Club Stars and Galway FBD review – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E1

We’re starting 2020 on the Mayo News football podcast with a mixture of off-field and on-field action. Our first episode of the year focuses on the Club Stars annual awards banquet, which attracted a bumper attendance to the Knockranny Hotel in Westport on Saturday night, before moving onto MacHale Park in Castlebar yesterday afternoon where Mayo took on Galway in the FBD League semi-final.

This means that our first podcast episode of 2020 features plenty of different voices from the two events. Co-hosts Rob Murphy and I get the episode going, following which we’re joined at the Club Stars event by Ballintubber duo Jason Gibbons and Cillian O’Connor.

Edwin McGreal and Ger Flanagan of the Mayo News then review the club Championship season with Rob and me, following which we hear some highlights from the Club Stars event, including special guest Marc Ó Sé and Kilmaine’s Oisin Mullin. Rounding off our Club Stars segment, John Casey and Nigel Reape – who were both on the judging panel for the awards – chat with us about the many difficult calls they had to make in the various awards categories.

Then the focus switches to MacHale Park yesterday and the penalty shootout drama that saw Galway qualify for the FBD League final at Mayo’s expense. Rob and I talk you through the key moments in the game, after which Rob catches up with Mayo News columnist Sean Rice. Rounding off the show, we hear some post-match thoughts from Mayo manager James Horan.

This latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast is now online and is available to listen to on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and Podomatic. You can also listen to it directly on the Mayo News website as well as here on the blog using the SoundCloud player below or the one on the panel on the right. 

53 thoughts on “Club Stars and Galway FBD review – Mayo News football podcast 2020 E1

  1. Episode 1.The official start to 2020! Enjoy the ride. I want to see three things. Progress, Youth and win the All Ireland 🙂 that’s all.

  2. For me Horan needs to sort out the goalkeeping position or this season is going to turn into another waste of time.
    i don’t mind if we’re not good enough but this repeating mistakes over and over and over again is getting really annoying

  3. Anyone have an idea of what Mayo squad players were away on sigerson duty over the weekend?
    I know of Eoin O’D, Mattie Ruane, Stephen Coen. Carr. Others?
    Is Darren Coen back in the squad this year -he was a revelation for us in league last year. The main reason we won it

  4. Have to agree we can’t keep repeating mistakes. Losing a 6 point lead at home is not on and unless its sorted we will go no where.
    It’s not like it the first time

  5. There is a position on the team costing us on average 3 points a game. This is an ongoing issue and the failure of the manager to try out alternatives to the 2 main men is nothing short of unbelievable.Unless this issue is solved I’m very much afraid we will remain contenders only

  6. Thank you Mayomad, it’s this bloody election, I’m wetting myself with excitement

  7. Good to hear Sean Rice. I’m a big fan of his no nonsense analysis. John Giles when talking about Liverpool today said their most important signing was Alison, the goalkeeper. As others have stated the goalkeeper issue needs to be resolved. I hope Rory Byrne gets a run in the league. Mattie Flanagan is the only other option I can think of.

  8. So without having any visibility of training or who is moving well i would like to see something similar to below starting.
    I think its a team thats good enough to win but also has a good mix of old and new, certainly think you should always be looking to blood 1 or 2 newbies in the league. Would hold back the likes of Boyler and Parsons for other battles down the line.

    Rory Byrne

    Eoin o’d
    Stephen Coen


    Diarmuid (wearing no 15)

    Jordan Flynn
    Cillian O’Connor
    Eoin O’Donoghue

    Kevin McLoughlin
    James carr

  9. Eoin O’Donoghue is some man for one man Supermac, but even the greatness of being from Erris does not bestow the capability of Omnipresence in the Back line and the half forward line.
    I’m sure you meant Ryan as opposed to Eoin but I couldn’t help myself.

  10. @fbd that I did. Ryan o’d to start at wing forward.
    I expect him flynn and o’hora to be this year’s bolters

    @willie Joe – it appears there is another supermac posting on here as well as me. No doubt inspired by the return of the legend himself so I will change my handle to SupermacReturns if you don’t mind 🙂

  11. O’Hora must be 26 or 27 at this stage, his time is now if he’s good enough. I actually think Parsons should start most games in the league. He’s missed alot of football, so would be great for him to tune up and get back his confidence during the league.

  12. Exactly. Parsons must get as much football this league within reason.; ie: needn’t play entire match but should feature in all if available.

    What about Fionn McDonagh – had a very good league last year although his form dropped as the year went on…the opposite to what you want to see.

    Personally, I think we’ll struggle in the league(just a hunch), the way the fixtures have fallen for us has not been kind. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if we were in a spot of bother at the end of it…

    Donegal away – they will be really up to beat us after last summer and after our last visit to Ballybofey. Then the dubs, who I think will lose to Kerry in the first round (and I fancy Kerry for the league), which will make it all the more difficult…that being said, I am confident we can have a positive championship and if players are in form and we have luck on injuries, we can be in the shake up at the business end and who knows where that can take us.

  13. Supermac – I’ve gone back over the comments and, on the basis of first come, first served, you’ve got the rights to the handle as you used it first.

  14. I was amazed to see how well Tom Parsons did. I genuinely thought he would never again play football after his knee injury. The only thing I did notice was that he seemed not to get as high off the ground when contesting the kick outs as he used to. On a few occasions he actually stayed on the ground and just reached up. I wonder if that injury is holding him back in that aspect of his play and if so it’s no wonder.. Then again the two Galway midfielders are very big men.

  15. I don’t think you can have a one size fits all full back. Marking Michael Murphy is completely different to Ian Burke. Horses for courses and all that.

  16. And then there is the Con O Callaghan type, a tank with an eye for the jugular every time. There is no doubt about it though, we need to develop more options at full back

  17. Wide ball. That’s right. Michael Murphy spends time out the field as well. He is a complete footballer.

    Mayo focus we need a fullback who is tall strong and fast lol any ideas ?

  18. Full back line: Eoin o Donoghue, Stephen Coen and Brendan Harrison.

    Stephen Coen did ok on Murphy when he was put marking him in Castlebar last year. He seemed to get more confidence last year as he got more game time

  19. Agree that Stephen Coen is worth a try at FB. He has the height, the strength and is a good man marker. Didn’t he keep Connelly quiet when Leeroy was black carded in AI final. Can’t see him displacing any of our current half backs and mid fielders.

  20. read somewhere that A O Shea is away on holidays and will miss Donegal game ,anyone else missing , what about Keegan is he back training . Donegal have a very good record at Ballybofey so a full team is needed to get a result

  21. Keegan won’t be back for a few games any ways. Donegal be missing Jason McGee, Oisin Gallen and Patrick McBrearty.

  22. Eoghan Bán Gallagher and Paddy McGrath also out for Donegal. McBrearty could be back though.

  23. McBrearty isn’t back in the country till the 27th, he said that in an interview with the Irish news.

  24. I see Con O’Callaghan us out for 4 weeks with a shoulder injury so that’s 1 less thing to worry about in round 2!

  25. On more trivial matters, have everyone received their new season tickets? I renewed on 10th Dec. I knew they said it would be in January but it’s getting close now to game 1.

  26. Any word on how Jason Doherty is recovering?
    Hope that he’s doing ok. Would be hard to see him back at any stage during the league with such a serious injury.

  27. I hear there is a some delay with the season ticket for many, including myself…I’m told that to email season ticket and they will send something to your phone that apparently can be read at the turnstile in Ballybofey…. must do that myself…. For those who don’t have a smart phone not much of a solution….In other news it’s been reported that RTE are considering NOT renewing GAA, commentator and journalist,Brian Carty Contract… maybe they don’t want anyone who asks hard questions of those in places… like Brian once did, when he asked the GAA director of communication as to how much was his renumeration… Not that director of communication was of a mind to communicate that!

  28. Hi folks, I meant to send a Christmas and New Years message sooner but I guess time ran away with me ….
    look forward to heading to Castlebar for the National League game and who knows what the Championship will brow up. To all I wish ye a happy and safe 2020, God bless

  29. I emailed season ticket office, and they said I should receive ticket early next week.

  30. Does anybody know when the full panel for the league will be revealed? Very excited now and cannot wait for trip to Ballybofey .

  31. There is never a full panel released this time of year.

    In other news, I see the U20s have another change of venue. Their game v Donegal today is on in Bekan now.

  32. Good Irish Times piece today, by Keith Duggan, on the Derry asal. I hope I’m not breaking any rules, WJ, by mentioning the little shite. Duggan calls him out on the hypocrite that he is.

  33. looks like a first start in mayo colors for Adam Barrett Kilmaine well desired chance hopefully he does well, i know JP has mentioned him several times. looks like a quicker forward line today with a few enforced changes. From the 36 man squad posted last week was surprise nobody for Louisburgh or Balla represented. Cillian Golding Balla Basil Mcleod louisburgh both on last years panels not involved. Liam go Horan Garrymore and Ethan Henry Mayo Gaels are another two, both captains of the last 2 Under 17s teams.

  34. Yes good to see Adam Barrett starting Mayomessi. I agree, must be some reasoning why Basil McLeod and Cillian Golding are not involved. I see Oisin Mullen is absent from today’s squad also.
    Liam Og Horkan had an injury and I believe was also playing soccer.

  35. Listening to Austin Garvan’s report earlier on midwest we’ve gone through on score difference, playing Louth next weekend. Mayo played 20 minutes with 14 men in second half were leading 1-7 to 0-2 at on stage, Lambert and McBrein received backcards and were sent to sin bin for 10 minutes, sub can’t be brought on for black card players.

  36. You were definitely right there, Wide Ball. Mayo GAA have now confirmed that we’ve qualified for the final, which will be against Louth next weekend. Details to be confirmed.

  37. Totally irrelevant I know , but, Monaghan V Tyrone is live this evening on Tg4 YouTube, just saying.

  38. Lambert got a black card for absolutely nothing. When he was brought back on McBrien got one. Played havoc with our defence. Done well to earn a draw in the end but should have won it. Frank Irwin, Ruairi Keane, Patrick Chambers, Kuba Callaghan, Enda Hession, Oisin Mullins all missing. Adam Barrett went off with a bad elbow injury and we had no right footed free taker from then on. Play Louth next weekend in the final.

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