Club Championships Round 3 preview – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E34

This coming weekend sees the culmination of the group stages in this year’s Senior, Intermediate and Junior club football Championships. A hectic few days of football lie ahead within the county, paving the way for the knockout stages in the hunt for the Moclair, Sweeney and McDonnell Cups.  

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we set the scene for this weekend’s Round 3 action. Mayo News sport editor Mike Finnerty hosts the show and he’s joined by Edwin McGreal and Ger Flanagan.

The lads discuss how the weekend’s crunch contests are likely to go, discussing in the process whether or not defending champions Knockmore and recent winners Castlebar Mitchels – both of whom face must-win games – are likely to make it through to the quarter-finals this year. As well as previewing all the make-or-break contests, the lads also discuss the controversy surrounding the venue for the JFC tie between Achill and Kilmovee.

Under AOB, the lads turn their attention to the planned end of season reviews with Mayo’s different management teams and they discuss the continuing reaction to Mayo’s All-Ireland final defeat last month.  

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129 thoughts on “Club Championships Round 3 preview – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E34

  1. The 2 games for me this weekend are knockmore v charlestown and ballina v davitts. Knockmore could very well be gone by this evening as charlestown have zero fear of them and have already beaten them this year.
    Ballina should beat davitts but drawing a line through the results in the group so far there may not a lot between them. A win for davitts would see them safe from relegation and a win by 4pts or more would probably see them into the quarters assuming ballintubber account for claremorris.
    Really hard to pick the overall winner but from what I’ve seen so far breaffy and ballintubber out in front with westport not that far behind, everyone else struggling.

  2. I must say that is very disappointing for Kilmovee that the appeal is not being allowed on a technality. Con Moynihan saying in Mayo News that ‘fairness has to come into it’!! Very poor leadership from C. Moynihan for the whole episode.

  3. Thinks it disgraceful what has gone on with the kilmovee game. Have no connection with them in fact having came across them a few times I could confess to not really liking them but think they have been completely shafted…I hope when the county board come looking for there 4500 next year if at all possible they tell them where to go.
    Maybe I’m being overly cynical but you would really hope the fact that the kilmovee manager has been a vocal critic of the county board this year had no bearing on the original decision on the venue

  4. It’s the most obvious shitting on a club I’ve ever heard tell of . “In the interest of fairness ” we’ll go for a techincality cause we’ve completely fouled the ball here , we forgot to read our own rule book .

  5. I agree with above posters and its just not right. I have no involvement with Kilmovee but sure we all can see the injustice and unfairness. I always admire Enda Mc on the podcast for saying the truth. I am not a bit impressed with Con Moynihan in his role as CCC Chairman.

  6. Don’t know much about what is happening with Kiilmovee but I hope fair play prevails
    Delighted mitchels won, as a along old supporter of the club now in Meath

  7. We should all do the Kilmovee lotto next week in solidarity of their poor treatment by the CB.

  8. In a week where a small club won the u16 b east mayo title for the first time in nearly 30years, beating ballagh in extra time , it should of been a really happy out period for shamrocks .

  9. Would be some craic if the Kilmovee team bus pulled up 2 mins before throw in and they busted out of the bus togged out and went on to bate Achill.

  10. Excellent Podcast, good luck to the lads with the James Horan interview maybe, if it happens!

  11. Desperate treatment of Kilmovee Shamrocks. Fair play thrown out the window. Do small rural junior clubs who fight so hard to survive not deserve a bit of respect. Come on Co Board We expect better.

  12. Not sure respect even comes into it , all that was needed was fair play , let the rule book decide ,why didnt they let the connacht council decide who had the better ability to read the english language ! Because they already knew they cheated the rule book they typed and therefore had to go for a technicality in order to see the appeal rejected. How this can sit comfortable with anyone is mind boggling .

    Kilmovee shamrocks have been urinated on by their own CB .Con , its shameful .

  13. That’s an awful bad shafting from the CB. Kilmovee have every right to be aggrieved at all this. All the CB had to do was continue with the fixture as planned from the outset but instead they’ve managed to make a complete mess out of everything. It does not inspire confidence in the decision makers on the CCC and in those who may be considering a run for the chairman role.

    Between this, the ‘questions to the management’ debacle and the general animosity that has been present in the county since the final defeat, it has been a bad few weeks for Mayo GAA in general. What happens off-field should not be overshadowing the club championships but that’s what we’re left with

  14. Such a bad look to fight the Kilmovee appeal on a technicality. Basically admitting you’re in the wrong.

  15. @My Ball. Vaughan hamstring injury. Had it wrapped in ice walking off at the break.

  16. One should never underestimate the pettiness and vindictiveness of bureaucrats. I think most people can see this for what it is, a smackdown for the Kilmovee manager because of the podcast he does in which they sometimes slag the county board. What is a bit surprising is Con Moynihan allowing something like this to happen to his neighbouring club 2 months before he goes seeking votes for the Chairman’s position. I’m sure the clubs of east Mayo won’t forget something like this in such a short time.

  17. Desolation and Devastation. Utter Betrayal by the governing body who should be promoting the game. Good luck to Cill Chomain on getting out of the group. Will be interesting to see will the CCC insist on Achill getting a playoff at home next week for their home supporters to get a chance to see them. My gut feeling is that it wont happen, Cill Chomain have representation on the CCC.

  18. Mitchells were just about the better team. Andy will be kicking himself for not taking that last shot on himself as he had a bit of space. He had a great game besides. Won every single ball that came into him.

    Mitchells were clever though in deciding not to put Durcan on Andy. Paddy totally ruled this game, from start to finish. Unbelievable performance.

    I like Paddy Heneghan. Still quite raw but has a lot about him that I really like. Improving with every single game.

    Kuba Callaghan excellent for Ballagh and Kirby also very good for Mitchells. Drake is some man. Clearly reinjured himself early in the match as he was moving very gingerly early on, but still he was Ballagh”s number one leader and drove on at every opportunity. That’s what you love to see.

    Mitchells are not a great team by any means but will be a tough test for anyone in the quarters.

  19. Nothing against Achill but I hope Kilmovee turn up like men possessed and beat them by double scores today

  20. It’s not as if the county board havent shown their disdain for that particular podcast in public before…

    Oh wait

  21. Am I the only one that thinks Achill have came out of this looking very poorly. It’s hardly ideal preparation for them if they go through to the quarters having played one game. They should have contacted the county board and kilmovee and said they would play at a neutral venue…if they are not able get at least a draw then against kilmovee to go through they are at nothing going into the next stage

  22. Did anyone have problems with the streaming service from Aughamore? I lost it for long stretches.

  23. @Blondie11

    No, you are not alone in thinking Achill come out of this saga looking very poorly.

    Total lack of class from Achill.

    Any organisation (and especially our CB) that does not value justice, is condemned to mediocrity at best.

  24. @Sean Burke, my thinking is that it’s more likely there was no specific rule which covered this situation because if there was Achill would not have requested the home game to begin with and the CCC would not have taken hours to mull over it.

    So we can’t say rules were broken if no rule existed for this specific situation to begin with and to add weight to that there would be no need to fight the appeal on a technicality.

    The only “rule” we can point to is that each team has one home, one away, and one game at a neutral venue, under normal circumstances and walk overs wouldn’t be considered normal circumstances.

    I do think that if Achill hadn’t requested that the game be played at home that the game would have been played at a neutral venue so they have contributed to this shambles and I think they should have intervened once Kilmovee made it public that they would not travel because if the objective of the request was based on the desire to actually “play” a game at home then it was made clear that that wasn’t going to happen anyway.

    So whatever about the CCC making a mess of it, I said here a few days ago that Achill should and could have put a halt to this and seen that this was unfair to Kilmovee.

    If Con Moynihan thought that this was a “rock and a hard place” situation then god help him if he ever has a difficult decision to make, there was no rock and hard place here, one team were awarded the points for the home fixture that didn’t take place and accepted those points gladly while the other team were expected to play two away games.

    I would understand Achill’s point had they not been awarded the points but you can’t have it both ways.

    Now Con Moynihan has got his way and the home game for Achill which he based his decision on in the interest of “fairness”, in fact wont go ahead at all, so even by favouring one side over the other, the CCC still managed to make a mess of it. That’s an exceptional achievement.

    Who could blame Kilmovee for unleashing hellfire on the County Board, how dare anyone treat a club like this, if good decision making is beyond you then walk away from the role and there was nothing good about this decision so close the door after you on your way out.

  25. That’s the point viper there are rules for w/o , the points count sin e . Lacken still finish bottom of the group , they also played kilmovee . Furthermore CM (ccc chairman ) knew this or would not of fought the case on a technicality. Please understand this is an exclusive case and kilmovee were done over . I’m not going to get into this anymore , I know CM and I find it very disappointing.

    Just to clarify , lacken points still stand . Achill will need to request their home game now for qf for all the same reasoning that was given . But qf is neutral venue i hear you say ,so is last game of of round Robin I say .

  26. Catcol – I had no problem with the streaming of the game from Aughamore last night – good reception all wah through.
    Kuba Callaghan played well. He has that burst of speed to take him past the defender – you can’t coach or train that into a forward. Would hope if he is interested that he would be brought into the Mayo set up.

  27. Absolute disgrace that it came to this for Kilmovee. Should never have been fixed to be played in Achill. Shouldnt have been fought on a technicality but I can see why it was. If the appeal was late than Achill could have appealed the ruling and as they didnt come out and offer to play a neutral venue then it is very likely they would have appealed so this would go on and on. Its a pity Kilmovee made that error as it gave an easy out.

    Unfortunately everyone is a loser in this mess. Kilmovee out of championship. Achill have gone way down in my estimation and I really hope they get hammered in their remining championship games. They deserve no good luck for this. And as for CCC, Con has probably lost a lot of votes so will lose out on the chair. And if he remains in vice chair the big election every 5 years is now out of sync so he probably will not get another chance to run for chair. Funny how one decision to his neighbouring club has such implications.

    So looks like Cil CHoman /Achill now to play off to see who tops the group. Obviously that is to be played in Achill as we have been told it is unfair they havent had a home game

  28. @On the one road, ‘Shatenfreude’I wouldn’t go down that road of saying that Achill don’t deserve any good luck.. It’s not actually a problem of Achills making, Achill may well have asked for a home fixture, but the CCC had absolutely no need to give Achill what is no doubt a decided unfair advantage of a home fixture versus Kilmovee in the final game of a round robin Club Championship game… @Evidently Binghamtown suggests that the Kilmovee manager and a Podcast might have something to do with the CCC decision, well I can’t say for sure myself, but I had several conversations with one or two Club delagates to the County Board and there is a perception out there that if you ask too many awkward questions or are critical of the County Board, at a County Board meeting that the club you represent might just get shafted, re fixtures time’s and venues…. That’s the perception anyhow.. A Neutral Venue would be the fairest and the administration of sport should always be as fair as possible.

  29. Hi Willie Joe
    My comment simply was to be careful when critical of CC. Facts ect.
    Very unfair to suggest that my comment was anything else.
    And sorry I did not get back with a response immediately .

  30. @Sean Burke, I know but that rule is regarding the awarding of points and that wasn’t in dispute so what I’m asking is if there is any clear definition in the rules as to what a “home game” means in the event of situations like this arising where no game actually took place.

    I would doubt very much if there is so therefore if there is no clear definition in the rules one person made interpret the definition of “Home Game” as a game which was physically played.

    Because if this was clearly defined in the rules then every club would understand that and a request wouldn’t have been made to begin with as it would be pointless.

    I’m trying to look at it from every side here because sometimes things aren’t as clear cut as they seem because it would seem to me that a lack of clear rules has also contributed to this.

    So if we separate points awarded for a w/o which is clear and the definition of “Home Game”, Achill or anyone could argue, yes we got points for a w/o as per the rules but we did not play a home game as per the rules also.

    And it’s very likely that because there was no clear rule regarding this it led things to spiral out of control because the CCC were unable to point to a clear rule for the definition of “Home Game” when we have a situation where the game wasn’t actually played.

    So then you have a situation, yes Achill have a point because we have not clearly defined what a “home game” actually is but that should have been left as a dispute between Achill and the CCC and Kilmovee should never have been brought in to the dispute and it is at this point that the pendulum of blame swings firmly to the side of the CCC.

    I mean it wouldn’t have taken much to persuade Achill to play at a neutral venue if it was pointed out to them yes you have a small point but you have received the points and if you want to play by the rules then the rules also state that you must play one game at a neutral venue and if you fail to show up the points will be awarded to Kilmovee.

    I think we would all say that was a logical decision and in any case there’s no way Achill wouldn’t have shown up and risked being knocked out because of a pedantic point.

  31. :Each team will have a home and away fixture in round 1 and round 2. The 3rd round venue will be fixed by the CCC. The CCC also reserves the right to toss between both teams for a venue if the committee deems it in the best interest of a particular fixture.”

    I’m tired of it now , cant keep coming and going . If the CCC wanted fairness in the appeal they wouldnt of chosen to fight on a technicality. If they were fearful of an Achill appeal they shouldn’t of choose to interfere in the arrangement in the first place and let the neutral venue roll like every other game . It was a total fook up by mayo CCC and morally corrupt .

    How can you say on one hand it’s fair game for one team to be the only team in the county to play two games in opposition ground but unfair for another team to be the only team in the county to not have a home game .

    It’s the most transparent case of unfairness you can come across .

  32. Not that it matters since kilcommon beat kilmovee, but why do Kilmovee still have their scoring difference in tact for the Lacken game on the group table when Kilcommon and Achill never got the chance to play Lacken?

    Don’t think there would have been half as much noise out of kilmovee if they had got a result against kilcommon as they knew their scoring difference would have come into play.

  33. Con Moynihan has a demographics study for every club. He’ll be able to tell struggling clubs they lack numbers and big clubs they’ve lots of numbers. Ya. We’ll see what reception he gets in the grassroots with this genius stuff.
    He is in no way fit to be a future chairperson after this debacle that he presided over. There isn’t a hope in hell it would happen to a Castlebar or Ballintubber.

  34. @Sean Burke, there’s no doubt it’s unfair but just because one entity makes an unfair decision doesn’t mean that those it favours should roll with it.

    The minute Kilmovee declared that they would not travel I think Achill should have intervened and said no we withdraw our request because if our request is based on actually “playing” a game at home and that’s not going to happen, then what’s the point.

    It wouldn’t have exonerated the CCC at all but it would have been the right thing to do.

  35. Right, I can see that the discussion is now veering in an entirely predictable, more generalised ‘f**k the county board’ direction. I’ve already had to delete a few comments in that vein. I’ve no problem with the debate continuing on the rights and wrongs of the Achill/Kilmovee decision but please keep it on topic and also keep the emotion and whataboutery out of it.

  36. Colm Reape excellent in goal for Knockmore. Very secure on high ball, able to pick out players long on his kickout.

  37. There was a good discussion on off the ball earlier about the gaa convention next week, had one of the members of the committee that proposed the different options, I would go with B for the trial 3 year period.

  38. Top class service from Mayo GAA tv-and a cracking game from Breaffy.
    Knockmore haven’t gone away ya know!.

  39. Pearse Ruttledge has probably been Knockmore’s standout forward this season. Could be an option for the Mayo half forward line.

  40. Redcol I can understand you’re upset with how things have turned out for you, but is that a reason to take a sly dig at Cill Chomáin now too, who have had nothing at all to do with this debacle?.

  41. No dig intended at Cill Chomain. My point was we were told Achill had to get a home game and it will be interesting to see will CCC stick with their ruling for that game

  42. Knockmore won by 3-15 to 2-10. Charlestown got two late goals to put a bit of a gloss on the scoreline but this was a paddling. Belmullet beat Aghamore by 1-9 to 1-8 so they top the group, with Knockmore going through in second.

  43. Towey, Pearse Routledge, excellent. Aidan Orme superb. I can see why Horan had him in. Colm Reape excellent. Won two or three high balls, is comfortable on the ball, and has a booming kickout.

  44. Great to see Horan and McDanger in Breaffy, looking relaxed. Great that we can now definitely put that rumour to bed.

  45. Great result for Belmullet. Was it 1977 that aughamore were champions, maybe a small amalgation. Beaten by the Mitchell’s in 1978 in one of the best semi finals I witnessed. Surely amalgation is the way to go and still play own grade

    It works in Kerry

  46. Genuinely wasn’t having a go at Cill Chomain, I will be watching with great interest will the CCC play Achill v Cill Chomain in Achill or will it be neutral. We were told Achill had to get a home game

  47. Knockmore show the value of good coaching and long term development. Bear in mind Knockmore do not have a big pick as gets bandied about. Medium pick.

  48. Knockmore gave an awesome display. Organised and well coached with a huge workrate. They look like they are on a mission for the repeat win

  49. @ Tomthumb . Quarter finals will be played next weekend .IF you cannot get to the games two of them will be brodcast live on rte 2 on Saturday.

  50. Eoghan McLoughlin played for Westport today, put in a solid display, great to see him back.

  51. “Eoghan McLoughlin played for Westport today, put in a solid display, great to see him back.”

    That’s great to hear , where was he positioned?

  52. Fantastic news about Eoghan. I was only thinking about him earlier today, wondering what the story was.

    @glorydays they were at the Knockmore v Charlestown match! In Breaffy!

  53. Orme exudes that bit of class. He’s fast, very comfortable on the ball, always has space. But most importantly he’s always looking for the ball and has a good attitude.
    On current form, he’s a certainty for the number 10 jersey next year for Mayo.

  54. @ Stephen crowley it said it at end of ” the saturday game live” programme on rte 2 that they are in mayo next saturday to brodcast two quarter- finals of the mayo championship, unless I am gone a bit loopy in my old age and have begun hearing things that are not true.

  55. Wow that’s a statement and a half by Knockmore

    Belmullet defeat well and truly forgotten now (aside from the awful weather, a sliver of complacency may have understandably set in for that one, after winning game 1)

    Going to be some championship from here. Honestly all of Knockmore, Btubber, Westport and Breaffy have serious claims to be favourites for the title. I’d still never fully write off Castlebar either – if they were to sneak through the quarters then anything could happen, still a fair bit of county title winning experience amongst their ranks. Its a brand new competition altogether from the knock-outs as they say

    Worth nothing though that we’re at the most unpredictable time of the year weather wise.. we could have anything from a dry sunny day, with temperatures in the midteens, and no breeze; to tornado-like conditions, monsoon rain and/or bitter cold. Could play a serious part yet.

  56. Shambolic stuff all round in the Achill v kilmovee issue.
    – Achill had a home game in round 2. They got the points after Lacken provided a walkover. It’s as simple as that. Unfortunate that they didn’t get to physically play at home but it’s not kilmovees fault.
    – the third round should have been neutral. Same as every other club in Mayo.
    – really disappointed in Achill not playing the game at a neutral venue. Through to a quarter final without winning a game. A phyrric victory if you ask me. They have managed to lose the goodwill of nearly every GAA person in Mayo.
    – let’s be honest here, Achill are stronger than Kilmovee and in all likelihood would have beaten them anyway regardless of where it was played. Cannot understand why they didn’t just play the game.
    – now onto the county boards role in this. What a joke. Sadly all too predictable. Anyone with half a brain could have foreseen this eventuality. I mean, did they think Kilmovee were just gonna lie down and accept it?
    – doubling down by appealing Kilmovee appeal on a technicality was just the icing on the cake.

    A shambles all round and a decent club shafted.

  57. Jimbo, that’s fair enough. Just find it strange that Mayogaa would allow that and lose out on revenue from their own stream on mayogaatv

  58. Knockmore, Breaffy and Castlebar are 2nd seeds for the quarter final draw. Ballina will probably join them. Nothing easy there!

  59. Great result from Belmullet – if anyone was at the game would they be able to give a brief description on how it looked / the flow of the game?

  60. @Larry Duff, How do you know Achill refused to play at a neutral venue, were they even asked ?

    There’s a big difference in asking for a home venue based on the fact that they didn’t play a game at home and refusing to play at a neutral venue.

    I think Achill would have played at a neutral venue had they been told that a home game was out of the question.

    I fully agree with Kilmovee’s stance but I don’t think we can say Achill point blank refused to play at a neutral venue.

    I haven’t read anything that states that Achill refused to play at a neutral venue.

  61. @viper it’s pretty obvious Achill lobbied the CCC hard to play the game at home. Blind Freddie can see that.
    Even if we accept they didn’t (which I don’t accept) and the county board just fixed the game for Achill without any input from either club (highly unlikely) there was nothing stopping Achill from saying “look, we will play Kilmovee at a neutral venue”
    But they didn’t.
    The game was originally scheduled for a neutral venue. Lacken giving a walkover to Achill in round 2 had no impact on the status of the round 3 game as a neutral venue game.

  62. I’m aware of that AM who would want to go and see a team like Breaffy play? We know all about them a useful team but they aren’t fulfilling their potential
    They choke when they get to a county final

  63. Ciarán remember Breafy never won a final. If Castlebar get to it they will expect to win. If not as a Mitchell’s man I would love to see Wetport win.
    In the seventies it was all soccer.
    Knockmore favourites

  64. I presume glorydays based on what you say about Breaffy that you dont go to support Mayo either.

  65. @Larry Duff,

    We know they asked for a home venue based on the fact that they hadn’t played a game at home but do you accept that that is not the same as refusing to play at a neutral venue ?

    And did the status of the group not change from a 4 team group to a 3 team group once Lacken withdrew and therefore no neutral venue would have been needed in a 3 team group, is this something that may also have had a bearing on raising the question to begin with ?

    You can’t say it’s pretty obvious Achill lobbied the CCC hard at all when there is absolutely no evidence of that, all you can say is they requested a home game.

    But I don’t accept that they refused to play at a neutral venue when there is no evidence that they were asked to, how can you refuse something if you weren’t asked.

    Kilmovee made it very clear that they would not travel, but I have read nothing from Achill or the CCC which states that Achill refused to play at a neutral venue.

    We need to be careful not to tarnish a club without knowing the full facts and feelings of “pretty obvious” are not facts.

    I still agree with Kilmovee’s stance though, but it wasn’t Achill who told them they must travel or it wasn’t Achill who scuppered the appeal on a technicality.

  66. Well done kilmovee for standing up to the country board, there a credit to every small club in mayo shame on County board and achill kilmovee gaa and parish ?

  67. Hope anyone but Achill win Junior this year, couldn’t offer a neutral venue after getting the 2 points against Lacken and shame on our County Board for that terrible decision.

  68. “And did the status of the group not change from a 4 team group to a 3 team group once Lacken withdrew and therefore no neutral venue would have been needed in a 3 team group, is this something that may also have had a bearing on raising the question to begin with ?

    No , the status of the group did not change . Kilmovee played lacken ,won and got the points . Lacken didnt field a team v Achill or cil comain, both teams also got the points . Lacken finished bottom of the group . This has been outlined in several copy and paste posts from the rule book in here .

  69. @TH, why should any club have to sort venues out, isn’t that why we have officials.

    I don’t think there was even a venue on the table for this game, it didn’t even get to that stage.

    A couple of phone calls and a bit of dialogue would have sorted this out in 5 minutes.

    It’s not the type of issue that would keep you awake all night is it.

  70. Of course it’s officialdom who’s at fault here primarily cm/ccc . Achill didnt cover themselves in glory ,also putting up a post this evening that kilmovee conceded , a bit tasteless imo . But all said and done the fault lies at the door of CCC .

    Breaffy and garymoore played out a draw . When do we find out who plays who in qf ? Fantastic senior championship in terms of a few teams could win it .

  71. Kiltane V the Neale is an underrated game this weekend! The South Mayo men need to sort out their kickouts as they were put under serious against Garrymore..Kiltane have been here before and I expect them to pull through

  72. @Sean Burke, of course because Lacken played one game and then withdrew both Achill and Kilcommon would have been entitled to the points.

    But for example had Lacken withdrew from the competition on the eve of the Kilmovee game, it would then have become a 3 team group with and the neutral venue would have been abolished because Lacken pulled out.

    I know what the rules say about awarding points which is perfectly fair but I don’t see any reference as to whether venues cannot be amended when a team withdraws during the course of a group stage like for example what would be the point of fixing a neutral venue for Lacken v Kilcommon when it is known that Lacken are no longer in the competition.

    It’s probably a lack of clear rules which is the issue, they cover points awarded alright but nothing regarding venues.

  73. Is Aidan Orme light? He might have been a bit last year but he certainly isn’t this year. Think he’s probably the most skilful footballer in the County with Ryan O’D and Cillian. Very unselfish player always takes the right option of when to pass or shoot, I expect him to have the Number 13 Jersey come championship next year.

  74. Apologies Willie Joe I am still frustrated that certain players didn’t take the all ireland final by the scruff of the neck and somehow drag us over the line but this is not the place to vent such frustration. Apologies to you and also all Breaffy supporters, Won’t happen again.

  75. So Breaffy finish 2nd and join Castlebar, Knockmore and (likely) Ballina as the 2nd seeds. I’d expect all of the above to beat Garrymore and Belmullet, and there’s certainly nothing soft at all there for Westport and B’tubber.

    Going to be a fascinating championship from now on altogether.

    Group form more or less goes out the window now, brand new tournament from here, where weather conditions (as ever this time of year) could play a huge role

    Must be one of the more exciting county championship in the country now?

  76. Wouldn’t it great if all junior clubs refused to play the quarter finals until kilmovee got their round 3 game at a neutral venue its time we junior clubs stood together for once beside letting the country board bullying us all the time

  77. Thanks, Glorydays – I think that’s a frustration most of us share in some fashion right now. This latest All-Ireland defeat has come close to, or in some cases has succeeded in, breaking the spirits of many supporters, myself included.

  78. Yes, Terry Kennedy is still a very valued member of the Knockmore management team. Unfortunately, his input with the Mayo Senior mens team was very brief under Horan. Unbelievable, considering the county team has zero defensive strategy, apart from going man on man and we all know where that has got us. Knockmore’s Darren McHale, Peter Naughton, Pearse Ruttledge, Orme, Reape and Mcloughlin were all very good yesterday as was Lenihan from Charlestown who was excellent again yesterday. He certainly deserves to be brought into the county squad.

  79. As an Oileanach ( islander) I must say that I was disappointed that the game against Kilmovee was not played at a neutral venue. I know that a lot of people in Achill would not be happy either! In my opinion, and in the interest of fairness and good sportmanship GLG Acla should have contacted the CB to play the match!
    However, I am not privy to what happens at CCC level regarding match fixtures in the county! Perhaps Achill had no say in the final decision?

  80. Achill come out of this whole debacle every bit as bad as the County Board. They could have put their hand up at any stage and said they’ll play the game in a neutral venue, a game they would have won in all likelihood. Still scratching my head as to how the CCC could have sat around a table, discussed this whole thing and thought this would wash with the public. It shows some contempt for us.

  81. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Why is Kilmovee’s scoring difference from the match being counted on the group table? It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things since Kilcommon beat them but if we’re talking about fairness then it should have been wiped once Lacken withdrew. Wouldn’t have been half as much noise out of Kilmovee if they had got a result against Kilcommon and scoring difference came into play then.

  82. Going off tangent completely there eyes on the ball but as you bring it up ,I’d hazzard a guess the scoreline does indeed count , why wouldnt it . Lacken played kilmovee , scoreline has to count , I do not understand the thinking behind some people here . As far as I know a walkover is a one point to no score win and again that’s what will go down as official score . Can someone clarify that but I’m near certain that’s how it works , the 9-23 shamrocks scored would most certainly stand .

  83. @Sean Burke but is that not a huge, and completely unfair advantage if it had come down to scoring difference? Not Achill or Kilcommons fault they didn’t get the chance to put up a score on Lacken, hence why that Kilmovee v Lacken should have been declared null and void. Think Achill are really being dragged through the mud here through no fault of their own, every right to ask for a home game with the way things have played out.

  84. Well done Mayo GAA TV. Great to he able to watch Louisburgh live from Edinburgh. Not so good seeing Kiltimagh lead 1-8 to 0-6 at half time. Louisburgh struggling to get going

  85. Well done Louisburgh. Great first few minutes of the second half delivered the win. Hard luck Kiltimagh.

  86. I know @REDCOL mentioned that there will need to be a play-off between Kilcommon and Achill to decide who tops the group but I don’t think there needs to be because Kilcommon have the superior scoring difference in the group so they should top it.

    Maybe someone can clarify that.

  87. It probably does need to be a play-off because of the fact there were walk overs in the group.

  88. the points-difference debacle reminds me of me running in a relay race in our Brothers national School – in lanes around a pitch with no stagger – guess the finishing order! Executive functioning not the best.

  89. Am after watching the best county club final on TG4 in a long time. Leitrim county final. High standard from both teams, good clean sporting game, excellent football from both teams.A big passionate crowd.
    Mohill 1.16 to Ballinamore 0.17
    Andy Moran and his team will be sasta! Go neiri le Andy!

  90. If team concedes a game then the scoring difference of any other game that they play doesn’t count. So as lacken and kilmovee conceded games the scoring difference in the group doesn’t matter. Yee can dress it up any way yee like but it looks like to me that Kilmovee were hard done by and Achill haven’t covered themselves in glory either, as basically they got 4 pts for 2 home games. Terrible taste in the mouth but why am I not surprised

  91. @Eyesontheball, Once there is a walk over in a group the scoring difference doesn’t come into it when separating two teams that are tied on points so the advantage of putting up a high score is wiped out.

    If Kilmovee and Kilcommon were tied at the top of the table then 1st place would go to Kilcommon as they beat Kilmovee. But because Achill drew with Kilcommon then there will need to be a play-off.

  92. @Quarehawk, could we say Kilcommon got 5 points by drawing a home game, winning an away game and having a game at a neutral venue ?

    Doesn’t sound right does it, because they didn’t have a game at a neutral venue.

  93. @ viper the game was fixed for a neutral venue but as lacken conceded the location was not announced as you probably well know.
    I’m not from any of the 4 clubs involved in that group so I have no skin in the game. This is my last post on the matter. You may or may not have you own agenda

  94. @Quarehawk, I’m just pointing out the facts that no game took place between Kilcommon and Lacken at a neutral venue. Something being fixed and a game taking place are two very different things.

    Nobody would say Kilcommon had a game at a neutral venue because it didn’t happen but some people seem very comfortable in saying Achill had a home game even though that didn’t happen either, so there is clear hypocrisy there and as everyone knows I support Kilmovee’s stance, so when you say Achill basically got 4 pts. for 2 home games, that’s not accurate because no games took place.

    It’s such a pity the appeal from Kilmovee wasn’t lodged in time so we could have possibly found out a bit more as to what led to this shambles.

  95. Wont be played in Achill. Mayo cccc in contact with Croke park this evening – double header of senior games on the cards for Saturday evening in Croker.
    What is the full draw. Cant see it anywhere

  96. two of the quarter finals are to be shown on RTE. Westport/Ballina & Knockmore v Ballintubber look like the preferred option. A fair drive for some of them to Bekan if they are the chosen four.

    Some good games there.I think we will lose two of the top seeds. Semi finalists to be Westport, Breaffy, Garrymore and Knockmore

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