Club Stars tickets on sale + FBD 2020 fixtures confirmed

The first batch of early bird tickets for the Club Stars annual banquet, which will be held on 11th January at Knockranny House Hotel, are now on sale. They’re available for purchase online – here.

It was revealed in this week’s Mayo News (here) that Ger Cafferkey will be the recipient of the ‘Spirit of Mayo – Personality of the Year’ award at the banquet. The Ballina Stephenites clubman retired from inter-county action in September, following a career that saw him line out more than 100 times for the county during which time he won six Connacht championship medals. He won an All-Star award in 2012.

January also sees the start of a new year of action on the field. Connacht GAA today published fixture details for the 2020 FBD League (here), in which we’re set to face Galway in a semi-final tie at MacHale Park on 12th January (throw-in 2pm). Also today, the GAA published its Master Fixture List for 2020 – that’s here.

72 thoughts on “Club Stars tickets on sale + FBD 2020 fixtures confirmed

  1. Not wanting to stir any trouble here Willie Joe, but a genuine question. Does anyone know how voting works at the county convention? Is it simply one vote per club, and the person with the most votes wins?

  2. Paddyjoejohntom and i would like to know Is it a secret vote? Is their a break down of which club voted for who and are the results of who voted where made known to the public?

  3. I couldn’t make the U21 A final last night. Anyone at it who can report on the players that stood out?

  4. 45 colm moran and oisin McLaughlin stood out for me nobody else im afraid not a good final at all

  5. Thanks Itsonly68 – sounds like there weren’t too many new pickings on show for James Horan and his selectors.

  6. Anyone know the u20 panel and when they are starting games because its on earlier this year..what are they like?Thanks

  7. off topic but not sure where else to post it…

    Delighted to see Mickey Moran work the oracle again with Kilcoo, incredible achievement having done similar with Sluaghtneil and numerous others

    A brilliant manager and all round class act, would have loved to see him and morrison (RIP) stick it out for another year or 2 with Mayo

  8. what was the Senior Management thinking of yesterday making a young lad play a trial game instead of a County Final with his Club.

  9. AS we come to end of this decade and the retirment of jim gavin as dublin manager who was inextricably intertwined with mayo from 2012.we just could not get the better of them with him as manager.i think his greatest attribute was bringing diarmuid connolly back this summer to help complete the 5 in a row.if dublin had lost to kerry nobody could point the finger at gavin over diarmuid connolly .jim gavin realised it was better to have connolly inside the tent pi**ing out than outside the tent pi**ing in.I REALLY think 2020 is a great opportunity for mayo to finally land SAM .

  10. @Supermac… Yeah, Definitely Mickey Moran with Kilcoo still proving his worth, his presence must be worth a few points to any team that he takes charge of …We were blessed in Mayo with both Mickey Moran and the late great John Morrisson….Many is the time, I heard conversation’s speculating as to what could possibly be the reason’s for their sudden departure from the ‘Plains of the Yew’? ..Only ever heard’One’ answer!. .Who benifited from their departure?..Certainly not Mayo!… ‘Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors’…. It’s past time, we found out!

  11. Surprised there’s not more chat about RO’D being made to miss the A U21 final for a run of the mill county meeting. Actually i’m not surprised, given the complete indifference with which club is treated in this county. We must be the biggest fair weather fans out there, packing stadiums in summer yet not the slightest big of interest in the club game throughout winter. The A U21 finals is probably in the top 8 or so GAA days in the county for the year yet dozens showed up.

    But when the head of Mayo GAA is putting down directives like that then it’s not surprising. His last ever game underage with his mates, a huge day for his club and a county final. Its actually depressing

  12. Culmore. You should know by no the Mayo Senior Management don’t give 2 F…s for Lads playing for their clubs.
    All they ever did think about is their want and needs and to hell with everyone and everything else. I hope the young lad had the guts to play for his club in a final.

  13. I thought Westport and Claremorris were in A final? think it might have been north final that the player missed

  14. Anyone involved in club football will know this is no surprise. I know it’s not up to the Mayo senior management to worry about the clubs but without the clubs there is no county team.

    It’s disgraceful what goes on.

  15. I’m a bit puzzled at all the credit Dublin get.

    Yes they have won 6 out of 7 all Irelands. But I keep hearing the greatest team of all time and the greatest manager of all time.

    Playing all their semi finals and finals on their home patch, and let’s not forget their treasure chest, then how come the greatest team of all time with the greatest manager of all time

    Won 2 of those all Irelands after replays (one by a single point).

    Won 2 more of those all irelands by a single point.

    Qualified for one of those all irelands after a replay in the semi final.

    Surely if you have home field advantage
    The best manager in the game
    Funding out the yazoo
    The supposed best team ever

    Then you should not be squeaking home ?

    How come with all of the above advantages Dublin just managed to scrape over the line on so many occasions ?

    Does home field advantage, the greatest team ever, the best manager ever, the most funding ever, not point to a team that should have been winning these titles with plenty to spare ?

    Something does not add up.

  16. We do not know exact details behind the north mayo county final, it may be the case that the player picked county trial. There are only limited opportunities to impress, league is starting in less than two months.

    Is it the case that some players played county final rather than trial? This is understandable with no mandate from county management.

  17. Was North Mayo A final Knockmore v Bellmullet. Knockmore won easy by 13 or 14 i think it was but woukd have been closer no doubt if Ryan was there.
    Really disappointing he wasn’t allowed his last age group game with his friends and neighbours and that’s putting my thoughts on it lightly….

  18. R O’D was called into the senior panel a couple of months back so it wasn’t a trial. The report on RTE’s website said he was returning from injury so maybe that’s why he was absent? If he wasn’t injured then there’s no excuse.

  19. Well said Revellino.
    Its certain Jim Gavin is a good manager and Dublin have great success but as far as I am concerned there is an asterix by the entries in the record books.
    They should win

  20. The fact that a Mayo North U21 Final was on a week after the County Final says a lot about the organisation of club games in Mayo. You cannot blame to Co. team management for that. Enough said.
    Regards Mickey Moran’s departure from Mayo, the reason was John O’Mahony’s availability to take on the Mayo job. The same reason in reverse for Mickey’s arrival in Mayo, i.e John O’Mahony’s unavailability immediately after retiring from the Galway job. Everybody in Mayo, and I mean everybody, wanted O’Mahony in as manager which is why John Maughan opted out in late 2005. Let there be no revisionism about that just because O’Mahony’s second coming did not work out so well. As it turned out Moran’s Mayo in 2006 did an awful lot worse than Maughan’s Mayo against Kerry in either 2004 or 2005. Just look at the scores. Moran was a poor show in every county job he took on, particularly in Derry.

  21. The North Mayo U21 final was played Sunday and as far as I am aware nobody is FORCED to play any game or miss any game for club or county it’s the player’s own decision Diskin played for Claremorris in the U21 county final Saturday evening.

  22. A piece by Ger Flanagan in today’s Mayo News reports that Ryan O’Donoghue missed that U21 game on Sunday due to injury. He attended a medical assessment with the Mayo senior squad instead. Those of you who were a bit fast on the trigger with your opinions about club v. county and all that might want to reflect on what you posted in light of this news update.

  23. Fair enough WJ I was quick off the button myself but My opinion is he should have been with his team for the final…if only in the dressing room and offering support from the sideline. The medical assessment could have been done after of before…?

    The treatment of clubs and availability is a major issue and anyone involved in club football in the county will testify to this.

  24. I’ve heard that injury was the reason Ryan didn’t play but a lot of people who bang on about how much greater they are as a club fan hero than the rest of us seem to use a single source from Twitter for their opinions.

  25. Maybe it’s as well you read the Mayo News piece in full, Yew Tree, before doubling down any further on this issue. There were a number of other factors of relevance on the day, which help explain why this occurred and show that this really is a nothing story.

  26. What exactly is the status of North Mayo u21 final? Without being disrespectful, the main u21 competition within the county for years has always been played on a county wide basis. Was this just an “extra” competition added by the north board? Someone said above it’s in the top 8 club games in Mayo this year – I’m sorry but that’s just not true, the competition didn’t even exist a few years ago. In any case Ger Flanagan seems to have dispelled some of the nonsense going around on social media. Unfortunately the damage is done for the most part in the viral digital age we live in.

  27. The Western people sports section should make an apology in next weeks paper for such a fake news story.It really is the silly season in the Gaa at the moment.The sooner the Fbd game against Galway in January comes around the better for this County.

  28. @Andy D, ‘Everybody in Mayo’ desire for John O Mahoney’ to manage Mayo is a fairly dubious statement…at any time, but certainly at times many did.. Not so sure how many felt that way by end of 2006…. Sure we got trounced, worse on the scoreboard by Kerry in 2006, than 2004 in the All Ireland Final…. But, there was never a time in Mayo when there was ‘unaminity’ on any Manager, or Player, or Office holder in the County Board… Neither does your contention that ‘Mickey Moran’ was a ‘Poor Show’ in any County Job he took, hold any water….In the one and only year in Charge of Mayo,(in concert with Great John Morrisson RIP)…We retained our Div One Status, won the Connacht Final versus our great rival’s Galway, beat Laois in the quarter final after a replay, defeated Dublin in the most thrilling football day, certainty of my life in the now ledgentary 2006 All Ireland Semifinal, coming back from 7 points down… after all this positive stuff, Moran and Morrison had plenty of Mayo fan’s by the end of 2006…….I would agree with you that John O Mahoney’ second coming for Mayo not work out so well for Mayo!

  29. Oh, to be able to win 6 out of 7. Oh, just to squeeze home by a point. Oh, to get there after a replay. Oh, to have a manager who shunned the limelight, and the more he won, the more he shunned. Oh, to have the underage structures in place to ensure a constant supply of top class talent.

    Oh, to have Pillar Caffrey as the next Dublin manager. We need the Dubs to get the swagger back, to strut like peacocks, to have the manager constantly on the airwaves, and the players elbowing him out of the way. Then, we might have a chance.

    And, BTW, McStay in today’s Times – Mayo at a very low ebb. WTF. 2020 can’t come soon enough.

  30. @Revellino, re “your a bit puzzled why the Dubs get so much credit”.
    I will try to unpuzzle you.
    1, 7 All Irelands in this decade and a handful of league titles, that’s finally coming to an end.
    2, Mayo 0 All Irelands out of 5 attempts, including the 2016 replay.

    These are the simplest of facts, it doesn’t matter how a win is achieved but its worth noting that in all our finals with the Dubs on this decade, Mayo were chasing the games in the last 10 or 15 minutes in All the finals, trying to win when behind on the scoreboard, did we ever take the lead at 70 minutes?.
    Mayo battered the Dubs in 2013, how many Dublin players were visibly injured on the pitch in the final 10 minutes, yet Mayo didn’t go all out to win.
    Fortune favours the brave, over compensating in a game by defending, planning on how to stop the opposition simply won’t win out on the day.
    Great to see a new decade fast approaching, the only way Mayo will ever win an All Ireland will be a snatch and grab job, this bull of playing in one final and hoping to use that experience gained as a means to win the next one is rubbish.
    We have many examples of this, ie two finals in close succession yet seemed to have learned nothing.
    A new decade will hopefully bring the title at last.
    The Dubs are set to announce a new manager on 12th December, I am convinced that whoever gets the job ( maybe Dessie Farrell) will not have the same impact as the very shrewd / ice cool Jim Gavin, who did his job showing no emotion ( always seated) even in the dying minutes of our close battles.
    It would be great if the next 10 All Ireland were won like back in the 1990’s, almost a new champion yearly.
    I don’t want to offend anybody, but I hope our day will come sooner rather than later, a few people I know have passed away on the better side of 60.

  31. Mayo88 – I agree and hope you are right….will we see an all Ireland in the near to medium future? Who knows. What is certain, we ain’t making it easy on ourselves with the circus off field.

    Agree on Dublin, the best team I’ve ever seen without question. Very unfortunate they have been around the same time we had our best team since the 50s….are Dublin better than the Kerry team of the 70/80s? I was not born but them days Kerry could win an all Ireland playing THREE games….! So I’d argue they are the best ever.

    As for money and funding…take a look at what Kerry made this year….we haven’t been too shabby ourselves at generating big income in the past few years.

  32. @its only 68, I’d have to disagree with you in relation to the U21A final.

    To quote Austin Garvin (no mean student of the game) in the Mayo News today.

    “Westport won out thanks to a display of power-packed football that was a pleasure to witness.
    Their speed and combination play was out of the top drawer and they improved as the game progressed, and won with something to spare at the finish.
    Their kick passing was exemplary as they sought to pick out a colleague with every delivery, and invariably did so.
    Overall, they played the game as it was intended to be played and fully deserved their success.”

    Along with the names you mentioned, Brian O Malley gave an exhibition of fielding in the middle of the field, Eoghan Mc Laughlin carried the ball from deep and ran at the heart of the Claremorris defence, and Alan Kennedy scored 1- 8 1 – 5 from play. In the 4 matches he played in this tournament he scored 1-38, not a bad return.
    I thought it was a great game with some fine passages of play.
    The 2 clubs have shared the title at this grade for the last 4 years, 2 apiece. I know it’s no guarantee for success, but keeping those teams together over the next few years would put them in the frame for a shot at a Moclair Cup, and good news for Mayo football in general.

  33. @Mayo88. We were chasing the game in all those finals ?

    Did it not take a late free from Rock to clinch one of those finals ?

    Did it not take a super sub performance from costelloe to score 3 points late in another game for them to get their beaks in front. Dublin were doing the chasing that day ?

    Did we not draw the 2016 final. How can you say that game was won with 10 or 15 minutes to go ?

    Dublin did win the replay by 1 point.

    Is playing on their home patch not worth at least 1 point.

    If it the answer is yes, then scratch the 2 all Irelands they picked up after replays, and scratch their drawn semi final. And send all their 1 point wins back to replay.

    If you want to believe that playing in Croke Park is no benefit to the Dubs well that’s up to you but my point still stands. Dublin made hard work of winning several of these All Irelands.

    Home advantage.
    Best Manager ever.
    Greatest team ever.
    10 times Mayo’s population.
    At least 10 times Mayo’s grant aid.
    Referees who’s bread is buttered in Dublin.

    Given all that, why were Dublin put to the pin of their collar to win several of these all Irelands ?

    How many years was the much lauded Bernard Brogan playing for Dublin before he ever played a championship match outside of Croke Park.

    How did we end up drawing with these untouchables after scoring two own goals for them.

    You can believe what you want to believe but I’ll stick to believing the facts.

    With the balance heavily weighted in their favour, they fell over the finish line in several of their All Ireland wins.

  34. @williemac i fully agree about what you said there but as a neutral i wanted to see a much tighter game than we had witnessed/
    yes these 2 clubs going well underage is a big boost for mayo Gaa because we are under a stranglehold with ballintubber and Mitchels winning the county championship for many years now.
    Alan kennedy was very impressive could be one too look at for the league or is he young enough for mayo under 20?
    Number 6 for Claremorris was impressive also
    Very dissapointed in Conor diskin looked lost out on the pitch

  35. In the teamsheet Matthew Macken was a Wing back? Surprised as he was usually at 6 with Claremorris and Mayo minors.
    Westport are producing 2-3 good footballers each and every year. They should be quite competitive at Senior next year. They haven’t had a lot of physically big players. But there are a few big young lads will start to make their senior team next year.

  36. Hello,

    Mayo are priced at 18/1 for the All Ireland with Galway around 22/1. (Also Mayo and Galway are 10/1 each to win the League).
    Kerry are hot 2nd Fav for the AI with Donegal next at 10/1 or 8/1. Then Tyrone around 12/1.

    Just saying!

  37. The bookies usually get it right Ciaran but we are better than 18/1 put your money on Kerry they have scoring forwards and now they have another Clifford brother in the panel I reckon they will land Sam in 2020. Hopefully our team will keep building and evolving we have some good footballers coming through it will take time and patience. Galway will be a dangerous animal next year and will Get a bounce with Padraig Joyce in charge but sure bring it on on our day we are more than a match for anyone

  38. @ ANDY D. IT would be more plausible if you put the word ‘ NEARLY’ before the word everybody. in 2006 john o mahoney was finished with gaa games and had moved on to new games.

  39. It’s a pity that things have gone so quiet on this blog, I can understand this partly from looking at the ” stuff that is coming up in Google news”, a new twist each week, re the current situation.
    Thinking about the soon to be appointed Dublin manager, how much will the current back room team have picked up from Jim Gavin over the years, Jayo, Paul Clarke and Declan Darcy.
    A great underage coach here in Dublin is Paddy Christie, maybe he will be the surprise choice, this guy has a great coaching CV.
    All in all alot of strong contenders, when we include the Dublin ladies manager and Pat Gilroy.

    I can’t see any new manager matching Gavins successful reign, at least I’m hoping he won’t be as successful.
    Farrell has alot to learn at Senior level, his was manager of Na Fianna this year, they conceded three goals v Ballyboden in this years quarter final, all scored by one man.

  40. I think normal service will resume re Dublin on the field. Conveyor belt production of quality players to continue and new manager will freshen things up.
    Mayo under the radar and Horan steering well clear of controversies is a positive. Great league program ahead and a lot of players capable of putting up their hands up.
    A lot to look forward to.

  41. Kerry bringing in 2 serious Forwards in Paudie Clifford and Tony Brosnan for the upcoming season, they really have a conveyor belt of Forward talent.I see both the Basquel brothers from Ballyboden St Endas in Dublin have ruled themselves out from ever playing for Mayo from which there Father comes from.Hopefully Gary Boylan , Ryan O’Donoghue, Cian Hanley ,Ciaran Treacy, Conor Diskin, Tommy Conroy, Brian Reape and Liam Irwin can all make an impact in the Mayo panel in the upcoming season.Would like to have seen Jack Reilly from Charlestown get a chance as he is one of the top scoring forwards from play in the club scene.We really need a breakthrough Forward this year if we are to make any impact.

  42. Mayonaze Matty Ruane and Oisin Mullin both took park in the AFL combine trials this morning ( I think it’s common knowledge at this stage and I hope I’m not breaking any house
    Rules) so they must be interested in giving it a shot down under if they get the opportunity and good luck to them if they do even though they’d be a huge loss to Mayo football. As the old lady said on the Kerrygold ad back in the 80’s sure we export all our best stuff. I often wondered after all Ireland finals would things be different if we had a fully fit Pearse Hanley in his prime playing.

  43. I see at least 3 Mayo players partaking in AFL combine this weekend. Fine if players want to make a go at a potential AFL contract, however, we never see the up-and-coming footballers in Kerry or Dublin being inticed away. We need to be looking after our own like the big two are able to do successfully year after year or the gap is only going to widen for the rest of us.

  44. 45 – Stefan okunbor and Mark O’Connor 2 very successful underage players from Kerry both have afl contracts.

  45. 45, thats not true, Kerry have lost a lot of Players to AFL. While Mayo have only lost Pearse Hanley (and Cian for a couple of seasons. Kerry have lost Tadhg Kinnelly and the best years of Tommy Walsh. Add to that Mark O’connor who would be a starter for the senior team by now and Stefan Okanbur is a serious talent. Dublin lost James Madden who is also had serious potential.
    If the Mayo players get offered a contract then all the best to them, it is a fantastic opportunity for them but let’s not pretend we are the only county effected, our rivals have lost more players to AFL than we have.

  46. Walsh & Kinnelly were from the previous decade but Kerry have completely tightened up on this issue in recent years as have Dublin. Clifford, O’Shea, Howard, O’Callaghan have all been carefully looked after. Players you’ve mentioned above have been good underage talent but never broke into their respective county senior teams. Concern for us is that there’s a distinct possibility we could lose a pivotal mid-fielder that has made a significant breakthrough into our Senior team.

  47. 45, you said in your earlier post, “we never see the up-and-coming footballers in Kerry or Dublin being inticed away” Mark O’connor definetly falls into that category, you didnt mention established senior players. O’Connor signed AFL contract when he was 18 or 19, had he stayed he would have been playing in AI final this year.

  48. Delighted with the news Ciaran Mc Donald has been appointed forwards coach with Mayo please God he will
    Do a good job and improve the return from our forwards

  49. Great to see Ciaran McDonald joining James Horan and the Mayo Coaching team. I hope he can transfer some of his magic across to the players. The best of luck to him.

  50. Ciaran McDonalds addition to the backroom team can only be viewed as a plus.
    Strong statement of intent from James Horan too.
    Obviously off season work is going well, we can expect a renewed effort from Mayo in 2020. The future is bright

  51. Return of The Mac!!!!
    RTE reporting that Ciaran McDonald has joined the coaching staff of James Horan’s backroom team.
    Some posters here probably knew this before Ciaran did but either way it’s great news. A good move.
    I don’t know how to provide the link but it’s on the website.

  52. Did yiz see that breaking news on the RTE website? MacDonald appointed as coach for senior team?

    McDonald’s role will be to “work closely with (trainer) James Burke in a coaching capacity and support the development of the players in a football context,” according to a statement from Mayo GAA.

  53. I often think enough isn’t being done to encourage lads to commit to Mayo. In fact I’m fairly certain it’s not.

    Backdoorsam, I’m pretty sure if PH had stayed at home we’d have won one, possibly two. No point dwelling on the past but if I was someone of influence at a senior level in Mayo GAA or a sponsor or big money backer, I’d have done my utmost to bring PH back and to avoid our talent going. It impacts hugely on our ability to win an All Ireland. Let’s face it, Ruane going would significantly hit us in midfield.

    On top of this, top Mayo talent going to AFL sets a very damaging precedent.

    I appreciate people have been split on this. I accept that but from my side of it I just don’t understand how a Mayo footballer would choose any sport over the chance, just that chance of ultimate glory. All the money in the world wouldn’t compare to a Mayo captain lifting Sam.

  54. Great to see C Mac added to coaching panel, should have been forward coach since he retired. Hopefully now we will see our forwards willing to have a shoot at goals instead of passing the ball around and afraid to have a go .

  55. Want to comment on the AFL issue. Living in Australia for several years and I’m a very close watcher of the AFL. Firstly there is an article on about the training camp at the weekend – a kerry kid called Devidas Uosis was the standout talent apparently (Kerry u20 goalkeeper). Two of his club mates from dingle are already with Geelong in the AFL.
    45 – you said that Kerry or Dublin don’t let “established” players go to the AFL any more. That’s just not true. Almost All Irish players who end up in the AFL go there as kid under the age of 19, and well before they have the chance to be established senior GAA players. This includes Pearse Hanley, Mark OConnor, Conor McKenna and many others. The only exception I can remember is Ciaran Sheehan of cork, who joined Carlton on the back of the 2012 international rules series as a 22 year old.
    Which leads me nicely to my next point. It’s extremely difficult to make it onto an AFL list after the age of 20. The combine at the weekend is being held with a view to monitoring these lads throughout 2020 and potentially joining an AFL list in 2021. Matthew Ruane is now 23 – he would be 25 in 2021. That would be unprecedented for an Irishman to be added to an AFL list at that age. I seriously doubt he is a realistic prospect of going.
    On the other hand, Oisín mullin and Frank Irwin are the perfect age, though mullin could also even be getting a bit old.
    At the end of the day, Only 4 players from last weekends combine will be invited to Australia to meet clubs (according to the AFL website article) and potentially get a 2 year rookie deal (at best). If they don’t show something in those two years they will be delisted like most other youngsters – less than 10% of AFL players play more than 100 games and most are delisted in 3-5 years. Most of the Irish players fall into this category to be honest – theres only a handful of success stories.
    The issue is grossly overstated by clowns like Tomas o se who only got on his high horse about this when he realised how useful Mark o Connor would have been to Kerry the last couple of years. If no Kerry player was in the AFL, I feel he genuinely would not care less about the issue.
    As to my own opinions, I see far more talent lost to Gaelic games at home due to a multitude of reasons including competition from other sports in Ireland, poor games administration (we know all about that in Mayo), player burnout, No proper schedule of games, and many other issues. The AFL argument is a total red herring.

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