Colm Boyle our MOTM from yesterday’s game

Photo: RTÉ

This time it was tempting to declare a collective Man of the Match award for the whole team, maybe with a special edition gong for Stephen Rochford as well. But it’s a bit of a tradition here on the site at this stage and so, for the ninth time in this championship campaign, it’s time to declare the result of this particular MOTM poll.

I don’t think how the voting – which this time gave everyone three choices for who they felt did best in the game – was done would have altered the result in any meaningful way. Colm Boyle, who was also declared MOTM by RTÉ yesterday, wins the award with a thumping 41% of the vote.

Others to feature prominently in the voting this time around were Jason Doherty (16%), Keith Higgins (10%), Andy Moran (8%) and David Clarke (7%). They all played a huge part in yesterday’s win, as indeed did everyone else who featured for us at Croke Park. As did the lads on the line.

Well done to them all. On to the final we go. Up Mayo.

35 thoughts on “Colm Boyle our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. I really feel the 16th man have been awesome this year. Now I know it needs no saying but we need to outnumber the dubs in the stands like the drawn game last year so beg,borrow,steal or sell your granny to get those tickets. The hunt starts now. Stevie and the lads will do their bit I’ve no doubt, we must continue to do ours!

  2. The wests awake, 2 teams tat have suffered most tne last 10yrs. Galway hurlers and msyo footballers lets support each other and make this a yr to remember

  3. Just a point of information
    Up here in Dublin it would be classic and ironic almost to see Cillian O Connor lift the Sam. The Dublin team and supporters opinion of COC is vitriolic, on the Ballymun wats apps, it was opinioned that COC, die a ” a painful death”. They dislike poor COC hate playing us the dubs but nothing Id luv more to see O Connor lift the cup in spite of the Dubs dare I say

  4. Congrats to Boyler. He has over the past few games demonstrated the character of this Mayo team.

  5. Goodman Colm. Brilliant display saturday.

    The Dubs will be red hot favourites for the final. Rochford has 3 weeks to set up the troops in the best possible way to try and beat them in battle and best of luck to him. He’s been outstanding since taking over from James.

    For me, the best Mayo team this year that I’ve ever seen.
    Best year of football as well with what will be 10 games this summer.
    I don’t think outside the county we’ll be given a huge chance of winning Sam and that’s a good thing as well.
    No pressure, no problem.
    I’m goin to Njoy the 3 week run in to the final.
    We’ll be like falcons soaring high in the sky waiting and stalking and hopefully on Sept 17th we’ll swoop in for the kill.

    Best of luck to the tribesmen on Sunday. Hope they can kick off the party in the west.

  6. Well done to Colm, keep up the great work! A special mention for Jason Doc as well, he really stepped up to the plate when it was needed most.

  7. Initially voted for Handy Andy, but just watched the game again and Boyler played
    like a man possessed, also responsible for saving two goals, Lee had a another quiet game and
    will need to play like Boyle in final. Andy is also 9/2 for poty after the new kid on the block Con O Callaghan

  8. well deserved Colm,what a heroic performance again,he is like a tiger,he epitomises mayo in my opinion,
    strong,aggressive,never give up,the list of attributes that are all vital for us,
    more of the same please, roll on 17 th september .

  9. Colm was outstanding but there were a good few others that were great also, 2 O Sheas, Andy, Parsons, Higgins, Doherty, Barrett, young Loftus, etc.

    I would like to get this in now rather than the few days before the final.
    Mayo supporters need to take on the Hill and fucking drown them out, this needs to continue for the full match. Too many times I’ve seen our supporters go quite when the goin gets tough ( the replay last year was a good example)
    Simple as, Mayo are in a great place right now and can beat the Dubs, I have no doubt about that. We all need to believe this can be done.
    We need to turn this into a “soccer type atmosphere” , when they chant we fuckin chant louder, maybe we will get a fair chunk of tickets for the terraces, but the stands have their part to play also.
    I’m goin against the Gaa motto for this one “Give respect, get respect”. Mayo will never be respected until they win, hopefully the ref won’t be influenced and will give us fair play.

  10. Starting to think about matchups in our backs / midfield, a lot of them could be swapped and switched to be fair (with Harrison and Barret our 2 best specialist man markers) but here’s this to start with:

    – Harrison for Mannion (or O’Gara when on)
    – Barrett for Andrews
    – Vaughan for Rock (or O’Gara when on)
    – Boyle on O’Callaghan
    – Lee for Kilkenny
    – Higgins floating / maybe swap with Lee depending on Lee role
    – Parsons on McCarthy
    – SOS on Fenton (possibly Lee here also)

  11. The day of the kerry dancers, they are sore losers if you have not
    seen this for yourself, aske a Corkman .Why would anybody want to
    watch the sunday game those people are unreal ,this is real comedy
    donaghys toe ,what about delaneys donkey ,silence is gold now for Mayo
    no bullshit like last year ,close the shop ,Mayo are a wiser team now , no
    subsidising and they will not be beaten, Tyrone scored 12 points in the
    qualifiers v Mayo last year 4 of those were false that means the final score
    was 13-8. Why would anybody believe that Tyrone could improve on this.
    Tyrone are going backwards ,at the present time there is only one team improving
    Mayo have improved BY25% since last years final ,and there is more to come
    Harte is there 13 yrs a long reign indeed, i was sure donaghy wore boots.slan anois

  12. Revellino, Rochford took over from PatNoel not James.

    HSE, I would agree, special mention for Jason. I have long maintained he is one of the top forwards in Mayo. Horan used him as a work horse which wasnt a mistake at the time beacuse us needed his athleticism, but it is good to see him back in ff line in a more attacking role. Also if I were Rochford I would assign Jason to all 45 kicks. Cillian is patchy enough from that range but Jason smashed the one he took with plenty to spare on it. In a game where every kick counts I think he should be on the long rangers.

    Regarding the final, I would say Dublin are favourites and rightly so, over the course of the championship they are the most consistent team, I dont buy the notion they are not tested, like Kilkenny at their height their training games would be tougher than any championship game. Tyrone helped them by being so one dimensional and sitting back, likewise Kerry helped us by trying to play a sweeper which totally played into our hands. The final is really too close to call, both teams are by far the best in the country, the side who makes the fewer mistakes will win by the smallest of margins.

    What the final needs is a strong ref to stamp his authority on the game early on as both sides will approch it with huge physicality in the opening stages. I dont see the great game played by two footballing sides like the rte panel suggest, the final will be an arm wrestle like 2015 & 2016.

  13. Kickhams man, I take their hatred of us as a sign of grudging respect. they don’t even know that is the case subconsciously but they have all felt moments of fear when playing us over the years and they hate us for that. Not many teams have done that to them so consistently over the years.
    I’m generalising now of course, there are a lot of good genuine GAA people who have worked long and hard inside in the Dublin clubs for many years before this success came along, and will do so again after its gone, and so it will at some stage. But on the whole, the general casual Dubs fans are painful(and some of them claim to be die hards, but they wouldn’t know what you were talking about if you mention for example Andy Moran the half backs goal against them in 2006), they are like people not used to money who just came into money. Loud, brash, cheap and a pain in the hole. They don’t deserve the team they have, those type of people. They have arguably one of the best teams GAA has ever seen. And the players themselves seem like genuine, hard working guys who I believe do have their feet on the ground. I dont think they have got caught up in the bullshit like Dublin teams in the past, the bullshit which has made them easier to beat. But they carry on of those fans aren’t reflective of the team they have. The jeering of Sean Cavanagh, the huge cheer when they say the number 12 jersey thinking it was Diarmuid Connolly, the one eyed ness you get from them at match days and around the pubs is a horrible thing. It has its roots in soccer, which is the first sport for most of them. Soccer supporting tells you that whatever your team does, no matter what, must be lauded (at least in public) and the opposition must be hated, despised and pilloried no matter what. That’s the not the spirit of the GAA where you can go shoulder to shoulder during the game, but share a cup of tea or a pint afterwards and discuss the ins and outs, the ref! and even throw in some well timed banter. A lot of the gang wearing Dubs jersies hanging around the place on match days are incapable of that, which is more the pity.
    Anyway, whatever their opinions, and the opinons of all the press and pundits, you can be guaranteed that we will give them a rattle in the final. We may not win it, but we wont be watching them play football the way Tyrone did.
    Interestingly that Jim Gavin made some comment about them not playing well in last years final. Similarly Kerry are now a bad team apparently. Funny how no-one seems to be able to play well when playing Mayo. Some coincidence for it to keep happening.

  14. A suggestion to Willie Joe in the run up to this one. John Lennon once kicked someone out of a party because he was being overly boring. Harsh, a bit prickish, but I mean the man wrote a mean tune or too and his mojo was being interfered with.
    Can the following topics be banned in the run up to this final as they are just so God awfully boring and done to death at this stage, (at least until we get past the final).
    – Dublin needs to be split up, Dublin have all that cash, Dublin got so much coaching investment. It’s just being done 4000 times and it’s posts that needs to be scrolled past at this point
    – Commentary on Dublin social media sites. “I was on and it’s terrible what they are saying about player/Mayo team/Mayo supporters”
    The above two topics will take up an increasing % of posts and on certain days when people tennis back and forth on them a big % of the posting.

    Anyways, for this final I usually post about matchups and tactics etc. You know what. I fully believe in Stephen Rochford and he is using advanced stats and scenario/counter to that scenario to come to decisions on matchups and tactics. So I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the wait for the final.
    Dubli are more likely to win this, you can chop and cut it any which way you want. They deserve to be favorites. Stephen and the team will do their utmost to give us that outside chance of winning and they very well could. Just might be our day and I’m looking forward to it.

  15. Well done Colm, what a player you are, the heart beat of the team for sure.
    I suspect it wasn’t a one off, but you have to be very impressed with the way Doherty stroked that 45 over the bar, and with a very short run up too – another feather in the mayo cap.

  16. Anyone else feel is all set up for Dublin Joe to ref the final. Have a gut feeling he will be the ref.

  17. [Deleted].
    I am sure Dublin will be fulfilling the fixture just to get the trophy and that’s it, they are overwhelming favourites for a reason, massive amounts of everything. Anyways, Mayo will prepare as they are well used to this scenario and have no fear of it, nothing to lose and everything to gain rochford will have them well set up and armed to attack this “great” Dublin team. I watched yesterdays debacle, harte should step aside and let tyrone start fresh because he is clueless in the high level games, they were beaten after 10 minutes. It was very disappointing but it may serve Mayo well to be entering the final as such underdogs, in fact it cannot be anything else than a big favour from tyrone.
    Well done to Boyler and co, pound for pound they are miles ahead of any county in the country at this point in time.

  18. Motion passed, JP. I’m planning on doing a post on social media stuff in a bit (probably tomorrow), which I hope will help set the tone in that respect. There was a lot of poison being traded last year on social media – in particular ahead of the replay – and no doubt the same will occur this time. To my mind, this stuff is best avoided and the worst thing is to get involved with it. It’s not what the GAA is about and it’s a world away from the kind of interaction between supporters that happens in the real world.

  19. Your right mayomad. Forgot about pat and Noel. Must be confusion that’s getting to me.

    I’ve heard jack o’shea saying twice in recent weeks that mayo have been the best team over the past 5 or 6 years.
    Pat Spillane is now hailing Dublin as possibly the greatest team to ever play the game.

    One of these things is not like the other
    One of these things doesn’t belong.

    Think Jim Gavin was pretty childish to say that Dublin hadn’t played well in last year’s final.

  20. From donkeys last Monday to Einsteins today. Eamon Sweeney is right to ask “what do I know about Mayo football”.

  21. Dave as a proud mayo man, I find that comment to be out of line to be honest. As a county hit very hard by the recession and emigration we should know better than most to not look down on people based on their social status. They don’t like cillian, I don’t like Philly mahon. That’s sport folks

  22. mayobill Avatar
    Aug 26, 2017 at 7:34pm mayobill said:
    Genuine commiserations lads. I know how it feels. Twas our day today. Ye will be back as always. Yer fans are a credit to ye, very gracious in defeat.

    (A Mayoman showing class on Kerry Gaa forum. ) Best team won and wish ye best of luck in final. Ye now have scorers and a good kicking game to add to undoubted heart and balls this team have shown in spades over past few years

  23. donaghy scored 1 point over 2 full games, he was expecting a lot more but couldnt outmuscle aos to claim the high ball. It was a treat to watch Mayo hammering the hammer. Saturday, that much vaunted kerry ff line were well held and were allowed to take all the frees they wanted but werent given the room to shoot for goal very much at all. It was a masterclass in defending and this same defensive group can hold dublin as well, its how we are set up to last the pace over 75 minutes that will tell the tale in the end. By that, i mean the midfield section and keeping 15 players on the field for the whole game. Hopefully Mr Keegan will be back to himself and that this day 3 weeks we will be wondering what took us so long and how did citywest run out of guinness?

  24. [Deleted]. Dublin people are no different to you or me. Dublin GAA is populated with high achieving people. Stereotypes like this destroy people. I moved from close to Dublin with 4 children to Riscommon. Constantly they were told to go back to the”smelly estates and factory smoke”. We did, 5 years later. BTW, as a man who write this team off time over time can I say this. I’m a gobshite who knows nothing about those heroic men.

  25. Well done Boyler fully deserved.
    Dubs won easily coz Tyrone showed no ambition from the start, their plan was to try and keep it tight till ht. A carbon copy of kerrys plan against us the day before. Both failed miserably against two attack minded teams that they simply couldn’t keep out.
    For me Dublin are better than us. Coming into last year’s final they were better than us too. That said between the hype and the weather Dublin underperformed last year in the drawn game and we should have beaten them, my God should we have beaten them. They were better in the replay where we could rather than should have beaten them. Our performances on both days were very good but not fantastic. So I believe we have to be very very good the next day and Dublin need to be off their game or put off their game for us to finally win it. A wet and windy day may also help throw the cat among the pigeons a bit.

  26. Dave – I’m surprised at you, you’re posting here long enough to know that that kind of stereotypical trash-talking isn’t welcome here.

  27. John – I’ll handle the comment moderation around here if it’s all the same with you. I think I’m less likely to inflame the situation. And you’re right, you did write this team off time and again.

  28. I have to say I have met many the decent Dublin fan. Plenty of them.They are fanatical about their football in the capital. Naturally they are on a high with their recent successes and current crop if players and in fairness everyone likes to watch them playing football. Easy on the eye a bit like ourselves.
    Many of their players seem like decent down to earth young fellows as well.
    Think this final is going to be what football should be all about. 2 great teams going at it hammer and tongs to try and win Sam. 2 pure footballing teams.
    It’s goin to take a massive effort for either ourselves or Dublin to win in 3 weeks I just hope it’s us this time.

  29. Just a few points… Kerry men praising Dublin and maybe over praising them. Hardly any chance that the Dublin team is listening and going to be complacent, but the second best outcome for all Kerry pundits is a Mayo victory….. By telling Dublin that they have already won it, if it increases Mayo’s chances by a tiny percentage, that’s what they will do…. Last year, Mayo beat themselves in so much as, strange and freaky occurrences, were the difference…. Nothing to be gained from detailing these instances, we all know the details too well…. BUT without them????….. Tyrone yesterday, like Tyrone in August 2016 versus Mayo was a defeat of nessary individual responsibility and adventure, by a system designed to protect a lead, rather than outscore the opponents…. It’s hard to rate Dublin on the lack quality and fight of the opposition that they have faced, since the League Final,… A match which they lost, all be it slightly unluckily , to a Kerry team that played very well on the day… But they lost and are beatable…. If Brian Sheehan last second long range free had found its mark against us last Sunday week, Kerry would be facing Dublin in the final, and they definitely face It with 100% conviction that they would turn over the mighty Dubs for a second time this year in a final…. Mayo were better than Kerry, both day’s and I suggest that a 5 point victory over Kerry, flatters the Kingdom….. Mayo should and will face Dublin with, bullet proof confidence in their own abilities and with utter conviction and belief that victory will be ours……. Saturday was a most enjoyable day in Croker, I waited around for a few minutes after the final whistle, and hoped to hear the ‘Green and Red of Mayo’ over the public address system, it wasn’t played… I noticed that the ‘Rose of Tralee’ was played the day Kerry beat Galway in the quarter final, after the first whistle….. It wouldn’t surprise me but that the ‘Rose of Tralee’ was ready for a spin by the DJ in Croke Park on Saturday and that they forgot to bring the ‘Green and Red’…. Well they better bring it on the 17th, because they are going to need it…. I was in my seat over a hour before throw in, and a very pleasant surprise’ the brilliant Sharon Shannon and her band were playing some wonderful music… Fantastic stuff…. And no agenda to it, unlike ‘Aslan :” for the Replay with Dublin in 2015…

  30. Colm Boyle personifies the essence of the Mayo spirit and team, for me. He reminds me of a surfer who you think has disappeared under a huge wave only to see him emerge on the other side – free from the three man tackle, tearing away towards the opposing goal. Brilliant effort, Boyler!

  31. If it is a wet day Mayo have a good chance of winning in my opinion! Dublin do not play well in the rain. It rains three/four times more in Mayo than in Dublin. In fact if it turns out to be wet and windy I will put 500 euro on Mayo to win out.

    If it is a dry day then Dublin will win as they are faster and fitter than us with a better bench.

  32. Colm is a great leader and it is great to watch his teammates seek him out on the half back line. It was great to see COS, Kirby, and Conor Loftus. What a great long ball into Andy for the second goal. Fergal Boland has a similar footpass and its easy to see how these lads and in favor with SR. i believe the Dubs have improved a good bit since last year and that they will be difficult to hold in the Final..

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