Club Championship update – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E20

With no inter-county action this summer due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the club championships within the county are generating more interest than usual. Clubs are also getting the chance to play championship ties in summertime and the two rounds of games contested so far have produced several high-quality contests.

In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we fix our focus firmly on the club action. Host Rob Murphy is joined at Westport by Mike Finnerty, Sports Editor of the Mayo News, where they look back on what was a rip-roaring drawn match between the Covies and Charlestown. Rob also catches up after the game with ex-Charlestown and Mayo star John Casey, who was delighted by his club’s defiant stand in a game where they simply had to avoid defeat.

From there we switch to the Mayo News offices on the Fairgreen in Westport where Mike gets together with his Mayo News colleague Ger Flanagan to review all of the weekend’s action. We also hear post-match audio, courtesy of Mayo GAA TV, from Charlestown’s Tom Parsons and Padraig O’Hora of Ballina Stephenites.

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16 thoughts on “Club Championship update – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E20

  1. Beggars belief that Kiltimagh v Louisburgh match went ahead despite a member of one of the squads awaiting covid result. How could they have let that game take place until result was back.

  2. My goodness Im just reading that now in Western People and it reports that Louisburgh werent informed. The health of all those people put at risk. Reckless.

  3. @Mayofan, Goagain,..If that’s the truth?…Head’s should roll, no possible excuse… It’s a disgrace!

  4. WJ – could you share the article from Western People please so all on here can see it. The County Secretary is quoted saying all protocols were followed. It was an unbelievable decision. If a player is sent forward for a test on medical advice, games should not be played until the results are known. Policy states people who live in same house should isolate too. There will have to be a statement from.Mayo Gaa today on this serious matter.

  5. The article from the Western is here. The concerns related to one player who was tested, didn’t play in or travel to the game and subsequently tested negative. Mayo GAA have said they followed GAA HQ protocols.

    I’m not aware what’s in the GAA HQ protocols but you’d expect that Louisburgh should have been informed in advance and that, seeing as a test had been done and the result was awaited, the game should have been postponed. Given the two-week gap to Round 3 there would have been time to play it once the all-clear on the test was confirmed.

    These decisions involve difficult choices, however, and it’s very easy for those on the sideline to throw rocks at those who have to make them so I’d ask those commenting on this to exercise a bit of restraint. Leantimes – saying “head’s should roll” (I think you mean ‘heads’ – you really should check the correct use of the apostrophe some time) falls into the category of comments I don’t want to see here. It’s perfectly possible to be critical without straying into that kind of emotive language. For my money, the wrong decision appears to have been made but I’m not the one on the spot having to make the decision.

  6. Willie Joe – surely it is not about making the decision on the spot. There are very clear guidelines from NPHET, the HSE and the GAA’s own Advisory Committee that have to be followed in a situation like this. From reading the article – Kiltimagh were following these and wanted the match postponed. The County Board overturned the correct decision. That to me is reckless and is very worrying for us all.

  7. Thanks for posting that link, JC1983. It does appear that the guidance was adhered to in this case – and, in that sense, Goagain, no decision on whether or not to play the game was “overturned” by the County Board – though you’d still have to wonder why Louisburgh weren’t informed in advance of the match being played. It’d be good if everyone commenting on this issue reads the guidance, by the way, as I should have done myself!

  8. @Willie Joe, apologies for the use of emotive language… Firstly I’m delighted that the test for the player in question came back negative… However,this was not known at the time the match went ahead,..If it had came back positive, and it easily could have.. What then would be the outcome for both club’s involved in the match, and the close contacts of the player’s, officials, linesmen, umpire’s and refs taking part in the match?..We have an huge problem with this Virus in Ireland and the completely unnecessary risk taken by playing the Match cannot be justified in the interests of the public health of us all in society, regardless of who should ordain otherwise.

  9. Just on the point of ‘casual contacts’ – how do we know that all players from team only had ‘casual contacts’ with suspected case. Was contact tracing completed? Some players travel to training together/share lifts or could live in the same house. Of course its great to hear player tested negative.

  10. If all outdoor activity is casual contact and not considered a risk why can we not have full houses at our games?
    There are many medical experts who would not agree with these protocols.

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