Club Championship round-up

The second round of matches in the Senior and Intermediate club Championships were played over the weekend. Here, thanks to @MayoGAA, are details of the results and group standings in both the SFC and the IFC.

Here are the weekend’s results in the Senior Championship.

Here are the results from the weekend’s matches in the Intermediate Championship.

Onto the standings in both Championships, starting with Senior.

In Group 1, Breaffy are through to the quarter-finals, with Davitts and Kiltane in a battle for the second spot, while both, along with Bohola Moy Davitts, have relegation play-off concerns heading into the final round.

Group 2 is still up in the air. Castlebar Mitchels are in pole position to advance but aren’t there yet while Ballina Stephenites and Aghamore both have hopes of reaching the knockouts as well as worries about possibly finishing last. Westport’s worries on this score are slightly more amplified, though they’re not out of the running to reach the top two either.

Ballintubber have qualified from Group 3 with Knockmore looking best placed to join them in the knockouts. Garrymore and Hollymount/Carramore aren’t, though, out of it yet.

Group 4 is the only one where both knockout places have already been sorted after two rounds. Last year’s Intermediate champions, Belmullet, and Ballaghaderreen are through to the quarters while Charlestown and Claremorris go into the final round seeking to avoid finishing in the relegation play-off place.

In the Intermediate Championship the Group 1 and 2 tables are here while the Group 3 and 4 tables are here.

61 thoughts on “Club Championship round-up

  1. Belmullet flying at the moment with Ryan O’Donoghue leading the way for them on the scoreboard. Liam Irwin racked up a big score today against Kiltane. If he can continue to show that kind of form they will be hard to beat this autumn. Ballintubber still my bet to retain the moclair cup.

  2. Well done Burrishoole on today’s win. Not easy without the main man Jason. He has been such a loyal clubman down through the years. A fantastic role model. Such a long recovery road ahead for him.

  3. Nobody to touch kiltimagh in intermediate this year I’m afraid stronger than everybody else in intermediate couldn’t even predict a tight final
    We need to see Ryan o donoghue in a mayo Jersey next year a serious talent
    Liam Irwin looks like one of the most natural footballers in mayo
    Breaffy ballintubber final with the battle of the midfield to win it

  4. Some players outside of the county panel who stood out over the weekend going by media reports and games which I attended.
    Conor Naylor (Corner Back)Ardnaree.
    Owen Jordan (Half Back)Ballaghadereen.
    Paul Towey (4 pts from play)Charlestown.
    Neil Douglas(9pts 4 from play)Castlebar.
    Ryan O Donoghue(1-3 from play)Belmullet
    Liam Irwin(8pts 6 from play)Breaffy.
    If anyone else has other players to add much appreciated.

  5. Conor Naylor was outstanding
    Liam Irwin excellent
    Breaffy have serious options middle third wasn’t impressed with their defense
    Aghamore Ballina both showed glimpses of top drawer football but consistency seems to be the issue

  6. Conor Beirne corner back (Breaffy), mayo u20 from this year. Defended well and scored 2 points.
    Mikey Sweeney (Kiltane) scored 3 points from play with limited possession. Similar to Neil Douglas, he’s not the biggest but a natural finisher.
    Brian O’Malley (Westport) midfield.
    Stephen O’Malley (Ballintubber) scored 1-1.

  7. What about the Westport goalie? O malley? U20 Mayo keeper last year. Surely he has to be brought in next year?

  8. Garrymore are gone back alot this year for me, very poor today against Hollynount, playing poor defensive football!
    Woudn’t be too hard on Aidan Orme and Peter Naughton of Knockmore as they were living of scraps with the Tubber playing a posession football game for long periods.Michael Plunkett was impressive reads the game so well, and Dillo and Cillian won alot of handy frees up front.
    The Castlebar Westport match was dominated by one man Neil Douglas as he gave an exhibition in point taking on the evening.

  9. Sinabhuil well who’s going to touch them coming from a proud crossmollina man I thought there would be a rising for us and was there?no
    Who’s going to stop them tell me

  10. @itsonly68 for me Louisburgh will be contenders if they have a full deck. Lahardane put it up against kilti so obvious questions over kilti but time will tell.

    Ah Ref intermediate power rankings

    1. Ardnaree
    2. Louisburgh
    3. Kilti
    4. The Neale

    Ah Ref senior power rankings

    1. Tubber
    2. Castlebar
    3. Knockmore
    4. Breaffy

  11. Plenty of teams that can challenge Kilti imo. They are the strongest team but have being the last two or so years and still haven’t won it. This year’s intermediate is very much wide open. The teams who get through will all have legitimate claims of winning it. Right now, Ardnaree look in pole position, dispatched of Crossmolina with relative ease, whilst Louisburgh struggled against Shrule and Kilti struggled with Lahardane.

  12. On Irwin and O’Donaghue
    Irwin does look like a natural forward but at least last time I saw him play, he looked a little slow and unfit, albeit that is a long time ago. For those who saw him this weekend – Would he have the pace at IC level to run in front of a top quality defender and win his own ball? Would he have the fitness to do that for 70 mins?

    On O’Donaghue – Definetely has the pace and stamina for IC football. I thought he was dropped from the panel for non-football-related issues. (dont know the nature of those) but, question is – Will Horan bring him back on the panel even if he was consistently scoring 6 or 7 points from play ?

  13. I didn’t notice Irwin struggling with fitness yesterday. 7 of his 8 points came in the 2nd half. You’re not going to turn him into a Diarmuid O’Connor or Jason Doherty type forward no matter how much training he does.

  14. Kiltimagh have 6 starters
    Coming home from the states and injury
    Donovan cosgrove
    Cillian finn
    Mattie Cummins
    Brian Gallagher
    Daithi lydon
    Liam lydon
    Conor mallee
    They’ll have a serious 15 and bench
    Do ardnaree posess the same fire power
    I think them standings on both grades are wrong
    What have louisbourgh done to say they’re ahead of kiltimagh

  15. Watched the Mayo Gaels Ballinrobe match. O’Brien for Ballinrobe was very strong but he was forced to do too much and he gave away the ball a lot. Gallagher for Mayo Gaels looks like a new player. More power and he damaged Ballinrobe with his direct running. Mayo Gaels have some good power around the middle of the pitch but lacked a bit in taking scores. From my calculations The Neale have topped this group and Ballinrobe is in the relegation spot with either Ballyhaunis or Mayo Gaels to go to the quarter finals.

  16. I wouldn’t read too much yet into the performance of Irwin at the weekend, we have been here before at this time in the club championship regards Liam. The loss of such an important player as Tony Gaughan to Kiltane had a massive effect on the game, (I believe Kiltane were leading at that point) so this must be taken into consideration. there has Been high scoring performances from Liam in the past at club level which have lead to very little. I really do hope he can pull it all together as he does have the talent, I however reserve judgement until Breaffy have met the likes of Mitchels or Ballintubber.

    Regarding Ryan O’Donaghue, I believe that subject should be left well alone for the time being. One player that does need mentioning from Belmullet is Gary Boylan, a serious talent which Rochford almost coaxed back to football last year. Now back playing gaelic football he has serious potential for county level.

  17. Mark to be honest I would not know the difference between the two. Saw him a few years ago and he has fairly bulked up. Fella in his mid to early 20s, beard. I assume Adam.

  18. Mike – O’Donoghue has to come back. Surely he has served his sentence?

    On a different note I see Cork are getting serious: they have appointed a high performance coach to oversee all teams across the county – Aidan O’Connell of Munster Rugby. That’s impressive.

  19. Andy has retired- sad news. Imagine he first played for us in the league in November 2003.

  20. Ah his legs were gone lads you couldnt expect him to continue. He did well for ye and if ye had another Andy alongside him he might have retired with a medal for all his efforts.

  21. Irreplaceable..nobody even close to his caliber coming through for the foreseeable future.

  22. Andy Moran, , Greatest Forward Mayo ever produced, inspirational, overcame some terrible Injurys including Broken leg, Cruciate ligament at the early part of this Decade… Player of the Year award, Two All Star Award’s (deserved more) the most capped Mayo Player of All Time, I think only Stephen Cluxton, Séan Cavanagh,Tómas and Mark O Shea have played more inter County game’s in the history of the GAA…. it’s some CV…. Absolute Legend of the GAA, and not just in Mayo…. Thanks for so many brilliant displays Andy!

  23. The best Mayo forward ever, Ciaran McDonald the most talented but when it comes down to every level dedication, commitment, performing in an All Ireland final against top opposition Andy is the best forward we have ever produced.His Cruciate injury in 2012 defo cost us an All Ireland and Stephen Rochford taking him off with 10 minutes to go in 2017 was a stupid mistake.

  24. What a player. He owes Mayo nothing. When Andy was on the pitch, we always had a chance. Strange to think we wont see him in the green and red again. End of an era.

  25. The best forward I have ever seen in green and red. A class act, a gent and he will be sorely missed.

  26. Sad to hear Andy is leaving the county panel. A true legend of Mayo football.
    A brilliant role model for young players.
    Thanks Andy , ya couldn’t have done anymore.

  27. Hi All,
    Due to some remarks that Willie Joe promptly dealt with as that gentleman always does I refrained from commenting here recently….however I will not let today pass without my small tribute to Andy Moran. A fantastic footballer, an absolute gentleman, a fantastically proud family man and to be at the semi final and witness us boys clapping and cheering him as he said goodbye to Hill 16 was epic.. a very sound man.

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  28. Enjoy retirement Andy remember the goal he scored against Kerry in 2017 semi final against Kerry

  29. Would love to see Andy given the job of football and player development within the county. Ideal candidate for the job. Behaved impeccably on and off the field. A gent.
    Welcome back Martin the Dub.

  30. It’s a sad day. The best forward in the green and red since Ciaran mac. At 36 years old still probably our best forward this year. There’s no replacing him. The biggest attribute was he never gave up, he came back even better after a number of serious injuries, after being dropped he never threw his toys out of the pram, he put his head down and worked his way back into the team. A true mayo legend.

  31. First time on the blog since the Sunday of the semifinal.
    I have to say i am a bit choked up at this news….
    .what can you say….Legend for us. He gave us legendary moments always remember the goal in 2006 v Dublin

  32. Sad news. Didnt think he’d retire. A legend and a gent.
    Expect another couple to follow.
    Will always be heroes to the mayo supporters

  33. Andy’s retirement has been on the cards for the since 2012 but he managed to keep coming back. I guess time catches up with everyone. Thanks for the memories Andy, you’ve been a great source of pride for us all.

  34. A dreary wet almost winter like night in North Mayo just got a lot gloomier with the news that Andy Moran has retired. The task to win Sam now has got a whole lot harder and maybe even impossible there will be more retirements and more sadness. Andy Moran is a gentleman and a legend and a decent guy and was a wonderful footballer he done so much over the years for Mayo and came back a better player after doing his cruciate no words of mine can do him justice. I think a little bit of the Mayo supporter me has retired with him the road gets harder and steeper we will never have better footballers than this current crop and Andy Moran. God bless him and his family.

  35. Difficult to read all the plaudits online for him this evening without getting a little misty eyed..
    Embodied everything that you want in a player and more.
    Simply irreplaceable..

  36. Legend and hero are abused words in the English language but for me these are the two that come to mind first when Andy Moran’s name is mentioned. It’s a sad day for Mayo GAA and no doubt for him personally never to have landed the big one.
    He is a great role model for any young aspiring footballer. When he did his cruciate in 2012 I never expected him to come back fitter and stronger again. He will cast a long shadow but now it’s time for someone else to take his place.
    Best of luck to him in his retirement. Hopefully we will see him on the sideline again soon in some shape or form!

  37. Well done Andy Moran you gave Mayo football
    Your all and we are all grateful to you for that.
    Enjoy your retirement and time with your family
    We all hope to see you back with Mayo football
    In the future in some role.

  38. The worst thing of all is that Andy didn’t get a deserved All Ireland medal, to play so long and be so unlucky is very hard to take.
    Andy and Keith Higgins are legends of the game.
    His recovery from his cruciate injury v Down in 2012 was remarkable, his experience in winning ball improved every year, how much young guys could learn from him, hopefully he takes up some type of coaching at u17, u20 or Senior level.
    I will never forget his speech in the City West Hotel on All Ireland night in 2013, very humble. Enjoy your retirement Andy, very sad to hear he retired today.

  39. I’m definitely really choked up about this. Feels like someone died .As a man Andy Moran is who you would want your sons (and daughters ) to be like. As a footballer he was one of the finest ever. He is true and all things good. I’m sad he didn’t win the All Ireland senior medal. But in truth , does that even matter ? His is a life of leading by example, of doing good and making people happy. What more could you ever want ?

    Martin the Dub , a touch of class there from you. I’m a Dublin supporter and have been for a few years. The Dubs are good for the game. I hope ye do it on Sunday.

  40. Thanks for everything Andy. Players are not defined by winning an sell Ireland. How many people can name more than 4 of the cork winning team in 2010 ? Andy will be remembered for much longer than if he won one medal and disappeared

  41. Andy Moran, what a player and a gent.
    Great memories from him in the Green and Red, the semi final goal in 2006, the final goal in 2013, the goal against Kerry in the semifinal replay in 2017. But my favourite was the come-back goal against Galway in Salthill in 2013 after his cruciate injury… that one was sweet.

    I heard a story about him this evening (that won’t be repeated here) which shows what’ a gent he is off the pitch as well.

    It has been a pleasure to be around to see him

  42. An absolute Legend, and an even bigger Gent. Had the pleasure of been seated at the same table as him at a wedding one time, an epic night. Enjoy the retirement.

  43. Thanks Andy Moran. A fine footballer and many’s the great score you got for us. My personal favourite was 2017 semi replay v Kerry, you lorded it that day and that was a great championship win.

  44. Swahili.
    You took the words out of my mouth.
    To me it feels like looking at a loved one on their last legs. We know its coming, but still shocked and saddened when it happens. Thanks a million Andy for so many great days.

  45. Hi Willie Joe,
    Thanks a mill. …I always knew that but when a legend of football retires you sometimes just have to say that man was class….and he was one in a million.

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  46. Was at the Ballina Aghamore game and it was a slow burner .. really only got going in the last 15 minutes. Thought Fergal Boland did very well for Aghamore, Regan did well for Ballina as did Keith Tighe and Sean Regan. Would expect Ballina to beat Westport and go through but you never know. Crossmolina beaten by Ardnaree … strange times we are living in.

    Martin the Dub, good to see you back.

  47. Ronan Carolan kicked 0-7 on his senior championship debut for his new club Roscommon Gaels and played very well,he is a great asset to our club. Definitely is county standard.

  48. Was also at the Ballyhaunis The Neale game. The Neale’s better forwards won it for them. Tommy Conroy was well watched by Ballyhaunis but this gave their other forwards a bit of scope. Ballyhaunis’s shooting was very poor which is something they are prone too. If they fix this they would be serious opposition. Higgins very quiet in the first half but made some great runs in the second half. He was hindered by being played in the full back line for most of the game.

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