or whatever anyday!

    Roll on next week, and indeed the August bank holiday for Mayo’s resumption

  2. Great interview and article on Andy Moran by Keith Duggan, in the Irish Times. What an ambassador for Mayo football! Andy, you are sorely missed.

  3. I think Westport or Ballaghadereen could win the county title this year.
    Westport have a strong squad. I feel they were too young and light last year, the extra year will have brought them on a ton.
    They’ll certainly be the fittest and quickest team in the county.

  4. “They’ll certainly be the fittest and quickest team in the county” – Wheres our basis and logic for this statement?

  5. @southpaw.
    Obviously I don’t have any comparative actual fitness scores. But, from the eye test and following the players in my view Westport have the fittest and quickest team if you compared a typical matchday 15/21.
    They have no player starting where you’d think “Jese, a bit off the pace”. They have no older players near the end of their career. They have quite a few very quick players.

  6. Connaught Telegraph is reporting all club championship games in mayo are likely to be all ticket.

  7. good to see club football back, will be interesting to see if all the county panel are fit again and how well they play for their clubs and if any club players put their hand up for a spot on county panel.
    interesting weekend ahead.

  8. With the pub reopenings understandably deferred, you’ll wonder what will be next. Hard to see much football being played this year.

  9. Are Mayo GAA tv going to show any of the early club championship games??

  10. I thought I was seeing things, the Neale in the Senior championship, they have come a long way in 20 years, were never too strong at underage in South Mayo back in my day.

  11. It’s a pity the restrictions extended for another few weeks and only 200 can attend games. Was really looking forward to getting back to games. But based on increase positive numbers it’s not really a surprise

    Allowing for players/mgmt/ref and his team I guess you are looking at 100 to 110 per game allowing max 100 supporters. I don’t envy club officers or whoever is giving job of distribution of tickets! Hopefully people respect that they can’t go. It might even be easier just to allow no supporters! Worse than all Ireland tickets.

    Really hope mayo gaa tv or clubs manage to stream all games. I know there is work involved but even just a camera would keep me happy

  12. Wrong call made on sticking with only 200 to attend games, no county board can be happy with that call. Pubs shut for a while long i can understand but outdoors watching a match? and it not like the number of cases spiked up, its still only 20 a day average.

  13. I think ‘behind closed doors’ is likely the best way to proceed with the club.

    Unless some agreement can be made in that the terraces and stand can be deemed separate to the pitch and hence both are counted separately, it just seems way to much hassle for what will probably amount to about 40 tickets each per club

    I think we can likely forget the 500 (and pubs) coming in anytime before September at this stage, given its extremely unlikely we’ll get the R below 1 again anytime soon, with everyone now out mingling again in the community – unless another full scale lockdown. Schools even have to be in jeopardy at this point one would imagine. By september though the government are likely going to have to address key questions around how the country can learn to live best in tandem with the virus, given a vaccine is likely at least 10 months away – if ever

    And sorry to add even more negativity but in reality is it a complete pipe dream to expect championships to run off smoothly? Given no widespread testing and the fact one club member testing positive has been enough to shut down a few clubs in the past week, it would appear fanciful at best currently

  14. Very disappointing that the general Covid 19 infection rates have gone above ONE… So many people have been making scarifices for months since March.. Regretfully some (a minority) in society have not been behaving responsibility, and such behavior has a very negative effect on everyone in society…In New Zealand (despite some setbacks, recently imported cases from the UK)..The recent very impressive Covid 19 stats have been able to have full Stadiums of rugby fan’s, ..If we In Ireland had been as decisive from the very start, it isn’t too much to think that we too could play match’s in full Stadia , Pubs could be open, People could go to their Church’s, and Children could go to school., it’s still not mandatory to wear a mask, in shop’s, but thankfully will be very shortly..In the Dail yesterday, it was stated and I was shocked to learn that flights are still coming into Ireland from Dallas…(despite advise from the EU, not to allow such flights) Dallas had 1055 new infections yesterday.. and Texas more than 11,000 yesterday..We still live on an Island in Ireland and that is just about the best natural advantage imaginable in the case of a Global Pandemic… But We need to do what other very successful Island’s at combating Covid, in the World.. like Iceland, Taiwan, Cuba and New Zealand…. The politicans in New Zealand took a 15% pay cut in solidarity with the people of New Zealand who ultimately will have to pay for the Covid restrictions… But I really despair with the Politicans in Ireland.

  15. We’re one island but we’re not one state. The 6 counties are part of the UK, so matter what we try to do, we have an open land border with the UK, and they’re a shambles

  16. Tubberman… North of the Border, have all the same advantage’s of being an Island… your right the UK or to be more accurate Borris Johnson and his leadership and his adviser’s and close associates have been a shambles, is and has been a shambles in dealing with Covid… Northern Ireland is doing better than Britian, broadly similar to ourselves South of the border..
    We allowed the Italian Flights into Ireland for a cancelled match in early March, no advise or compulsion to self isolate on return to Ireland was made on those Irish people attended the mass spreading event of Cheltenham… Flights are still coming into Ireland from Dallas, one of worst epicenter’s of the disease, surly that’s as bad as allowing flights into Ireland from Lombardy in early March… but the rural pubs remain closed…. Many might rightly think that there’s plenty shambolic about our Political leader’s handling of this pandemic!

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