Club Mayo Dublin Year 1 Review this Thursday

club-mayo-dublinTop of the Morning and all that. This’ll have to be a quick one, what with the day that’s in it and the fact that I’ve two hours or so of what, for me at any rate, counts as very early morning work to get off my plate before putting on my big, green, floppy hat and pouring porter all over my Rice Krispies.

All I need to do in any case this morning is to let you know that Club Mayo Dublin have an event on this Thursday night, March 19th, up here at the Garda Club on Harrington Street (throw-in 9 pm).  As well as being a get-together for club members, the bash is being held to review the first year’s operations of the club.

From what I’ve seen, the initiative has been an unqualified success as Club Mayo have brought a strong sense of focus for those of us in the capital to all matters relating to football back home. Their website has established itself as an excellent up-to-date point of reference, they’re helpful and accommodating in relation to tickets and the quarterly draws offer far better odds of scooping some loot than the Lotto does.  We’ve even joined forces to organise our results predictions mini-league for which they sorted out some nice prizes for the winner.  In the opinion of this punter at least, Club Mayo is a well-run ship and Thursday’s review is an opportunity for members to go along and tell Noel, Mary, Gerry and everyone else involved in running it what a fine job they’re doing.

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