Colm Boyle Special (Part 1) – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E2

Photo: John Corless

A number of players have worn the Mayo jersey with great distinction over the past decade. One of these epitomised the county’s new never-say-die attitude in the years since 2011 more than most and it’s no coincidence that four-time All-Star Colm Boyle became such a fans’ favourite during this time. 

In this episode of the Mayo News Football Podcast, Mike Finnerty chats in detail with the recently-retired Davitts clubman. They talk about the last two years of his inter-county career, how his role changed within the squad during that time and how he dealt with that adversity. The discussion touches on Colm’s comeback from a cruciate ligament injury, finishing his career without a Celtic Cross and last September’s All-Ireland final defeat.

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50 thoughts on “Colm Boyle Special (Part 1) – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E2

  1. WJ – do you know if it’s possible to link Patreon and the apple podcast app so that the podcasts come through automatically? It seems to be possible if you offer an RSS feed but I haven’t managed to figure out how.
    How would one join the Discord group that Mike Finnerty talks about in the intro?

  2. Doc – you are able to link Patreon with the Apple podcast app via RSS. To find the RSS link in the Patreon app go to Account – My memberships – The Mayo Football Podcast – Overview. You should see a ‘Get audio RSS link’ in that section.

    We’ll be providing all club members with full details on how to access the Discord match-day chat group in plenty of time ahead of the Donegal game. We trialled the chat the evening of the Galway FBD game and the pace on the chat then was as fast as out on the 4G pitch in the Dome! We think this is a feature that club members will really enjoy.

  3. Oisín is staying in Ireland. It’s officially confirmed. I heard that he trained with the squad during the week so was pretty confident.

    Fantastic news

  4. It is true official Mayo GAA page have confirmed on social media just now. Delighted for the panel and Oisin and all involved! A clean bill of health injury wise please God and let’s prepare to give it a good rattle this year!

  5. What a great bit of news to get on a Sunday night.

    Now go win the big one Oisin.

    Mayo for Sam 2022

  6. Buzzing, great news regarding Oisin. Best of luck to him and Mayo for 2022, a great boost ahead of the new season. Up Mayo!

  7. Fantastic news for all of mayo and all of us die hards on this splendid coloum. I’ll be back with my starting championship team. Over the moon

  8. This us great news,a real boost.
    We have some great positive vibes now heading into the league.
    I’m hoping to see him partner Mattie in midfield.

  9. No idea if the County board pulled some strings here to help Oisin stay but if they did, well done lads and lasses, well done!

  10. Ahhh yesssss…there is a God. Bring on the league…thank you Oisín…. Maigheo go deo.

  11. Just the tonic for all the bitterness that has hung in the air after the final. Great news. By god did we need a lift

  12. Mayo GAA needed some good news and we got it….Oisin committing to Mayo is a badly needed filip

  13. Straight into midfield with him now a perfect partner for Ruane. Get the Lotto winner now to give a bit of sponership and things looking good

  14. Reape. O hora. Coen.harrison. keegan. Duncan mcgloughlin. Matty. Oisin. Boland.conroy.hessian cillian.diarmuid.ryan. subs. Carr..coen. towey. Aos.doherty.eoin o Donohoe. Walsh.plunkett.henelly.k mcgloughlin. Orme..brickenden

  15. Yep, I think the only position is midfield for Oisin. All the attributes.

    What’s pleasing most of all is that it suggests a happy Mayo set-up, as James noted in his comments today.

    Oisin must feel good reason to stay.

  16. The best shot in the arm I had in years never mind 2 jabs and the booster!
    A huge lift for everyone connected with Mayo.

  17. Great news, just the boost that we needed, I guess that there was some discussions going on in the background so hopefully this works out for Oisin and those closest to him, Mayo Gaa is a beneficiary though we suits us as supporters. This and others returning from injuries are real positives.

  18. Mighty news, should give the team a needed lift as well.

    Hope it is what he really wants himself, after much deliberation; that he is not in any way feeling coerced into staying.

  19. This gives some insights:
    “It was a big decision for me as playing for Mayo with my friends is a huge honour and something I love doing, so I wanted to take the time to consider all aspects of it,” he said.

    “After some careful thinking and a lot of support from family, I have decided to stay in Ireland and I am really excited about joining up with the Mayo Senior Football panel as soon as possible.

    “I am grateful to everyone who helped me during the process. I especially want to send my appreciation to everyone at Geelong Football Club. I want to thank them for their understanding and wish them every success for the future.”

  20. Delighted! Good on ya Oisìn. After hearing the Geelong head guy, I thought he was definitley gone. Best start to 2022! Please let him not be stuck in the full back line. What a boost for the team.

  21. There are a lot of people who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this even possible and I’m delighted that Oisin has made this decision.

  22. great news will be a great lift for the players and us supporters OR the up and down be a mayo supporters

  23. Oisin confirms he’s staying.

    What a story to open the first official day of the patreon


    The lads have already dropped a podcast on the Oisin story discussing his decision already. Just listened to it.

    Great stuff.

    Great start to the new Podcast format.

    It’s going to be an exciting year.

    That’s for sure.

    Bang on.

    Thanks for for staying in the boat with us Oisin.

  24. Gotta say hearing Oisin Mullin is staying has defintely raised my hopes for the new season.. kinda feel the doom and gloom may finally be lifting.

  25. What a great character.. Wonderful to have witnessed his efforts on the field. And he talks the talk like he walked the walk. Straight and true. Giving credit where it is due.
    Will we ever see his like again? Maybe, but never his better. Thanks again, Colm

  26. This is the best possible birthday present (hurray!!!!) given that it’s my birthday tomorrow.

  27. @ Swallow Swoops.

    Happy birthday to you
    All the rumours weren’t true
    Oisins staying with his own tribe
    On the plain of the yews.

  28. Ah Jazus! That is brilliant news altogether. Good on ya Oisín. My gloom after the final has finally lifted and I’m looking forward to the coming months and years. Wooohoooo!!!!!

  29. Fantastic interview. Mike did an unbelievable job with the Qs. Haven’t signed up to Patreon yet but will do so soon to get Part 2.

    Boyler makes no excuses for the team’s loss against Tyrone. The team didn’t back themselves he said, they “didn’t perform”. Contrast this to Andy Moran saying Tyrone are just a bit ahead of us development wise. We “didn’t push Tyrone” says Boyler. How true. Of course, he also notes that if one of our goal chances goes in it could well have been a different outcome.

    Interesting to hear him talk of ’16 drawn match as being the one (against the Dubs) that may have got away. It’s true that this game isn’t mentioned much in this context. I said it before, I think this was the only day Dublin truly bottled it against us. Such a shame we couldn’t capitalise.

    Another interesting point I’d agree with is that Donegal were a bit ahead of us in ’12, ie it was “a year too early for Mayo”. Contrast this to Alan Dillon previously saying ’12 was the year we should have won. Once again, I’d firmly agree with Boyler here. Interesting that even teammates differ so much in how they analyse and reflect in hindsight.

  30. Isn’t Boyler such a gent? Ridiculously modest and self-effacing given what he has delivered on the pitch.

    The only good thing about players retiring from intercounty is that they can let their guard down a little bit and talk more freely about themselves in these situations, so you get more insight into what makes them tick, though naturally they have to remain cognisant of confidentiality and of the current panel. As an onlooker and given his on-field persona, never in a million years would you suspect a character like Boyler to suffer so much with nervousness in the run-up to big games!

    Thoroughly enjoyed both parts of that interview.

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