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Someone asked the other day about the new Mayo GAA season pass for club Championship games so I decided to look into it.

The pass is available alright and a recent report by Mike Finnerty in the Mayo News (here) provides more details on it. This report confirms that the season pass costs €100 (€75 for OAPs and students) and that it enables access to all upcoming club Championship matches, up to and including finals, as well as all underage Championship games.

That piece linked above also states that the pass is available online via the Universe ticketing platform and offline by contacting the Mayo GAA office at MacHale Park.

Cairde Mhaigheo members have always had access to club Championship games and this year members are being provided with the new season pass. Indeed, my one duly arrived in the post just the other day (that’s a snap above of the back of the card).

I’ve had a quick search on the Universe platform just now and I can’t locate any link there for purchasing the season pass. Neither can I find a single promotional effort posted online by Mayo GAA providing any information whatsoever about this initiative or how interested parties might avail of it.

That piece above says that the season pass will be available for purchase until 10th August. Ahead of this date Mayo GAA might perhaps see their way to drum up a bit of interest into what is, on the face of it, a worthwhile initiative.

8 thoughts on “Club games season pass

  1. Season pass is a great idea.
    Stops having to go online and purchase tickets.
    Stops having to have the on line ticket on the phone for scanning at the gate.
    Good value, many supporters want to see a few games every weekend.
    It needs a bit of promotion, otherwise it may die a death.

  2. Any word Willie Joe on Mayo gaa TV showing some of the club games live. They provided a great service the last few years for people living outside the county who couldn’t get home to watch games.

  3. A good idea and initiative but one which further devalues the cairde mayo ticket. Have a cairde ticket for years and used to get good Mayo merchandise each year, thats all gone, seating groups which was great as it allowed you to be seated with friends/family at matches also gone. Also felt it was fairly sneeky that you are not allowed or never informed you can’t go from the Cairde back to just a season ticket, however when buying a season ticket you used to be given the option to upgrade to a cairde.. As the cairde is 250 euro and the season ticket 150 euro and as i said you gain nothing extra from the cairde only entry to club games if you were allowed to go back to just the season ticket for 150 and then later in the year buy the 100 euro season pass you would have spent the same money but for hard pressed supporters at least the 2 payments would be split and be paid about 10 months apart.
    A bit of a rant but its like the GAA do not want the season ticket at all anymore as maybe some counties like MAyo have too many and it could cause issues in relation to capacity at some grounds (Newbridge!!!). But they were glad of the revenue they brought in when first introduced.

  4. I haven’t heard anything about that as yet, Southmayo Exile, but I assume it will be there again this year. I can’t understand the reluctance on Mayo GAA’s part to let people know about what they’re doing. If it wasn’t for that piece by Mike in the Mayo News then nobody would know about the season pass for club games. It as if they just expect people will find out about their initiatives without having to tell anyone, which is a curious way to go about public relations!

  5. How did the under 16 A final finish up and how did no.9 for crossmolina play , heard a couple people saying this lad playing midfield for crossmolina is supposed to be very good .

  6. Thanks JR . I suppose we shouldn’t be talking of a lad so young but it’s hard not to think of what might lie ahead when the DNA is there too as well as a lot of people starting to whisper about the lads potential.

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