Club finals fixture details confirmed

Mayo GAA have now confirmed date and venue details for this year’s club Championship finals. With MacHale Park out of action this year due the pitch redevelopment work, the deciders have had to the switched to other venues.

For the Senior final, the location, as expected, will be James Stephens Park in Ballina. The Moclair Cup final will be contested there on Sunday, 21st November, where throw-in will be 2pm.

The Intermediate decider will take place the previous day, 20th November, at Fr O’Hara Park in Charlestown. Throw-in for the Sweeney Cup final will also be 2pm.

The Junior A decider will also be held that weekend but the exact date hasn’t been confirmed as yet. It will, though, take place at Westport. The Junior B final takes place the same weekend at a venue to be decided.

The hurling final, meanwhile, has been set for Saturday, 13th November. The venue and throw-in time for the Tyrell Cup decider will, though, be confirmed later.

171 thoughts on “Club finals fixture details confirmed

  1. Just after watching the Ballina v Westport game, it’s clear to me that one or two of the Mayo players just not up to it, get McStay and Moran into the team panel in 2022.
    Too many Ballina players way off the Westport level of fitness.

  2. Players for the Combine
    Kieran King Knockmore
    Connell Dempsey Knockmore
    Pearce Ruttledge Knockmore
    Colm Moran Westport
    Niall McManamon Westport
    Sam Callinan Ballina
    Conor McStay Ballina
    Gary Golden Garrymore
    Cathal Slattery Garrymore
    Stephen O’Malley Ballintubber
    Paddy Heneghan Castlebar
    Johnny Maughan Castlebar
    Gavin Durcan Castlebar
    Kuba Callaghan Ballaghadareen
    Matthew Lenehan Charlestown
    Conor Diskin Claremorris
    Matty Flanagan Balla
    Gary McHale Balla
    Padhraig Prendergast Louisburgh
    Oisin Lally Louisburgh
    John Gallagher Mayo Gaels
    Jack Fallon Mayo Gaels
    Adam Barrett Kilmaine
    Jarlath Mullin Kilmaine
    Ronan Carolan Parke
    Luke Jennings Ballinrobe
    Jamie McNicholas Kiltimagh

  3. Also, former Mayo players being picked for Ballina on form of 10 years ago, this proved costly for Ballina.
    One Westport defender no where near Mayo County standard.

  4. Any word who is running for County Chairman? Will you be doing interviews like 2 years ago WJ?

  5. There’s no point holding the combine on a football pitch, better off holding it on a running track. Middle distance runners seem to be more valued than ballers.

  6. Was Peter Naughton drafted onto the Sligo panel earlier this year?
    I read an article suggestion so a few months ago but I don’t know how accurate the information was.

  7. Peter Naughton is a super footballer, and very very effective for knockmore as a scoring forward. But I think Horan is correct not to bring him in. To me he is just too slow to play at the elite level. The modern game has moved away from players like that. If it was the 1990s, Peter Naughton would be a an established Mayo player.
    But the conditioning and athleticism required to play against the top sides at IC level is frightening and I just don’t think he has it. I think his style would be swamped by the speed and in your face aggression of the likes of Tyrone and Dublins defence.
    Very happy to be proven wrong on this opinion if he does get a chance though.

  8. He was, Fullback96. He was part of their panel for the Championship last year but didn’t make the starting team. He didn’t feature in the Connacht quarter-final loss to us.

  9. I am sure if Horan offers Peter Naughton a chance at the combine he will go,he’s not going to stay around with a Division 4 team where he isn’t getting game time and is clearly better than 5 Sligo forwards with maybe the exception of Niall Murphy.

  10. Naughton is certainly no slouch and is a lot faster than a lot of the current members of the panel. He’s far more skilful than 90% of them too. My issue would be that we are crying out for forwards, but aren’t giving a chance to the best scoring forward in the county. He certainly could improve on his strength and conditioning, but isn’t that the job for the Mayo management team and their S & C team. Tommy Conroy was a very light young fella last year and bulked up in 1 winter. While I’m on the forwards, would Enda Hession not be better employed in the forwards too, instead of at corner back where he has spent most of his time this past season for Mayo.

  11. Sam Og, your list is so comprehensive there’s little to add to it. A few thoughts: Cian Hanley Ballaghaderreen ( he may even be on the panel). Naughton worth a look, though Larry Duff’s arguments are strong. Oisin McLaughlin and Paul Lambert were brilliant at u20 as was Cathal Horan. Ruairi Keane and Jack Mahon ft this year’s u20.

    Though he’s on the panel, and often on the 26, when is Jack Coyne going to get meaningful game time?

  12. I think Mayo have scope to play Hession in the forwards. He was unstoppable against Castlebar before he went off injured, catching a great ball over his head in Castlebars square. I’d expect him back for the semi. Injury didn’t look too serious, looked to be hip-flexor area. He’ll be fine.

    On another note, as the Ah Ref pod indicated, Michael Plunkett plays better in the forwards than the backs. Might be food for thought for James Horan…

    There’s no doubt that we’ve a big surplus of very high quality half backs right now. It always tends to be the case with Mayo. James will have to find the balance between playing his best 15 whilst also playing natural forwards in the forwards. Sounds simple but that’s where we’re failing a bit at the moment, ie no threat coming from our HF line in particular.

  13. If Naughton could not get a place on the Sligo team he must be miles and miles off the pace. In the end of the day if he has the ambition to play intercounty for whoever the responsibility for getting fit is his, whether he does it in his own time or at panel training sessions. Maybe his story illustrates that there is a difference in club football, even at Co Champion level and Co football, even at Div 4 level.
    One of my neighbours had ambitions to make the Ireland Olympic team some years ago. His training was 90% done at home, alone without help. He did not make it in his first choice discipline so switched disciplines and made it second time around. He won no Olympic medals but never expected to. Making the team and being an Olympian was his ambition. He can be proud of his achievement.
    Mr Naughton could take example. If he achieved that basic level of fitness getting into the group could push him on to far higher levels. But he must have that basic level of ambition first.

  14. Naughton may have missed out due to lack of pace. Otherwise he’d definitely be in the Mayo panel or starting 15. My only criticism (and it’s probably down to pace/speed) is that he telegraphs what he’s about to do. The dummies he sells are nearly always ‘bought’ by his opponent – and I’d credit Peter’s skill for that – however, this will NOT happen at intercounty. He’d be either swallowed up, or, the defender would just stay with him until he eventually coughs up the ball or runs into more traffic. Good defenders would know not to fall for the little tricks.

  15. Anybody able to suggest a logic to playing a senior semi final at the C of E in Bekan? Surely Charlestown would be a more sensible venue? My only experience of the C of E was the FBD game v Sligo IT some years ago and I do NOT want to repeat it.
    I was trying to find the location of the Breaffy pitch on the GAA Pitch Locator earlier and, judging by the locator, it does not seem to exist. The locator now claims to have all pitches in the world included, — but not Breaffy. No doubt if I travel I’ll find it but I like to have these things sorted before travelling, esp. in darkness.

  16. Possible starting team 2022
    1.Colm Reape/Luke Jennings
    2.Eoin O’Donoghue
    3.Brendan Harrison
    4.Padhraig O’Hora
    5.Lee Keegan captain
    6.Oisin Mullin
    7.Paddy Durcan
    8.Matty Ruane
    9.Eoghan McLaughlin
    10.Enda Hession
    11.Ryan O’Donoghue
    12.Diarmuid O’Connor
    13.Aidan Orme
    14.Cillian O’Connor
    15.Tommy Conroy

  17. Andy D I think I was at the and FBD game you were at in the centre of excellence. How I didn’t come away from that game with double pneumonia I will never know. The wife wouldn’t speak to me for a week after it.

  18. Dont wish to critcise any player and to be honest dont know a huge amount about P Naughton .Thought he was quite good last week but if couldn’t make the Sligo team we played last summer cant see how hed make our forward line. Maybe there was a reason but that Sligo performance was as bad as I’ve seen.The quality of their team that day was so poor.

  19. Unfortunately very few supporters attend club games. I believe it’s the best way to spot the talent coming through. Mayo had 40 players on the squad last year. Let’s say 15 were forwards, there isn’t a hope in hell that the 15 are better than Naughton. Naughton could be our Dean Rock. Wonderful free taker and kick scores off either foot. Then again Dublins attacking strategy is designed to make the best use of his skills. The other player I’d love to see on the team is James McCormack from Claremorris. He always stands out in the games that I have seen.

  20. I wonder why Naughton declared for Sligo, probably sick of waiting for a Mayo call up.
    People saying on the blog that it’s only forwards Mayo need, this is true only to a point. Whats really required are 2 goalkeepers, 2 or 3 defenders, 1 midfielder, and 3 forwards, I would call it an overhaul.

  21. Sam og there has to be a place for Stephen Coen,and why would you have diarmuid o’connor starting,when was the last time he had a good game for mayo,he had a very poor season for mayo this year and yet started and finished every game he was available for

  22. Not sure what more naughton can do at club level but he’s scored 2-19 in the championship this year. It’s phenomenal shooting. I’d say Ud find it hard to match that scoring in the country never mind mayo

  23. Anyone know what’s with mcbrien..was injured early last year .never heard anything since

  24. McBrien is injured, was on crutches during the Ballagh matches. Same with Cian Hanley. Hard to know with Naughton. He’s shooting the lights out for Knockmore but so was Neil Douglas for years with Castlebar. It never happened for him with Mayo.

    We’ve plenty of right footed corner forwards on the panel currently. I don’t think we need another one to be honest.

  25. It seems some people like to promote certain players probably from their own clubs, don’t rule out anybody without them getting a fair chance.
    Maybe it’s the case that Mayo management just know the current panel members too well over 10 years now.
    I’m all for trying something new, an outside manager??

  26. My team for 2022 based on current form and fitness

    1. Luke Jennings
    2. O’Hora
    3. S.Coen (Captain)
    4. Eoin O’Donoghue
    5. Lee Keegan
    6. Mullin
    7. Durcan*
    8. M. Ruane
    9. P. Prendergast**
    10. Kevin McLoughlin
    11. Darren McHale
    12. Enda Hession
    13. Tommy Conroy
    14. C.O’Connor
    15. ROD

    An honour mention (possible subs) or breaking into team if they keep up their outstanding form: Kieran King, Mcstay, Omre, Sam Callinan, Dempsey, C.Moran, Towey, Fergal Boland, Fionnan Ryan, Gary Golden.

    Needed to be dropped due to bad form. DOC, Plunkett, Carr, AOS, Loftus, Flynn…

    *(Holding in by the skin of his teeth, got one or two good point this year. But apart from that was average compared to previous years, was quiet v Galway, kicked the ball away numerous times against Dublin, poor final; ran into trouble a few times. Will come down serious pressure from E.Mcloughlin, K.King, Callinan)

    **( Will make the final call on him at the end of the intermediate championship, could be pipped about Golden, Ryan)

  27. AdmiralBrown – if you’re going on form then Diarmuid and Loftus are way ahead of Darren McHale. Paddy Durcan is way ahead of those 3 players you mention, despite a disappointing final. He was outstanding vs Dublin without scoring.

  28. There is no way we will be dropping paddy Durcan. He would walk on to any team in the country. While I do agree with alot of your post admiral… paddy no way

  29. Pre covid towey was beginning to make waves on the verge of the senior team so it would be nice to see him get a crack at it next year to see if he can step up to the mark.

  30. @Stephen cowley, yes they do absolutely. A player can get red carded for refusing to wear a gumshield.

  31. I see claremorris won the U16 & U18 A championships this week.
    Anyone in those teams worth looking at for Mayo U17/20 teams

  32. @wideball Darren Mchale was mayos second top scorer in the championship. Even though he didn’t play in the final and only played half a game in the Connacht final and v Dublin. I thought he was treated harshly.

    I don’t want to be criticising players. But Loftus missed at least 1.2 in the final. Was okay in the Connacht final and semi final. Was meant to be poor against Kilmaine. But I didn’t see that game.

    Just in relation to DOC, I don’t want to be overly critical either but apart from keeping the ball in play v Dublin. Name me one other good thing he did in the WHOLE championship. Did he even get one big score in the championship? did he even put in one good tackle and get a turnover? did he even field any big kickout in the championship? Did he make any big runs in the championship whereby he took his man on and got by him?

    Paddy Durcan is still in the team. I am just saying he didn’t have as good a year as previous years. He won one nice interception in the Dublin game but he also gave the ball away cheaply on a number of occasions.

  33. Loftus way ahead of Darren Mchale that’s a good one, his shooting in the final was absolutely terrible at that level, got gobbled up a by Tyrone defenders a good few times. Should have been taken off a lot earlier.

  34. Viper, I dunno ,was watching roscommon final on tg4, counted at least 10 players not wearing one. I know, I’ve little to be doing

  35. @Stephen cowley, players are not covered by the players injury scheme if they don’t wear gumshields and David Gough sent Eoin Doyle off a couple of years ago as a result of not wearing one when he was already on a yellow card and had already been warned by Gough to get his gumshield.

  36. AdmiralBrown – that’s a very misleading stat. I’m sure Aidan O’Shea is up there as one of our top scorers if you include the Sligo and Leitrim games. McHale looked way off the pace vs Dublin, he barely touched the ball.

    Loftus was very good against Galway and Dublin. Getting scores and setting them up. Yes he had a nightmare in the final, but we have several players for the scrap heap if everything boils down to that.

    Diarmuid didn’t have a great year overall, the hamstring injury didn’t help things. He was still involved in a lot of our scores vs Tyrone.

    You need to watch back the Dublin game I think. It was one of Paddy’s best ever games. Costello was Dublin’s form player before that, yet he was taken off after 45 minutes because of the roasting Paddy gave him.

  37. We all blame our forwards but in my opinion we are conceding too many goals.
    Backs must defend first and attack second. We seem to have got this basic concept back to front.

  38. Yes JRB, there is no real difference between Mayo’s half back and half forward lines, the half backs attack, but the half forwards also play too far around the middle. Even full forwardline asked to do too much tracking and tackling, takes alot out of them.

    Next year let the forwards be forwards and backs be backs.
    The scoring half back strategies have not delivered an All Ireland in the past 10 years.
    Need to work on good tight defending, too loose in 2021 final.

  39. What about working palm type goals, the Dubs perfected this over the past few years and Tyrone have copied them, I cannot remember a single hand / palmed Mayo goal in an All Ireland final.

  40. @Mayo88, ..We don’t have too many goals to pick from in All Ireland finals in the last decade, just 3, Goals in 7 All Ireland appearances.. Two by Mayo’s greatest ever player and former Player of the Year, the incomparable Lee Keegan, and one by arguably Mayo’s greatest ever forward and another former Player of the Year, the irreplaceable Andy Moran!

  41. @Wideball, how the hell is it a misleading stat. If Loftus is so good why didn’t he score 3.5 against Sligo! When did Loftus score 1.4 in a county final? He struggled to score a point against Kilmaine last weekend. A junior team last year.

    Every player was off the pace against Dublin in that first half.

    You didn’t answer the question, what is that nonsense “He was still involved in a lot of our scores vs Tyrone.” Lets go over this very quickly.

    First score – Oshea wins throw in, gets fouled. Oshea kicks the free into T.Conroy scores. DOC NO INVOLVEMENT
    Second score – Mullins passes it to Kev McLoughlin, Mcloughlin fouled. ROC scores the Free. DOC NO INVOLEMENT
    Third score – Third score, DOC passes to ROD. ROD takes on his man and scores
    Fourth Score – Keegan wins kickout, passes to AOS, AOS to T.Conroy, TC fouled. ROD scores the free. DOC NO INVOLVEMENT
    Fifth Score – ROD kick passes to Mullin, Mullin hand passes to Durcan. Durcan scores. DOC NO INVOLEMENT
    Sixth score – Ruane handpasses to Mcloughlin. Mcloughlin kick passes to AOS. AOS fouled. ROD scores the free. DOC NO INVOLEMENT
    Seventh Score – AOS to Loftus to S.Coen. S.Coen scores DOC NO INVOLEMENT

    Do you want to go over the second half as well Wideball? Did you even watch the All Ireland final…

    Please don’t waste my time again with your totally inaccurate statements

  42. Wideball – one last thing I left out. If “It was one of Paddy’s best ever games.” Why didn’t he get man of the match on the blogs poll after the game? Actually why was he not even in the top three in the poll? Actually why was he not even in the top 5 on the poll?

    Did everyone that voted on the poll watch a different game to you wideball?

    The point I made is that paddy is a class player but last year was not his best year…

  43. AdmiralBrown – it’s misleading because IMO the Sligo and Leitrim games are irrelevant when deciding if a player is good enough for Mayo. Loftus has never played in a county final I’m sure you are aware. He was a key part of mayo winning minor and U21 all Irelands though. ?He was being marked by Oisín Mullin last weekend, so not exactly a junior club defender.

    Edwin McGreal had the stats on Diarmuid in the final. Won 4 turnovers, had 3 assists and basically forced the penalty. He also set up Bryan Walsh in the second half for the half goal chance. It wasn’t a vintage year for him overall, but not as disasterous as you’re making out.

    I can’t speak for everyone voting on the blog obviously. Maybe people just voted for who rte and sky gave motm to? Paddy was probably our only player who played well from start to finish against Dublin. Keegan and O’Hora were ropey early on. Ryan and Tommy also had slow starts but finished strong.

  44. Paddy Durcan has been consistently mayo’s best player in league and championship for number of years. You may remember non other than Thomas o shea proclaimed that he walks on to any team in the country. Honestly admiral only 5 men turned up against Tyrone. Keegan. Coen. Rod. Conroy. And DURCAN

  45. 1 Reape. 2 Ohora 3 coen.
    4 Harrison
    5 keegan
    6 Duncan
    7 Mcgloughlin
    8 Ruane.
    9 Mullin.
    10 Boland.
    11 Conroy
    12 Hessian
    13 Rod
    14 Doc
    15 COC

  46. @Craggy boglands, As good an all as Paddy is you have to say Conor Meyler got the better of him in the final.

    Where was he when when Meyler had all the time in the world to get his diagonal ball into McShane, not a sign of him, not one Mayo player put an ounce of pressure on Meyler so it wasn’t all the fault of Hennelly and Mullin.

    I would describe “Horanball” as chancer ball when it comes to scoring goals against the top teams, it’s clear from watching the movement of the forwards that there is no real plan to score the handy palmed in goals that Dublin do and that’s all down to the coaching.

    How many times have we actually fielded identical line-ups position for position ? Anyone know ?

    I’m not sure management even know who their best 15 are and where to use them, notwithstanding the absence of Cillian because it’s a bit much to expect total cohesion from a forward unit if players don’t know if they are in or out from one game to another.

    Apart from S&C we are well below standard in so many ways and need to shape up.

  47. Meyler also took paudie Clifford out in the semi.
    So I take your point….management would have known he would block his runs..what we needed was to be able to kick over the blanket in to the full forward line but unfortunately aos when he was in there couldn’t win ball or hold and feed. .we carried and continued to carry to no avail. We lacked that full forward that could win his own ball and until we find him we continue to run it and ultimately not reach the holy grail.

  48. Viper – you are 100% correct on the Durcan point

    craggy bogland go back and watch the 63rd minute of the All Ireland final.

    The Irish Examiner player rating of Durcan in the Final

    Patrick Durcan.

    There can be no doubting the talent Durcan is but even he seemed to lack composure and coughed up possession a couple of times. Conor Meyler didn’t exactly outplay him but Durcan wasn’t at his sharpest. 6

    The Irish Times

    Closed out of his usual driving force by Conor Meyler. Couldn’t put his pace or physicality to use, the rare exception being his bursting run and point late in the first half. The big game he and Mayo needed passed by.
    Player rating: 6

    For some folks here on the blog they have rose tinted glasses on for some players whereby they can do no wrong no matter what and if anyone dares to criticise them they get hammered!!

  49. Mother of god – Paddy Durcan dropped?
    Ah stop.

    He’s not just in the top 10 players in Mayo.
    He’s in the top 10 players in Ireland over the last 3 years.

  50. @Craggy boglands, Paudie Clifford is only a boy compared to Durcan and it’s still not an excuse to give him all day to get his ball in to McShane without pressing him but too many of the Tyrone players were able to get into space, the writing was on the wall early on when Harte was found in acres of space and missed his chance.

    I don’t think we did get enough ball in to O’Shea when he was in there but it’s a waste of time anyway if there is no forward structure or plan in place, that’s why I call it chancer ball because inevitably opportunities will arise in all games but I’d much rather have a plan in place.

    It’s either scrap “Horanball” completely or find a way to tweak the system slightly depending on the opposition and I think at this stage it needs to be the latter.

  51. Craggy Bogland, AOS won plenty of ball that went into him the first half of that All Ireland final. For some reason we kicked zero ball into him in the second half. even when he was one on one with acres of space around him.

    I think your team selection is decent. Just on the Harrison one, he has been out injured for two years and it is naive to think he will just come back into flying form.That All Star he got in 2016 is a long time ago now. It will be interesting to see how he does next year.

  52. Seeing as it’s just coming up to Midnight on Halloween night, what about an Exorcism?..We might just win the All Ireland then, we have tried everything else.. Happy Halloween everyone!

  53. Admiral. Problem with aos being in and out for alot of the second half. Nobody to hit in the second half. Did you not see aos kicking a free straight to a Tyrone player. He was kicking where he should have been receiving. Absolutely I take your point on Harrison. Losing this all Ireland is definitely not on paddy’s shoulders. There were numerous players not at the races.

  54. Interesting debate there all right. I felt the half back line didn’t score much all year, especially in the big matches. Eoin MacLauglin does a lot of great things, but scores are few. Ditto Oisin.

    So pushing them forward is all very well, but will they score? Hession may be worth a run at HF. Based on past years our half backs should be scoring 4 to 6 pts per match. Paddy’s scoring dried up.

  55. Craggy Bogland – Yes that is a fair point on AOS. I don’t know what happened him the second half. Even when he was free inside he didn’t seem to be calling for the ball or didn’t really seem to want it. Maybe his confidence was shook after that miss in the first half

    Don’t be ridiculous craggy Bogland no man on this blog said it paddy’s fault we lost the Final. The point that is being made is that he was not performing to the high standards he set in previous years. The 63rd minute of the All Ireland final is a case in point. There is no way in a few years ago P.Harte would have outmuscled him and mark a ball over his head like that while running backwards…

  56. Wide ball – you are missing the point. Do you know what is relevant when deciding if a player is good enough for county is when he is the driving force behind his team winning a county title. Any man that gets 1.4 in a county final is up for reckoning in my opinion. Even against Sligo and Leitrim someone has to put the ball over the bar and in the net. The point I am trying to make but you seem to be continuously missing is that the team should be picked on form. I am not saying that if you score 2.1 and 1.5 against Leitrim or sligo that you should be up for an all star. But I think if Darren McHale got either of them chance Bryan Walsh got the final he would have made a better effort of them.

    Ever one knows Loftus was an outstanding minor player and at Under 21 level. But that is money spent. I am talking about current form! A man being a great underage player in 2013 is of no relevance now. What are you saying ah yeah bring back Liam Irwan sure for an Connacht final. sure he has a minor and u21 All Ireland medal and drop McHale ah sure McHale only scored 3.6 to date…

    On the man of the match against Dublin even if people voted for the Sky and RTE man of the match that still means in your terms Paddy should have come in 3rd. He came in 7th on the poll! He was ropey in that game Wideball don’t make me go back and watch the footage and pick out numerous times he gave the ball away cheaply..

    Before you reply wide ball please have a good read of my comment. You are missing the point time and again and it is starting to get frustrating…

  57. The template to stopping mayo play was set by galway in the first half..block their running game..which is basically what Tyrone done. Plan b?. Over the top into the full forward line. Aos not a full forward. And on a day when the entire half forward line and midfield did not function at all its no wonder we lost

  58. Also not one substitute made any impact..makes one think how strong is that panel in reality

  59. AdmiralBrown – Don’t know why you’re being so aggressive with the replies. I understand what you’re saying, just don’t agree with it. Yes McHale was excellent last year for Knockmore and was deservedly brought into Mayo panel. However, that was over a year ago at this stage. If you’re picking on form now, I wouldn’t have McHale on the Mayo team (would love to be proven wrong). Loftus has been an ever present for the last 2 championship campaigns and apart from the recent final has done really well. I’m obviously not saying to play Liam Irwin.

    Your original comment had McHale starting, while Loftus and Diarmuid were on the bench. I just pointed out that is not picking on form from the last 2 championship campaigns.

    I only realised how good Paddy was vs Dublin after watching the game back, so that probably explains the motm poll. Did he give the ball away on occasion during the 100 minutes of football? I’m sure he did. It was still an outstanding defensive performance. His reliability breaking through tackles and bringing the ball forward was key for us. I’d agree he was below par in the final, but the idea his place is under threat from an 18 year old is laughable.

  60. Wideball – You are contradicting yourself there. One minute you are saying McHales form of last year is now irrelevant. However, Loftus playing well two years ago is relevant. McHale was in form v Leitrim and Sligo in year. Yes against weaker opposite to still inform nevertheless less.

    Okay Wideball lets put this debate to bed now. My opinion is a team should be picked on form. Lets go back to the DOC argument for a minute. Your stats from Edwin McGreal are extremely misleading. Firstly it could be argued that the penalty could have been a square ball by DOC and a free out. Secondly on your assist stats, go back and look at the third point. DOC gives ROD a one yard handpass. ROD does all the work and gets the score. DOC does nothing special there that he should be getting credit for. Thirdly on the turnovers, I don’t what know turnovers exactly you are referring to. But it seems to be if three men for example are around a man and tackle him and the ball breaks loose, it’s not the men who is doing the tackling that gets the turnover it’s the man who comes out with the ball.

    Did DOC even score in the whole championship? Lets go back to the Galway game, he takes one wild swing at the ball on the ground and drives it way wide. He takes a free in the second half and kicks a big high ball across the pitch to no one. You wouldn’t see this kind thing in a junior b game in Kilfian!! We win so it papers over the cracks. Them two examples are clearly a man who is not focused or tuned in. If Jim Gavin was the manager he would be dropped? He had no problem dropping Bernard Brogan, D. Connolly, Alan Brogan, Philly etc when they were off form. It has been well publicised how hard Bernard Brogan trained to try and get back into the Dublin squad. Up in the gym at 5 in the morning for example. Your argument is ah he had a hamstring injury. Do you think Jim Gavin would say to B.Brogan Ah brogan I know you had a few injures, sure go in there corner forward take it handy, I’ll give you a few games to get your mojo back!

    That performance against Galway was mediocre.

    Now let’s go to the club championship a few weeks ago. DOC gets the ball taken off him by K.King down in the left hand corner. He was like taking candy from a baby. In the second half he tries to take on his man and over carries the ball. He misses a penalty. Loads of times he got the ball around the middle of the pitch, stood still either passed it backwards or sideways. Then he starts pointing his hands for other players to make a run because he doesn’t seem bothered.

    Then up the road we have Fergal Boland running the show, scoring 8 points. 4points on the trot at the start of the second half. Its not the first time he has scored 8 points in a club game this week. Ah but your argument is it seems; ah DOC has two young player of the year awards he can’t be dropped. Ah Loftus had underage all irelands he can’t be dropped. Ah DOC had a hamstring injury give him time. We can all wait another year for an all Ireland. No rush there DOC.

    The argument I am making is that Hession and Boland etc are in better form that DOC for example and should be getting a run out ahead of them. I am not saying banish DOC from squad! I said drop him. I take no pleasure in DOC performing poorly, I’d love if he was playing like in did when we won the league a few years ago and he is not… and we need to face the facts Wideball…

  61. AdmiralBrown – I just don’t understand your logic. Paddy Durcan should be looking over his shoulder and Loftus/Diarmuid need to be dropped based on poor form, yet McHale starts even though he barely touched the ball in his last Mayo appearance. The likes of McHale and James Carr should get a run in the team during the league next year to see if they’re up to the task. However, I don’t think anyone can say they played well in the big games this year.

    You’re right that Jim Gavin benched Bernard Brogan and Connolly, but he was bringing in the likes of Con O’Callaghan and Brian Howard. JH has shown he has no problem dropping former all star players either when a better option is available. Better being the key word. Looking ahead to next year, I’d say O’Shea and Kevin McLoughlin will probably come under pressure to make the team before Diarmuid and Loftus. Age being a big reason why.

  62. Admiral Brown – I tidied up those typos and, while I was at it, I deleted those repeated instances where you were making inferences about what Wide Ball had said. No need to play the person, you had plenty of valid points to make on the substantive issue.

  63. Just like on update on goalies coming thru. .mentione above on strengths n weaknesses….any 1 ??

  64. McHale sustained 3 Broken ribs in the Galway game I think was, so was doing well to feature at all against Dublin.

    McLoughlin and O’Shea may not get start next year but if form is what going by compare McLoughlins contribution v likes of of other starters/panellists in current club championship.

  65. Wideball – I don’t understand your logic. D.McHale should be dropped when he had one quite half against Dublin. When it has been said by many people, that nearly everyone had a ropey first half against Dublin. I have gone through three games and outlined how DOC has been playing poorly I asked the question did he even score one point in the whole championship ? I am asking did he score ONE point Wideball. He is a half forward. You are telling me that is a man in good form?

    When I am replying I am proving an examples of bad play. I am actually spelling it out to you in black and white.

    Then on the other side you are full of contractions; one minute “Paddy was probably our only player who played well from start to finish against Dublin.” , “It was one of Paddy’s best ever games.” “Did he give the ball away on occasion during the 100 minutes of football? I’m sure he did.”.

    Did he score in the 100minutes no. So one of the of his best over games he gives the ball away cheaply on a number of occasions, doesn’t score but he was so so good its unimaginable! Do me a favour Wide ball. Go back and outline the things paddy did in that game that were so outstanding. I backed up my points with with actually examples of play. You do the same now.

    Yeah Con and Howard were rookies at the time. They had no experience. Gavin picked a team in form not on sentimentality. Do you know who else he brought in. Murhcin a 5ft 7 corner back. ? Did you think Jim Gavin bringing him into the Dublin team was laughable? I bet you didn’t think that was laughable when he scored that goal in the All Ireland final.

  66. AdmiralBrown – instead of repeatedly asking the question, maybe look up what DOC scored in the championship? He didn’t have a great year but was playing midfield and half back at times vs Dublin and Tyrone. So scoring chances were always going to be less for him.

    Paddy was marking Cormac Costello against Dublin, their most in form player, and took him to the cleaners. He was a big reason why we only conceded 14 points in 100 minutes of football vs Dublin. That’s an outstanding performance in my book.

    Eh, why would I think that was laughable? Murchan was an excellent underage player. When Dublin beat Galway in the U21 final a few years ago, he marked Michael Daly and kept him out of the game. No I didn’t laugh when he scored that goal in an all Ireland final. Why would I do that?!

    Anyway, I’m done debating with you.

  67. Apologies Wide Ball – maybe I was a bit too harsh on you. A robust debate is always health. No hard feels, we just want what’s best for Mayo football…

  68. My team for 2022

    1. Rob Hennelly
    2. Ben Doyle
    3. Brickenden
    4. M.Pluckett
    5. E.McLoughlin
    6. L.Keegan
    7. Durcan
    8. Ruane
    9. Mullin
    10. F.Mcdonagh
    11. T. Conroy
    12. Mark Moran
    13. James Durcan
    14. COC
    15. Colm Moran

    Subs: AOS, DOC, Conor O’shea , Kennedy, P.Lambert, Bryan Walsh, Niall McManamon,

  69. So, Prodigal Son, you’re saying no Stephen Coen, no Enda Hession (not even as a sub) and no Ryan O’Donoghue either. That’s … interesting.

  70. Thats a very Breaffy, Westport axis prodigal son or is this a South/West Mayo combine selection 🙂

  71. Ben Doyle? Mark moran? James Durcan? .what have these lads done in club football never mind inter County championship. Brickenden? Mcdonagh? Very westport.

  72. Apologies Willie Joe – Meant to say My FBD/League team for 2022. I was just thinking with all the fall out from the all ireland maybe it is no harm to turn off a new leaf and start from scratch.

    Just in relation to the Hession one. I have a sneak feeling Garrymore could win the Mayo Championship and give the Connacht championship a good crack. Therefore he might be unavailable or need a rest.

    On the ROD point, I know we dont like to be spreading rumours or innuendos. i want to uphold the integrity of the blog. But I have heard through the grapevine that there is still a fall out over that Breaffy v Belmullet game and that maybe its no harm to leave ROD out of the squad until the dust settles…

  73. Did Jason Doherty get any game in the club championship this year? If so, what position was he playing?

    I’d be worried about his mobility for the half forward line after those injuries.

  74. Prodigal son. Why di u think Ryan should stay away. Who s bigger than mayo football. Answer.. no-one

  75. Craggy Bogland – I have seen a lot of Ben Doyle and he reminds me of a mix between Marc O’Se and Ryan McMenamin.

    We seen what Mark Moran did against Galway before. Since then he has put on a nice bit of stock. Beautiful player, two feet, balance, guile. He had a stormer off the bench against Ballina.

    James Durcan – he got a load of points against Garrymore last weekend. We all seen what he did down in Ennis a few years ago. Very very skilful.

    Brickendan marked Regan out of it last weekend on one leg. Imagine what he could do if he was fit? He has all the attributes of an outstanding defender

    McDonagh – He bet tyrone single handedly up in Omagh a few years ago in the league. Showed true leadership against Ballina and he grabbed that game by the scruff of the neck and won it for Westport. A Rolls Royce of a player, full of determination, energy, grit…

  76. Ok . Doyle got eaten by paddy mcbrearty pre championship. Hasn’t lined o.ut for club.. Mark moran has shown nothing since that galway match. Durcan. We are all still waiting for him to explode but it hasn’t happened. Doyle also got roasted in the league. The other lads yes I would like to see more including durcan

  77. Craggy Bogland – Im only giving my opinion. There is no right or wrong answer. I spend a long time mulling over that section and without any bias or favouritism I came to that conclusion….

  78. Prodical son – with the exception of two players – you have 20 players from the three West Mayo clubs. No players from North Mayo who have two teams in senior semifinals. Are you having a laugh. Westport must have a great team as you have two lads on the Mayo team that can’t even get on to Westport team – I know Mark Moran was injured but he didn’t look too injured when he came on against Ballina.
    What did you think of Ben Doyle when he played against Westmeath in division two of the national league. To say he was all at sea would be an understatement.

  79. Apologies Southmayo Exile – I meant no ill will by that selection. I have been to a mountain of club football games over the years and that is the fairness and most transparent selection I could come up with. As I said previously I did not come up with that selection in the spur of the moment or at the drop of a hat . I have taken very careful consideration with the selection. I apologies again if it is not to your fancy.

  80. Prodigal son there is absolutely no animosity between AOS and Ryan O Donoghue I have it on good authority that what occurred at the end of the match was in the heat of the moment and was forgotten about after the game as it should be.

  81. Prodigal
    I understand where your coming from but club and international county are a world apart
    I do like j Duncan and mcdonagh

  82. Glorydays – that is great news. I retract that statement wholeheartedly if that is the case. I hope Ryan is welcomed with open arms when he arrives up to Breaffy next weekend.

  83. Prodical son – no need to apologise for your team selection. We are all on here giving our own opinions. There is no one right or wrong. You are entitled to give your opinion/team selection as much as anyone and I fully accept that.

  84. I have yet to see anything from brickenden, plunkett, Bryan Walsh amongst others at club or county level to warrant all the game time they have gotten, though they are young so plenty of time for them. Mark Moran has shown nothing since that Galway league game, I’d say his brother colm more deserving of a callup.

    Just for fun, a team I’d like to see in league round 1….

    Colm reape

    Padraig o’hora
    Stephen Coen (captain)
    Kieran King
    Patrick Durcan
    Eoghan o donoghue
    Lee Keegan

    Matthew Ruane
    Jack Irwin

    Enda Hession
    Ryan o donoghue
    Conor McStay
    Aidan Orme
    Cillian o Connor
    Tommy conroy

    SUBS: Harrison, Loftus, Carr, mcdonagh, Darren mchale, Kev, colm Moran,

    Nice fresh look to that, forward line badly in need of surgery. Still at least one experienced player in every line. Kev still has a role to play albeit probably a bench role.
    Absolutely no reason at all DOC and AOS would walk onto the team based on their form of the past 2 or 3 years

  85. @AdmiralBrown.

    I have just been reading back through some of the comments and came upon your forensic analysis of how Diarmuid O’Connor has been underperforming.

    You stated that,

    …….” Did DOC even score in the whole championship? Lets go back to the Galway game, he takes one wild swing at the ball on the ground and drives it way wide. He takes a free in the second half and kicks a big high ball across the pitch to no one. You wouldn’t see this kind thing in a junior b game in Kilfian!! We win so it papers over the cracks. Them two examples are clearly a man who is not focused or tuned in “……

    You pick out two examples and say ” they are clearly from a man who is not focused or tuned in “.

    While doing your forensic analysis, you might not might not have been fully focused or tuned in yourself.

    Have you forgotten the play that turned the Dublin game in our favor.

    I actually would pick that play out, as the best example I have ever seen of a player been focused and tuned in. Yes. D.O.C. Without that play, (he was the only player on the pitch who hadn’t given up on the ball), but without that play we would not have turned that game around.

    It’s important when you do a forensic analysis of a player, that all the evidence is examined, in fairness to the argument and in fairness to the player.

  86. Revellino I would appreciate it if you apologised for that incorrect statement.

    If you go back to my comment on the 31st of October at 5.01pm I say the following “Just in relation to DOC, I don’t want to be overly critical either but apart from keeping the ball in play v Dublin. Name me one other good thing he did in the WHOLE championship.”

    That was an outstanding bit of play and I give him all the credit in the world for it Revellino.

    Just to set the record straight when I said ” they are clearly from a man who is not focused or tuned in” I was referring to the Galway game.

    Revellino you’d do well to forensically analysis the championship when you can’t even read a few comments…

    It’s important Revellino when you do a forensic analysis of my comments to date, that all the evidence is examined, in fairness to the argument and in fairness to me.

    I hope you admit your mistake. I did reference that good play from DOC

  87. Revellino – I think admiralbrown has a valid point. He did reference DOC keeping the ball in play v Dublin.

    I think in order to uphold the integrity of the blog you should admit you made a mistake.

  88. Its great to see so many different teams proposals for 2022.
    Some of ye are so stuck in the past, I just don’t understand yer thinking.

    This is a reminder, current management have had plenty of chances, have not delivered, delivery means winning the All Ireland.
    Many current players have not performed in any final, thanks lads for the gallant efforts over many years, but have to let ye go and bring in the new guys.

    Forget about this so called development training for new panel guys, just bring them straight into matches and let them win their places.

    A question, what type of payments does Mayo management receive, would it be costly to get a high profile gut outside the County ?

  89. On a positive note, it’s a credit that Garrymore are in a County semi final, there is a small catchment area to pick from, they have remained in the Senior division for many tears, as long as I’m around.
    No other neighbouring club has kept the Senior status for so long.

  90. @AdmiralBrown.

    I do not need to apologise.
    I read your post on its merits. If it’s message wasn’t clear, or needed to be linked to a previous post you might have made, then maybe you should have clarified that when you posted it.

    I read your post of Nov 1st and replied to it’s content.

  91. Admiral Brown – looking for apologies from other contributors isn’t how things work here. I think anyone reading the comments will be able to decide for themselves who was more in the right in that particular exchange of views. By the way, seeing as you’re only new here I think it would be good if you read the house rules on posting comments (here).

    Revellino – I think this exchange has now run its course.

    Prodigal Son – you’re only new here too so the same advice about what to post is equally valid for you. If it’s all the same with you, I think I’ll be the one to decide how and when the integrity of the blog needs to be upheld.

    Also Admiral Brown/Prodigal Son – when I see two new contributors turn up for the first time on the blog at the same time, using the same IP address I can’t help but wonder what’s happening, if you know what I mean …

  92. @supermac.i wouldn’t mind seeing that team get a run out but you must be expecting oisin Mullin to be in Australia by the 1st league game as he didn’t even make the bench.

  93. Admiral is the reason I’m glad James Horan picks the team, Prodigal is obviously been sarcastic with so many West Mayo in team, some of whom can’t make starting 15 for their club, DOC comments are acceptable forget the championship sorry he scored one point all year in the very first league game not acceptable at this level.

  94. Be no harm if James horan added a defensive coach for the 2022 season. Its an area where we could improve.
    One player who caught my eye this year is david tighe from ballina was motm vs davitts very tidy player and could do a job as a sweeper this year for mayo in my opinion.

  95. Doc probably needs a rest. He was fantastic when we won the league in 2019.Give the lad a break, a great servant of Ballintubber and Mayo. We need a mauler at midfield, SOS never really appreciated but what a loss.
    I am very slow to criticise any player that puts the effort in for Mayo. The commitment must be huge and lots of people abuse both our team and management. Try it yourself. Even try a while on your club committee.

  96. Great stuff willie joe. .its became open house on some players lately. Durcan and diarmuid. Two warriors of the green and red

  97. Some absolute blackguarding going on in some of the comments over the last day or two and glad WJ called it out.
    I’m interested to see more of Kieran King in the semi final this week. I hear every man and his dog looking to bring him into the panel lately. I watched him in Bekan from the stand last week (albeit obscured by umbrellas at times!) and I got to admit he didn’t really stand out to me, and I hadn’t really seen him before. I do like the fact that he’s young with time to develop more, and has a good athletic profile though.
    Also – Hession to the forwards for a try out is a no brainer for me. We have plenty of half backs.
    I also felt that plunkett looked good in the half forward line.
    Regarding DOC – could he be used as a target man in the FF line? He’s quite dangerous in the air and has proven ability to score punched goals from high balls in at IC level. Similar to McShane or Damian comer actually. The penalty last week v knockmore was another example… I know it takes away one of his strengths which is running hard out the field, but maybe it could be a tactic used for spells of 8 or 10 min, they do that a lot in AFL when midfielders who rack up big mileage “rest forward” for spells to help them run out the games at the same intensity.

  98. @No Doubt

    haha i knew i had forgotten one big name
    By all accounts oz was a done deal for him but if we havent heard anything by now in the off season we can assume he is staying put
    , yeah Oisin Mullin would be in my team at midfield most likely. He’s a front foot foot player with a serious engine so i dont want him anywhere near the fullback line

  99. Supermac I’m totally with you on that one. Remember what he done against Dublin in the 2020 final. High fields and gets scores. Its a total no brainer.

  100. I don’t understand the apparent obsession with Stephen Coen at fullback.

    He’s one of the best performing 6s in the country, why move him? I can understand moving him to midfield but IMO this would be more of a number change and I wouldn’t see him playing a radically different role to what he currently does. IMO he’s basically serving the role SOS did but depending on the opposition, can also man mark.

    For me, the area of his game he can most improve is his aggression. I’m reminded of when Giovanni Trappatoni described James McCarthy “shy”. If this is something he or management want to add to his game, then I expect he’d be more comfortable doing it in a familiar position.

    I don’t intend any of this as criticism or “damning with faint praise”, he seems like an absolutely lovely lad and I can’t imagine he’s anything but a joy to work with. I absolutely love the way he’s soldiered away and worked his way to becoming a mainstay in the team. IMO he’s exactly the model we should telling young lads to follow. Not everyone is an Oisin Mullin, able to come straight into the team at a young age.

    I think sometimes we focus too much on “big” changes in our commentary here, so I’ll make a small suggestion that might help Stephen improve his aggression levels. Have him mark Ryan O’Donoghue in training

  101. @stephen cowley. Agreed, could be a classic. The test of any great forward prospect is going toe to toe with keegan. The majority have come out beaten and outscored by their man marker on the day.

  102. I must agree with 1989 & Sleepwalker re Stephen Coen, he’s had his best season & h’s grown into his role- however at FB his attacking flair might be wasted but he would be my CB & Captain. Beir bua agus beannacht

  103. Willie Joe don’t know how you out up with so much rubbish,I have stayed away from posting because of the final,but we must carry on and prepare for next year,as someone who would love to see Sam back in Mayo before I shuffle off this mortal coil I believe that we have been spoiled over the last ten years,I remember the sixties,the seventies,and the eighties,when we could not win a raffle,we have had some great memories,although I want to win a final as much as anyone I realise that we have had great memories,I believe that since J Horan has taken I h3 has instilled a winning mentality with the team,we might not have as many finals to look forward to in the future,thank you for having such an informative site

  104. Ann DeDe
    The Eircode for Breaffy pitch is F23 T228
    Across the road from Heneghan Plant Hire.

  105. I too remember those barren years corick. There’s no doubt horan has made us competitive. Patience is the problem.. Then There’s the unspoken curse. Nobody wants to talk about it.. True or not.. one thing is for sure.. it has held to the bitter end. Our day will come very soon
    . Alot of soul searching to be done between now and then.

  106. Fully agreed Corrickbridge – the first final I saw was Meath in ’96 and the gap between 96/97, 04/06 and the “modern era” were plenty long enough and had plenty of bad matches to watch as well. That’s fully nothing compared to the ones that can remember the 60s and 70s

  107. Winning mentality ? Those four final defeats James Horan presided over in the last nine years must be a figment of the imagination.

    I’m not going to be hard on Horan and I’d love to see him win a final but perhaps he’s just reached his limit.

    We have wasted some of the finest footballers in the country in the last decade.

    Anyone who thinks that we’d have won a few finals had Dublin not been so good in the last decade better think again.

    I respect everyone’s opinion but the sooner we kick this “great memories” losing mentality into touch the better.

    We have a panel of players good enough to win the All-Ireland in 2022 so it’s over to the experienced manager now to deliver, no more excuses, we’ve heard them all before.

  108. @Frostdhammer, you might remember Trappatoni saying something in Italian but he didn’t speak English, maybe it was his interpretor who said James McCarthy was ‘Shy’.. most of us Irish males are unfortunately shy in comparison to our amourous Italian counterparts!..We badly need a Schillachi up front…Ahh, someone once said something about being consistently competitive, well Dublin fell into Mayo’s trap by being so predictably repetitive,. and unfortunately Mayo done the same thing themselves by being so predictably repetitive!

  109. Agreed Viper we aregood enough to win next year but we need a little luck as well with injuries and players playing to their very best,personally I think that Stephen Rochford was a very good manager not afraid to have very strong people alongside him if anyone can claim bad luck I believe that Stephen could ,two one goals never happened before,but James has always kept us competitive,,Exile ,ninety six was not too bad apart from not having Pat Fallon as number one sub,ninety seven was a disaster worst Kerry team ever to win an all Ireland,but the sixties and seventies we had great footballers who did not come near an all Ireland

  110. Also when we talk about good luck and bad luck… under Steven we got alot of luck.. scrapping threw the qualifiers.. Derry springs to mind.. so it could easily have been a disaster…no ready made team in donegal… the stats are frightening.

  111. @Craggy boglands, I think Rochford would have beaten Tyrone with that Mayo team, different managers but I think Stephen has a more tactical brain, huge credit has to go to Donie Buckley as well, one of the main driving forces in making Mayo competitive in the last decade.

    We can’t forget that Rochford is not the Donegal manager.

  112. Craggy ,Rochford is not the manager of Donegal so harsh blaming him for them not winning. We dont seem to blame Ciaran Mc, Tony McEntee, Donie Buckley etc for our losses quiet the opposite in fact.

  113. Fair play for those who’ve stuck with it Nephin! Some of my clearest memories are from those matches in the 96 /97 season – Maurice Sheridan’s free taking routine, that bounced point in the 1st match, the brawl. Some of the memories against Westmeath, Cork in 02, and even the first Fermanagh semi final in 04 definitely weren’t as good. I get the arguments against being overly happy with fond memories but (i) we clearly are in the bunch of elite teams year in year out which is the foundation for going on to win one, and (ii) I don’t see how taking enjoyment from the run we’ve had over the last 10 years is going to “infect” the squad – if anything it’s the collective fear that kicks in on final day

  114. While discussing managers, Damien Egan is doing outstanding job with Garrymore. Anyone that I have heard who has worked with him holds him in very high regard.

    Winning the the Paddy Drummond Cup with Ballinrobe was an outstanding achievement.

    If he goes onto to win the county title with Garrymore I think he will be a manager in serious demand.

  115. God the 70s were awful. In 1980 myself and a few friends were on our way home from The Hyde after a 14 point hammering in the Connacht final. Gardai everywhere following the murder of former Mayo great, John Morley. Were stopped at a checkpoint and the Garda looked into the car and seeing the colours said, go on, ye have enough trouble.

  116. You’re right W.J. A defeat that took us all of 31 years to fully repay. But what a day, to mark Andy’s return.

  117. Was that defeat in Tuam Willie Joe the one where one of the local newspapers left the space blank where the team photo was to be and refused to put the team photo on the paper because we were so poor.

  118. How about the hiding we got from Cork in the 90s 16 point s I think. We will never know if Rochford would have beaten Tyrone. Viper.. true he is not the donegal manager but his footprint of possession based football for the sake of it is all over the donegal team. On a positive note 30 players heading to bekan to be checked out.

  119. That was the one alright, SouthMayo Exile. A tad OTT, it was.

    The hiding Cork gave us in 1993 was even worse than that, Cragg Boglands – that one was a full twenty points.

  120. I was in Croke Park that day against Cork. 5 15 to 10 points a right trashing with Jack O Shea on the sideline laughing his head off and shaking his head. We collapsed totally in the last 20 minutes. The only bright light that day was Kevin O’Neill played his heart out and kept scoring, won an all star that year. John Maughan deserves a lot of credit for dragging us up from division 3 when he took over in September 95 we were a shambles after been beaten by Leitrim in 94 and hammered below in Tuam in 95. All people say is Maughan lost all ireland but he gave us organisation and respectability and made us a force again

  121. Kevin O’Neill was a class act..He was sorely missed in a lot of them All Ireland’s. He gave a mesmerising return in 2006 to his credit.

  122. Craggy boglands,I am not going to debate with you,but Stephen Rochford must have given you an awful runaround on some football field,because I believe that he set up the development squad which has helped us since he also gave plenty players match time,he deserves credit for that,but you have your opinion who you are entitled to,I have mine where I feel that it was a great pity that James Horan is very good at discipline and fitness,where I feel that Stephen was more inclined to listen and make changes,both of them are excellent managers

  123. Cork 1993 my 1st game in croke Park. You’d wonder how I caught the bug for this craic after that introduction

  124. Hi all,

    New here with a proposed team;

    1. C. Reape (Ball Playing Keeper)

    2. E O’Donoghue
    3. S. Coen
    4. P. O’Hora

    5. E. Hession
    6. L. Keegan
    7. P. Durcan

    8. O. Mullen
    9. M. Ruane

    10. F. Boland
    11. T. Conroy
    12. D. McHale

    13. R O’Donoghue
    14. C. O’Connor
    15. D. O’Connor (3rd Midfielder to free up Mullens running power)

    R. Hennelly
    E. Regan
    C. McStay
    S. Callinane
    A. Orme
    C. Dempsey
    C. Moran
    F. McDonagh
    J. Healy
    K. King
    A. O’Shea (Impact Sub)
    J. Coyne

  125. Loving the nostalgia above 😀

    Agree on Maughan Glorydays, often people tend to forget just how much of an impact he made

    Mayo were in an awful place when he took over in 1995, hammered by Galway that year, the Leitrim loss in 94, the Cork massacre in 93.. to think he then brought Mayo to the next 2 all-ireland finals and another Connacht title in 99 after Galway won the AI in 98.

    Sadly the semi in 99 was an awful disappointment though – i think we were even favourites going into it after a great win in Tuam, but absolutely flopped on the day. I doubt we’d have beaten Meath in the final but it had such an end of an era feel to it, definitely one of my most disappointing days as a Mayo fan. maughan himself had us back in a final with a new side 5 years later to his credit

    Although he won the league the Holmes era at the turn of the millenium was a very disappointing period for us too in Championship. Eliminated in Connacht the three years in a row by different teams.

    Have been absolutely spoiled the last decade by comparison!

  126. @Ciaran, it took a long time for counties to cop on that you didn’t have to be from Kerry or Dublin to be a good player.

    Kerry had it all their own way for years, instilling fear into other counties, the sight of a Kerry jersey alone had most teams beaten before throw in.

    The truth is Kerry were just more dedicated and had a better structure in place and in Mayo and indeed many other counties there was always a sort of inferiority complex, “we’ll never beat these fellas”, I think there’s still a bit of that in the dna.

    Just look at Cork, the size of the county and the amount of clubs they have, they’re terrified of the Kerry jersey, because it’s buried deep in their psyche.

    Even the Mayo team of today would destroy the best Kerry team of the 70’s, they just wouldn’t have the power, pace or physicality to keep up.

    Teams must keep innovating and evolving and while it’s always important to keep trying to find better players in every position it can sometimes make people overlook what they already have and try to find a system to maximize the potential of what they already have.

    How many times have we seen a new manager come into a soccer club for example and make a few tweaks and all of a sudden the team improves, I’m not calling for a new manager, I’m simply pointing out how subtle tweaks to an existing group of players can often be more beneficial than a continuous search for a “special” forward.

    I think there is enough talent in Mayo to win an All-Ireland, the key is in finding a system which maximizes their potential.

    You don’t have to have the best players in Ireland to win an All-Ireland, Tyrone proved that.

  127. Yes there is no doubt John Maughan deserves alot of credit for bringing belief back to mayo football. Like your team mandarin with the exception of regan in the subs. Tried before and not good enough for county..Carrick.. nothing against Rochford..just stating facts..At this stage if the devil came up from hell to manage mayo to the Holy grail I would take it.

  128. Mandarin. You are on the right road with that team, but Conroy at 13 , Rod at 11 and a – other sub goalie. slan

  129. I was at that game in 93 v Cork too Glorydays. I always thought that Cork really enjoyed burying us because of Jack o Shea . Even when the game was well won , they still kept going for goals . The week before it I was working on a site with Jack and he never stopped going on about this great young player he had. Ronan Ruane I believe. Come match day , nowhere to be seen.

  130. Richie Duck – I certainly would wonder! That WAS the lowest day. Ever since I’m alway uneasy when we play Cork, even though we’ve revenge many a time. Joke was, someone asks what the score was, and when told says, I asked for the score not the return train time.

  131. In response to question by. We only have one plan. I think rio Mortimer. Mark Maloney and dara Joyce for claremorris minors worth keeping an eye on

  132. Stephen Coen has many fine attributes but lacks a fundamental requirement for a full back, real pace. Also, Enda is a forward and one of the solutions to our scoring half-forward problem plus of course he can track and win breaks.

  133. @Nephin or maybe Ronan Golding…he was threatening to make waves around that era, very good at under age but faded away somehow.
    @Mandarin ,surely a spot somewhere for Eoin Mc???

  134. @catcol that was no joke. A friend of mine left the match early and as he was walking down o’connell street he asked a man emerging from a pub what was the final score in the match. the man answered ”’five fifteen……….”. with that my friend took off for the train saying ” it was the final score I asked you for not the EFFIN time” . I will never forget that day. that was the day jack o shea wanted to send on T J Kilgallon as a sub near the end of the game but T J said to put on one of the young lads instead.

  135. Yeah 2 hops, he was around at the time too. Actually came on and scored a point. Still think it was Ruane, as I was annoyed with Jacko at the time after all the BS .

  136. Mayo GAA have announced tonight that the venue for the Westport/Belmullet semi-final on Sunday has been changed to Ballina. Throw-in is half an hour earlier too and so will now get underway at 2pm.

  137. A grain of rice could tip the scale Willie Joe. I’ll be backing Belmullet to pull it off now…

  138. Does anyone know why you can’t buy tickets to the Westport v Belmullet game? Is it sold out?

  139. This is one hell of a test for Westport. They’ll be hot favourites, probably for the first time ever in senior championship at this stage of the competition. Zero pressure on Belmullet. Interesting to see how Westport deal with this dynamic. Club is club, so anything could happen.

  140. Driveitlong&hard – Yes indeed, so this is now the next huge step for them to take. I like their team, very dynamic, athletic and exciting, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how they approach a team like Belmullet.

    Their intermediate win was class, I was at it. Some goal by Oisin Mcloughlin from the Hogan sideline run.

    They’re well capable now of winning a senior county but all I’m saying is that it will be a nervy semi final for them, naturally. I think there’s less pressure on Belmullet which balances out the odds a little.

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