Club Championships quarter-finals preview – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E35

With the group stages of this year’s Senior, Intermediate and Junior club Championships now concluded, it’s onto the quarter-finals this weekend. In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we review last weekend’s Round 3 action before previewing the coming weekend’s knockout action.

Mayo News sports editor Mike Finnerty hosts the show and he’s joined by his Mayo News colleague Edwin McGreal, as well as by special guest Stephen Drake, two-time Mayo SFC winner with Ballaghaderreen.   

The three lads discuss Stephen’s club career with Ballagh’ – as he prepares for the next chapter in his GAA life – and they preview the weekend’s club championship quarter-final ties.

We also hear from The Neale manager Eoin Hughes as well as Kilmaine’s man of the match Oisin Mullin after their clubs’ wins in the SFC and IFC respectively last weekend.

A few more names are thrown into the mix for the ‘Bring Him In’ slot and we reveal our latest Mayo News football podcast Player of the Week who wins a €120 voucher for F23 Fitness in Balla.

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29 thoughts on “Club Championships quarter-finals preview – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E35

  1. Did anyone listen to the ah ref podcast? Did anyone think the comments made by the Kilmovee manager were over the top or do people think they were justifiable comments to make? He said what happened was “disgusting”, “the lowest of the low” he said the “CCC perpetrated a crime”.

  2. I think he was dead right except maybe the last bit about a crime, it was disgraceful what the ccc did and got away with it

  3. @Driveitlong&hard

    I agree 100% with the Kilmovee manager. His comments were totally justified in my humble opinion.

    Kilmovee were shafted by the CCC and Achill showed zero class.

    Furthermore the Mayo News in their reporting both this week and last failed to make the point that Kilmovee were the only club out of a total of 47 clubs in Mayo that were required to play 2 away games.
    The Achill bias from the Mayo News and the County Board was in poor taste.

    I have not seen reports in the Advertiser, Connacht Telegraph or Western People so I would be interested to hear did they give Kilmovee fair coverage?

  4. What if Kilmovee decided to ask if they could play in Roscommon? .An outrageous suggestion, I know, or is it?.. (Borders have always been a law unto themselves in the GAA, Galway hurlers play in Leinster, and New York and London play in Connacht)..They would have to start at the bottom of the ladder, that’s pretty much where they are in any case in Mayo, except that they probably would get their fixtures fairly organised, they wouldn’t be paying for the dept on McHale Park, (which won’t be available for anyone until next May at the earliest anyhow) This would increase the burden on every other club in Mayo, It’s an area of Connacht, where County borders and GAA county borders are a bit of a mystery to those of us in central Mayo, and central Roscommon and possibly Sligo as well… This is undoubtedly a rambling post, my mind is undoubtedly rambling a bit, but if any of the cast yer mind’s back to two years ago and the Dublincentric, Sunday Game done a disgracefully unbalanced program on, possibly splitting Dublin in two, do undo some of the outrageous advantages, of population, money, and Croke Park, which serves as a home venue, neutral venue and away venue for the Dubs, even though they don’t even pay for the cutting of the grass in the Venue, and regardless of which of the 3 different Croke Parks, Dublin are playing in , Home, Away or Neutral, they are always allowed out on the pitch first, and the Hill end to warm up in, because when Mayo came out first in 2006, Oh there was some very unsporting and unsavoury behaviour from the Dublin management and team of the day but,..Mayo won the game, that day in 2006, so the rules were changed, and Dublin always are allowed out first anymore, except for when Dublin wait for Mayo to come out at precisely appointed time in an All Ireland final, and Dublin can then come out at precisely appointed time Mayo were allocated so as they can sportingly greet them and apologize for their previous disgraceful behaviour.. Well an ex Dublin player who actually got sent off in the 1995 All Ireland final, but who came back on to play a bit more of the 1995 All Ireland final, (as I already said the rules are different for Dubs) on the same RTE program suggested that instead of splitting Dublin in two, other Counties could amalgamate.. Now imagine that scenario, that Roscommon and Mayo amalgamated, for the new name of the United Mayo/Roscommon county, we could take the last 6 letter’s from the word Roscommon and all of the letters in Mayo, seeing that there are only 4 letter’s in the word in the first place and the new force in Gaelic Football would read COMMONMAYO, sounds great don’t ye all agree. COMMONMAYO would have won 5 All Ireland’s but the same problem would be that it still would be 70 years since we had won the All Ireland.. Don’t worry it’s not going to actually happen, Roscommon wouldn’t be that foolish to share the Mayo debt to the Banks.

  5. I’m a long time away from home but I can confidently say kilmovee will never look to roscommon. Lol

  6. John Mac – it might be worth your having a look at the Connaught Telegraph and the Western because, once you do, you’ll discover that the Telegraph doesn’t cover the issue at all while the Western gives it the briefest of mentions, just to say that the match didn’t happen. The Mayo News, in contrast, published detailed pieces containing interviews with club officials from both Kilmovee and Achill.

    But, hey, who cares about details? It is, I know, far easier to make the laziest of lazy-minded and, frankly, ignorant claims of bias instead. You might want to chew on that while you kick your heels in moderation.

  7. Leantimes – is there any hope you could keep your comments vaguely on topic and to reasonable length? These wandering, over-long screeds of yours are becoming more than a bit wearing.

  8. On the one road – it’s now been brought to my attention that your reference to Daithi Gallagher in that comment you posted is completely incorrect. The comment from Achill GAA in the Mayo News came from Darragh Gallagher, a different person entirely.

    If anyone is posting criticism of a named individual, then the least that should be expected is that basic facts like this are correct. As a result, I’ve no option but to delete the comment in its entirety and place you in moderation until such time as I can be confident that your fact-checking skills have reached elementary level.

    All – I have to say that the fake news in the comments surrounding the Kilmovee/Achill issue is now getting more than a little annoying, as is the overly emotive language being used in relation to the issue. I know that populist grandstanding appears to be flavour of the month where it comes to Mayo GAA issues but I’ve no truck with populism at the best of times and I’m running rapidly out of patience with the tenor of some of the comments on this topic.

    For the record, I think the CCC erred in the decision they made and I believe Kilmovee were treated poorly. The match should obviously have been played at a neutral venue, as per all Round 3 games.

  9. John Mac just to answer your question Achill are playing Kilcommon in Kiltane this Saturday. The home game has eluded Achill again. Surely if they get to the Junior Final they should be entitle to it being played at home in the fairness of the competition.

  10. Great pod, but I wouldn’t agree with Mike that Paul Towey was well marked! I thought Towey did brilliantly last weekend. I’d held back judgement on him because I wasn’t sure but I’ve now seen enough to say that he needs to get a shot again next year with Mayo. He won everything that went into him, but he didn’t get much help as his team was really struggling. He was easily one of the best players on the pitch.

    Key thing for me was that he makes excellent runs, and calls for the ball at the right time. This is an underestimated skill of a forward. He’s also very vocal, again, asking for the ball when the time is right. But most of all, he can win his own ball. Unfortunately from a Charlestown perspective the ball didn’t go in enough.

  11. will be interesting to see how Mark Moran does against P O Hora , Moran was brilliant against Galway last year and never got game time after that, O Hora had great second half against Dublin and was just coming into the game in final when he was taken off, both are the future of Mayo football in my opinion, but Horan may not agree.

  12. I don’t think that particular duel is on the cards this weekend, Culmore. Mark Moran has been out with an injury for a while and it’s been injuries too that have largely restricted his game time following that stunning debut against Galway this time last year.

  13. I don’t know much re the goings on in the Mayo championship, but here in Dublin, the Dubs are going all “Argentinian”, their new Jersey is brilliant, a real change in the very much Conservative Gaa world.
    Change isn’t all bad.
    I often wondered why there are so many job titles in Gaa clubs and County Boards, Chairman, President, vice this and vice that.

  14. No matter who O’Hora marks at the weekend he will eat them alive. He will make bits of any man coming through the middle of that defence!!

  15. @Mayo88 there are several job titles with some of these having vice roles because the roles are needed and most roles need a backup.
    If someone is not available the vice can cover.
    There’s plenty to do on a small budget.

  16. I really enjoyed the podcast and well done to all involved. Yea did a mighty job.
    I’m getting a great education on Mayo club football, and the previews and reviews are great to listen to.
    My own clubeen still goin well but up against it this weekend.

    Underage is in good nick too.
    Crossmolina got the better of Claremorris this evening in the u14A semi final with a point separating them after extra time. 2-18 to 2-17.

    Westport defeated Aghamore in the other semi final.

    I’ve heard there is some great talent in these teams but we’ll have to wait a few years to see them pulling on the county jersies.

  17. Padraig O Hora seems to have reached legendary status in some Mayo fans books already. A few championship games in a shortened season..1 good performance against what we know know in hindsight was a faded version of a great Dublin team and an average performance In the final against Tyrone. Although to be fair, he was far from alone in that regard. We hype up players too much in Mayo at times.

  18. @Dave Johnston, he has been one of the best club players in the county for the past three years. He also had an excellent league campaign in 2020. He also had a great game against Galway this year, where he made two huge interceptions in the second half. Maybe you didn’t see any of them games you probably only tune in when it comes to the big days out..

  19. @Dave I agree we tend to hype up players based on a few games but what we really do well is hype up players on the bench. Richie Feeney attained mythical status and by the time he retired he must have been 7 foot tall and 4 foot wide.

  20. @driveitlongandhard. I see you’re one of the….I’m a bigger mayo fan than you poster’s so you’re not entitled to an opinion about a player.

  21. @Dave Johnston that’s a pathetic response. Can you show me my comment where I say you are not entitle to your opinion?

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