Club Stars + yesterday’s action

The Club Stars event last night was great fun, with the added advantage that I’m waking up here in Westport this morning with only only a short trot to complete to get to MacHale Park a bit later on.

The ballroom in the Knockranny was full to capacity last night, with a succession of award winners honoured on the night. Full details on all the winners are on the Mayo News Twitter account (here), congrats to all the award winners.

Included among the winners lat night were brothers Oisin and Jarlath Mullin who, along with the rest of the Kilmaine contingent, had made their weary but proud way back from Ennis after yesterday afternoon’s close-fought All-Ireland club JFC semi-final.

As the lads cheerfully admitted last night, nobody gave them a chance going into the match against Kerry’s Na Gaeil – who fielded both Jack Barry and Diarmuid O’Connor (the Kerry one, needless to say) – but Kilmaine slugged it out all the way to the end of extra-time where eventually they lost out by just a single point, on a scoreline of 0-13 to 1-9. It’s a desperately tough way to lose but what a performance all the same by the South Mayo lads.

In yesterday’s other match of interest, the county’s U20s beat Derry in horrendous weather over at the Connacht Centre of Excellence in Bekan. The howling wind and heavy rain wouldn’t have been conducive to flowing football but Mike Solan’s team were out of sight by half-time, at which point they led by 1-7 to 0-0.

Derry – presumably with the wind now at their backs – made a bit of a comeback in the second half. Three goals took the worst of the pain off the scoreline from the Oakleafers’ perspective, with our lads eventually winning out by 2-11 to 3-3. It’s Donegal up next for them next weekend.

On the agenda shortly, though, is this afternoon’s eagerly awaited FBD semi-final clash with Padraic Joyce’s Galway at MacHale Park. I’ll be hooking up with Rob for our first in-match bit of podcast action of 2020 then and the year’s first episode – which also features plenty of audio from last night’s Club Stars event – will be online at some stage tomorrow.

Back later on with the match report from Castlebar.

22 thoughts on “Club Stars + yesterday’s action

  1. Agree with other posters that Galway would be a good game to start Byrne. We’re not going to learn much about Robbie he’s plenty of game time accumulated. What happens if either Robbie or David get injured during the season? Would be good to have a blooded replacement.
    I’ve said previous seasons I never know what the hell we’re doing playing Kevin Mc in FBD because until 2019 there was never any doubt about him starting come championship. OK if he’s going to play corner forward this year as a left foot shooter maybe I can see the logic but with so many up and coming players to try out surely they should take priority. I find it hard to see both Carr and maybe Coen kept out of the corners apart from maybe Kevin’s speed winning more balls. Also with Advanced mark AOS may be played in an advanced role this year leaving 1 less place for a sharp shooter.

  2. Best of luck to Mayo senior men’s footballers and of course to all Mayo GAA teams in 2020. James Horan took over a team at an all-time low after the Longford defeat and turned those same players into all Ireland contenders within a year. Now in his second term he can keep us performing at the levels required to be in with a chance of winning the big one. He’ll have learned from his first term as manager and I think he’ll surprise the doubters among us. Also WJ, I wish you all the best in your new job and with the running of this brilliant blog in the year to come.

  3. Subs as per the programme: 16. David Clarke; 17. Brian Murphy; 18. David Kenny; 19. Colm Boyle; 20. Keelan Dever; 21. Fergal Boland; 22. Liam Irwin; 23. Cathal Slattery; 24. Gary Boylan.

  4. A lot of newcomers, I count 10 that wasn’t involved last year especially with none of the sigerson players available but where is Cian Hanley Cathal Horan James Kelly felt that they didn’t get much game time last year and this would be a good time to play them.

  5. Should have closed that game out, our weakness again is defending leads when the game is seemingly won. I know it’s only the start of Jan, but some things never change. Anyway, it was a good run out for our new / fringe players, remember Galway had a far more experienced team out to start with and they coped well with their seasoned players. Galway will be upset with the injurys they picked up, I wish the two lads well. For us, I thought Flynn and Walsh done well. Lots to be positive about, however we need to learn how to kill a game. Roll on the league.

  6. Donegal Will be licking their lips it’s all about rebuilding a team we need a keeper too hennelly just made bad choices to day but it’s always the same story we are on top and find a way to give it away

  7. Good to be back but very disappointing losing from 6 points up, albeit by a penalty shootout.
    In hindsight perhaps we brought on one too many forwards when backs were needed. But I can see why James would give Irwin and Boylan game time and undoubtedly he was trying to go for kill at that stage.
    Great first half from OHora, same with Mickie Murray. Jordon Flynn had a decent game. Welcome back Tom Parsons, played well.

    Cant believe we didnt give a run to a new goalie
    i.e. Rory Byrne

  8. So who showed well overall? A bit disappointing to draw from six up but a reasonable performance given the players available.

  9. I agree some of our new lads showed up very well, especially the wing forwards Brian Walsh & Jordan Flynn as well as Padraig O Hora in defence, especially when he went back on Varley and curbed his influence. I thought Boyler and Fergal Boland began the recovery when they arrived. A little bit disappointed again the our problems in the f.b.line weren’t addressed sooner & substituting Reape when he had gotten himself well in to the game was a mistake. The new man in was caught cold twice. The equaliser came from the second turnover. And unfortunately Rob did what Rob sometimes does but he couldn’t be faulted for the goal. Our defence didn’t react quick enough. At least we didn’t seem to pick up any injuries and maybe that was more important today. Full squad for the league will be vital.
    Did anyone hear how our NUIG lads fared out today?

  10. Enjoyable game for January. Thought Flynn Walsh and o hora showed well of the newbies .really think Flynn has a lot to offer. No question Robbie hugely at fault for loss.2 terrible mistakes near end 2 tap over points. Boland played well and great no blanket defence today.

  11. Right, I’m back at base now so the Robbie pile-on needs to end. You all know the rules – or should, seeing as I reminded all and sundry about them the other day – so anyone who’s made a comment about Robbie that’s gone beyond what’s allowed will be dealt with accordingly. Also, to the person who’s trying to post a comment on the same topic that’s repeatedly in breach of the rules and appears at a loss to know why it’s not appearing on the site, try posting a comment that’s couched in reasonable terms and see what happens.

  12. Willie Joe .I’m known as a hennelly supporter in my circle. This is a question not a confrontation do you not think if a player is openly praised for a winning performance then sensible criticism should be allowed also? Maybe some over stepped the mark- I don’t know.

  13. Sensible criticism is never a problem, No Doubt, and the rule when critiquing a player’s performance is to reference specific incidents. Once people do this I don’t have a problem but when the criticism goes further and starts getting personal then I do.

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