Colm’s cruel injury blow

The Connaught Telegraph has reported today (here) that the injury Colm Boyle suffered in the Dublin game last weekend is a serious one. It’s virtually certain that it’s sufficiently grim to ensure that the Davitts man will not be fit to play for the county again this year.

That report above and this one in The 42 says that the injury is a dreaded cruciate one. After today’s game against Meath, James wasn’t in a position to confirm if it is an ACL one but he did acknowledge in that piece in The 42 that it’s “a bad knee injury”. Mayo GAA stated the same on Twitter after the game.

We’ll need to wait to see if the injury is as bad as has been mooted but my understanding is that it is. An ACL rupture takes 6-12 months to recover from and so, even on the most optimistic possible timeframe, that means Colm’s inter-county football year is already over.

It’s a desperately sad development for a player who has never given anything but his absolute best in the county jersey and who, in the autumn of his career, had shown an undimmed appetite for action. All we can do now is to wish Boyler well in his rehab and hope we see him back in the Green and Red once more.

29 thoughts on “Colm’s cruel injury blow

  1. Wishing him a very speedy recovery. He really has been the back bone of our defense. Get well soon Boyler!??

  2. That news spoils the win today as i have met Colm after some sorry defeats and he has always being a total gentleman and never ignored the supporters, wishing you a quick recovery Colm.

  3. That’s just such terrible news, he is one of my favorite players in the game and an injury of this magnitude to a player of his age could have the potential to end his competitive career at his level. I pray for good news as players like him sharpen and color the conversations of our delusional expectations in our post match opinions of what a player should do in the milliseconds afforded to them in the chaotic cauldron of championship football. We can retrospectively opine on a soft seat as to how the obvious options were ignored or perhaps incredibly and slobbishly mistimed or executed.

    How fortunate we are to produce men like these and how humbled we should be to have them wear our colors. There is no other sport that places so much expectation on the shoulders of amateur players, but I suppose no other amateur sports men are handed such a noble parchment as our county men are.
    Warriors like Boyler will be spoken of by all who appreciate out game for decades to come. I wish him a full and speedy recovery.

  4. Very sad news for all Mayo supporters and most of all for Colm himself. With Lee Keegan he has been one of Mayo’s outstanding defenders of the past decade. We all wish him a speedy recovery – we know he will be putting everything into it and hopefully all will go well for him.

  5. Gutted to hear that for Boyler. He has always been my favourite, he is an inspiration to all those around him, a leader and a true warrior, hope to see him back in the red and green soon.

  6. Devastating news. His second coming has been remarkable, as he went from an impact player in 2018 to an all-star nominee in 2019.

    Huge loss to the squad. It’s a tough one to recuperate from at this stage of his career. Best of luck to the man. He’s been an absolute warrior for Mayo.

  7. This is very sad and bad news. Colm epitomises all that was good about our team of the teens decade. Get well soon Colm. Best wishes to you!

  8. Its a mark of the man that he attempted to play on and help his team probably knowing he had done a bad injury

    Its also a mark of the man that he went on to have probably his best ever season last year in 2019 when many (myself included) though it might be time to phase him out

    He will be back

    If its any consolation our best player in the league so far Padraic o hora seems a ready made replacement

  9. So sorry for you, Colm. One of our all time greats. What an inspiration to young and old. Mind YOURSELF now boy. You’ve given far more than anyone could expect. Now its what is best for you. I’ve said it before, if you were on against Roscommon last summer it would have been a different year.
    Great comment above Gamechanger. I love your insightful contributions.

  10. Such a shame to hear this news, Colm is an absolute warrior. When he limped off at half time I had no idea the news would be this bad. Wishing him a speedy recovery

  11. He actually played on for a while after he got injured…..with a cruciate!!!! What a man! One of the best ever. I’d say to the likes of Michael Plunkett, now is your time to step up.

  12. Terrible news, Colm is an absolute warrior. As said above, if he had started against Roscommon last May, we would have had a far different year.

    I’ve no doubt he’ll be back in the green and red next season.

  13. It’s sad to see the old guard slowly but surely disappear , and our hopes of winning Sam disappear with them.

  14. Get well soon, Boyler. We miss you already. See you back out on that pitch soon after a good recuperation. Thank you for everything.

  15. There is only one Colm Boyle!
    He is a true leader and a very special person in the hearts of Mayo supporters. Not only is his own contribution massive but he inspires everyone around him to great heights by his spirit and example.
    Very few at his age would make a comeback from an injury like that but this is Boyler we are talking about.
    Massive respect!

  16. Wishing Colm Boyle a speedy recovery whether he plays for Mayo again or not we will have to wait and see, He was one of bravest footballers i have seen there was always hope when Colm Boyle was playing, Wishing you well Colm.

  17. Rest well old soldier.
    I remember the first time seeing him play against Leitrim in an Fbd match in Ballyhaunis.
    He went into a tackle and won a dirty ball he had no right to win. Just like he has done a thousand times since.
    But my favourite memory was Paul Galvin pulling out of a 50 50 ball with Colm in our league semi final win year ago.
    The look of disbelief on his face that this lunatic wasnt going to stop was priceless.

  18. Wouldn’t it be so sweet that once, just once, Spillane’s mantra about Mayo not having the marquee forwards would come back to haunt him horribly. Oh to dream…

  19. One of Mayo’s true warriors. If everyone that ever donned a Mayo jersey played with his passion and determination we’d surely have won Sam by now!!

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