Club Stars nominations revealed

The list of nominees for this year’s Club Stars Team of the Year was announced in the Mayo News yesterday. The full list is here and is also illustrated in the graphic below (double-click to see the full-sized version).

Image: Mayo News

As you’d expect, champions Ballintubber lead the way this year with eleven nominations. Beaten finalists Breaffy have nine, while the deposed champions Castlebar Mitchels come next with five. The other beaten semi-finalists Ballaghaderreen are rewarded with three nominations, with Garrymore also getting three. Westport have two while Claremorris and Moy Davitts have one each.

Four players from the Intermediate championship are also nominated as ‘wild cards’, with three from IFC champions Belmullet and one from losing finalists Burrishoole. In total, twelve different clubs feature in the list of nominees this year.

The Team of the Year for 2018 will be announced at the Club Stars annual banquet, which is being held at Knockranny House Hotel, Westport, and is being run in conjunction with the Mayo News, O’Neills and AIB. Proceeds from this year’s event will be donated to the Mayo Roscommon Hospice.

By the way, due to unforeseen circumstances, the date for the banquet has had to be changed – it was originally pencilled in for 8th December but it will now take place instead on 12th January. Tickets for the banquet will be available online from next week and I’ll post details here when that happens.

35 thoughts on “Club Stars nominations revealed

  1. This mayo club team is starting to turn into a bit of a joke. Seems to pick a county player over a good club player every time. Don’t no who’s putting together these list of players

  2. Slightly tongue-in-cheek, but are county players not generally better than club-only players by definition?
    So it’s hardly a surprise a lot of county players make the shortlist.

  3. Brogan Boy. Give us your list of players who you would select be all star players.
    Its no point giving out about who is nominated and not name your stars.
    At least then we will add you on as selector for 2019.

  4. I have just seen a article on Connacht Telegraph by 2 County Councillors about the state of pitch in Kilglass/Enniscrone last Sunday. Also I have seen the reply from the pitch organisers and they were 100% correct. Its a joke what those 2 gentlemen had to complain about. I don’t believe any of those men follows Ballintubber team week in, week out. They normally pop up if they think it might suit them. Ah now I get their drift, a local election in 2019. Nothing wrong with parking, playing surface, and a player told me the dressing rooms were perfect. The same player said they didn’t shout about the state of the dressing rooms in their main club pitch, and they did less about it.

  5. Any particular players or clubs you think might have been better represented, Brogan boy?

  6. Brogan boy – I know we’re deep in the silly season but, really, if you can only think of posting stupid, insulting remarks then I’m afraid you’re going to have to find somewhere else online in which to do so.

  7. Well said true grit. By all accounts the stewarting etc was top class last Sunday. It’s an insult to these hard working volunteers who are trying to keep the GAA alive as best they can – and these politicians belittling their work. There would be no atmosphere if that game was played in Markevich Park on Sunday.

  8. Jonathan O Donoghue can count himself unlucky not to be nominated as he was top scorer in intermediate championship.
    Here are some scoring stats I’ve put together from the club championship. I’ve included all games from round 1 to final.I’ve included relegation play off rounds also.All the scores below came from open play.
    Neil Douglas 2-18
    Alan Plunkett 3-10
    Brian Reape 0-14
    Paul Deeley (Garrymore)1-10
    Stephen O Malley (Ballintubber)0-12
    Danny Kirby 2-5
    Conor Diskin 2-4
    Alan Freeman 1-7
    C O Connor 1-7
    Evan Ronayne(Davitts)0-10
    Mark Tierney(Garrymore) 1-7
    Colm Moran(Westport)0-9
    Darren Coen 0-9
    Fionan Duffy(Crossmolina)0-9
    Darren McHale(Knockmore)1-6
    Andy Moran 0-8
    Jack Reilly 0-8
    Oisin Mc Laughlin (Westport) 1-4
    Jonathan O Donoghue 6-13
    Tommy Conroy 1-16
    Jason Doherty 1-15
    John Gallagher 3-9
    Eoghan Lavin 2-9

  9. Brogan Boy,
    Try as hard as I can but I cannot see the logic of your complaint about county players domination the Mayo Club All Stars. We have a senior Co panel of c.33/34 but only 9 can make the Club Allstars panel despite 37 total nominations. So come again, explain your reasoning or be written off [by me at least] as an empty pot stirring troll.

  10. Still niggling me that Neil Douglas has ‘ reportedly’ being ‘ let go ‘ from the squad. What has the man to do ? One asks.

  11. Neil Douglas has been on the fringes of the squad a number of times over the past eight years or so without ever really threatening to make a breakthrough. He would have been in the picture in James Horan’s previous term and I think Horan would need to see a really different Neil Douglas to bring him back into the squad. I do not think that there is a different Douglas now to the Douglas of the past. He is a very good club player but is that bit short of being a good county player and will, at this stage, remain so.

  12. Didn’t hear the Douglas story but he certainly is mentioned every year and then gets a run out early on …. Then he’s gone .
    Only think that appeals to me about the Club All Stars is that Mayo / Roscommon hospice get a few Euro out of it …

  13. A few hours ago I happened on a Cora Staunton interview on the Newstalk evening sports programme [Off the Ball?]. I thought that she came across very well, measured and well reasoned and not at all self centred, which would be a disappointment to many. During the programme I heard that Mayo LGFA have given Peter Leahy a three year term as manager. It strikes me as strange how people who find themselves in a hole keep digging. As Mayo LGFA Board are going they may well meet Cora down under before they stop. Peter Leahy got good praise for his role in the previous backroom team but being a good backroom man does not necessarily mean that one will do well in the hot seat out in front. If I were a newly appointed manager of a business and lost key members of staff within months of taking control I would not expect to last very long. Managing a team means keeping key players on board, not throwing anybody with an alternative opinion overboard. That theory of management went out with 18th century British Navy captains.

  14. I am shocked and flabbergasted that peter leahy has his term as manager extended until end of beggers belief what the mayo L.G.F.A. HAVE JUST DONE.i said it before and i will say it again PETER LEAHY has to leave his position as mayo manager before the healing process can start.oh thank god its friday

  15. Jimbo, what has Peter Leahy done wrong that requires him to leave his post? From taking all statements made by parties involved I believe Peter has done absolutely nothing wrong, it is his job to pick the team and it’s his job to run training how he sees fit.

  16. AndyD, a major correction is needed. Leahy DID NOT “throw anybody with an alternative opinion overboard”. Stop trying to slant the argument by using false information, Lord knows Carnacon are doing enough of that! The facts are 4 players left for their own reasons (for various reasons and over a period of 2 weeks) and Carnacon WITHDREW their 8 players. Leahy did not ask anyone to leave. One of the backroom team walked because his daughter was WITHDRAWN by her club so he could hardly go to training/matches and her at home.
    The big question though, which has been very conveniently buried and gone unasked by both Off The Ball and Tubridy on the Late Late (which for “so-called” journalists to not ask this question was either cowardly or proof that the questions were vetted), is what were the “personal”, “sensitive”, “welfare” and “unsafe” issues that were so serious that the club WITHDREW their players? They still have not explained any of these and I wonder why? And, if these issues were so obvious to everyone, why did the other clubs not withdraw their players also? It is hardly the case that the 31 other clubs don’t care about their players?

    Jimbo, Why should Leahy leave because one club threw their toys out of the pram? Do the other 31 clubs not have a say in things? You seem to forget that the county board can only do what the club delegates vote on. At Tuesday nights county board meeting, the proposal came from the floor from a club delegate to extend Leahys tenure to 2021, it was seconded and (like all the other Carnacon appeal votes that went against them) voted heavily in favour to extend his tenure in line with the newly formed 3 year Mayo Ladies Development Plan.
    As regards the healing process? When the cowards that text and rang Leahys phone, house and wife with abusive messages and threats are outed, named and shamed then the healing process can begin. There is a process in place for any player THAT WALKED to come back in to the squad, no-one is barred from playing for Mayo. The problem is that some players want to manage also and that is not going to happen.
    Finally, it was a bit rich for Cora to mention about mediation in her interview. They weren’t half as keen on the mediation process in the TF way back when all this broke. Their shutters were firmly pulled down then.

  17. Cora past her best .. Lots of talent coming through .. Time to give new faces and people who are honoured to wear the famous green and red jersey a chance .. Hope some of the younger Carnacon girls are not persuaded to stay away from the county set up .

  18. Peter Leahy said I am the manager and I pick the team. I decide in consultation with the selectors who will play and who will come on as sub. I think that is fair enough for any manager. Some players didn’t like that and tried to get him sacked so they could regain control and dictate who plays and doesn’t play. When they didn’t get the support from the rest of the panel to get him sacked – the “welfare” issues came up.
    I feel sorry for the young Carnacon players on the county panel who have been dragged into this. I hope they can get back into the set up sooner rather than later.

  19. Peter Leahy has no reason to step down. He is still owed at minimum an apology from the players that walked that issued the statement citing ‘an unsafe environment especially for the younger players in the squad’ what was meant to imply? Why was this statement ever explained? It was a slanderous remark and Leahy would have been entitled to take matters further.
    But now it time to move on and get on with the new 3 year plan.

  20. Re: Peter Leahy and his tenure of Mayo LGFA/ Cora , Carnacon and some others…. another book in this I’m afraid…. conflict resulition!…Mayo with everyone available would be contenders for the All Ireland,….You have to say that without those Carnacon player’s and one or two other’s who absented themselves from Mayo (I fully support their rights to withdraw their services to Mayo) Mayos Chance’s are conciderably deminished….. However while I support their rights, I most definitely don’t think that it is right to suggest player sensitive welfare Issue’s as the reason in public, and then fail to explain those Issue’s in Public…. There was far too much innuendo in the statements made, and it certainly had the potential to magligne the reputation of the Mayo manger, which was very dangerous, damaging and unfair thing to do..As it stands Carnacon’ have by the powers that be in the LGFA found guilty of “Bringing the game into disrepute” after months of, disciplinary meetings, santions were applied eventually… The Mayo Clubs have the right to pick the Mayo LGFA County Board,, The Mayo LGFA County Board have the right to pick the manager, , The manager has the right to pick the Player’s, the Player’s have the right to either play or not play if picked…It should never have come to this,… I hope that the lesson’s are learned!

  21. Pebblesmeller,
    Have you read/heard what the team captain Sarah Tierney had to say about her reasons for withdrawing. Sarah was captain, presumably with the managers agreement so what she says has to be taken seriously. She is not a Carnacon player so Carnacon cannot be blamed for her walking.
    My Ball,
    You say Cora is past her best. She may well be but that does not mean that she is not worth her place on the Mayo team. Is there any player on the team who can consistently score a fraction of what she does? Why is she being brought back to Australia if she is so far past her best.
    The trouble with too many managers and board officials is that they think they are the heart and soul of the association, both GAA and LGFA. They are not, they are merely facilitators for players who might in many cases be better off doing that job themselves, and indeed often did in the past. Today players want to devote all their time to playing/training and so too often think that they have to put up with those managers/officials. After all, the only requirement to affiliating is to have a panel of players. No need to have a scatter of officials etc.

  22. AndyD – there is a lot more to running a club/county than affiliating a panel of players. What about jerseys, pitches, registrations, insurance, fixtures, referees, fundraising etc etc. A lot of players think there is nothing to running a club – only turn up on the day for training/match and everything automatically falls into place – the pitch is lined, grass cut, the manager/selectors/physio etc are there, the referee is there. I wish it was all that simple.

  23. Neil Douglas has had a bad time with injuries almost every time in the Spring when the squad is being formed. Hamstring under Horan and broke his thumb under Rochford.
    We’ve never seen him get a league on decent ground. He’d walk onto our u23 team if there was such a team.

  24. While I do not know exactly what went on in the Mayo LGFA senior camp this year, I have to say that Peter Leahy has been far more visible at club games throughout the year. Much more so than managers who have went before him. The impression I got of the Mayo ladies team was that there was a panel of 30 or so and that was it. I could be wrong but I don’t think recent management teams have looked out for new talent. This seems to be different under Leahy. However, some of the constant panel may have been unhappy that their place may have been in jeproady. This is inter county football after all.!!!

    The Mayo LGFA board may also have a part to play in this and have questionable organisational skills when it comes to clarity surrounding fixtures, venues, referees etc. The fact that a referee within 5 minutes drive of Westport referred Westport in this years ladies intermediate championship final is farcical.

    Will we ever know what fully happened this year? Probably not is my guess.

  25. JP, at 28 I think Dougie would find it difficult to get onto a U23 side. I do agree that he has had a shocking run of injuries that have curtailed his opportunities. IMO Dougie is one of the counties top forwards and deserves a spot in the setup

  26. South Mayo Exile,
    There is indeed a lot of work involved in running a club, I’ve been there, done that, have a few T-shirts. I’ve also seen a club where there was a breakdown between officials and players, officials ressigned and players took up their roles as well as continuing playing. While not winning championships there was a great all round improvement in the club.
    What must be realised is that without leaders on the field you will not be competitive never mind win anything. Do you expect those leaders on the field to become sheep when on the training field because an inadequate manager cannot tolerate any questioning voices? That personal inadequacy when meeting somebody with a questioning voice is why so many managers do not measure up with resulting splits and walkouts. All that I’ve heard, and I have a listening ear, persuades me that Mayo ladies will be on a downward spiral while Mr Leahy remains in charge.

  27. @Mayomad, I’m aware Neil Douglas is 28/29. I’m making the point that he’s ahead of most of the u23 forward options.

  28. I’m very much on the fence on this issue regarding Mayo ladies. I suspect like most great disputes, the truth lies somewhere in the middle and both are somewhat to blame. From the outside it appears Leahy was hard done by, and ambushed by a Carnacon mob led by Cora. However when I heard Sarah Tierneys version of events, who is the captain (from Hollymount not Carnacon) and I assume a major leader within the group, as well as Denise McDonagh (from the Davitts club), alarm bells started going off in my head about peter Leahy.
    It’s hard to know who to believe.

  29. My tongue was firmly in cheek JP. As I said, i agree with you regarding Dougie, he should be part of the setup, should have been for the past 3-4 years

  30. Leantimes,
    Just seen your posting which went up while I was replying to Pebblesmeller and My Ball at about 1.30 pm. You hope lessos have been learned, but by who? In my view it is Peter Leahy who has most learning to do. If I were a business manager and lost one third of my key staff within months of taking over because they were not happy with the way I was dealing with them I think my boss/Board of Directors would be having a hard look at me. It wouldn’t matter much who was right or wrong in theory, my managment style would be found to be wrong.
    I think Sarah Tierney explained it fairly fully in that from the time she first asked questions [first question at training: are we going to spend the entire session running or do we get to play any football] she was being undermined and faulted in everything she did until her confidence was broken. Apparently it was the same with several others which is why Carnacon walked enbloc.
    It may seem strange that the same kind of allegations are frequently made about Aiden O’Shea as about Cora, i.e. that he is too domineering and inflencing the manager. According to some it was down to him that Rob Hennelly replaced David Clarke for that fateful All Ireland. That with no evidence whatever to back it up. It seems to be a mindset with some Mayo supporters and it goes back all the way to the 1992 players refusal to play under Brian McDonald. It was the players fault, not the Co Boards that John O’Mahony was left to give his best years to Leitrim aand Galway.
    Sin sin on this topic. I’ve said all I’m going to say.

  31. AndyD, Everyone has lesson’s to learn… including Peter Leahy… but I certainly am not suggesting that he done anything wrong… however after months of unresolved disputes between the Mayo LGFA and Carnacon’. .. The resolution of the dispute was taken completely and thankfully out of Mayo hands… Carnacon’ ..did accept sanction against members of the Club, and financial santions as well…If you remember the charge was ‘bringing the game into disrepute’.. For a magnificent Club, like Carnacon’ with a magnificent record of County, Provincial and All Ireland success, to be found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute not is most definitely not something to be proud of… I think you will find that if Carnacon’ player’s decide collectively not to play for Mayo under Peter Leahy, which I accept is their right to do as they wish… Carnacon’ will in this event become a much less attractive Club to several young players who have an ambition to play for Mayo, which is the polar opposite of what Carnacon’ used to do…So maybe those in charge of Carnacon’ might take this on board…. Plenty of lessons to be learned there as well…. I also think that the Mayo LGFA have a little to learn as well…. The first Draconian santions? handed down to Carnacon’ were well over the top, and? would have punished plenty of Carnacon’ player’s who had no input the dispute at all…So plenty of lessons to be learned I would suggest, but I am a bit bewildered as to how you brought Aiden O Shea, Rob Henelly and Brian McDonald’s or other people”s opinions have anything to do with it…( I think you will find opinions vary on every detail of Mayo’ football)….As for John O Mahoney’ best year’s in Leitrim, or Galway and not Mayo…..A manager knowledge should increase every year and his last Manager’s job was actually in charge of Mayo’, and despite his increased knowledge it didn’t go very well,did it… mind you it put him in the Dail and he is currently a senator, so depending on how you measure these things maybe it did go very well after all!

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