Club quarter-final review – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E42

The race for honours in the club championships is hotting up nicely with the Senior, Intermediate and Junior title races all now at the knockout stages. It’s down to the final four in both the SFC and IFC championships while only two teams remain standing at Junior level. 

Mayo News duo Mike Finnerty and Ger Flanagan present this latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast, where they take a detailed look at all of the club championship action from last weekend and set the scene ahead of the Senior and Intermediate semi-finals the weekend after next. On this episode we also hear post-match reaction from Ciaran Treacy of Ballina Stephenites, following their surprise quarter-final win over Breaffy, and Castlebar Mitchels’ Ger McDonagh, who reflects on his club’s narrow victory last weekend over Knockmore.

This latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and Podomatic. It’s also available to listen to directly on the Mayo News website as well as here on blog using the SoundCloud player below or the one on the panel on the right.  

18 thoughts on “Club quarter-final review – Mayo News football podcast 2019 E42

  1. Good look finding that out PM !! 3rd secret of fatima easier to find, I rang mchale Park, guy at other end of phone said, “probably in October some time “.

  2. It is strange that there is money on offer to the CB but due to a lack of communication/transparency regarding the use of same that the money is not being donated.

    Surely the above matter can be rectified and the money forwarded to the CB?

  3. Looks to like arrogance on one side and incompetence on the other. Now I’m off to make tee shirts with ‘why always us’ written on them akin to the ballotelli one years ago.
    Cb seem not to want money on offer but prefer to try and squeeze the last schilling from supporters. Why else would they fix one senior semi with one intermediate semi each day next weekend. Pathetic

  4. Ah Now…. Certainly don’t agree with your semi final statement. I believe Ballina vs Tubber and Neale vs Louisburg are the 2 stand out games of the weekend. Sounds a bit of snobbery from you ?

  5. Snobbery wtf southpaw.
    Whether your club is intermediate or senior and you win your game then what game do you want to see next, your possible opponents of course, not a game from another competition. So now you have to go on day 2 to see your possible opponents.
    Do you get it yet?

  6. @Paddyjoejohntom, … I think the Guy at other end of the Phone in McHale Park, might just be taking about the date of the next County Board meeting, ‘Probably in October sometime’ …. I imagine that a number of GAA Jouranilists might just have been asking questions about that yesterday! …

  7. The intermediate teams will have more of a top level audience playing before the senior semi finals…. More of a chance for a bit of recognition, more of a chance to be seen. You have more of a chance in getting in for an intermediate game when there is a senior game on after. If there was 2 senior games on the same day…. Not a chance will the same crowd witness the intermediate games. It makes complete sense.

  8. Clubs were asked to donate 50euros recently to help Mayo girls pay for hotel accommodation for their All Ireland Semi against Galway.
    I thought at that time it was very sad that any Mayo team & management should have to worry about that in the run-up to such an important game.

    And we now have 2 associations at loggerheads over 250,000 funding.
    It is so discouraging to see that they can’t pull together.

  9. @Maumtrasna. In WJs previous post .
    9 Mayo ladies get nominated for an all star .
    There was 2 comments from posters , one was me …
    Ladies football does not get the respect it deserves, even in a proud gaa county like Mayo .
    Wish posters here realised the time , effort and commitment they put in . On a positive, things are changing and the future looks bright for ladies football. In my own club we have 22 u10 boys and 24 u10 girls. Parents are buying into it plus the whole gaa / community link .

  10. I think this funding issue has more to do with All Ireland ticket availability and egos getting upset than any transparency / business plan issue. It’s not the first time a “supporters group” fell out with a county board or tried to dictate to a Co Board. Since the proposed Lough Lannagh C of E is being developed in conjunction with the County Council I’m not surprised the “business plan” is not yet available.

  11. This is a very sad situation between the “supporters group” and the County Board.
    Tim o Leary has indicated that he personally pledged over 400,000 Euro to the County Board.
    You would think that they would take care of the foundation.
    If Kerry got such donation they would have taken the hand off the man and there would not be a word about it.
    It’s behond me that it always happens to us and our laundry gets thrown out in the open.
    I can’t wait to get a copy of Mcstays book.

  12. Trevor, what surprises me more is Donegal got 6, in the white heat of battle in the cauldron of McHale park, many of the Donegal lads couldn’t live with the Mayo intensity. Still think of that night, one of the great Mayo games!!

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